In the US, restoring the image of the "evil empire"

In the US, restoring the image of the "evil empire" In the United States, the tone of talk about Russia has become much sharper. So, for the termination of the so-called. "Reset" in relations between the US and Russia in an interview with The Washington Post spoke Mitt Romney, the presidential candidate of the Republican Party. And it is also called "moderate" politician.

According to Viktor Kremenyuk, Deputy Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada, at present the most common opinion in the States is that the Russian state “is rapidly becoming an authoritarian state, the next president of which will become such a bogeyman like Putin. It all starts to seem somewhat hopeless. ”

The same John McCain believes that the example of Gaddafi’s fate should make Mr. Putin "a little more nervous." And that the “Arab Spring” will come not only in Islamic countries. McCain is already beginning to resemble the Roman commander and statesman Cato the Elder, who finished his speeches with the phrase "Carthage must be destroyed." Only in the role of “Carthage” is now everyone who dares to pursue an independent policy - Iran, Syria, China, Russia.

In the desire with the help of "old tools and old thinking ... to restore power and influence in the Soviet style" suspects Moscow and the speaker of the US House of Representatives Republican John Beyner. In his opinion, Russia is not a democratic state, and the United States should act on the basis of this provision. Beyner also spoke in favor of the need to end the “reset” and move to decisive, tough actions with respect to Russia.

In Russia, they also have grateful listeners, like Boris Nemtsov or Kasparov, who has already called on his supporters to prepare for "Libya."

In this regard, it should be noted that the main point in the election program of the Republicans in the second wave of the global crisis will probably be the requirement of an extremely rigid and decisive course on the world stage. And behind the Republican party traditionally stand the interests of the “patriotic” elite of the United States (the military-industrial complex, raw materials-producing corporations, the Rockefeller clan). They see the United States emerge from the crisis in the or several regional conflicts. Hence the Republican attacks on the "reset" and criticism of the administration of Barack Obama. Therefore, it can be expected that the warlike rhetoric in the United States will only increase.

The fact that the US is preparing for a new big war is also confirmed by the information that after the collapse of the USSR the country's military budget was not cut. And since 2001, US military spending accounts for half of all global military spending in the world. Only a global war can save US hegemony in the world by solving the problem of the dollar and the economic crisis.

And for such a war, an image of an external enemy is needed, since the myth of “world terrorism” has already outlived itself, delaying the beginning of the crisis and giving time to military preparations. The traditional external enemy of the West is Russia - the “evil empire”. Therefore, it is obvious that we will follow the Muslim world. True, the western man in the street is not regularly forgotten about the “yellow threat”.

In addition, “signals” unpleasant for the Western world and the USA began to come from Russia. Here and Vladimir Putin's Munich speech from February 10 2007 of the year. When Putin declared that the “unipolar world” was unacceptable for us and that Russia is a country with more than a thousand years historywhich is not going to change the traditions of an independent foreign policy. Having made a number of other unpleasant attacks for the West.

The West has become afraid that Putin will revive Russia as a great power, whose word is meaningful across the globe. And then it was still not obvious that it will be so. That is, only the “ghost” of Great Russia has already frightened the Western world, given the centuries-old phobias of the Westernizers in relation to the Russian people and Russia, this is not surprising.

The article by the Russian prime minister in Izvestia about the Eurasian Union also became a serious signal for the Western and American elites. If you remove from the article various kinds of formal-liberal rhetorical husks, amenities that you like to use with or without, its basis is the question of integrating the post-Soviet space, which should once again become a global player. The world was informed that Russia is returning to global politics. Now the only question is whether Putin will be able to realize this truly historic task. The answer to this question is very important for our people. The implementation of this scenario is the only way for the Russian civilization, the Russian people to remain in history, and not to be erased from the global historical process forever.
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