Internet revolution is canceled in Belarus

Internet revolution is canceled in Belarus

As we remember, Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly stated that the attempts to conduct “Internet revolutions” in Belarus are senseless. Indeed, for the time being, the current authorities are doing an excellent job with all the attempts of the opposition’s essentially shabby Belarusian law enforcement officers to undermine the order. Some people outside Belarus may have a question, until what time Lukashenka will be able to control the situation, because this issue is becoming even sharper now, in the conditions of worsening of the material situation of ordinary citizens of the country. Where is the limit of patience of Belarusians? Does the current situation in the economy of Belarus threaten the collapse of the integration intentions of the authorities of the country due to a possible change of course or even the government itself?

In fact, there are no serious reasons for concern right now. According to Alexander Faddeev, head of the department of Belarus at the Institute of CIS countries, the fact that there will be no revolution in Belarus is an indisputable fact. At the same time, this fact is not at all a consequence of the successful work of the Belarusian KGB. It only indicates the lack of sufficient protest tension in the country.

Recall the Minsk events since the last presidential election. Is it possible to say that the whole of Minsk took to the streets? The testimony of independent witnesses to the events and residents of the city clearly speak in favor of the fact that there were very few truly aggressive people. And this happened far not because the Belarusian authorities somehow controlled the Internet, restricting people’s access to the Internet cafe (passport entry). The fact is that Belarusians are a very wise and at the same time calm and hardworking people, which is extremely difficult to get out of balance. Attempts to spread revolutionary sentiments, including through the Internet, which were made by certain forces on the instructions of the overseers of democracy and freedom of speech from overseas and Europe, very quickly and, most importantly, quietly suffered a complete collapse.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that, relying on the “Internet revolution” in Belarus, destructive forces seemed to expect that progressive economic tensions would contribute to the rise of protest moods in society. But this they can not. What Belarusians have not suffered for their history! This and the Polish-Lithuanian occupation, and war, and the fascist genocide, and the Stalinist repression. What is it for them, which has already become customary, price increases and inflation? Why on earth, tell the simple Belarusian to rebel? Yes, dad, no doubt, is not perfect. He loves not to let go. From the very beginning of the existence of Belarus in its present form, this state is famous for its tough discipline and a certain degree of “sovietism” not only in economics and politics, but also in everyday life. In addition, the Belarusians have already begun to convince themselves that the breakthrough Eurasian integration is not an empty phrase, and the matter really goes to the fact that our divided people will soon unite in a renewed great state. Someone will say that these conversations have been going on for more than 15 years, since the announcement of the creation of the Union State of Russia and Belarus. This is true, but the current situation is fundamentally different - its economic prerequisites, expressed in the inevitable merging of the national economies of the countries of the Eurasian Union into a single monolith, are qualitatively new.

Another thing is that the survival of people in the economic conditions that exist today in Belarus - the situation is abnormal and requires speedy resolution. Therefore, especially “patriotic” Russians should not be indignant and whine that Russia feeds everyone and that they “live at our expense”. Who are these "they"? This is our people, this is us! We must not forget about it. We feed ourselves, buying Belarusian tractors, MAZs and BELAZs for the needs of the Russian Federation, thus supporting the Belarusian industry and, ultimately, not just letting the “democratizers” separate our single people even more, as they have already partially managed in Ukraine, but and approaching the hour of our true reunion. Therefore, the statements that Belarus does not need help can be called stupid, short-sighted, and even treacherous.

Another thing is how the Belarusian authorities reacted to the provision of such assistance. It’s worth noting that lately, the nervous and unwarranted attacks on Moscow, threats to search for “other partners” have completely disappeared from the rhetoric of Minsk. In the speeches of Lukashenko and the rulers of Russia, there is a growth of unanimity and optimism. This, of course, is associated with the acceleration of integration processes in the Eurasian space. Both Lukashenko and Putin are well aware that it is time to finish and get down to business for the sake of a united people with obstacles and mutual accusations. And it seems that this process has really not just moved from a dead point, but also managed to gain momentum unseen before.

As for the orange-like revolutions in Belarus, their possibility is long past. Even the colossal impoverishment of the majority of Belarusians, which, hopefully, will soon be replaced by the growth of their welfare, did not result in mass protests. The only thing our ordinary Belarusian compatriot wants is a quiet living environment, a rich and fruitful work for the benefit of his family and his vast Motherland, he is indifferent to liberal appeals and the “call of a free Europe”. It is important for a simple Belarusian simply to go to Moscow for the weekend, without giving bribes to customs officers for exceeding the rate of sausage being carried.
Pomytkin Pavel
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