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Chinese and Belarusian pontooners transported equipment through the Oka

In preparation for the Open Water Competition, Chinese and Belarusian engineers transported military equipment through the Oka, reports RIA News message of the Ministry of Defense.

Chinese and Belarusian pontooners transported equipment through the Oka

"In Murom, complex training of participants of the international stage of the engineering troops" Open Water "began in the framework of the" International Army Games 2015 "," the release said.

“In the course of training, military pontooners from China and Belarus assembled an 60-ton rotary ferry for the first time and carried armored vehicles across the Oka River,” the press service reported.

The Chinese used their engineering equipment that meets the technical requirements of the competition. She was delivered by train in quantities of more than 70 units.

“The national team of Belarus is competing in the Russian technology. In total, prior to the start of the competition, the military personnel will conduct nine comprehensive trainings, ”the military department was informed.
Photos used:
Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Baikonur
    Baikonur 30 July 2015 16: 18
    Cool word! As if a combination of PONTOREZA-gANDOLERY!
    + pioneerslaughing
    1. Byshido_dis
      Byshido_dis 30 July 2015 16: 20
      Pinocchio is also an interesting word)
      1. Mik13
        Mik13 30 July 2015 21: 04
        Quote: Byshido_dis
        Pinocchio is also an interesting word)

        From it it becomes warm and light)))
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. st25310
      st25310 30 July 2015 16: 23
      A batch of heavy mechanized bridges TMM-6 and a floating tracked conveyor PTS-4 were manufactured at Omsktransmash.
      1. Dikson
        Dikson 30 July 2015 16: 43
        THAT is a monster ... I remember the men from the factory also came to us to test somehow with a floating tractor .. It was very similar to a skidder in both size and appearance. they unloaded from the ship to the pier, drove a little to the side from the crane tracks .. and, to celebrate, the mountain-testers from the factory sat down to thump in the cabin .. And then I decided to go roofing felts for additives, he still got into the tractor and pulled off .. - right from the pier, like from a springboard, into the water .. I had to call the divers .. the tractor drowned .. the tractor got the divers., even the sledgehammer didn’t fly off the bracket on the wing .. but the man wasn’t found .. Right next to the berth wall. . - probably carried away by the sea into the sea .. such tests .. damn it happen ...
    3. falcon
      falcon 30 July 2015 16: 25
      We will give Chinese comrades the opportunity to familiarize themselves with
      features of an unfamiliar theater!
      1. 17085
        17085 30 July 2015 16: 49
        Quote: falcon
        falcon Today, 16:25 ↑ New
        We will give Chinese comrades the opportunity to familiarize themselves with
        features of an unfamiliar theater!

        Not funny and tired already ...
    4. Maks111
      Maks111 30 July 2015 16: 50
      Teach the Chinese to cross our rivers? Oh well...
      1. 17085
        17085 30 July 2015 17: 49
        Quote: Max111
        Max111 (2) Today, 16:50 ↑ New
        Teach the Chinese to cross our rivers? Oh well...

        One more...
        Of course they don’t have their own rivers ...
        Uncle, is this competition taught the Chinese and Norwegian biathletes at the Olympics too? To ride on Russian slopes and shoot at Russian targets?
        1. Kasym
          Kasym 30 July 2015 18: 18
          In the West, they watch how the Chinese are training with ours, and they think that it is not just. They drag their equipment, co-ordination is carried out at all levels, and they come for a couple of days. Here, any NATO will brush its turnips.
          No, well, you must admit that there are exercises in almost all types. It even comes down to pontooners. Technique is dragged by trains. Here, from planes to engineering businesses, you’ll start thinking involuntarily. And not only the Chinese are showing interest - the sanctioners will soon find themselves in the "blockade" (into which they themselves have driven).
          1. seregatara1969
            seregatara1969 30 July 2015 18: 46
            children sleep while soldiers sing! let them learn a little
      2. Talgat
        Talgat 31 July 2015 01: 17
        Quote: Max111
        Teach the Chinese to cross our rivers? Oh well...

        The main thing here is that not through Cupid, but in the west.

        This is from the same series that Belarusians are actually allies of China - they regularly receive military equipment and loans for free, etc.

        But Kazakhstan - seemingly the same country of the CSTO and the EAEU and will be closer to China - on the contrary - until recently distanced itself from such a close partnership with China - instead, we could receive "help" from Turkey and even from the United States somewhere.

        I am sure that the Security Council of the Russian Federation is "conducting" this - that is, the Chinese "influence" in Belarus is not dangerous - after all, it is far away - on the contrary, it is useful - because the enemy is Europe

        And vice versa - we have such an influence is harmful - because the "Chinese friend" borders on us (with KZ) and has already climbed into many spheres of the economy - each other - but we still need to keep away

        But recently I was alarmed by the "free" transfer by the Chinese of a large consignment of military trucks to our army - perhaps in light of the rapprochement between the RF, CSTO and China recently? I do not know
  2. kil 31
    kil 31 30 July 2015 16: 18
    “The Belarus team is competing in Russian technology. It is not clear in the article, maybe Soviet? Or we were asked to take our laziness, although they are closer than China. request
    1. Darkmor
      Darkmor 30 July 2015 17: 04
      Quote: keel 31
      It is not clear in the article, maybe Soviet?

      No, it’s Russian, because they were given equipment belonging to Russia, even if it was designed and manufactured back in Soviet times.
      The Chinese, for example, brought their equipment - although in essence it is also more likely Soviet Union :)
  3. Strashila
    Strashila 30 July 2015 16: 22
    And I really wanted to get through the Oder ... like 1945.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 30 July 2015 17: 22
      Soldiers of other armies are now training across the Oder, Wisla and the Bug. They could have been on the Dnieper (given the recent military exercises in Ukraine), but apparently they are not going to force any rivers in the Donbass in the event of a possible escalation of the conflict in the future, so the emphasis was on working out actions of infantry and special forces. Here we live ..... we are sitting on the Oka, and they already count on the Dnieper. angry
  4. Belarus
    Belarus 30 July 2015 16: 23
    And what exactly is the news, personally, I do not understand. request
    1. Kasym
      Kasym 30 July 2015 18: 24
      If we summarize all the army games and look at the composition of the participants, then any NATO will become thoughtful. And such "bricks" of news, like bricks on the head of the "democratizers" from the second floor (to kill - will not kill, but will come quickly). hi
  5. Abbra
    Abbra 30 July 2015 16: 25
    The subtext of the news that the Chinese and Belarusians will soon try to cross the English Channel drinks
    1. Strashila
      Strashila 30 July 2015 17: 24
      The British are more threatened by migrants who storm the tunnel under the strait.
  6. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 30 July 2015 16: 33
    And then they say there is no military alliance between China and Russia. There are ponts and no alliance.
    1. AUL
      AUL 30 July 2015 17: 16
      But there is no military union. There is an agreement on military-technical cooperation, and this, to put it mildly, is not quite the same thing!
  7. Gomel
    Gomel 30 July 2015 16: 40
    Author! sign photos it's interesting what kind of technique
  8. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 30 July 2015 16: 41
    Damn, such reports must be done with photographs and comparative descriptions of the technical characteristics of the equipment.
  9. Russian
    Russian 30 July 2015 16: 46
    It is very good that they came up with various war games, tank biathlon, air darts, etc., the military profession is becoming more prestigious and the younger generation shows great interest in the military profession, and in the West they look with envy at our innovation, although they pretend that they don’t notice.
  10. Major_Vortex
    Major_Vortex 30 July 2015 16: 47
    So the Chinese, with a quiet glanders, with the support of the Belarusian landing, captured Oka. Next was the Volga, Neva, Moscow River ... wink
  11. GraveBezKresta
    GraveBezKresta 30 July 2015 18: 21
    No, the Slav brothers are completely crazy. Not only did they start a civil war with each other, so the Belarusians teach the Chinas to cross water obstacles. Actually, we have a common border along the Amur River with the Chinese. Damn, in the Soviet Union for such exercises would be shot. There was a country, there was an army, there was an ideology. And now the clowning. With troops of potential opponents. Damn, and everything in our territory. Something the Yellow and Yangtze Slavs do not learn to force. In general, the emperors of Russia and the general secretaries of the USSR were much smarter than these clowns who now rule us.
    1. mosquito
      mosquito 30 July 2015 18: 33
      It's all gone, chef!
      1. Dikson
        Dikson 30 July 2015 22: 18
        there is no definite reason for this text .. here when we are called to force something in China .. then it will be seen .. but for now the minuscule people are unclear why they are minus .. Lacy panties in the EU are delivered mainly from China, if someone is not in course ..
  12. mosquito
    mosquito 30 July 2015 18: 32
    Everything needs skill, training, training!
  13. BilliBoms09
    BilliBoms09 30 July 2015 18: 42
    A little off topic. In the second half of the Second World War, during the crossing of rivers, Soviet sappers, if conditions allowed, built the pontoons completely on their shore, during H, let one edge downstream and now, after a few minutes, the crossing is ready.
    1. mosquito
      mosquito 31 July 2015 05: 47
      What is the bridge from the railway to the Crimea ...
      1. An60
        An60 31 July 2015 16: 09
        Want to buy? laughing