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The last superbomb dismantled in the US

The last superbomb dismantled in the US

At the beginning of the 60-ies of the twentieth century, the whole world froze in anticipation of a nuclear apocalypse. In the American sky, strategic bombers B-52 “Stratofortresses” were on duty all day long. They carried two very powerful nuclear bombs “B53” on board. The weight of each bomb was 4,5 t, and if such a bomb suddenly fell into the White House, the destruction was all the suburbs of Washington would be destroyed.All people at a distance of 30 km would be killed by B53 light, and within the 6 radius of the blast epicenter there would be nothing left but a scorched desert. Even in a protected bunker, the chances of survival would be zero.

The epoch of this weaponsFortunately, it is coming to an end: the last B53 bomb was dismantled in the United States. This superbomb was stored at the Pantex plant of the US Department of Energy near the town of Amarillo in Texas. The charge, consisting of 136 kg of explosives, was separated from the core of enriched uranium. The core for subsequent disposal was placed in the warehouse.

Dispatched to dismantle the super warfare cold war

The first B53 arrived at the military warehouses of the US Air Force in 1962. The superbomb differed in the big weight and low accuracy. However, all the shortcomings compensated for its power. The nuclear bomb that destroyed Hiroshima was the power of 12 kilotons. “B53” at the same time had a charge of power up to 9 megatons (9000 kilotons). It was not just a superbomb, but the only and first-of-its-kind absolute anti-bunker weapon.

According to the US nuclear doctrine, a “B53” nuclear attack was supposed on Soviet bunkers, where the Soviet command was located, as well as military command and control points. "В53" on the site of fortifications would have to leave a huge melted crater, completely excluding the possibility of surviving not only in the epicenter of the explosion, but also far beyond its borders.

During the Cold War, the United States had 400 bombs "B53". Rare combat power "B53" relished the military of the US, and they used it as a warhead of ballistic intercontinental missiles "Titan". This warhead was considered the most powerful warhead in all stories American nuclear forces. A release of the thermonuclear version “W53” with a capacity of up to 9 megatons was also launched.

By the middle of the 80-ies of the twentieth century, the B53 superbomb was removed from service. However, it was then returned back, since a weapon with similar anti-bunker capabilities was unparalleled. And already in 1997, a light 540-kilogram B61 thermonuclear bomb and a morally obsolete nine-megaton "monster" was sent for recycling into the US Army.

The end of the B53 bomb marks the end of an era in which humankind created the unique in its incredible destructive power of the B53 superbomb. Fortunately, such megabombs exploded only at test sites.

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  1. Maksim
    Maksim 28 October 2011 12: 58
    It’s good that the Americans (pendos) are disposing of their bombs, it’s only a pity that they are disposing of our Sharks 941, God forbid Serdyukov was shot and the Sharks 941 ceased to be disposed of and made more of these submarines
    1. Terry Jones
      Terry Jones 28 October 2011 13: 16
      May the Lord be with them, and you are nicknames, aphids.
      1. kostiknet
        kostiknet 28 October 2011 16: 03
        hi, corrupt soul. Are you working your silver pieces?
      2. Maksim
        Maksim 29 October 2011 04: 38
        Oh, another Amerikos - Teri Jones (under the name Vasya)
  2. Foamas
    Foamas 29 October 2011 06: 06
    What is it - Light anti-bunker 540kg. bomb * B61 * 97goda ???
    If this is LANL B-61-11.0 with a charge of W-80, then the mass of the device is 315-324kg.
    If LANL B-61-7.1 with W-85 (from Pershig2), then 330-336kg.
    Both have four gradations of charge power (0,5 / 10/80 / 340ct).
  3. Col.
    Col. 8 November 2011 15: 41
    And we had a more powerful bomb, "Kuzkina's mother" or Big Ivan. It was blown up in May 1961 (or 62?) Over Novaya Zemlya, with a capacity of 57 megatons. Actually, its capacity was 100 megatons, but ours were "shy" and decided to lower it before testing.
  4. dred
    dred 1 December 2011 17: 46
    The pendoses didn’t rip a ton of brickpitches.