China 70's: "Country of Blue Ants"

Those who have been in large cities in recent years could not help but be amazed at the scale and pace of economic growth, which is vividly expressed in skyscrapers growing like mushrooms after rain, wide highways filled with locally-made vehicles (albeit under a foreign license). Beijing was still a city of bicycles in 1995, and in 2004 they were lonely there in a dense auto flow. In Shanghai, bicycles on the streets were completely banned. I will not even talk about any abundance in stores.
Now it is difficult for us to imagine what China was like in 1970, after the so-called. "Cultural Revolution" and before the beginning of the reforms of Deng Xiaoping. I propose to make a small trip to the “Blue Ant Country”, as Western journalists called it then.

China 70's: "Country of Blue Ants"

1. On the main street of Beijing, 1972

2. Typical Beijing traffic 70-x.

3. Beijing is preparing to meet Nixon, 1972

4. Guard of honor on the occasion of the arrival of the American president, 1972.

5. Beijing, 1972

6. In the city could, as they drown the wood

7. The main symbol of the city, 1972

8. Subsistence farming in 5 min. walk from Tiananmen Square, 1972.

9. The typical old quarters of Beijing - “Hutons” are now preserved in the city center for stories

10. PLA, 1972


12. For the baby carriages of all times and peoples, I will make a separate post. This is the Beijing version of 1972.

13. A sample of Chinese fashion beginning 70's

14. Looking to the future, 1972.

15. Nixon was shown the Chinese National Theater

16. From the same opera start 70's

17. Beijing street from the hotel window, 1978

18. In 2004 in Beijing, I didn’t find the trams, but in 70 they went.

In my youth I read about a dozen books on the history of the PRC and still cannot understand how in the conditions of complete chaos of the “Cultural Revolution”, when fights were fought in places tanks and artillery, these people managed to create a nuclear weapondig the Beijing subway ... Mysterious people!
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  1. lightforcer
    1 November 2011 10: 44
    The last photo is straight Russian outback.
    1. gans
      1 November 2011 12: 29
      this is modern Kiev
  2. -2
    1 November 2011 12: 27
    The first time I visited China over 10 back. It was winter, on the pedestrian street of Shanghai Nanjing on Sunday evening there were a couple of tens of thousands of people. (By the way, this street is also known for the fact that in the 70 years the largest demonstration in the world took place in which more than a million people took part. The demonstration was directed against the USSR.) So there was not a single person in colored or bright clothes . All gray or black. I have been there a couple of times this year. Now from multi-colored robes there is replete in the eyes.
  3. Ion coaelung
    1 November 2011 13: 44
    Yeah, China is not the same, although the bicycle transport has remained!
  4. Motherland
    1 November 2011 20: 00
    China should do justice for the work done
  5. dred
    2 November 2011 19: 12
    the Chinese have, as always, copied our lifestyle.
  6. 0
    25 November 2013 16: 46
    very interesting photos, now China has changed and you won’t recognize it at all