FN SCAR assault rifle

At the end of 2003, the US Special Operations Command (US SOCOM) issued a request to manufacturers. weapons on a new modular assault rifle for US SOCOM fighters, designated as SOF Combat Assault Rifle - SCAR (combat assault rifle for special operations forces). This request contained requirements that differed from the requirements put forward a little earlier by the US Army to the new prospective XM8 assault rifle, currently being developed for the US by the German company Heckler-Koch.

After almost a year of competition in December 2004, the US SOCOM command officially announced that the system presented by the US division of the famous Belgian company FN Herstal - FNH USA Inc. won the SCAR competition. In the middle of 2005, the new rifles, which received the official designations Mark 16 / Mk.16 SCAR-L and Mark 17 / Mk.17 SCAR-H. They are already entering the operating units of the American special forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the foreseeable future, the Mk.16 and Mk.17 rifles are supposed to replace such “old” systems as the 5.56mm M4 rifles and the M16 rifles, as well as the M7.62 and MN rifles 14mm. 25 (sniper).

The SCAR shooting system includes two basic weapons - the Mk.16 SCAR-L (Light) rifle and the Mk.17 SCAR-H (Heavy) rifle. The main differences between SCAR-L and SCAR-H will be the used ammunition - SCAR-L rifles are designed only for NATO 5.56x45mm caliber cartridges (both with conventional М855 bullets and with heavier Mk.262 bullets). The SCAR-H rifles will use a much more powerful 7.62xNNXXmm NATO cartridge as a base ammunition, with the option of using other cartridges after replacing the necessary components (bolt, barrel, bottom of the receiver with a magazine receiver).
The list of "additional" calibers for SCAR-H rifles so far includes only the Soviet 7.62х39 М43 cartridge, and with this cartridge the SCAR-H rifle should use shops from AK / AKM Kalashnikovs. In both basic configurations, the SCAR rifle should have three possible configurations - the standard "S" (Standard), shortened for the close combat "CQC" (Close Quarters Combat) and the sniper "SV" (Sniper Variant).

Change of option will be carried out in the conditions of the base by replacing the barrel with the forces of the unit or gunsmith itself. In all variants, SCAR rifles will have the same device, the same controls, the same procedures for maintenance, repair and cleaning, the maximum possible interchangeability of parts and accessories. The interchangeability of parts between the variants of rifles will be about 90%. Such a modular system will provide American special forces with the most flexible weapons that can be easily adapted to any task, from close combat in the city to solving sniper shooting at medium distances (on the order of 500-600 meters).

FN SCAR rifles have automatic with a vapor engine, with a short stroke separate from the bolt carrier gas piston, located in the gas outlet block on the barrel. The butterfly valve has three lugs, locking is carried out for the breech. The receiver box consists of two halves - the upper one, in which the barrel and bolt group are installed, and the lower one, in which the magazine receiver and the trigger mechanism are installed. The lower half of the receiver is made of polymer, the top is made of aluminum. The halves are interconnected by two transverse pins in the front and rear. Barrels are interchangeable, attached to the upper half of the receiver with two transverse bolts. Barrel replacement requires a minimum of tools and takes a few minutes.

The trigger mechanism has a two-way lever for the interpreter of the fire / safety mode, which provides for firing single shots or bursts. The limiter queue length in USM FN SCAR is not provided. The cocking handle can be mounted both on the left and on the right side of the weapon, for which there are corresponding slots on both sides of the upper part of the receiver.

The rifle has a slide stop mechanism that stops the bolt in the open position when all the cartridges in the magazine are used up. Shutter lag is turned off by the button on the left side of the weapon, above the receiver of stores. The magazine release button is made on both sides of the weapon. Ejection sleeves through the window on the right side of the receiver, behind which is a reflector of spent cartridges, allowing you to fire a rifle from the left shoulder.

On the upper surface of the receiver, as well as on the forearm, on the sides and bottom, there are guides of the type Picatinny rail for fastening aiming devices and other accessories. The rifle is regularly completed with removable open sights, consisting of a folding dioptric pillar, adjustable in range, and a folding front sight. In addition, any day or night sights with the appropriate brackets can be mounted on the rifle. The stock of all variants of the FN SCAR rifle is foldable to the side. It is made of plastic and allows adjustment in length to adapt to each particular shooter. Additional accessories include a new 40mm rifle grenade launcher and a removable front handle, inside of which there is a small two-legged bipod for firing while lying with the stop.

Weight, kg: 3,19 (SCAR-L CQC)
3,3 (SCAR-L STD)
3,49 (SCAR-L SV)
3,512 (SCAR-H CQC)
3,621 (SCAR-H STD)
3,72 (Scar-H SV) without a store

Length, mm: 796 / 548 (SCAR-L CQC)
890 / 642 (SCAR-L STD)
991 / 737 (SCAR-L SV)
886 / 638 (SCAR-H CQC)
960 / 712 (SCAR-H STD)
1067 / 813 (SCAR-H SV) with folded / folded butt

Barrel length, mm: 353 (SCAR-L CQC)
351 (SCAR-L STD)
457,2 (SCAR-L SV)
330 (SCAR-H CQC)
406 (SCAR-H STD)
508 (SCAR-H SV)

Patron: 5,56 × 45 mm NATO (SCAR-L)
7,62 × 51 mm NATO (SCAR-H)

Caliber, mm: 5,56 (SCAR-L)
7,62 (SCAR-H)
Principles of operation: removal of powder gases, butterfly valve

Rate of fire, shots / min: 600-650 (SCAR-L)
575 — 625 (SCAR-H)

Initial bullet speed, m / s: 875 (SCAR-L)
802 (SCAR-H)

range, m: 600 (effective for the sniper version)

Type of ammunition: detachable box magazine at:
30 (SCAR-L)
20 (SCAR-H) cartridges
Scope: removable diopter, there is a Picatinny rail for mounting various sights
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