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Russian Air Crashes: Post-80's Syndrome

Recently, the Russian strategic bomber Tu-95 MS crashed, as a result, two people were killed. Over the past couple of months, six serious accidents have occurred with aircraft of the Russian Air Force (Air Force), five air crashes have shocked the whole country. In this regard, Western media constantly slander against Moscow. What are the incidents related to? Is it an accident or inevitability?

A series of air crashes, the Air Force has halved

In June and July, four different types of aircraft suffered accidents: two MiG-29 fighters, Su-34 fighters and Su-24 fighters (another Su-24 crashed in February of this year), two Tu-95 strategic bomber (one crashed, the other, reportedly, rolled out of the runway, the cause was engine failure).

Russian Air Crashes: Post-80's Syndrome


After the incident, flights on the above-mentioned aircraft are suspended. According to reports, Russia has 1573 units of various combat aircraft, 688 of which stopped flying, which is 43 percent of the total. It is noticeable that the recent serious air crashes have largely affected the country's air force.

Not surprisingly, the Western media immediately rushed to gloat, saying that Vladimir Putin’s tough position was to blame for everything. According to the Western press, the Russian army lacks highly skilled pilots, technical maintenance is also not up to par, but ultimately led to similar disasters by increasing the combat capability of the army in order to fully resist the West. Some people can't wait to find out: “How will the Kremlin fight with us when he has only half of what happened in his arsenal?”

The disaster that struck 12 July added fuel to the flames even more: the collapse of the barracks in Omsk, which crushed 42 officers and soldiers. Of these, 23 people died.

Cause of accidents: post-80-x syndrome

Of all of the above aircraft, only the Su-34 is new. The rest were developed in the 70-s and 80-s of the last century. Collapsed barracks were also built in the 70's.

It is usually said that the Russian military equipment is “strong and durable”, but in fact almost all Soviet weapons have a relatively short lifespan: after 10 – 20 years, it needs to be changed to something newer. Before the cold war ended, the USSR had ambitious plans to upgrade its weapons, to replace the equipment created in the 70 – 80-x with a new one — the 90-s.

Of course, we all know that the plans were unsuccessful. Some weapons have been used for more than 30 years, they are obsolete, and this seriously affects the capabilities of the army. We can say that Russia is faced with the syndrome of "post-80-x."

At one time, X-NUMX Su-1400 bombers were in service; now there are fewer than 24 left. Since this is one of the best reconnaissance aircraft and bombers, it is not surprising that it is constantly in operation. Now mostly in service with aircraft designed in the middle of the 280-x and later, their condition is more and more causes of concern. Over the past few years, about two Su-80 have been crashed annually.

Since last year, the X-NUMX aircraft of the Su-84 type have been repaired, these aircraft have been modernized and refitted. It is not clear whether the recently crashed Su-24 belongs to old aircraft or the modernized type Su-24М24. If this is an upgraded version, then you should doubt the effectiveness of such updates. In February of this year, another Su-2 crashed. However, then the Russian army did not stop the operation of this model and did it only after the recent plane crash. So it is quite possible that this time it really is about the Su-24М24.

In addition, not so long ago there was an accident with another aircraft - Su-34, which was just about to replace the 196 Su-24. Su-34 is the latest Russian fighter-bomber. It is a rather “fresh” aircraft, and the causes of the accident are not very clear. Termination and troubleshooting may affect the production plan of a given bomber. So far, only 59 units have entered service.

As for the MiG-29, its fate is even sadder than the Su-24. They were all produced around 1600. However, only 291 has been converted from them, and they are idle. In 90-s, due to lack of funds for maintenance and lack of money for storage, most of the MiG-29 aircraft simply stood and rotted at the airfields. Now the attitude of the army towards this aircraft is also rather dismissive: it is rotting, but oh well. But not so long ago, two MiG-29 crashed. During one of them, the pilot, who is also responsible for flight safety, was catapulted. Perhaps everything was conceived specifically to once again confirm the presence of faults in the aircraft.

It is still unclear whether Russia intends to retire the MiG-29. However, the Air Force of the country in the future is unlikely to use it. Maybe only the Navy (Navy) will leave it as a deck plane.

In recent years, the focus of attention of the press constantly appears Tu-95. Since Vladimir Putin announced in 2007 about the need to resume production of the Tu-95, which ceased in 1992, this aircraft has been seen next to many important world-class facilities.

In 2008, Russia announced the termination of the operation of all relatively old bombers, which at that time were about 15 – 18 years old. However, the Tu-95 can be called a veteran among the rest, since the production of most of these aircraft fell on the 80. Recent air crashes are associated with the ignition of engines, the likelihood of malfunctions in which is very high. Obviously, it's all about the age of the Tu-95MS. After all, aircraft of this type also survived the crisis 90-x, and the possible damage may be more serious.

Today, the causes of such frequent accidents involving Russian military aircraft are still being studied. But the preliminary results of the investigation of the collapse of the barracks have already been published. According to reports, in the collapsed building in 2014, there was a repair, during which violations were discovered. The Russian military blames the military reforms conducted by former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

During his term Serdyukov carried out reforms that caused strong discontent from the army. They were considered unrealizable, they did not take into account historical the continuity of the Russian army, and some generally considered outright nonsense. However, to blame for the crash and collapse of the barracks of a person who is already retired is also wrong. I'm afraid this is just the easiest way to blame others.

How much money is needed for the revival of the Russian industry?

So why does Russia still continue to use the fruits of the Soviet Union and does not change outdated weapons?

After 2009, the Russian army announced plans to replace all obsolete weapons by 2020. All large factories and firms began to receive orders. However, in the 90-s industrial base of the country due to the accumulated problems almost completely stopped working. Huge funds are needed to restore and reorganize military factories, much more than directly to the production of weapons. Although in recent years the Russian Federation has begun to spend more money on military needs, they are still not enough.

For a long time the machine-building industry did not have enough new equipment, as well as money to hire or train highly qualified specialists, it was faced with the problem of reducing the innovative potential. Production has now more or less stabilized, but the factories still rely on Soviet weapons projects, albeit partially modernized.

Let's look at the aircraft industry. Russia has repeatedly praised aviation 117С engine, however, it still has problems with ignition, which at all stages of work pursued the designers of the fifth generation T-50 fighter.

Another classic example is the production of the Su-34. Due to the lack of orders for a long time, the production capacity of the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant has decreased significantly. For ten years, only 59 aircraft were designed, which is not enough to implement the plan to replace all Su-24.

And yet the aviation industry is by no means the most neglected industry in Russia. What the country has never been particularly strong in, is in even more deplorable condition.

For example, the last ten years, the electronic and optical industries have struggled to fill the gaps in the creation of infrared imagers for tanksHowever, in the end they could only copy the French Catherine-FS thermal imager (Catherine FC), the recognition range of which is two kilometers shorter than that of the original. And such success is a rarity for the Russian electronic industry. Domestic radars with a ship-based phased array antenna and airborne radars with an active phased array antenna remained at the development stage for a long time and could not be applied in practice. Russia could only boast about its technologies for creating passive phased antenna arrays that have “special properties”, but Moscow could not replicate the success of copying the French thermal imager.

In May, 2015, Russia announced the successful application of 65 nanometer technology in the development of the central processor. Nevertheless, it is two generations behind the world advanced level. And the YotaPhone, which Putin presented as a gift to leaders of other countries (for example, Xi Jinping. - Approx. Per.), Is actually made in China from parts designed by American companies. RF was responsible only for software development and marketing.

However, stories from the life of the electronic industry still cannot fully and completely show how outdated Russian industry is. Let's take another example: Russia has traditionally been considered a country - a manufacturer of machine tools, and now it imports 90 percent of machine tools. The country used to produce trucks, but before amendments were made to plans to control exhaust emissions, 80 percent of the trucks were imported from China. Moscow will not be able to realize its grandiose plans for the construction of an aircraft carrier with a displacement of about 100 thousand tons overnight. All this indicates that Russian industry has sank almost to the bottom.

Some readers may ask: Hasn't Russia spent huge sums on military needs in recent years? How to restore industry without money?

Will the military industry of the country save big military expenses?

In fact, high spending on the military industry does not affect the recovery of the industry. Russia has the money to buy and produce the necessary weapons, but they are not enough to completely reconstruct the production base. Therefore, the country can only rely on imports.

According to the article "Analysis of the economic impact of Russian spending on national defense on the country's military strategy and society" from a Chinese magazine devoted to research in Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, a sharp increase in defense spending strongly hits the national economy.

As long as the government spends state budget resources on national defense, this in no way contributes to improving living standards in terms of consumer spending, nor does it increase the inflow of investments in public productivity. So such expenses are unprofitable for the healthy, balanced and sustainable development of the national economy.

It is expected that from 2014 to 2017 year, the share of spending on the national economy will only decrease (from 16,3 to 12,1%). It is difficult to estimate how much will be spent on building and restoring industry, but I am sure that they will not be enough anyway.

In other words, high military spending does not encourage investment to rebuild the industry. And this space is very difficult to fill in a short time.

Even more people are alarmed by the fact that there are too many so-called secret expenses in the Russian military industry. In 2009, they accounted for 10 percent of the budget; in 2014, they were already 16,7 percent. According to forecasts, by the year 2017 they will reach 28 percent, although the generally accepted reasonable limits for such expenses are 1 – 3 percent and no higher than 8 percent. Such huge secret expenses have long gone beyond the control, they are associated with high corruption risks.

We see that due to Western sanctions, falling oil prices, budget cuts, large military spending is hitting the national economy of Russia. If the situation is not managed correctly, their negative impact on the stabilization of the social economy and balanced development can only intensify.

Judging by the latest trends in the Russian army, people realize that the West has set a goal to force Putin to use up his country's forces for confrontation. Now we see symptoms of “post-80-x” in the Russian Federation, I am afraid that over time, more serious problems may appear.

Will Russia lose?

When you think about the fact that Russia, on its own initiative, started a confrontation with the West, it was forced by the international situation, it is powerless. Moscow had to make this decision in order to prevent the loss of its main strategic interests.

However, Russia is ultimately in third place in terms of military spending, so it cannot be argued that its troops are a paper tiger and the West only needs to gain time.

It should be noted that those airplanes whose flights Russia has so far suspended have been a relatively weak link of the Russian Air Force. Currently, the country's main tactical fighter is the Su-27, it was often used during the Chechen war and conflict with Georgia. In addition, over the past few years, the Russian Federation has purchased several hundred completely new Su-27CM3, Su-30CM3 and Su-35. In addition, some aircraft such as the Su-27S also decided to extend life - to maintain the performance of this large-size fighter aircraft. In recent years, the MiG-31 interceptor has also undergone preventive maintenance. These aircraft have repeatedly played an important role in the air confrontation with the West.

Even if you do not take into account other types of combat aircraft, and talk only about the multipurpose fighters of the Su-27 series, they are already enough to suppress the small-sized European Air Force.

And if you still remember that the core of Russia's military spending goes to intercontinental guided missiles and nuclear weaponthen the threats towards the West about the possibility of applying the latter do not seem so empty. This once again confirms the phenomenon of the so-called asymmetrical conflict (the term “asymmetrical war” is used when the weaker adversary faces a stronger one and when methods of combat are used that are significantly different from traditional military tactics. It is the use of non-traditional methods that allows the weaker side stand up against a stronger enemy. - Approx. per.).

So far, Europe is neither psychologically nor actually ready for a military conflict. If Russia will continue to provoke, one day it can go on harsh measures. Let now her strength is not the same as once, I am afraid that it may still complicate the life of Europe.

However, from the malevolent notes about the recent Russian catastrophes, we see that the vast majority of people do not even think about the worst-case scenario. Perhaps this is the biggest misfortune.

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  1. MolGro
    MolGro 30 July 2015 05: 53
    what nonsense of the patient? who is r post? You still post notes from the madhouse as the news publish !!
    1. MichaelS
      MichaelS 30 July 2015 06: 52
      Yes, the suspiciously strange competence of a Chinese author, besides, the original source is not indicated anywhere, in the "primary source" (VPK) it is indicated that an article from INOSMI (Xi YAZHOU), ("Guanchazhewan", China), but without a link, and on the website Inosmi did not find either). I would like VO to take the publication of such articles from such dubious sources more seriously and without additional comments.
      1. MolGro
        MolGro 30 July 2015 09: 03
        but at least someone checked me besides me and looked from where and whose this vyser!
        1. jjj
          jjj 30 July 2015 10: 11
          Friends! This is an article by a Chinese author in the Chinese media for the Chinese, in which an attempt is made to show that Chinese weapons are better than Russian. These are purely Chinese affairs, we sit exactly
          1. Vasek Trubachev
            Vasek Trubachev 31 July 2015 19: 11
            More than 15 years have passed since Yeltsin, and some (you know who !!!) had to attend to the restoration of economic sovereignty. But instead, he came up with an excuse about the international division of labor, etc. And as a result, Russia sold gas and oil, and bought apples in Poland! Now this crap about MRI has already ceased to be remembered and are concerned with the idea of ​​import substitution, but as we can see, things are still going there, and by winter they predict a dollar at 100 rubles, and oil at $ 10. Meanwhile, planes are falling, destroying the PR propaganda that "steel is strong. .. "and will fall as machines continue to be bought from Japan and Germany.
            I don’t understand at all how the leader of such a large and great country could be so naive and buy into this liberal Western tale about the "friendship" of Russia and the Anglo-Saxon West. And the fact that Crimea is "our" does not give reason to think that this very idea of ​​"international division .." was not Putin's big mistake.
        2. Vadim237
          Vadim237 30 July 2015 10: 22
          In May of this year, we presented a processor with 24 nanometer technology - Baikal.
    2. Bayonet
      Bayonet 30 July 2015 06: 54
      Quote: MolGro
      what nonsense of the patient? who is r post?

      Well, yes, there are no screams of Hurray and capes !!! fellow
    3. Bobxnumx
      Bobxnumx 30 July 2015 07: 31
      There is something to think about, of course there is some truth in all this.
      1. MolGro
        MolGro 30 July 2015 09: 02
        in a barrel of shit a spoon of honey will not make it honey!
      2. lelikas
        lelikas 30 July 2015 14: 31
        Syndrome post 80s - where does it happen when the fuel is bad and the 95th has fallen due to the stoppage of all engines, or didn’t the parachute open for an old 34th?
        In the winter of 95th, it burned down after repairs - and everywhere it’s not about the age of the cars.
        About copying - only the Chinese can write - they themselves also can not do the engine blades, and how their copier is developed!
      3. nils
        nils 31 July 2015 03: 42
        Quote: Bob0859
        There is something to think about

        "... there are too many so-called secret spending in the Russian military industry. In 2009 they accounted for 10 percent of the budget, in 2014 - already 16,7 percent. ... Such huge secret spending has long gone beyond control, they carry high corruption risks. "
        Everyday life of capitalism:
        Based on materials from inspections of the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome facts of theft on 7,5 billion rubles, said Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika at a board of the Prosecutor General’s Office dedicated to the results of work in the first half of the 2015 year.
        Moscow Tagansky Court on July 27 on July 2015 authorized the arrest of the president of NPO Cosmos Andrei Chernyakov, accused of embezzlement 11,5 billion rubles. Bank of Moscow loan.
        The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported on the theft of 6,5 billion rubles during the implementation of the GLONASS program.
        Rusnano spent only 4,1 billion rubles to pay interest on loans. And this despite the fact that Rusnano might well have not borrowed money from banks: when the corporation was created, the state supplied it with 130 with an extra billion rubles.
        In 2009, by order of Chubais and Melamed, Rusnano entered into an investment agreement with the one-day company LLC Novy Kauchuk Group for the development of nanoasphalt for 1,3 billion rubles. 810 million of this money was lost, and the "New Rubber" went bankrupt.
        The territorial bodies of the Federal Tax Service verify information on the unjustified transfer of Rusnano to foreign companies and the theft of 13,5 billion rubles.
        In addition, the miracles of Serdyukov during the sale of the Armed Forces of Russia. Sorry optimization.
        And cute pranks Skrynnik in Rosselkhoz on 39 billion rubles.
        The list goes on and on.
    4. Russian Uzbek
      Russian Uzbek 30 July 2015 10: 00
      Well, now we can make sure that there are "analytegs" in China too!
      the whale needs to throw the topic of Tsushima, it will be interesting to read the "tsushima myths" from the Chinese comrades ...
  2. svp67
    svp67 30 July 2015 05: 53
    Well, the author, obviously with Chinese roots, from a distant far, probably better know. But I can not agree with him, especially on this statement:
    almost all Soviet weapons have a relatively short life expectancy: after 10–20 years, they need to be replaced with something newer
    He somehow confuses the concept of FULL park renewal with new machines and phased maintenance and modernization, which can significantly extend the life of the plant ...
  3. The comment was deleted.
    1. zyablik.olga
      zyablik.olga 30 July 2015 06: 07
      Quote: blizart
      The increase in the intensity of study is the cause of the frequent accidents. But the old, rotting MiG-29 starts vertically, delighting the world!

      A significant part of the MiG-29 with a still not formally expired resource is now chained to the ground due to the corrosion of the airframe and tail. In 2009, the Russian Ministry of Defense recognized that about 200 of the almost 300 MiG-29 fighters have such problems. Later, the Air Force Commission found that the tail tail corrosion had hit at least 80 percent of all MiG-29. This happened due to inadequate storage of fighters in the open. The “youngest” of the MiG-29 (with the exception of Algerian) were sent to the troops in 1993 year. The MiG-29 glider resource is defined in 2,5 thousand flight hours, or 20 years of service. Based on this period, almost all fighters in the Russian Air Force are already subject to write-off. crying
      As for the MiG-29, its fate is even sadder than the Su-24. They were all produced around 1600. However, only 291 has been converted from them, and they are idle. In 90-s, due to lack of funds for maintenance and lack of money for storage, most of the MiG-29 aircraft simply stood and rotted at the airfields.

      At the same time, on the 60 Indian MIG-29, which also fly for more than 20, no signs of corrosion were found since from the very beginning, for their preservation, the Indians used effective methods of maintenance and checking the status of fighters.
      1. blizart
        blizart 30 July 2015 06: 14
        I deleted my comment because I couldn't insert a video. Where did the insertion of media content go? Well, you understand what video I mean - "MiG-29 vertical takeoff"
        1. sanja.grw
          sanja.grw 30 July 2015 08: 39
          I'll try to help
          1. corporal
            corporal 30 July 2015 08: 47
            What does the take-off of the Polish MiG have to do with the issue under discussion?
        2. Bongo
          Bongo 30 July 2015 14: 00
          Quote: blizart
          Well, you understand what video I mean - "MiG-29 vertical takeoff"

          This is pure window dressing request Fighter without weapons and apparently with a minimum fuel supply. I do not want to belittle the advantages of the MiG, but by and large, many aircraft of the 4 generation with a thrust ratio of more than 1 are able to demonstrate this. At the time, I was much more impressed with the actual flights of the Su-15TM with suspended weapons. This is really a real rocket when taking off on the afterburner.
          1. sanja.grw
            sanja.grw 30 July 2015 16: 16
            This is pure window dressing

            I don’t argue, not a pilot. I have never been in the sky, but it’s beautiful, even if the pilot is Polish. BUT IT IS OUR PLANE IN OUR COUNTRY
  4. RiverVV
    RiverVV 30 July 2015 06: 07
    Well, since it’s fsepropalo and we’re all gone, why should the author not shoot himself with a water pistol? Of course, the Chinese assembly, because domestic is not kosher.
    1. Alexl
      Alexl 30 July 2015 10: 06
      No, we know that nothing ever falls down anywhere in our country. A plane crash filmed in Hollywood.
      1. RiverVV
        RiverVV 30 July 2015 11: 25
        Well, they fly a lot - they fall. If they had not flown, then no one would have fallen. And since they do not fly on pepelats, the equipment sometimes breaks. This is not Starcraft, where he built the shuttle once - and he will fly the whole game.
  5. wk
    wk 30 July 2015 06: 10
    Now we see in the Russian Federation the symptoms of the “post-80s”,
    Yes, the author does not deeply think these are the syndromes of the Mongol-Tatar yoke and 250 years of serfdom and the 300 year old Romanov kingdom!
  6. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 30 July 2015 06: 11
    crying notes of a Chinese liberalist ... I cry ..
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 30 July 2015 13: 46
      wow how many minuses - the Chinese took control of the site ???
  7. Name
    Name 30 July 2015 06: 26
    Si Yazhou put everything together, no wonder. Great Russian. Start with the fact that RUSSIA TO WIN. All of the above is only a translation from the Americans in the person of the Chinese. Yeah Entot author -> author -> author is only a pseudonym from ... request
  8. sv68
    sv68 30 July 2015 06: 37
    Now the Chinese will overwhelm us with their super-villains? To the author, if our technology is so bad, then what kind of shaitan do you copy it massively, or are you massive sadomasochists, do you want to have everything in your army? And where are your Chinese aircraft engines?
  9. Alex_59
    Alex_59 30 July 2015 06: 39
    Not surprisingly, the Western media immediately rushed to gloat, saying that Vladimir Putin’s tough stance was to blame. According to the Western press, the Russian army lacks highly qualified pilots, maintenance is also not up to par, and such disasters ultimately led to the task of increasing the combat efficiency of the army in order to fully confront the West.
    This is so funny. In the 90s, when all the planes were on the ground, they did not write that Yeltsin was to blame for everything and that everything was bad with us. And now they began to fly, and as a result they fell, and they immediately became concerned about how bad everything is with us and that Putin is to blame. It immediately becomes clear what position of our aviation does not cause concern for them - the position "on the ground".
  10. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 30 July 2015 07: 05
    Where does the Chinese get such knowledge about the state of our technology? Or is it his speculation.
  11. valokordin
    valokordin 30 July 2015 07: 12
    Quote: Alex_59
    This is so funny. In the 90s, when all the planes were on the ground, they did not write that Yeltsin was to blame for everything and that everything was bad with us. And now they began to fly, and as a result they fell, and they immediately became concerned about how bad everything is with us and that Putin is to blame. It immediately becomes clear what position of our aviation does not cause concern for them - the position "on the ground".

    Our Chinese friend cares about the state of our aircraft. This is good and we also need to take care of this. When I.V. To Stalin, the economic situation of the USSR was much more difficult, but the country built and made excellent aircraft, sometimes with a delay. Let's hope that under the current president Russia will get out of this situation.
  12. Article 2 of the article
    Article 2 of the article 30 July 2015 08: 03
    He who does not fly does not fall. Americans would be delighted if our flyers had a couple of hours of flying time, and then on simulators it is desirable. But alas (for them) the summer, and we will survive emergency situations, if only people would not die
  13. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 July 2015 08: 07
    The Chinese comrade hints that Russia does not need to develop its aviation industry. There is China! But in China, everything is there. The best electronics in the world with chip development, a powerful aircraft industry, and aircraft engines are also the best in the world! The irony is understandable, otherwise my emoticons are not inserted.
    Renovation of production is underway, personnel training is underway, engine production is being renewed. The "dragon" should sleep well. Our aviation woke up from lithargy and began to fly. And, I hope, will not "sit down".
    1. Samy
      Samy 30 July 2015 12: 35
      We look in the book, we see a fig? Nowhere did the Chinese mention Chinese aviation or Chinese industry in general. He writes about the state of affairs in Russia, as he sees from China. And this opinion should not be neglected.
  14. Platonich
    Platonich 30 July 2015 08: 29
    Very correct article! And do not refer to the fact that he is Chinese. That's right, we have reached a critical mass! Industry on its side. A lot of imports in the military industry, especially in electronics, software.
    1. corporal
      corporal 30 July 2015 08: 58
      Those who, in the presence of problems, shout that they are not, are either not a very smart person, or a mishandled Cossack.
      So do not be surprised at the content of some comments. hi
      1. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 30 July 2015 14: 53
        You obviously do not belong to these categories? tongue
  15. The comment was deleted.
  16. slizhov
    slizhov 30 July 2015 09: 00
    We rushed very powerfully, and for that there were reasons and Real successes NOT DISTANCE ...
    Apparently, this does not happen without costs.
    We have to quickly make it clear that we control more and more space, giving a click on the nose to American pilots who “did not capture” those moments of the sovereign USSR, when their fathers had to squeeze them into the cockpit, seeing our falcons.
    Everything will work out with the "safety technique". Otherwise, they would not have had time - LATE, seeing our last cut "Swans" ...
  17. Ilya77
    Ilya77 30 July 2015 11: 14
    When they finally understand that in order to change something in industry, they must first of all invest in people, and then in technology. What is the use of new imported machines if there is no one to work on them? What is the use of CAD if there are no design engineers? How much money can you pour into production, if you know that most of them are stolen? What to do if an engineer gets 20 thousand, and at the same time treat him like a serf? And whatever they say, the fish rots from the head, now you can say anything, but the descendants will give a correct assessment of the actions of our government, our generation as a whole, well, although now with the help of the media you can drive anything into your head.
  18. AlexSK
    AlexSK 30 July 2015 11: 33
    While the government spends state budget resources on national defense, this does not contribute to improving living standards in terms of consumer spending, nor does it increase the flow of investment in social productivity. So such expenses are disadvantageous for a healthy, balanced and sustainable development of the national economy .----------------------------------- --------------------------
    A strange statement, given the fact that the production and export of arms last year brought $ 15 billion to the country.

    It becomes even stranger because China is one of the main buyers of our weapons .------------

    Military spending, of course, stimulates the development of the economy. But much less intense than injections into the economy itself .---------------------------------------- --------------------

    An old song about that the export of weapons and military equipment will ruin the economy today does not have a grateful audience, the meme has lost its influence, and the Chinese pulled it out of mothballs as an argument.
  19. Amper
    Amper 30 July 2015 17: 03
    [quote = valokordin] [quote = Alex_59] When I.V. To Stalin, the economic situation of the USSR was much more difficult, but the country built and made excellent aircraft, sometimes with a delay. Let's hope that Russia under the current president will get out of this situation. [/ Quote]
    Well, why compare with the USSR!
    Now, to create something, you need two prices. One in the rollback, the other in the case, and there they still steal or ruin the case for professional unfitness.
    Not to mention the loss of schools, qualifications, etc.
    The state budget is like a skinny blanket - Shoigu pulled, Golodets moved out.
    The enthusiasm of the people is not visible, except for idle talk on the internet.
    We were born to make a fairy tale come true !? For a long time no one sings ...
  20. Gomel
    Gomel 30 July 2015 17: 09
    Even if you do not take into account other types of combat aircraft, and talk only about the multipurpose fighters of the Su-27 series, they are already enough to suppress the small-sized European Air Force.

    What is he laughing at? Air Force of a united Europe (not NATO i.e. without Turkey)
    Europe in the "cultural-civilizational sense" has 3590 combat aircraft.
    Russia has 1890 combat aircraft.
    Europe surpasses us in combat aircraft 1,9 times. That is, almost doubled.

    from here:


    Well, in the USA (to the heap)

    The US Air Force outperforms the Russian Air Force in total terms by approximately 4 times. And 2 times in the number of combat aircraft in operation;

    from here:

    So all of us (Russians) work to a damn thing. Although the opinion of the Chinese can be viewed from the perspective of how we (the army) are perceived in the world.
  21. iouris
    iouris 30 July 2015 20: 05
    What did we want? Already in 1985, when the raid fell to a miserable 18-30 hours, but there were still military aviation higher engineering and secondary technical schools, it could be assumed that aviation was degrading. After the loss of KVVAIU, RVVAIU, DVVAIU, the destruction of secondary aviation technical schools, the process has acquired a new level. Soviet potential is almost exhausted. Given the degradation of human material and education, a complete catastrophe should be expected soon enough.
  22. Boris1982
    Boris1982 1 August 2015 09: 21
    Lord! No need to jerk! The article is necessary and useful! As information about the perception of Russia beyond its borders.
    It is unfortunate that issues such as:
    accident plaque
    catastrophe raid
    plaque on the background.
    Without relative numbers, all talk about the state of the Air Force and aviation in general, based on the absolute numbers of the number of accidents, is an idle talk !!!