The defeat of Russia: not such a cold war ("Agora Vox", France)

The defeat of Russia: not such a cold war ("Agora Vox", France)The Second World War taught us so much to the roar of explosions, rage and destruction, horrors and tens of millions of dead, that the cold war that followed it, with its backstage chess games and opposition from the American and Russian empires, seemed to us a long period of peace, despite the unambiguous name.

We perceived the collapse of the USSR as a natural collapse of the system that was at the last gasp.


Nevertheless, let's take a closer look at the results of this cold war, not as an ideological end, which both sides wanted to foist us between the forces of “democratic capitalism” and “democratic centralism”, but more prosaically, as the end of confrontation between the strategic interests of Americans and Russians .

Just look at the map to lose your voice.

Let's look into the past. In the 15th century, when Ivan the Terrible came to power, the Grand Duchy of Moscow was only a secondary state surrounded on all sides: there was a huge Poland in the west, possessions of German orders in the north (Teutons, Sword-bearers), in the east - terrible Siberian tribes, in the south - warlike Tatars, who regularly made devastating raids to the very center of the principality.

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Surprisingly, by the end of the reign of this lost mind of the tyrant, the Grand Duke became Tsar, the territory of the state expanded more than four times, the last Western knights were turned back, the Tatars were subjugated, and the endless Siberia was conquered.

From that moment, after the disastrous period of Godunov, the (last) invasion of the Poles and the assertion of the Romanov dynasty, each monarch with all his strength sought to expand the empire, strengthen it, establish alliances. And even the onset of the Bolshevik revolution in no way restrained (rather, quite the contrary) the scope of Russian imperialism.

For five centuries, the Russian destroyed and picked up what was left of the once great Polish kingdom. They advanced south to the borders of the Ottoman Empire, which had previously threatened Vienna a little earlier. They broke the backbone of the seemingly invincible Swedish forces, and then the Great Army of Napoleon. All this at the cost of simply unthinkable for any other nation of victims.

Stalin forced his people to starve, leaving him without grain to pay the French and English industrialists, he thereby formed the strongest metallurgy that allowed the Nazi military machine to be broken and his own conditions of victory to be imposed on his "allies."

Everyone knows the incredible scale of the territories under the control of the USSR in the 1950s, not counting the third world countries that fell one after another into its sphere of influence.

To realize that the Cold War was in fact a war that relied on the patient, persistent, tough and expensive arms and technology race, it’s enough just to compare the USSR 1990 map of the year with the Russia 1994 map of the year.

So, we can conclude that the Americans managed to tear away from the Russians the territory that was under German control in the winter of the 1941 of the year (Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltic States) and which the Russians were able to fight off at the cost of 20 millions of dead.

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In addition, the Americans were able to negate all the conquests of Peter the Great and (with the exception of Siberia) violate the integrity of the territories in the south and north, which belonged to Russia since the times of Ivan the Terrible (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, huge Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan) .

Of course, such traitors of their homeland, like Yeltsin, made their task easier, but I bet that if the Americans did not have Yeltsin, they would have found someone else.

Five centuries of hard work, sacrifice and brilliant discoveries - all this was "quietly" destroyed in just a few months.

This is not just a victory, it is a triumph. This is not just a defeat, it is a rout.

Can you imagine what will happen if an external force cuts France from Alsace to Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Franche-Comté, Savoy, Haute-Savoie, the whole Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region leaves her? Béarn, the Basque lands, Roussillon, Corsica and Brittany?

It will not even defeat, but the dismemberment of the state. That is exactly what happened with Russia. Therefore, it simply doesn’t fit into my head that most people still continue to believe that its collapse occurred spontaneously.

What makes you think about our future.
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