Nationalists opened an exhibition of patriotic posters in Kiev

An exhibition of the patriotic poster, organized by like-minded leaders of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists Stepan Bratsyun, opened in Kiev, reports PolitNavigator.

Nationalists opened an exhibition of patriotic posters in Kiev

"Basically, there are works by Yuri Neroslik, a volunteer of the 92-th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who is now fighting for Happiness, was near Ilovaisk and in his spare time from the fighting creates posters that we print and massively distribute among the troops," said the editor of the journal "Museums Of Ukraine ", Director of the Poster Museum of Ukraine Viktor Trigub. - Already Yuri has created more than 1000 posters. Here is a small part, but in any case, this exhibition is considered the largest collection of Ukrainian patriotic posters in the world. ”

Most of the works are anti-Russian in nature.

There are posters with Russian text.

Basically, of course, hurray-patriotism and predictions of the imminent collapse of Russia.

Much space is reserved for Nadezhda Savchenko.

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