Belarusian Special Forces take the exam on the marsh picks

The krapovy beret is a uniform headdress of units and subunits of special-purpose internal troops in a number of states on the territory of the former USSR - Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, and earlier - the internal troops of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is a subject of pride and a sign of exceptional valor special forces.
The right to wear a krapovogo beret have military personnel (w / cf) special-purpose units (SPN) with sufficient professional, physical and moral qualities, successfully passed qualification tests. In addition, the maroon beret can be awarded for courage and bravery shown in the performance of military duty during combat operations and special operations, as well as for special merits in the development of units and special-purpose units.

Belarusian Special Forces take the exam on the marsh picks

1. A fighter of the special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus is balancing on the tube during an event on checking the combat readiness near the village of Volovshchina. (Sergei Grits)
The purpose of tests on the marsh beret - The purpose of the tests - To identify soldiers with the highest individual training for the neutralization of armed criminals, the release of hostages and other tasks in critical situations and under extraordinary circumstances, as well as the creation of an incentive for the education of high moral qualities of soldiers.

2. The fighter of the special units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus is in the smoke during the exam on the maroon beret - a symbol of courage and professionalism. (VIKTOR DRACHEV / AFP / Getty Images)
The preliminary stage of testing is the final test for the period of training under the program of special-purpose units. The overall assessment for the check should not be lower than “good”, and for special fire, special physical and tactical training of the internal troops - “excellent”. Testing includes - running 3 thousands of meters; pull-up (according to the NFP-87); Cooper's test (not to be confused with 12 min. running) - 4 × 10 (push up from the floor, crouching, crouching, abdominal exercise, jumping out of crouching) is performed in seven repetitions. Testing takes place 1-2 the day before qualification tests.

3. A special forces soldier of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus helps a comrade to climb an obstacle. (EPA / TATYANA ZENKOVICH)
The main tests are carried out on the same day and include a forced march of at least 10 km, followed by overcoming the obstacles in the SPP (special obstacle course) under extreme conditions, testing training on storming high-rise buildings, acrobatics and hand-to-hand combat.

4. Test of melee combat skills. (REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko)
If there are 3 comments, the soldier is removed from further tests. In addition, the decision of the doctor on the test - the most important thing.

5. Sparring during the verification of the skill of hand-to-hand combat of the special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus. (REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko)
To pass the test of all participants is impossible. Only 2-3% of all participants take up 20 and 30 tests. The test will vary and become more complex, last until this number is reached, the 12-kilometer cross can grow into the 15-kilometer, and so on.

6. The employee must balance on the tube, despite the fact that the officer shoots a machine gun at his feet. (REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko)
After performing acrobatic elements, the subjects show sets of special exercises. 3 melee complex and 1 with weapons.

7. Fighters cross the lake near the village Volovshchina. (REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko)
The traditions of the Special Forces of the Internal Troops in most post-Soviet states not only retained their high status, but also developed into a real cult. The handing of the blood beret following the results of the qualification tests for the best fighters takes place in the special forces of the Interior Troops of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine

8. Fighters with equipment cross the lake. (Sergei Grits / AP)
In different countries, tests for the right to wear a krapovogo beret are held in accordance with local conditions and traditions. The order of implementation may vary, but the meaning of the tests is the same for all - the fighter must go through a series of physical and psychological stresses on the verge of the possibility of human strength. Common to all countries is a full-distance long-distance march, shooting from a regular weapon, hand-to-hand combat.

9. Special Forces overcomes the obstacle course. (EPA / TATYANA ZENKOVICH)
The handing of the blood beret is carried out with the general construction of a military unit (participants of examination tests) in a solemn atmosphere.

10. Special Forces overcomes the obstacle course. (EPA / TATYANA ZENKOVICH)
From this point on, the soldier has the right to wear a maroon beret with casual and formal dress. In the “Special Notes” military ticket column, as a rule, a corresponding entry is made and sealed with the official seal of the part. Later issued a certificate with an identification number confirming the right to wear krapovogo beret.

11. A special forces soldier of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus helps a comrade to climb an obstacle. (REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko)
For acts that discredit the title in / SL. units of Special Forces, a soldier may be deprived of the right to wear a maroon beret.

12. The soldiers congratulate the comrade who passed the test of hand-to-hand combat. (REUTERS / Vasily Fedosenko)
Krapovyy does not give his owner any privileges over the rest of the military (no salary increase, no promotion, no other special treatment).

13. Belarusian commandos check the weapon during the exam on the maroon beret. (VIKTOR DRACHEV / AFP / Getty Images)
No matter how worn it is, it is not replaced with a new one - the “toughness” consists in taking (as well as the form) as faded as possible. No one, except the owner of a beret or another “rat”, even through carelessness can touch a spotted beret. This offense is strictly punished.
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  1. mitrich
    29 October 2011 14: 44
    These survival games are a concrete blow to the subject’s health, the consequences of which may affect after a while. What is the use of them, if you recover after this month, what is the use, except for show-offs, for real databases. The psychological compatibility of the unit is much more important.
    1. Ion coaelung
      31 October 2011 11: 47
      And why daily training? They develop the ability of a person to withstand in difficult situations. And after such exams, it seems to me that a person will realize that if necessary, he will not give a damn about dirt, wet clothes, a broken face, or something else, he will go through this and live on! Here the guys learn not only to stand up for themselves, but also take care of their comrades! This, in my opinion, is the very result of psychological compatibility.
  2. +10
    29 October 2011 21: 54
    The health blow is really strong. Only here the psychology of the special forces is somewhat different than that of the linear units. People going on assignments in a small battle group must be sure that people walking nearby will give all the best at the right moment and will not think about their health. This is the principle of special forces. Hence the test. The egoist will not go through such a hell. He will feel sorry for himself. This is not the place in the special forces. To understand their motivation, you need to be with them more than one day. I am happy for the Slav brothers. Their fighting spirit is on top.
    1. Insurgent
      29 October 2011 23: 49
      In sports, too, a blow to health, but where is it not?
    2. LESHA pancake
      30 October 2011 20: 48
      1. Insurgent
        30 October 2011 22: 56
        What kind of special forces would it be if I didn’t run 10 km, as in Kyrgyzstan I didn’t deal with these obligations?
      2. 0
        2 December 2011 15: 52
        they don’t have to do with bottles at all. In this situation, you go through a qualification selection, on the verge of your capabilities, and Victor correctly noted that you should be sure of who you are going with, and of yourself too.
  3. bishopXhc
    24 March 2014 17: 34
    The article should be called Belarusian "special forces" take part in the traditional epic photography. As always, they proved that they can pose. Until now, they cannot find a hero who broke a student's defenseless leg in Minsk. Spetsnaz, in my opinion, those who with a strong enemy can fight on equal terms and win. These guys train to cripple those who don't even offer resistance. Not a single article on the site about 5 obrspn did not see you