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Donbass heals wounds


The wounds inflicted by the Kiev junta warriors heal surprisingly quickly in the Donbas. Only 18 July was one of the most intense shelling of Donetsk. But after two or three days, the most injured place - the site near the Amstor supermarket on the University Square - is unrecognizable. The destroyed tents were restored, the pothole from the shell was sealed.

And in the city of Torez at the Progress mine, which belongs to the state enterprise Torez-Anthracite, on July 24 a new lava was opened (mining). The State Commission for the commissioning of the new section was headed by Deputy Minister of Coal and Energy of the DPR, Alexey Vasilenko. This is the third new lava discovered during the DNR. Vasilenko said that the Ministry of Coal and Energy plans to launch 10 new sites in various mines of the Republic in the near future.

Such a slogan is placed at the entrance to the enterprise: “Coal will save Ukraine if Ukraine saves coal”.

But Ukraine did not save coal, but, on the contrary, actually ruined the industry - only some enterprises worked, and the majority was reduced to a miserable condition. Now the mining region rebelled and took power into their own hands. And the Donetsk People's Republic in the most difficult conditions of the ongoing war - coal saves.

And Ukraine (more precisely, the junta, which came to power through a coup) is now destroying the coal industry no longer economically, but by military means. So this mine was badly damaged due to the shelling of ukrokrateley. At the end of June 2014, she was de-energized for a long time. In the mine workings accumulated water, the mine was heavily flooded. It was already put a cross - it was even about closing.

But, as soon as the power supply was restored, the labor collective saved the enterprise. Employees worked, even though they were not paid a salary. Currently, as the mine director, Alexander Klimenchuk, told reporters, wage arrears have been paid by June of this year. The director highly appreciated the heroism and courage of the Progress employees: “The workers of the station are a combat team that can be trusted with the most difficult tasks.” Klimenchuk hoped that with the opening of the new lava, the mine would mine more than 2500 tons of coal per day. In addition, it will create around 200 new jobs.

Employees who came out of the face showed the first coal mined at the new site. The Deputy Minister of Coal and Energy said that the next lava will be opened in September this year in the town of Snezhnoye, at the Zarya mine.

Donbass heals wounds

Despite the war, holidays and concerts continue on the land of Donetsk. 25 July in Shcherbakov Park in Donetsk, an action called "Round dance unity." Performed creative teams of various nationalities living in the DPR. In particular, there were songs in Ukrainian. The republic makes it clear that there will be no discrimination based on national or linguistic grounds.

As part of the action, a social fair was held at which bread, sausages and other foodstuffs, handicrafts, as well as T-shirts with the symbols of Novorossia were sold.

Children were handed out free ice cream and tickets for rides.

Universal joy turned into the appearance on the holiday newlyweds. After all, the creation of new families is a pledge of the future of the Republic.

On the same day, two concerts dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Vysotsky (deceased on July 25 1980) took place in Donetsk. By the way, Vladimir Semenovich spoke three times in the Donbas.

One of the concerts, organized by the club of the author's song of the DPR “Big Donbass”, was held in the library to them. N.K.Krupskoy. The bard Vladimir Skobtsov, well-known in Donetsk, said that Vysotsky's songs are sounding so modern that even the words should not be changed. After that, he sang the song of the great poet and singer "Soldiers of the Center Group:

On the scorched plain -
Meter meter -
Go to Ukraine
The soldiers of the group "Center".
On the "first-second" calculate!
"First second..."
First step forward! - and to heaven.
"First second..."
And every second is also a hero
Go to heaven will follow you.
"First second,
First second,
First second..."

And before us everything is blooming,
Everything is burning behind us.
Do not think - with us,
Who decides everything for us.

This song was written by Vysotsky for the play “The Fallen and the Alive”, and it deals with fascist soldiers. And, unfortunately, today, junta soldiers marching through Ukraine and trying to wipe the Donbass off the face of the earth have the same brown color ...

Another concert dedicated to the memory of V. Vysotsky, was held in the Palace of Sports "Spartak". On it were the authors working in different genres - and the author's song, and pop, and chanson. Lyrics, songs of Vysotsky, and also recently created works about Donbass sounded.

In particular, the public warmly greeted the two merry fellows of the show “Two from the Face”, who performed a perky “Miner's song”.

With tears in their eyes, people listened to the song of V. Vysotsky "He has not returned from the battlefield":

We also had enough space in the dug-out,
We and time flowed for both.
Everything is now one, it only seems to me:
This I did not return from the battlefield ...

A guest from Moscow also performed at the concert - singer Dema Gromov, famous among fans of chanson. He has repeatedly spoken in the Donbas with the support of the struggle of New Russia. This time all three of his songs were dedicated to this particular fighting edge:

In this harsh, responsible hour
Each of us is responsible for the Donbass.
In this decisive and deadly hour
Each of us will stand up for the Donbass!

Another song by Dema Gromov, which he performed at the concert, is called “Donbass became holy.” Truly, this land, which continues to fight, but who knows how to heal wounds, this land on which people do not sit in basements, as enemies want, but gather for concerts - has become holy today.

I must say that the Spartak Palace itself suffered damage due to shelling.

But the palace works. How do they work and the resurrected mine "Progress", and the shelled shops on the University, and the kindergarten, recently restored in Yasinovataya, and much more that have already been restored from the ruins.

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  1. domokl
    domokl 27 July 2015 06: 23
    God grant that all this is over soon. Humans, they are like ants ... They quickly restore their "anthills". Only now people will not be returned ..
    1. Vend
      Vend 27 July 2015 10: 59
      Quote: domokl
      God grant that all this is over soon. Humans, they are like ants ... They quickly restore their "anthills". Only now people will not be returned ..

      Yes. One thought was expressed to me here. In matters of war and promises, a week is equated to a year. The bloody pastry chef promised to deal with Donbass in two weeks, which means Donbass will get another year. Let's see soon it will be seen whether this is true.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 27 July 2015 06: 40
    Where does the people of DONBASS only have strength and patience to bear the hardships of war and continue to live on, believing in a better future ...

    My respect and respect for these people are not running away from difficulties.
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 27 July 2015 07: 26
    Persistence and courage to you, people of Donbass ..
    (Bastard that crawls along this branch but doesn’t show up, come on, put a minus smile )
    1. torp
      torp 27 July 2015 08: 50
      Who are you talking about? What a bastard?
  4. Batia
    Batia 27 July 2015 08: 59
    Donbass will live. Many times I have listened to the stories of old miners and my father about how the mines were restored after the Patriotic War. Not one mine was launched under the occupation. All were flooded. After the release, everyone, absolutely everyone, was restored. Even "gas chambers". So I believe in the people of Donbass.
  5. Vladimir
    Vladimir 27 July 2015 09: 39
    In Donbass, people don’t get used to difficulties and it’s understandable that everything will recover over time, and even Europe will give money, but how to restore the human resource, how much has left, how many have scattered the war. I sincerely believe in the people of Donbass.
  6. avt
    avt 27 July 2015 10: 04
    Beauties! good In general, from communal services, that under the fire they immediately restore what’s destroyed, I’m generally crap! Well, what a will and thirst for life! These people who remained in the Donbass and Lugansk cannot be defeated. Here it is possible to kill, but to defeat - never!
  7. German Titov
    German Titov 27 July 2015 11: 06
    Thanks for the warm and sincere words. Thanks to the author for the article.
  8. Quager
    Quager 27 July 2015 12: 03
    The people of Donbass have character, they have proved it, hard work and love for their land also exist, it can be seen, only peace is needed and the region will prosper again!
  9. Dzimka
    Dzimka 27 July 2015 12: 20
    Well done people. I bow to their will. A striking difference with the rest of the population of Ukraine, chewing snot. God, return the minds to the Ukrainians and fill their heart with love and creation. My family and I really hope so.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 27 July 2015 13: 53
      Not even a word, no doubt those who in these difficult days stayed in Dombass, those who courageously defend their land without sparing their lives, those who are now recovering their republic despite the shelling are real heroes.
      Thank you very much Elena for your article.
  10. Mihail55
    Mihail55 27 July 2015 16: 19
    God help the people of Donbass! There RUSSIAN spirit, there smells RUSSIA!
  11. Vladimir Vasilich
    Vladimir Vasilich 27 July 2015 18: 09
    Glory to the Heroes, glory to the People of Donbass
  12. Kar Karych
    Kar Karych 27 July 2015 22: 10
    This is Donbass !! The country of miners and hard workers! And now there are first-class fighters !! That's why Donbass will stand and win !! They are great !!