Survive at any cost

Survive at any cost

Recently, rumors of an approaching global catastrophe are spreading increasingly obsessively in the global information space, which can be expressed either in a natural global cataclysm or in a man-made accident that is incomparable in its consequences even with Chernobyl, or at the beginning of the Third World War with widespread use weapons mass destruction. In the wake of these conjectures, supported by various “predictions” and predictions, such as Mayan calendars and other oddities, the global information space is filled with information relating to survival, its techniques, from fantasy to fairly serious, supported by military research, which, however, are extremely rare . A very interesting phenomenon in modern society is the allocation of a special category of people, called "survivors."

“Survivors” are seriously obsessed with the idea of ​​ensuring their own security in the event of extraordinary circumstances. Some of them make reserves, something like a state reserve, but on the scale of their family, others build fortifications, dugouts and quite serious bunkers or capsules with a supply of food, water, fuel and medicines on the 2-3 month of autonomous existence. The world is literally obsessed with talking about the coming Apocalypse. There are hundreds of online forums that unite many thousands of people who are seriously concerned about the problem of survival in the face of the long-awaited end of the world. In addition to what food supplies should be done, the Internet’s “survivors” discuss the forerunners of the coming end, which, in the opinion of most members of this community, are: constant wars, natural and man-made disasters, predictions coming true from Nostradamus to Vanga.

Is it possible to prepare for a universal catastrophe, investing in food, fuel or jewelry? Economists are joking about this: “What is the best way to invest your money in order to survive the global crisis without a loss? The answer is that it is better to buy small gold bars so that later it would be convenient to exchange them for bread. ”

Most people who have a real preparation for survival in extreme situations, frankly laugh at the "survivors", calling their methods not survival methods, but travel aids. Laugh at the "survivors" and on the Internet. Drawing a portrait of a typical "survivalist", Lurkmore website presents to the attention of his humorous readers a description of a middle-aged man who is fond of collecting tourist attributes, such as flashlights and knives. A typical “survivor” is emphasized severely and firmly convinced of his invulnerability even in the event of an atomic war, everyone else will surely die, and he will survive, slyly using the “nymphok” with buckwheat and braised pry, buried in the nearest park under the post. A stern male survivor wears camouflage with a dozen pockets into which mountains of devices fit, without which he certainly cannot survive the End of the World. At the same time, the average “survivalist” is a representative of the so-called white-collar workers, he rarely happens outside the city, shaking off every speck of dust from himself, rolling on smooth asphalt on a car parquet class hung with gadgets. In general, most of the "survivors" look pretty ridiculous.

Is it silly to prepare for the End of the World? To the End of the World, of course, is stupid - every sensible person understands this. But seriously consider the possibility of an accident in any hazardous production, accompanied by an uncontrolled release of toxic substances, or a railway accident, similar to the one that occurred this fall near Chelyabinsk, it is quite possible. Any resident of a modern city should keep in mind such a development and have an idea of ​​how personally he can protect himself and his children in the event of an emergency. For this, it is hardly worth making any stocks. You just need to have a rough plan of action for various cases. The real danger will put everything in its place and show who is who. Anyone who has been exposed to real danger will confirm that in a threatening situation a person most often behaves completely differently than in everyday life. So, yesterday's "master" of martial arts will petrify at the sight of real enemies, and a professional "survivalist", even having a whole box of matches, will not set up a fire needed by a frosty night, stopping his stalled car in the middle of the forest a few dozen kilometers from the nearest village.

In order to really somehow prepare for a serious disaster, you need to start not with a supply of provisions, but with your own psychological preparation. It may be worth revising your views on life, to understand that you really care about what it is worth risking your life and living in general. As the German existentialist philosopher M. Heidegger said, human life is “being-for-death,” so you should remember that we do not come into this world forever, and not waste our only life on trifles, being distracted by senseless actions and caring for things more than people who truly need our attention. A person who has managed to “separate the wheat from the chaff” for himself has great potential to survive even in the event of natural or man-made disasters. A real man in the event of a major disaster will save others, and not worry about the buckwheat buried in the forest. It must be remembered that the true value is life itself. If everyone remembers only this, putting at the center of not fear of losing comfortable living conditions, but fear of being alone, losing friends and loved ones, then the End of the World will not frighten us. This is the main secret of survival.
Pomytkin Pavel
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