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List of CIA-funded Russian public organizations

List of CIA-funded Russian public organizations

Here is a list of organizations that in 2009 received financial support from the National Endowment for Democracy Foundation, which was created by the CIA

A list of Russian organizations that received grants through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) in 2009, according to the Fund’s own annual report. An asterisk denotes organizations that have received, in addition to NED grants, additional funding from the US Department of State. Amounts are in US dollars.

All-Russian Public Movement "For Human Rights" (HRA)
75,000 *

To improve prison conditions in Russian prisons and colonies. The HRA will monitor violations of prisoners' rights, attract public attention and strive to reduce the number of such violations, as well as bring to the public especially glaring cases. The HRA will also monitor and report cases of torture and murder by Russian law enforcement agencies, especially in the North Caucasus.

"American Center for International Labor Solidarity" (American organization, created simultaneously with NED)

To support the training and legal activity of trade unions, thereby enhancing the freedom of association. The Center for Solidarity will support the educational activities of trade unions at the regional level, and provide training on the fundamentals of unionism, collective bargaining, health and safety, and labor legislation. He will help Russian trade unions to strengthen their ties with foreign professional associations and use expertise to develop the network principle of organizing workers.

Association of public associations "Union of Soldiers' Mothers of Russia Committees"
60,000 *

To continue to protect the legitimate rights of the Russian military. The organization provides legal and educational assistance to victims of hazing and ill-treatment in military units. They will also monitor conflicts of jurisdiction between military and civilian authorities during the investigation of such incidents.

Autonomous non-profit organization "Center for Social and Labor Rights"
55,861 *

To create, promote and promote an interactive Internet portal, which would inform workers about their rights, skills necessary for their protection and related issues. The site will serve as a source of independent and objective information for workers to make informed decisions and improve working conditions.

Autonomous non-profit organization "Memorial historical memory of political repression "Perm-36" "
49,735 *

To support the museum organization dedicated to political repression in the USSR. In addition, the Fund’s funds will be used to conduct a series of workshops for teachers from neighboring regions and to prepare electronic versions of historical and methodological materials.

Autonomous non-profit organization "Agency of social information"
67,000 *

Create coalitions of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Russian regions and strengthen links between regional and specialized coalitions, associations and networks of NGOs in three selected Russian regions. To support local NGOs and associations, three small grants will be distributed among projects from three regions to strengthen ties and promote confidence in the activities of NGOs.

Autonomous non-profit organization "Agency of social information"
65,671 *

To collect and analyze information on the activities of Russian NGOs. A network of offices in the 24 regional centers will be created, the information of which will be compiled at the Moscow office, posted on the website and sent via e-mail.

Autonomous non-profit organization "Center of social design" Renaissance ""
55,000 *

To help young political leaders at the municipal level in the Pskov region. Renaissance will help create a network of young leaders in the region, will form a generation of political leaders 2010-2015, established in their political sequence. The focus of the project will be the municipal elections in the Pskov region in October 2009.

Autonomous non-profit organization "Mashr"
55,000 *

To identify a lack of responsibility and respect for human rights on the part of the authorities in Ingushetia. Mashr will publish information about abductions and enforced disappearances, providing legal assistance to victims and their families, forcing officials to investigate such cases, and using, if necessary, international legal mechanisms.

"Center for International Private Enterprise" (CIPE) (American organization, established simultaneously with NED)

To foster an understanding of democracy and market economy, the development of entrepreneurial and leadership skills among young people in the North Caucasus. CIPE and its local partner VIM should develop and implement a certification program in entrepreneurial and leadership skills for university-level youth. CIPE and VIM will also support graduates by providing them with networking opportunities and access to local businessmen and officials.

"Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations"
50,000 *

To monitor and investigate cases of violence, threats, pressure on journalists, in particular, Center staff will investigate cases of abductions, murders and other acts of violence and extreme situations against journalists in order to find out if they are not related to their professional activities.

"Center for Peace Building and Community Development"
17,340 *

Conducting 6 lectures at Chechen universities on subjects important to democracy. Including: the relationship between the individual, society and the state, the rule of law, models of development, the historical experience of authoritarianism, democracy and freedom of speech.

"Center for International Protection"
50,000 *

Professional development of human rights lawyers from Russia and other CIS countries on legal issues. The center will train highly qualified specialists from Russia and the CIS on how to prepare and submit cases to the European Court.

Favorite initiatives of the civil society "Fulcrum Foundation" "
55,000 *

To continue its small award programs for youth NGOs. The Foundation will distribute approximately 7 grants to 5,000 among civil organizations working in Russian regions. There will also be continued monitoring and support of organizations that received grants last year.

Charitable Foundation "International Project - Youth Human Rights Movement"
65,000 *

To strengthen the network work with youth human rights organizations. In addition to the network and training activities, the project will include competitions with mini-prizes and small grants from small organizations from regions that do not have access to good funding, do not have enough PR and management experience, and are inexperienced in public campaigns.

Regional public Chelyabinsk fund "Helping Hand"
57,000 *

The continuation of the program on legal support, education and training in human rights in a number of large cities in the south of the Ural Mountains. The Human Rights Ambulance program will also work with juvenile prisoners in correctional facilities and their family members. The School of Human Rights will provide training on the protection of human rights, democracy and civil activism.

"Civil Rights Advocates"
108,338 *

To host a conference on human rights in the North Caucasus in November 2009. The conference will be held in Stockholm during the Swedish Presidency of the EU and its goal will be to draw attention to the situation of human rights violations in the North Caucasus.

"Association for Democracy and Human Rights" (DEMAS)

For the development of cross-border cooperation of Russian and Czech NGOs. Representatives of seven members of DEMAS, an umbrella Czech organization, will come to Russia to establish contacts with Russian NGOs. In turn, 11 representatives of Russian NGOs will be invited to visit the Czech Republic to become better acquainted with the civil society that exists there. The program is designed to identify the subject and develop the content of future partnerships and cooperation.

"Freedom of Information Initiatives Support Fund"
72,000 *

To monitor government information resources and related practices, disseminate News and resources through the website, and mutual assistance in ensuring wider public access to government information.

Foundation "Independent Press Center" (
50,000 *

To operate its press center, which has working contacts with more than 80 leading nongovernmental organizations that use the premises of the Center for organizing press conferences, briefings, seminars and round tables. These events give Russian and foreign journalists the opportunity to communicate with a large number of speakers on key political, economic and social issues.

Foundation "Public Commission for the Preservation of the Heritage of Academician Sakharov"
90,000 *

For the organization of its seventh annual "Interregional competition of teachers on the history of political repression in the USSR." This event provides history teachers in schools across Russia with the opportunity to plan a lesson, as well as additional materials on topics such as Stalinism, political repression, the Gulag, human rights, and the dissident movement.

"Friends Institute CEELI"
44,311 *

To develop a strategy for more active advocacy on the topic of prosecution for war crimes committed during the conflict in Chechnya. The institute will hold seminars on international criminal law and international humanitarian law, in which Russian researchers, lawyers and human rights activists, prominent Western experts will take part. Work will focus on a review of existing research that has been done so far and strategic planning for the next phase of the project.

"Institute of Public Affairs" (IPA)
28,850 *

Conducting a cross-border fellowship program for young Russian analysts and non-governmental organization activists. Based in Warsaw, one of the leading Polish research institutes IPA will cooperate with the St. Petersburg Center for Humanitarian and Political Studies Strategy to select young Russians who will receive training as part of the 12-day training and study trip to Poland, to prepare and publish a program document.

Interregional Association of Human Rights Organizations "AGORA"
60,000 *

To provide legal and information assistance to Russian activists and organizations that are under pressure from the authorities as a result of their work. AGORA will use its experience in providing legal and information support to human rights groups, and continue to provide assistance to persecuted activists and organizations.

Interregional non-governmental organization "Center for Information and Protection of Human Rights"
50,000 *

To support its operations, including: the preservation of human rights exhibits; a library on the history of political repression, as well as providing the center with a video and Internet class for students and teachers studying human rights. It will also work as a public legal aid bureau, assist teachers and non-governmental organization activists in developing educational materials for youth and management, and offer financial training for NGO leaders.

Interregional public organization "Center for the Development of Social Partnership"
50,000 *

To continue the program to increase the participation of citizens in local self-government in the Yaroslavl region. In addition, the center will assess the state of civil society and offer NGOs ways to make their cooperation with local authorities and the Public Chamber of the Yaroslavl region more effective.

Interregional public organization "Committee against Torture"
85,000 *

To reduce torture in Chechnya. The committee will monitor and publish cases of torture by law enforcement officials, and will also offer legal assistance to victims.

"Public Human Rights Center of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic"
45,000 *

To continue the program for the protection of human rights in the predominantly Muslim republic of Kabardino-Balkaria in the North Caucasus. The center will provide free legal assistance, monitor the activities of the courts and promote judicial, legal and other reforms in favor of human rights and democracy; to study the crimes of the Stalin era in Kabardino-Balkaria, as well as to hold a series of round tables and conferences to deepen understanding of these issues.

"Levada Center"
33,104 *

For two public opinion polls, one before and one after the elections of the Moscow City Duma 11 October 2009 year. Levada Center will disseminate information from opinion polls in major national and international news agencies, and will publish an analytical report on the elections at the end of the project.

"MEMO 98"
54,274 *

To control how state-owned media manipulates public opinion in Russia. Together with the Moscow-based grantee, the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations (CJES), MEMO, based in Slovakia, will set up a monitoring group in Russia, conduct weekly training in Bratislava, and four-month oversight of the media monitoring program. The monitoring results will be distributed at four press conferences and on the Internet.

"Mother of Dagestan for human rights"
23,136 *

To monitor human rights and legal aid programs in Dagestan. Employees of the organization will go to the regions to gather information on cases of human rights violations in Dagestan. The organization will receive citizens at its office in Makhachkala on a weekly basis, provide free legal assistance and protect the interests of citizens in courts.

"Murmansk Association of Women Journalists"
38,000 *

To continue their efforts to create independent journalism and increase the transparency of local governments in Northwest Russia. This year, the program will focus on the new federal law on freedom of information, which was adopted on February 9 2009 of the year and will come into effect on January 1 of 2010.

Project of the non-profit public organization "Fund" Kostroma Center for Human Rights ""
25,000 *

To strengthen civil society in Kostroma and the Kostroma region by providing information and practical support to local NGOs. The center will conduct training seminars for NGO leaders, joint press conferences with regional NGOs, publish and distribute newspapers, and will maintain a website with information for and about NGOs.

Non-profit organization "Information Agency"
225,000 *

For the site, which provides news and analysis of events in the Caucasus, as well as information on the activities of groups of civil society activists. Over the next two years, plans to improve the quality of website journalism, as well as expand its reach to an international audience with more frequent updates of the English version of the website.

Non-profit partnership "Lawyers for civil society"
50,000 *

To collect and publish reviews and analysis of federal and regional laws regulating the activities of NGOs, create a report analyzing the state of civil society in Russia, which will help identify regions of Russia in which there are either completely absent or there are only a few laws that regulate the work of civil society organizations .

"No to Violence" (Nonviolence International)
50,000 *

To help local authorities in the North Caucasus implement Federal Law No. 131, which provides significant autonomy to local governments. This law provides for a significant degree of autonomy in rural and municipal governments in such areas as the provision of social services, regulation of housing and communal services and the development of the local economy.

Perm city public organization "Center for Civic Education and Human Rights"
54,000 *

As in the past, the program will include the training of teachers and university professors in human rights and civic education programs, as well as the publication of educational materials. The center will update its database for teachers of social studies in the Perm region, and will also expand the network work with graduates of the program.

"Prague Watchdog"

To promote human rights, humanitarian aid and freedom of information in the North Caucasus. The funds will be used to continue the activities of the Prague Watchdog website, the leading source of information on the political, military, economic and humanitarian situation in Chechnya, Ingushetia and other republics of the North Caucasus.

Pskov Regional Public Organization "Committee of Soldiers' Mothers"
20,424 *

Conduct human rights training and counseling for approximately 1000 recruits, persons of draft age, youth, military personnel and their family members in the Pskov region.

Public regional organization "Kola Association of Women Lawyers"
30,000 *

To protect victims of torture and degrading treatment in the Murmansk region, and to train activists and officials to prevent and protect against such behavior. The organization will have a crisis center for victims of torture and degrading treatment, will assist in drafting complaints, lawsuits and appeals on their behalf, will train human rights activists, as well as human rights seminars for civil society activists and representatives of the Murmansk region government.

Regional civil initiative "The right to life and personal dignity"
29,474 *

To publish the quarterly magazine “Dosh” (“The Word”), reviewing the situation with human rights and commenting on political and social life in the North Caucasus. Dosh has been published since 2003 and is one of the most popular independent publications in Chechnya and Ingushetia.

Regional Civilian Research Institute and Memorial Information Center
50,000 *

To collect and disseminate information about the activities of NGOs, as well as about other important events for civil society in St. Petersburg and the North-West Federal District of Russia. An information and analytical website will be created at St. Petersburg's Memorial on the subject of human rights, the environment and the preservation of objective information about the history of totalitarianism and repression in Russia.

Regional Civilian Research Institute and Memorial Information Center
40,000 *

To begin the process of digitizing huge historical archives, to prevent their further loss and to make this vital historical information available to the general public. The project will last three years.

Regional civil organization in defense of civil rights and initiatives "GOLOS"
75,234 *

To increase the participation of citizens in the decision-making process, by informing them and providing them with the necessary tools to protect their interests and protect their rights at the local level. GOLOS will hold public hearings, campaigns for collecting signatures, conferences and will distribute brochures with information about citizens' activity in the regions of Russia.

Regional non-profit public human rights organization "Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg"
94,160 *

For holding a school on human rights, as well as other seminars for thousands of people of military age, youth and draftees. The organization will also continue to maintain a database of recruits and military personnel in order to track human rights violations at military bases throughout Russia.

Regional non-profit organization "International Protection Center"
60,000 *

To offer free legal representation and advice for victims of human rights violations in Russia. The Center will help individuals who have exhausted all available legal remedies in the Russian judicial system in order to continue their cases before the European Court of Human Rights or the United Nations Human Rights Committee.

Regional public organization "Information-analytical center" Panorama "
65,000 *

To support two teams of two young leaders from various pro-democratic organizations in conducting six-month part-time journalistic work. Interns will be selected from the youth branches of democratic political parties and civil movements such as Defense, Young Apple, youth SPS, young Republicans, I think so! Youth of the United Civil Front, and the Social Democratic Union young people, as well as young journalists from independent newspapers.

Regional public movement "Chechen Committee of National Salvation"
80,000 *

To provide legal assistance to refugees in Nazran, Ingushetia and Grozny. Chechnya The organization will also monitor cases of human rights violations.

Regional Public Organization of Assistance in Ensuring Security of Public Information "Public Information Center"
70,000 *

To further expand its network of regional partners that collect and disseminate information about human rights. The organization maintains regular contacts with NGOs, the media and the Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman under the President of the Russian Federation, which reports on human rights violations, the activities of human rights activists and events and events organized by other NGOs and public organizations.

Regional public organization "Independent Council of Legal Expertise"
65,000 *

To conduct various activities related to the Russian legal system and the development of legislation through non-governmental efforts. Political conditions in Russia as a whole have become less favorable for this type of program in recent years, since the legislative branch is now dependent on the executive branch, and the contribution of NGOs to the legislative process is often not welcome.

Regional public organization for the promotion of civic education "Information and Analytical Center" SOVA "
77,611 *

Funds are allocated for the collection, analysis and dissemination of information aimed at resisting nationalism and xenophobia in Russia, as well as toughening of the order of the authorities under the pretext of fighting extremism.

Regional public organization "Mothers of Chechnya"
58,541 *

To offer legal assistance and advice to families of citizens who were abducted or disappeared during and after two wars in Chechnya. "Mothers of Chechnya" will help continue the search for missing relatives and represent their interests in the judiciary. The organization will also continue to maintain and expand its database of disappearances in Chechnya.

Regional public organization "Women-voters of St. Petersburg"
45,000 *

To conduct a series of seminars and round tables for young civil society activists from six regions: Arkhangelsk, Vyborg, Kaliningrad, Pskov, Tver, and St. Petersburg. The purpose of these seminars and round tables will be to educate and train representatives of unregistered public associations and civil initiatives in institution-building.

Rostov city non-profit organization "Eco-Logic"
25,000 *

To help citizens engage in increased transparency and accountability of the local bureaucracy. Eco-Logic organizes training workshops to teach participants how to request information from local government sources and continue the work of the resource center, which provides the necessary office equipment and advisory support for such requests.

Rostov Regional Public Organization "League of Civil Rights Protection"
45,924 *

To promote transparency and accountability of municipal budget processes. The project will include training, assessments, analytical and informational components.

"Slovene Philanthropy"
75,129 *

To expand the civic activism program for primary and secondary schools in Chechnya and Ingushetia. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the organization will hold one advanced and two basic training workshops for mentor students. Mentors will train up to 700 students in volunteering and overseeing civil servants in local schools, hospitals, NGOs or in local communities. Copies of information leaflets and guidelines on volunteer social activities in Russian will be distributed in schools.

St. Petersburg public organization "Center of legal environmental protection" Bellona "
47,760 *

To expand access to information on human rights and the state of the environment in Russia, as well as to encourage interaction between NGOs. Bellona will maintain its website,, as a valuable source of independent information for NGOs, the media and the general public. This year, the Bellona project will also publish four print and electronic editions of its journal Ecology and Law.

Sverdlovsk regional public organization "Paritet"

To educate young people about their rights and duties as voters and to increase participation in the political life of young people in the Sverdlovsk region. The main component of the program will include providing local NGOs with information and practical skills to send information on cases of violation of voters' rights to the European Court of Human Rights. Parity will also publish two brochures on voter rights and hold two workshops.

"Transitions Online" (TOL)
81,326 *

To expand the distance learning component of cross-border programs that will promote independent journalism in Russia. In collaboration with the Poynter Institute for Media Studies (Prague), he will create four modules for self-study based on curricula. There will also be organized two training courses in the Czech Republic for 48 Russian journalists.

Vladimir regional intellectual public movement "Swan"
25,000 *

On the management site Vibor33 ( The site will be in a simple, but frequently updated format to provide current political news of the region, combining them with analytics.

Group "Foreign"

To strengthen and expand cooperation between Russian and Polish civil society organizations. The group based in Poland organizes a Polish-Russian non-governmental forum that brings together representatives of 100 NGOs from Russia and Poland together in Warsaw. Two days will be held meetings, organizations will take part in a series of workshops to identify problems and develop programs for future cooperation and partnership.
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  1. Redmont
    Redmont 28 October 2011 10: 26 New
    Not bad information found by the author crying
    And moreover, they are not few!
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 5 August 2020 09: 00 New
      I wonder what Stalin and Beria, Khrushchev or Brezhnev would have done with these organizations? winked
  2. Igor Vladimirovich
    Igor Vladimirovich 28 October 2011 10: 40 New
    And what do ours finance from them?
    1. sirToad
      sirToad 28 October 2011 11: 33 New
      perhaps the foundation of historical perspective N. Narochnitskaya.
      1. Ivan35
        Ivan35 28 October 2011 18: 56 New
        It should be understood that we do not print dollars like they do and do not form the price of oil gold and diamonds, etc. - thirdly, we do not force pendos to place their funds in our papers and buy rubles to print dollars - in general, we are losers and poor now, but not they
        Соответственно у них больше возможностей проплачивать своих агентов внутри нас - поэтому каждый третии россиянин до сих пор подпендосник и Россия лежит под "игом"
        Once again I repeat - only a large independent country can get out of the yoke - therefore, it is necessary to collect land and first unite Erefiya Belarus and Kazakhstan into a more or less normal state that can become an independent state
        1. Uhalus
          Uhalus 29 October 2011 02: 01 New
          Кап-пец... И "Солдатские матери" тоже... Вот они, организации влияния... И ведь это тоже форма предательства... :(((
          You are right, Ivan35, I will subscribe to your every word ... We need a big powerful country with its own ideology and geopolitical course. Otherwise, they will crush and devour them in the end.
          А вообще - как-то плохо всё развивается. Всё хуже и хуже. Это и есть "курс реформ", который клянётся продолжать каждый очередной наш президент?
          1. Feofun
            Feofun 25 June 2019 09: 57 New
            We need a country with a powerful economy. And here it’s probably worth taking a look at post-war Japan and South Korea. You won’t be fed up with ideology, and (geo) politics is just a continuation of the economy, on which the country's political and military capabilities depend.
        2. sirToad
          sirToad 29 October 2011 05: 01 New
          yes, in order to solve global problems it is imperative to unite.
    2. Yarik
      Yarik 9 October 2019 13: 55 New
      and our finances themselves, yachts, planes, etc. :)))
    3. Chaldon48
      Chaldon48 18 March 2020 10: 20 New
      Ours cannot be the State Department, expel and arrest someone.
  3. itr
    itr 28 October 2011 10: 43 New
    We will know who you can’t deal with
    Очень интересно а "Совет солдатских матерей" для чего деньги взял
    1. NUT
      NUT 28 October 2011 11: 15 New
      Quote: itr
      Очень интересно а "Совет солдатских матерей" для чего деньги взял

      "это же элементарно Ватсон"
      a soldier’s mother knows better than any battalion commander what’s going on in the military unit where her child serves, and this is deployment, the number of hp, weapons, supplies, combat readiness, etc. etc.
      причём информация у маманьки самя свежая и абсолютно достоверная, не то что "палканы"сочиняют и в наши штабы докладувают, а штабные, с которыми мы не пьём, по инстанции выше- в пентагон...
      1. pavel031976
        pavel031976 28 October 2011 11: 27 New
        The Committee of Soldiers' Mothers is a legal organization created for the collapse of the army. am
        1. kostiknet
          kostiknet 28 October 2011 14: 48 New
          И в итоге получим армию,где солдат,получивший по морде(без раздницы за что и от кого) бежит жаловаться к мамочке(ах-ах,плохие мальчики меня побили!!!) Такой "боец" и в бой не пойдёт (там вообще убить могут)! Ведь ещё до призыва его учат-побьют,скажи маме,она пожалиться в "Комитет",командиру вставят "фитиль".БАБКИ ЕСТЬ! А ещё днём "тихий час" должон быть!(детки ещё растут,им спать охота) От кого сможет защитить солдат,не способный дать по мозгам(пусть потом и запинают) оборзевшему сослуживцу? Дали мамочкам "доллары",так они со своим коровьим пониманием проблемы, превращают армию за бабки госдепа в "стадо гнусных пи....сов". И это вполне устраивает наши "спецслужбы",ну вот не верю я в то,что они не в курсе этих игр.
          1. vv1263os
            vv1263os 28 October 2011 19: 36 New
            Не стыдно? Я с некоторыми "мамочками, со своим коровьим пониманием проблемы" в 1995-1996 годах встречался на территории Чечни. Они там были не только для поиска своих пропавших или погибших сыновей, но и привозили гостинцы и весточки из дома. Кто там был это знает. Хоть они и приезжали к "землякам", но никого не обделяли. ТАК ЧТО Я НА ТВОЕМ МЕСТЕ ПОПРОСИЛ БЫ У НИХ ПРОЩЕНИЯ ПРЯМО СЕЙЧАС!!!"
            1. Foamas
              Foamas 29 October 2011 00: 07 New
              Деятельнось "Солдатских матерей", в период первой чеченской компании, отдельная тема (там, не всё так чисто и благородно), если Вы были там, то наверняка в курсе, что и taken away enough gifts.
              I will not blame everyone, but 1/3 of the representatives of all these mothers went there clearly - not to save their sons.
              1. vv1263os
                vv1263os 29 October 2011 18: 53 New
                Возможно мне повезло больше. "Бл...дей и проституток" было достаточно. И не только в юбках.
        2. rusosturistas
          rusosturistas 30 October 2011 04: 26 New
          Give me five pavel and catch a plus sign !!!
      2. Civil
        Civil 28 October 2011 18: 15 New
        +1, I can’t take it anymore, but it's a shame that the fathers of soldiers cannot take their women in their hands.
        1. pavel031976
          pavel031976 29 October 2011 16: 41 New
          not all women have men ...
    2. AlexTarov
      AlexTarov 28 October 2011 13: 17 New
      Давно известно, что все эти "Солдатские матери" так называемые созданы и лоббируются иностранными разведками в их интересах и целях психологического подрыва и дестабилизации вооруженных сил. Приём хитрый и подлый и основанный на святой и элементарной любви к матери, которые якобы защищают "права, свободы и демократические помыслы своих сынков", призванных в ряды вооруженных сил. Я срочную, правда, служил ещё Советскому Союзу, но не припомню подобного влияния "мам и бабушек" на процесс службы и внутренний распорядок. Отсюда смута, хандра, сопли и слёзы у солдатиков. Пока служишь этот грешный год рядом с мамкиной сиськой, мужиком и воином стать так и не успеваешь, чего и требуется для врагов. Моральный дух - это главное составляющее успешного и смелого солдата.
      Интересно, НАТОвским солдатам в Афганистане и Ираке тоже мамки подгузники меняют? Вместо этих "советов" в армии должны работать закон, устав, присяга, любовь к Родине, патриотизм и грамотные командиры. Всем остальным - до свиданья!
      А статья - лишь ещё одно подтверждение, что институты правозащитничества, солдатских матерей, фонды всевозможные - это, считай, "офисы" иностранных разведок на территории России.
    3. Aleksey42
      Aleksey42 29 October 2011 20: 59 New
      Вполне закономерно в списке полно комитетов "солдатских матерей" и всяких "женщин Кавказа". Оно и понятно, одни подрывают армию, другие расшатывают Кавказ.
  4. Denis
    Denis 28 October 2011 10: 44 New
    and a bunch of pedril magazines
  5. NUT
    NUT 28 October 2011 10: 48 New
    but they say miracles do not happen:
    почти задаром, легально, с самыми благородными намерениями, присутствовать, контролировать и влиять практически на все сферы жизни и деятельности своего "вероятного противника" и называть это благотворительностью ?!?!?
    along the way for our helmsmen, with whom we do not drink, tastier and more nutritious cheese than in a mousetrap, simply does not exist
  6. ytqnhfk
    ytqnhfk 28 October 2011 10: 54 New
    Последовательно и продуманно обкладывают со всех сторон,матери работают "на защиту деток" разваливая армию своими выкриками снижая уровень сознания патриотизма в головах молодежи!Подкармливают "независимую прессу" что бы визжала о каждом "нарушении" и промашке властей. Вгрызаются в регионы пытаясь дестабилизировать сознание людей,поощряют сотрудничество с зарубежными всевозможными фондами (польскими и не только)Поляки нас так"любят"!разрушают стабильность на кавказе "чтениями лекции" о демократии и правах человека все предусмотрено!
  7. Boos24
    Boos24 28 October 2011 10: 57 New
    and finance societies that can influence public opinion, better help people with disabilities and street children
  8. danilatrg
    danilatrg 28 October 2011 11: 00 New
    And at once everyone began to search for subversive activities in all these organizations. Citizens be careful, many of these organizations carry out very correct activities. If you get in the ass accidentally ran into a thread of diputate, then the only ones who can help you are these.

    But! We must carefully monitor all these organizations in order to pinpoint all the possibilities of political pressure from the CIA.

    The world is not black and white, gentlemen! He's a shithead. So you do not need all in one pile.
    1. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 28 October 2011 11: 12 New
      You are surely in this pile of shitty tablecloth road!
    2. Lamp post
      Lamp post 24 August 2020 15: 53 New
      They only help the bulk, not a bug.
  9. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 28 October 2011 11: 01 New
    Может по примеру СМЕРШа нам тоже организовать какую-нибудь "радиоигру" на их деньги, создав очередное "Общество борьбы за права человека"? fellow
  10. Cynic
    Cynic 28 October 2011 11: 09 New
    Ассоциировать получение денег на благие цели и "предательство" нельзя .
    I think the guys from Langley are trying - in one fell swoop seven murders!
    One hundred pounds, such a little list was not without their help saw the light, about the damage to the image of the organizations mentioned I will keep silent, some do not have it at all! And about the goal of compromising other identities.
    What is really real is the solution to the old problem - cover for financing.
    Old trick - Where to hide the sheet? And in the forest!
    In general, everything is very optimal and most likely someone from the list in real life has extra zeros in checks. And we can even vice versa, and these missing zeros where the thread in the Caymans is heated.
  11. Foamas
    Foamas 28 October 2011 11: 11 New
    The data is somehow ancient (2009), and the amounts are ridiculous. It’s unlikely to be subversive, it’s rather just collecting information to analyze the domestic political situation.
  12. Varnaga
    Varnaga 28 October 2011 11: 25 New
    У них на сайте (Nаtional Endowment for Democracy) есть заветная кнопочка "apply the grant", настоятельно рекомендую всем местным говнотроллям найти ее и попытать счастья, вдруг свезет.
    TAMERLAN 28 October 2011 11: 34 New
    this is the work of collecting information about the country and quite legally for little money --- and the analytical center will do the rest and teach it at its discretion for propaganda
  14. sirToad
    sirToad 28 October 2011 11: 35 New
    I wonder if it is possible to breed these perdril on the loot and then insolently tossed?
    1. ytqnhfk
      ytqnhfk 28 October 2011 11: 45 New
      Вы думаете они ? За свои деньги даже за 1 бакс они вас из под земли достанут и "отрабатывать " заставят!
      ESCANDER 28 October 2011 11: 46 New
      Yes, easy! We have such a sales tradition, since the dashing 90s.
      1. sirToad
        sirToad 28 October 2011 11: 47 New
        so, can sketch a little scheme? and then just grandmas are needed.)))
        1. ESCANDER
          ESCANDER 28 October 2011 12: 01 New
          Ahha! Right!
          Just to let them know that we have nothing to do with it ..., it's Sber, bitch @, does not give loans on time.
          1. sirToad
            sirToad 28 October 2011 12: 09 New
            let's not talk about sad
    3. Aleksey42
      Aleksey42 29 October 2011 20: 45 New
      It’s dangerous, not the kids are sitting there, they know how to recruit, and how to get rid of extra witnesses.
  15. Glenn witcher
    Glenn witcher 28 October 2011 11: 39 New
    EMNIP, the Americans themselves do not hide this data. So the case takes twice an interesting look.
  16. 916-th
    916-th 28 October 2011 12: 00 New
    заветная кнопочка "apply the grant"

    Кнопочка "Подайте-христа-ради" и смешные суммы грантов - это только крючок с наживкой. Затем пойдет вдумчивая аналитическая работа - кого подтянуть, кого пока отпустить. Потом напомнят о себе, попросят оказать мелкую, ни к чему не обязывающую услугу. Дальше - больше. Затем шантаж и всё - приплыли. Коготок увяз - всей птичке погибнуть.
    1. Ivan35
      Ivan35 28 October 2011 19: 01 New
      I agree 916th! These are intelligence and recruitment professionals - it’s dangerous to play with them yourself - you’ll get stuck
      Такие "игры" будут пахнуть предательством - при Сталине не стали бы разбираться зачем пошел на контакт с врагом - поставили бы к стенке - и правильно! А сейчас многие наши "граждане" нажимают эти кнопки и работают на врага - хочется им сказать - придет наше время и мы с вас спросим по сталински
  17. Cochetkov.serzh
    Cochetkov.serzh 28 October 2011 12: 17 New
    a muddy list and indeed all organizations are connected with influence on people
    especially young people are often affected. And everything sounds so cute and harmless .....
  18. ytqnhfk
    ytqnhfk 28 October 2011 12: 20 New
    Correctly so be it! So they do it, and even if you work somewhere in an interesting place, then the grand is provided!
  19. Staff_
    Staff_ 28 October 2011 12: 34 New
    Novodvorskaya, Nemtsov, etc. forgot))))
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 28 October 2011 14: 51 New
    2. Denis
      Denis 28 October 2011 16: 29 New
      these creatures will not be forgotten for a long time
  20. AlexTarov
    AlexTarov 28 October 2011 13: 19 New
    Давно известно, что все эти "Солдатские матери" так называемые созданы и лоббируются иностранными разведками в их интересах и целях психологического подрыва и дестабилизации вооруженных сил. Приём хитрый и подлый и основанный на святой и элементарной любви к матери, которые якобы защищают "права, свободы и демократические помыслы своих сынков", призванных в ряды вооруженных сил. Я срочную, правда, служил ещё Советскому Союзу, но не припомню подобного влияния "мам и бабушек" на процесс службы и внутренний распорядок. Отсюда смута, хандра, сопли и слёзы у солдатиков. Пока служишь этот грешный год рядом с мамкиной сиськой, мужиком и воином стать так и не успеваешь, чего и требуется для врагов. Моральный дух - это главное составляющее успешного и смелого солдата. Вместо этих "советов" в армии должны работать закон, устав, присяга, любовь к Родине, патриотизм и грамотные командиры. Всем остальным - до свиданья!
    А статья - лишь ещё одно подтверждение, что институты правозащитничества, солдатских матерей, фонды всевозможные - это, считай, "офисы" иностранных разведок на территории России.
    To NATO soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, too, do mothers change diapers?
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. AlexTarov
        AlexTarov 28 October 2011 16: 41 New
        I don’t know what kind of city you have, where you live and where the soldiers, as you put it, die almost every day. It’s just Silent Hill ... If that is so, then of course it’s hell and you definitely need to fight against it and identify it by any means. Although if only mothers and grandmothers are able to restore order in the military units of your city and stop the massacres, then I would not be particularly happy about this. And knowing that you squandered from the army until the age of 24, and instead made a “European-style repair” in your apartment ...
        I myself did not serve - out of principle - he stammered and the military man received, even at the age of 24. But for the year that he would have spent the army, he earned money and made European-quality repairs at home.
        I can only advise - move to another city, but rather migrate to Poland or Estonia, if you want - what else can you tell?
        I’m even embarrassed to ask now: how long did these massacres last? How did this bloody nightmare in military units begin and are there any results of investigations into crimes revealed by soldiers' mothers? More? Thank you in advance.
        Yes, and to, as you put it, “speak beautifully” you need to read more books, not to live in fear, and communicate with positive people. And one more thing: if you are such a pacifist, what did you put on the Tu-160? Here, "Children of Flowers" I can offer. Good ...
        1. Neighbor
          Neighbor 28 October 2011 17: 36 New
          What a pacifist I am, I’m just not in such a position as to risk my precious life and precious health. They would pay a soldier 20 pieces a month at least, feed and dress normally, the conditions would be normal - I would go and serve. Why an American soldier receives $ 4000 per month, is dressed, shod and full. The family is completely exempt from taxes. In the event of death, $ 1.000.000 is received. He knows what and why he is going to serve. And our soldier died - 40.000 rubles. payment to parents - ha ha. they feed shit like dogs, the form is shit, there are no medicines. He can also beat or cripple his own officer. Yes, I saw such a service on hu, you don’t go to work for a cheap salary for a rotten job, you are looking for where they dance well and easier, because I sloped and got a military man, but I did not lose my job, I earned money and experience. As for the crimes: it was not the committee that revealed them; what is there to reveal when the coffin comes to the parents with a mutilated corpse and a diagnosis - suicide. the committee seeks exhumation, identification and punishment of those responsible. Checks are going on in parts, and a bunch of crap emerges that the soldiers were beaten, the uniform was taken, money was extorted. Look on the Internet Chelyabinsk region - if so interesting. And as for the mass murderers, as you said, 2500 soldiers die in the army a year. In war, losses are less. The reason - think for yourself - probably because the price of a soldier's life (and human life in Russia) is 0p.0kop. The fact that every Toko thinks about his ass and about his belly, that who has more rights, is right. + complete lawlessness and corruption and everything is decided by $ and communications.
          1. Denis
            Denis 29 October 2011 10: 24 New
            Quote: Denis
            per year in the army 2500 soldier dies. There are less losses in war

            boy, where have you seen such a war, and what’s the matter, even though you know which side of the AK sleeve is popping up?
            1. Neighbor
              Neighbor 29 October 2011 10: 40 New
              Have you seen many wars? We are talking about peacetime, we are not in a war now, but the soldiers are dying like flies. And besides, much less soldiers died in the war with Georgia. And it doesn’t matter on which side that flies out and pops up, you go to 2500 mothers and fathers explain why their sons did not return home - this is by the way for 2009 data. Who killed them or brought them to death, and for what the main thing. Look where they will send you with your knowledge of the parties at the machine. And you will see the boy in the mirror when you look at him.
              1. Denis
                Denis 29 October 2011 10: 50 New
                I had enough
          2. The comment was deleted.
      2. Denis
        Denis 28 October 2011 16: 44 New
        But he himself was in the army?
      3. zczczc
        zczczc 28 October 2011 18: 51 New
        Neighbor, well, one dishonor does not deny the other. An army riot control committee, whatever you call it, is needed. But this should be our committee at 100%. Not bought the United States, and not corrupt to our generals, who need to hush up the problems in the army.

        Есть такое понятие "общественная организация". Кто сказал, что её можно финансировать из-за рубежа? Запретить иностранные источники финансирования, но не организацию. Если пиндосы будут башлять нашим, мы никогда гражданское общество не построим. Мы должны скидываться по 10 рублей с носа в месяц на содержание этой организации и смотреть как она уродов всяких на чистую воду выводит.

        If at least 50 million Russians consider bullying a problem and 10 rubles are ready. per month for the maintenance of the regulatory body to give, then this is 120 * 50 = 6 billion rubles a year! With this money you can establish such control! The only question is? Those. what way, other than how to expel geeks from the army, is there anyway? And, as a result, why do we need geeks in civilian life? That is the question. And this is not a question of money, but of understanding where we are moving.

        We had a kid who was made an invalid in the army in the 90s. No one paid. The kid was absolutely normal in appearance (before the army).

        Я бы лично по отношению к любому человеку в погонах (милиционеру, военному) применял совершенно другую шкалу наказаний, сводящуюся практически к жизнь/смерть. Человек с оружием не имеет права на нарушение закона без особых обстоятельств, т.к. он в этом случае вооружённый бандит. Батя рассказывал, когда он попал в армию, "деды" новобранцев чем-то по заднице били симолически. И всё - вся дедовщина. А сейчас опускают, как зеки. Зачем уродам жизнь вообще? Если заграница будет против - отсылать туда.

        Special circumstances are when, in violation of the rights of others, he ensured more serious rights of others and there was no better way. I suppose all the showdowns in the barracks have nothing to do with this.
        1. Neighbor
          Neighbor 28 October 2011 19: 43 New
          You say golden words to ZCZCZC, especially about a different scale of punishments, it’s immediately clear that a smart and reasonable person who understands life and has seen it. Rarely do you meet such people on this site. Basically, as fanatics stupidly about duty, morality, spiritual duty, love for the motherland, patriotism moo. But only a few can think about it, think about the essence of the problem and at least offer something sensible.
          1. Neighbor
            Neighbor 29 October 2011 09: 30 New
            As they say, one death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths are statistics. So it’s very sad that in our army there have been no tragedies for a long time, there are only dry statistics. The guy works with me, before that he worked for 6 years as a contractor in the GRU, sat behind the papers and watched. So he says that for 100 conscripts - loss 2 - the norm, no emergency, statistics. There is no human death for the command - there is a loss of one! The main thing is that the limit is often not exceeded!
            1. goose
              goose 8 October 2018 17: 12 New
              Quote: Neighbor
              The main thing is that the limit is often not exceeded!

              90% of deaths are criminal failure to perform duties and the banal stupidity of the contingent called up. It is no secret that in the modern Russian army there are abnormally many applicants for the Darwin Prize.
        2. ytqnhfk
          ytqnhfk 28 October 2011 23: 40 New
          I completely agree with you! On all counts.
        3. Denis
          Denis 29 October 2011 10: 34 New
          maybe then we will start to cancel cars, because of them more disabled people happen?
          and electricity, it also kills
          1. Neighbor
            Neighbor 29 October 2011 10: 43 New
            Such mu * s as you should be canceled first. Living immediately will be easier for everyone!
            1. Denis
              Denis 29 October 2011 10: 56 New
              take a chance, only this is more complicated than yapping from afar, address, where will he go for the lyuli?
          2. Neighbor
            Neighbor 29 October 2011 10: 56 New
            If you intentionally crush a person by car, they will solder you for about 8 years. They have already written about this a hundred times. On the street, come and give the cop in the face - you will go for 3-4 years. Break someone’s nose - they’ll give at least a year. And in the army there is complete impunity. I have never heard anyone really found and punished. The excuse is always the same - he hanged himself, shot himself, jumped out of the window - he missed the house, she threw it away. He was sick.
      4. pavel031976
        pavel031976 29 October 2011 17: 00 New
        А откуда такие злыдни, которые бьют гнобят и тд и тп в армию приходят? Ответ: с гражданки... 18 лет до призыва человек "воспитывается" в семье, в школе, во дворе... Армия - это отражения нашего общества...
        1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Denis
      Denis 28 October 2011 16: 34 New
      большей частью все активистки таких "комитетов" от недотраха

      who served knows and doesn’t
  21. Neighbor
    Neighbor 28 October 2011 14: 39 New
    In our city of Chelyabinsk, we also have an organization that helps conscripts (legal services, escort in court, consultations) not to join the army. Moreover, representatives of this organization also participate in political affairs, attend meetings of deputies, in the mayor's office, etc. Everything would be fine if it weren’t for one thing. The organization exists entirely on the money of Finns. They created it and fully finance it. We also have a dining room for free, they feed well, they also give them a full package of chews, and they feed everyone. No coupons needed. This is also good - but the owners are Americans. Moreover, their representatives often come, conduct conversations, push speeches, speak in broken Russian or through an interpreter.
    1. Banshee
      Banshee 29 October 2011 02: 41 New
      That begs the question: why the heck is it to them? So they are following ours? Unlikely...
    2. Valentin_V
      Valentin_V 29 October 2011 12: 00 New
      Вот я читаю и удивляюсь: Кто-то, где-то сказал, прочитал в Инете! А самому попробовать послужить и узнать службу не со слов кого-то, кто в ГРУ штаны протирал писаришкой, а своей шкурой прочувствовать-СЛАБ?. Там тоже жрачка бесплатная, правда не на американские деньги куплена, а форма-от Юдашкина!!! Любая женщина позавидует. Вот ещё, правда, американцы для нашей армии баб латексных по ленд-лизу не прислали. Сходи, послужи и потом рассуждай, а можешь мать свою отправить служить, а сам надень килт, чтобы все видели косаря ! Противно всё это читать. Год служат, а их "деды" достают, которые на полгода раньше призвались.Мужик-это не тот у кого между ног что-то болтается, а тот кто за себя может постоять, да за других, более слабых!
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor 29 October 2011 16: 48 New
        Mu.ak you, man is the one - who will not allow to have it, or even tried to fuck. A man is one who knows how to earn money for himself and his family. A man is the one who is responsible for his words and deeds. Well, who are you - you have a family, have grandmothers, have a good job, have a car, a hut - or are you a loser, stupidly serving in the army, graduating from vocational school, drunkard, drug addict. Of course, for people like you, there is only one way - into the loop. from understanding their own worthlessness - cattle. and if you have something hanging there between your legs, then you think why it is for you. What have you achieved in this life - you are a man. And such men as you in the zone and at the plants plow. And where are you? Probably a loader or a sales assistant.
        1. Alexei
          Alexei 29 October 2011 18: 27 New
          Man, he’s a man without money, but with money and those we don’t drink with. I think whoever pursues grandmothers the whole way, they were raped from an ideological point of view. You’re some kind of neighbor who’s painfully harsh. Do you work as a milling machine worker in a factory?
        2. Neighbor
          Neighbor 29 October 2011 18: 43 New
          What are you afraid of conscripting them into the army? 30 rounds of ammunition - 30 corpses.
      2. The comment was deleted.
        1. Alexei
          Alexei 29 October 2011 19: 21 New
          Is this such a terrible statement to anyone?
        2. pavel031976
          pavel031976 30 October 2011 04: 04 New
          Ha!!!! In some mental hospital, the Internet was allowed .... wink wink wink
    3. pavel031976
      pavel031976 29 October 2011 16: 27 New
      Ха, теперь понятно, откуда удар ожидать от "вероятного противника" - из-за УРАЛА... wink That's where the hornet's nest turns out to be ... wink .
      1. Neighbor
        Neighbor 29 October 2011 16: 40 New
        All this is in almost every city in Russia, except for closed cities such as Snezhinsk, nuclear centers. It's just that if ordinary residents have not encountered this, they don’t know. In our Snezhinsk region there are 3 rows of perimeter fences, mining, a plowed field near the fence, round-the-clock patrolling. Stands for 10 minutes. wagons to get up - they drive up with machine guns and are asked to immediately get out or have the right to use service weapons.

        Residents of Snezhinsk can leave and drive into the city only by agreement with the High Command, their cops, their hospitals, and institutes. There is practically no crime. No addiction, alcoholism. No robbery and theft. Is it not a city of dreams where almost every ordinary Russian hard worker would like to live? Just why everyone is not needed there, again they live only by kinship, blat and money.
        1. Alexei
          Alexei 29 October 2011 17: 24 New
          Neighbor, you are somewhat aware of the pressure in the army and lowering, how did the boy who didn’t get pressurized. Were you lowered or lowered there? I don’t want to insult, I’m just curious what role you had there.
          1. Alexei
            Alexei 29 October 2011 17: 50 New
            In fact, everything happens like this.
            По приезду в часть граждане Кавказа формируются в сплочённую тусню гораздо быстрее наших граждан.Они своего "брата" видят из далека и подходят сразу.В идеале если у них ещё среди дедов свой.Ето землячество.
            The Russian guys are organizing somewhat more slowly. Therefore, the first attempts to beat up the adversaries fail. The Russians are generally patient by nature. But when the barzometer rolls over (and he always rolls over), the coup dies and the adversary gets worse. But again, they deal with the defeated humane, after which they don’t spread rot until the end of the service, but they do not allow atrocities.
            So do not piss, know how to unite.
      2. Neighbor
        Neighbor 29 October 2011 17: 49 New
        The Urals is the backbone of Russia. Your words here are very disappointing to read. Tell them to the tens of thousands of metallurgists who plow day and night in the production of chromium (Toxic) and manganese (Poisonous). Their metal goes into armor for tanks and aircraft. Say this to the molybdenum smelters - not one satellite will not fly without it. We have in the Urals the average prod. the lives of men 1-55 years. In my city alone - 60 factories working for the defense industry, I myself work in one of them, we have an order for uninterrupted production (from the state, without private orders) until 6, we produce 2014 types of chromium, molybdenum, tungsten , silicon, manganese. In our city there is a closed METRAN factory - it produces avionics for combat helicopters, there is a factory for the production of combat units for hail and tornado systems. In our area, Bulva and Sineva missiles are manufactured and developed. In our region there is a plant for the production of biological and bacteriological weapons. In our region is the largest repository of radioactive materials NGO MAYAK. In our area, a nuclear power plant is built. ChTZ is located in our city - thanks to it we won the 2nd world war - it was the largest producer of tanks and artillery. In Chelyabinsk - the world's largest pipe-rolling plant. ChEMK is the flagship of ferroalloy production in Russia. Mechel - Leader in metal and stainless steel. Reinforced concrete products, ChTZ, ChMK, Zinc, Electrode, Oxygen, HimProm, Kolyuschenko - the list goes on. And MMK IS A CITY - A FACTORY - A MAGNET. I myself work at the factory, although it is not easy - but I understand that I am doing something useful and necessary for the country in which I was born and live.

        And you yourself a wise guy fucking where and by whom do you work? Hornet’s nest - you would have been torn for such words about URAL in Soviet times. All that is written above is besides - pig farms, beef, grain, wheat and buckwheat. 3 poultry farms, a powerful agricultural sector.

        I'm sitting here writing to you, and 3 km. the smoke from my house is a factory that produces ferro-chemicals around the clock that go into tank armor, into armor of airplanes, and into satellite bodies. And on Monday I’ll go to work at this plant. Have you heard anything about the Siberian and Ural coefficients. So, the Siberians salaries in two directions, we have 1,5 times, + warm experience - a year or 1,5. Retired earlier. So you do not know - not.
        1. pavel031976
          pavel031976 30 October 2011 04: 00 New
          In, all military secrets issued wink
        2. goose
          goose 8 October 2018 17: 18 New
          My personal opinion. The capital of the country should be between the Urals and Krasnoyarsk, in any suitable city to choose from. Yekaterinburg is the country's largest logistics center, Novosibirsk is the supply center for Western and Central Siberia, Krasnoyarsk is the country's geographical center, and the logistics center is for Eastern Siberia.
  22. ALEX26659
    ALEX26659 28 October 2011 14: 41 New
    I think the CIA and * AvtoVAZ * finances ...
    1. Banshee
      Banshee 28 October 2011 14: 56 New
      It is unlikely ... They don’t have enough money for this black hole ... They will run out.
    2. kostiknet
      kostiknet 28 October 2011 15: 00 New
      judging by the fact that he sculpts - definitely wink no one will so disfigure the image of the country as AvtoVAZ.
  23. Banshee
    Banshee 28 October 2011 14: 57 New
    Hell, and in Voronezh we have no shit ... Absolutely unpromising city for the CIA ... Province ... Already offensive.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 28 October 2011 15: 18 New
      Так можно "ВорАЗ" построить! Вот и финансирование появится wink
      1. Banshee
        Banshee 29 October 2011 02: 42 New
        Yes, it was ... Only it didn’t happen at all, that they didn’t try to assemble it - the caravan came out ...
        Moreover, in the zone in 30 km from the city they did no worse, but twice as cheap.
        Dead ...
    2. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 20: 01 New
      Два проекта у меня было в вашем городе. Девки красивые у вас, но в остальном "страшное место". Понимаю ЦРУ.
  24. Sorry
    Sorry 28 October 2011 15: 01 New
    The cold war is over. The cold world has come.
    1. pavel031976
      pavel031976 29 October 2011 16: 30 New
      truce ...
  25. kotmster
    kotmster 28 October 2011 15: 04 New
    "Матери Чечни" легальные деньги для нелегального оружия winked
    1. Denis
      Denis 28 October 2011 16: 36 New
      как "врачи без границ"?
      1. Ivan35
        Ivan35 28 October 2011 20: 51 New
        Есть такая контора - официально "врачи без границ" - интерпретирую - врачи беспредельщики
        1. gendarm
          gendarm 31 October 2011 11: 17 New
          Also a bourgeois residence.
  26. fedor
    fedor 28 October 2011 15: 32 New
    Вот Вам и "пятая колонна", готовая предать Россию за "тридцать серебрянников" и призвать на помощь "демократизаторы" в виде ракет, беспилотников и авиаударов...
  27. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 28 October 2011 16: 22 New
    It’s not clear why there’s an advertisement for a certain Globa on the pages of VO (for the last month in a row) where, with the importunity of a fanatic, he hammers readers about the end of Russia, an impending nuclear disaster, etc.
    I believe that the statements of Globa are provocative in nature, affect public opinion, sow panic.
    First of all, one should deal with such a provocation, identify its customer, and take measures.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 28 October 2011 16: 38 New
      Clean business, nothing personal. For placing a banner on the site, the owner of the site receives money, or for a click on the banner from this site. And the more visited the site, the more expensive it is to advertise.
      1. Ivan Tarasov
        Ivan Tarasov 28 October 2011 16: 43 New
        When a business runs counter to the interests of the country, such a business should be suppressed.
        This is no longer business, but politics.
        1. svvaulsh
          svvaulsh 28 October 2011 17: 00 New
          Well, it makes no sense to go into the field of morality. We will go far from the topic.
        2. Real Vugluskr
          Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 20: 00 New
          Отличный бизнес, возвращать память невинно убиенны. Отличный гешефт ехать и лично вытаскивать из рук упырей пленных мальчишек на которых насрало командование. И как прибыльно говорить правду о наших героях, которые "скончались в отпуске" и о пославших их антигероях-госслужащих, чьи жены и малолетние дети раскрывают недюжинные таланты чемпионов государственного генподряда - можно развести государство на бесплатное жилье и хавчик лет так на семь.
    2. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 20: 00 New
      For VO loot does not smell
  28. SIA
    SIA 28 October 2011 18: 24 New
    Hmm, I never would have thought that there are so many organizations.
    1. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 19: 52 New
      А в словаре ещё больше слов. О многих впервые слышу, но если они такие же, как Сахаровский центр, Мемориал и Солдатские матери - это наверное тоже очень порядочные люди, в отличие от того "г...на нации", которое тут воняет в комментах.
  29. AlexTarov
    AlexTarov 28 October 2011 19: 12 New
    Китай разумно поступил, когда поня, что США стали вмешиваться в их внутренние дела под предлогом соблюдения прав человека - в апреле была статья: "China demanded that the United States stop interfering in China's internal affairs on the pretext of caring for human rights" (
    ka.html). And no one fenced any gardens with funds and councils. In response, the Chinese Foreign Ministry called on the United States "to think about the problems associated with the observance of human rights in its own territory" and cease to act as a "preacher of human rights."
  30. Valentin_V
    Valentin_V 28 October 2011 20: 21 New
    А может нам профинансировать новое движение в США "Возьмём Wall Street"? И "Аврору" отправить им во временное пользование.
    1. Uhalus
      Uhalus 29 October 2011 02: 14 New
      Лучше не ""Аврору", а старый добрый Т-10 с полным боекомплектом.
    2. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 19: 49 New
      And can finance an orphanage or cancer center?
  31. APASUS
    APASUS 28 October 2011 20: 56 New
    The only thing I understood from this list is that the Americans don’t use a specific person, they just collect and analyze hundreds of sources. And they get 100 percent result.
  32. kesa1111
    kesa1111 28 October 2011 21: 57 New
    Наша "элита" хранит деньги в западных и американских банках, У многих семьи живут там же. Cледоватьельно эти люди управляемы (агенты влияния в лучшем случае). Так что ЦРУ забыло упомянуть кремль.
    1. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 19: 48 New
      +100500, old Brzezinski was right
  33. avdkrd
    avdkrd 29 October 2011 13: 35 New
    В голове не укладывается. Представте, ЧТО В Пиндостине ОПУБЛИКОВАЛИ в СМИ данные о общественных организациях финансируемых ФСБ или скажем ГРУ (что ближе к ЦРУ) и эти организации продолжали бы работать.....Все эти "солдатские матери" это "крыша" для разрушения армии и государственности, такие агенты влияния. Оч прикольно что ЦРУ финансирует " Комитет против пыток", при том, что сами очень активно отстаивают СВОЕ право ПЫТАТЬ. Вообще все прозрачно и видя источник финансирования все становится на свои места - якобы общественные организации, зачастую с национальным уклоном, с выраженной направленностью на дескридитацию федерального центра и разжигание межнациональной вражды. Характерно, что многие из этих резедентур имеют в активе громкие "расследования против нарушения прав человека", зачастую то же высосаные из пальца (пальца ли?) американского спонсора. Позиция фелерального центра по отношению к откровенным причем ( засвеченным) враждебным идеологическим центрам невнятная и их существование возможно только при отсутствии нормальной судебной системы. Без равенства закона для всех никакая модернизация не возможна . Отсутствие, ВЕРНЕЕ НАЛИЧИЕ КОРРУМПИРОВАННОЙ СУДЕБНОЙ СИСТЕМЫ ДАЕТ возможность для существования таких "диссидентов". Именно по этому в России происходят такие невообразимые вещи как расследования чеченских следователей в отношении действующих офицеров и военнослужащих участвующих в Чеченских компаниях. Суд над Будановым и его последующее убийство яркий "деятельности" пример наших кастратов от власти. Кстати в том судилище над героем (не кабинетном прыще и не менеджером от табуреток) то же приняли участие "правозащитнички".
    1. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 19: 46 New
      You are a sick person. It is not necessary to be a dumb fashions to be a patriot.
  34. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 29 October 2011 16: 13 New
    Well, some of the funds that I like to receive grants are
  35. gendarm
    gendarm 31 October 2011 11: 15 New
    Лишнее подтверждение одного из тезисов моих "Размышлений..." Кстати с чудесной Межрегиональной ассоциацией правозащитных организаций "АГОРА" сам сталкивался у нас в Санкт-Петербурге. Она осуществляет защиту интересов других организаций, осуществляющих сбор разведданных под вывеской всяких антинаркотических фондов, живущих на буржуйские гранты.
  36. sergeysergey
    sergeysergey 8 November 2011 15: 42 New
    Вмешательство во внутренние дела России западных "демократов" необходимо пресекать самым строгим образом , а именно :
    1. Выявить и отправить к хозяевам за границу всю "пятую колону" - не согласных на отправку - на зоны.
    2. For espionage - the death penalty.
    3. The media, political parties, public organizations and are funded only by Russian citizens.
    4. The abolition of dual citizenship.
    5. All civil servants, starting with the president, are only born, permanently resident and educated in Russia.
    1. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 19: 42 New
      And do you even know that in your words the composition is spaz on several articles of the Criminal Code? I give advice - it is not necessary to be a fascist in order to love the Motherland.
  37. Kira
    Kira 10 January 2012 20: 38 New
    By the way, a lot of interesting information about Greenpeace and Bellon at, the site is certainly controversial, but curious
  38. Mauvais ton
    Mauvais ton 17 September 2012 20: 19 New
    Ours at them Rush Tudey finance
  39. Georgievic
    Georgievic 3 March 2019 20: 49 New
    To go nuts how many enemies are subcutaneous! Close why and not bother! Grandmother requisition and let the orphanage! Well, what is there to pickle?
    1. Real Vugluskr
      Real Vugluskr 1 October 2019 19: 41 New
      А ты читал что-то кроме заголовка? Видел, что это за "враги", босо́та?
  40. yfast
    yfast 8 June 2019 15: 17 New
    Создать неправительственный фонд в Америке "Трамп все равно наш", и перечислить туда 2 доллара.
  41. The comment was deleted.