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Crimea as an unsinkable aircraft carrier

Crimea as an unsinkable aircraft carrier

The past year 2014 has become one of the most significant in the newest stories The Russian Federation, the successor of the Soviet Union, in connection with the return of the originally Russian region, the Republic of Crimea and the hero-city of Sevastopol. The transfer of the Crimean region to Ukraine in remote Soviet times was one of the manifestations of voluntarism on the part of one of the country's leaders, and not the fulfillment of the wishes of the inhabitants of the peninsula, historically associated with Russia, or the people of Ukraine as a whole. A referendum on this issue was not held, and then we did not know the words of that kind.

But in the 2014, in the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol, a referendum was really held, as a result of which almost 90% of the inhabitants were in favor of a definite return to Russia. All subsequent actions were carried out extremely carefully and correctly, in the framework of international rules and the legal field. The Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol were officially incorporated into the Russian Federation.

That is why a year later this event, called the “Russian Spring”, was so widely, meaningfully and sincerely marked in many cities of Russia and now legally Russian cities of the Republic of Crimea and in Sevastopol.

But in 2014, the United States and the Western countries supporting them ignored the results of the referendum in Crimea, and its return to the Russian Federation was assessed as aggression and annexation of the Crimea.


Since the beginning of the crisis in Ukraine, Washington, and especially after the return of Crimea to the Russian Federation, has steadily increased pressure on Moscow, including through the introduction of economic and political sanctions and outright military blackmail.

American apologists for the Cold War and military pressure, apparently, believe that everything, including freedom, honor, conscience, love of country, can be bought. But not everything is still decided by the golden calf, although many have become subject to influence, including the pro-Western groups of the Russian elites and the bureaucracy associated with them.

I am convinced that in the near future the history will sweep out from its path the “Kolomoisky Poroshenok”, so “eloquently” today trying to win a place under the sun, even with the blood of their countrymen. Despite the help of Uncle Sam and Mother Europe in this crime. Yes, and we are to blame, for a hundred years, turning a blind eye to manifestations of nationalism in Ukraine. This is the same unforgettable Taras Shevchenko, even in the nineteenth century, he wrote: “Yak die, so povyvat on Vkraini dear ... Hole, that get up, kaydans tear it and sprinkle the enemy with evil blood bloody earth”. Whose blood? "Moskal" - as he called them and how they are called now? And we are a “national hero, a classic,” we call his name the streets, embankments, including in Russia ... That was what they called.

The return of Crimea to the Russian Federation required a guaranteed security of its security and set the task of the country's military-political leadership to immediately form a full-fledged group of armed forces on the peninsula, including maritime and land components, able to cope with the threats that had arisen. Part of this group had to be created virtually from scratch.

In a short time, a lot of work has been done. As early as December 2014, the Russian Defense Minister officially announced that in Crimea “... a self-sufficient group of troops was deployed. In addition to the available forces and means, seven formations and eight military units of various missions were created on the peninsula. ”

Created during this time in the Crimea, the grouping of only coastal and land forces is practically commensurate with its combined arms army in terms of its size and composition.

It would seem that the problem has been solved, but now it has become clear that this was only the first step. A more precise understanding of the evolving situation will allow a small insight into recent history and analysis.


A number of media reports on the analysis of the fratricidal war in the south-east of Ukraine and the possible involvement of the Russian Federation in this conflict rightly emphasize that the modern Russian army does not qualitatively differ much from its Soviet predecessor of the 1991 model. Therefore, in the event of an armed confrontation using only conventional means of destruction, success will most likely be on the side of the West.

This fully applies to the grouping of troops in the Crimea created to date, as a “cast” of the Russian army, although, as already mentioned, the work has been carried out incredibly voluminous and difficult.

At the same time, the most up-to-date pro-American coalition (military force), which has experience in combat operations and the implementation of the most modern military technologies, can potentially act against the grouping of troops in the Crimea.

Thus, the operation of the United States and other NATO countries against Yugoslavia and subsequent conflicts have allowed them to work out the characteristic features of military confrontations and combat actions of a new type (the fifth and sixth generation wars, as they now call it). This includes the creation of reconnaissance-strike combat groups, and the widespread joint use of air and naval forces equipped with high-precision weapons, and the use of data of all types of intelligence, including space, for the practical implementation of network-centric methods of control, the destruction of civilian and military infrastructure, minimizing the participation of ground forces in the operation and much more. And this experience can certainly be used against the Crimea, especially since both Yugoslavia and the Crimea are coastal territories (formations).

Unfortunately, the grouping that is being created in Crimea is still a set of heterogeneous forces that are not united in a single defense system and does not meet the requirements of fifth and sixth generation wars, the methods of which have been practically worked out by our "friends" in recent decades.

This situation has developed not only because of the lack of time during the creation of the military group in the Crimea, but also because, as the former chief of armaments of the Russian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Anatoly Sitnov, noted in the media, unfortunately, we still have “... no the concept of the fifth generation army, a single information space, no one creates ... Everything should be linked to a common system. A single information space requires the creation of a phono-target environment, the creation of a data exchange system ... ”, that is, the construction of a modern defense system that meets the highest requirements. Modern weapons and military equipment, new military units really should be used in a single information space.

In general, it should be noted that everything created artificially, that is, with the mind and creative efforts of a person, pursues the achievement of certain goals and the solution of specific tasks. This fully applies to the situation with the military group being created in the Crimea, which must effectively solve the tasks in the name of which it is being built.

There are fears that without taking these factors into account, the further “development” of the diverse military grouping of the Crimea, in which large funds will be invested, will go “as always”, and not as it should.

It seems that, taking into account the evolving situation and all that has been said above, a modern integrated automated air-sea defense system should be built and built in Crimea. It must ensure the unification of all forces and means, both land and sea, on the basis of a single information-control space and use them according to a single plan to ensure a comprehensive reflection of the attacks of opposing dissimilar means. The task of such a system is to ensure joint use of anti-aircraft, anti-ship and coastal defense tools to repel aggression.


The US URO "Donald Cook" destroyer and other NATO warships in Constantza in Romania "support the allies." Reuters Photos

The proposed adaptive integrated automated air-maritime defense system is focused on providing protection against attacks of modern and prospective means of air attack, primarily cruise missiles of various bases, the most important coastal critical objects and troops, as well as for destruction of air and sea carriers of cruise and anti-ship missiles , including to the turn of their application.

The basic requirements that a WMO CAS must meet are as follows:

- The WMO CAS should provide effective combat against all types of EAS, which can be used in the region, including stealth-made aircraft and high-precision weapons in the context of the extensive use of intense interference of all kinds;

- The WMO CAS should be a complex of information and fire forces and air defense systems, including specialized coastal anti-ship defense, shipborne reconnaissance, combat and defense tools, technically and logically linked to each other in a single system based on highly automated combat control systems;

- management of the WMO system should be as automated as possible and organized on the basis of network-centric principles. The entire cycle of combat work on targets (from their detection to destruction) should be carried out almost automatically, in the online mode;

- The reconnaissance of air and sea (surface) targets should be given special attention. It should be organized using coastal over-the-horizon radars, ground-based long-wave radars, airborne radars (helicopters, UAVs), as well as shipborne radars;

- as part of the WMO system, it is necessary to provide for the use of both modern and promising classical means of destruction, and means of struggle (functional damage) based on new physical principles, which should significantly increase the resilience and effectiveness of the proposed defense system and preserve its permanence in the medium term.

To effectively address these tasks, the proposed integrated automated air-sea defense system should include:

- A subsystem of intelligence and warning about aggression, about the invasion of the aggressor into territorial waters and about the violation of air space and air attack from his side;

- subsystem anti-aircraft missile cover, consisting of ground-based (coastal) basing and ship-based air defense systems;

- subsystem of anti-ship warfare and defense, including ground-based and ship-based combat vehicles, as well as air-based means for fighting submarines;

- subsystem aviation multifunctional forces and assets, including forces and assets of fighter air cover, naval and support aviation and electronic warfare aviation.

These subsystems must be closed to unified means of automated combat control, telecommunications and communications, which, in fact, ensures the functioning of the mating subsystems and facilities as part of a single integrated automated combat system in the network-centric mode.

As the analysis shows, some preliminary calculations and existing experience, each of the subsystems should be based on modern non-traditional principles and have its own specifics. In general, this predetermines the high combat effectiveness of the proposed ASA VKO and its superiority over similar systems in the medium term and can be implemented with minimal financial costs, which is important in the current situation.

So, in the intelligence and warning subsystem, the coastal over-the-horizon radar of a decameter range of the “Sunflower” type should undoubtedly be used, capable of detecting sea surface targets in the economic zone and beyond its limits (at distances up to 350 – 400 km), as well as air targets practically on the same ranges. These radars are our "know-how", but on the coastal areas (where they are effective) have not yet been unreasonably used.

For detection and tracking of airborne and surface targets, modern low-frequency radars (meter radars), insensitive to stealth technology, but perfectly using the effect of the surface wave in coastal zones, as well as airborne radars, including helicopter radar, should also be widely used. complex (VK RLD) type "Eye".

In the subsystem of anti-aircraft missile cover, anti-aircraft defense systems (existing, modernized and promising) are proposed to be used not in a “standard” homogeneous structure, but in a certain combination, that is, to create polygamous (combined) reconnaissance-firing combat modules based on them. tasks.

The polygamous air defense combat modules allow many times (8 – 12 times) to increase resistance from the attacks of anti-radar missiles, to retain the ability of protecting concealed objects from subsequent main attacks and, in general, to raise the effectiveness of air attack damage in typical raids (such as in Yugoslavia or Libya) to 0.9 and more. Due to the effective and specialized use of these air defense weapons, it becomes possible to predict their acceptable combat effectiveness for at least the next 20 – 30 years. An additional and significant increase in the combat effectiveness of the air defense subsystem and the WMO CAS as a whole can be realized by introducing functional destruction tools into the system that implement new physical principles.

In the subsystem of anti-ship combat and defense, including coastal-based combat vehicles, ship-based facilities, as well as air-based anti-submarine weapons, the emphasis should be primarily on the organization of combat use in a single network-centric control system of the coastal anti-ship defense system "Bastion" with anti-ship missiles "Yakhont", as well as shipboard means of anti-ship and air defense.


It should be noted that in the single system of information on the World Ocean (ESIMO), created in accordance with the Federal Target Program “World Ocean” and started to work from 2013, CAS of the WMO Crimea can be considered as a regional subsystem and should be part of it.

In turn, the created unified state system for lighting surface and underwater conditions, primarily in terms of reconnaissance and mapping the location of underwater objects (of their own and potential enemy), would have to provide information to the CSC of the WMO Crimea as well.

In the missile defense and air defense part, the subsystem of the WMO Crimea CAS anti-aircraft missile cover, of course, must interact with the relevant structures of the East Kazakhstan air defense forces and the air defense forces of the Southern strategic direction. Moreover, the proposed WMO Crimea CAS for implementation territorially covers only coastal areas and does not extend into the interior of the peninsula. To a certain extent, this also applies to the exchange of information on the air situation between the CAS WMO Crimea intelligence and warning subsystem of aggression and the relevant structures of the East Kazakhstan armies and the air defense forces of the Southern Strategic Direction. Such interaction will create the macrostructure of the action of all the forces and means of the region in a single information space.

In conclusion, I would like to note that, in general, proposals for the creation of an integrated air-sea defense system of the Crimea represent an attempt to determine the appearance, structure, intended composition, construction and capabilities of the system, regarding it as an adequate response in the prevailing situation. It is clear that the creation of the UAS of the WMO Crimea will require the solution of supraspecific tasks and can be achieved only by the implementation of relevant initiatives by the General Staff and the goodwill of the leadership of the Armed Forces.

The advantage of the proposed WMO Crimea UAS for implementation is that it is focused and based on mass-produced samples of weapons and military equipment of various types of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and does not require, as already mentioned, significant additional economic costs. Moreover, it appears that CAS WMO Crimea is the beginning of a long journey. Such systems are equally important and effective for Primorye, for Kamchatka, for the Kola Peninsula, and for the Baltic. This becomes a kind of attribute of the wars of the fifth and sixth generations. Therefore, a certain cost-effectiveness of creating such systems and their basing on serially produced weapons and military equipment are of paramount importance.

The end of the Cold War seemed to send military conflicts in the civilized world to the dustbin of history. It was not there. Therefore, it must be remembered that defense spending is always much less than the cost of compensation for damage.

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  1. andrei332809
    andrei332809 26 July 2015 04: 59
    rejoice over the Crimea fellow
    and happy holiday drinks
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 26 July 2015 05: 06
      Quote: andrei332809
      and happy holiday

      Peter is ready for the holiday soldier drinks
      1. andrei332809
        andrei332809 26 July 2015 05: 12
        Quote: Ruslan67
        Peter is ready for the holiday

        always ready soldier drinks
        1. Mahmut
          Mahmut 26 July 2015 05: 53
          The single Crimean Defense Management Information Center is an excellent target for a preemptive strike. After the destruction of which the entire defense infrastructure turns into expensive and useless trash. What is good for the aggressor is often contraindicated to the defending side. Multilevel autonomy is the path to vitality and success. The author apparently forgot how he managed to neutralize the large Ukrainian group in the Crimea. Just cut the communication cable. If anyone can overwhelm America, then most likely in a similar way.
          1. Lyton
            Lyton 26 July 2015 06: 38
            I think the topic has been worked out, even in the Soviet army there were ZKP (reserve command post) and I think Crimea has one, but no one will advertise it.
            In America, on November 9.11, when the twins felled, the leadership simply did not know what to do, at first the president simply circled his plane in the air.
            1. Eugene-Eugene
              Eugene-Eugene 26 July 2015 10: 47
              The article does not disclose the topic: where is the analysis of the composition of the Crimean group?
          2. The comment was deleted.
          3. Tugarin
            Tugarin 26 July 2015 08: 00
            Just cut the communication cable. If anyone can overwhelm America, then most likely in a similar way. Mahmut

            Enchanting! Just that ..., and then we ... oh well ?! Or maybe not cutting, but chewing? Give combat mole-saboteurs! wassat

            Unfortunately, the grouping that is being created in Crimea is still a set of heterogeneous forces that are not united in a single defense system and does not meet the requirements of fifth and sixth generation wars, the methods of which have been practically worked out by our "friends" in recent decades.

            War may and may be the fifth, sixth generation. Only the spirit of the Russian, Soviet, Russian Soldier is far beyond the twentieth generation. History is evidence of this. Happy Navy! Peaceful sky! soldier drinks fellow
            1. Talgat
              Talgat 26 July 2015 10: 10
              and don’t forget the story, it’s not for nothing that the Golden Horde khans and then the Russian tsars strengthened the borders in the west — and the USSR did the same

              Crimea is the control of the Black Sea and stability in the Caucasus, and potentially an opportunity to enter the Mediterranean. For the future of the Eurasian Union, this is a key point - and the Russian Federation worked right for us all for the sake of the future. The same is now true for the Arctic. The Russian Federation, although for the time being alone, creates conditions for the development of all of Eurasia. But on the other hand, one cannot say that Belarus and KZ are idle - we carry out our tasks in our zones of responsibility
              1. sq
                sq 27 July 2015 10: 03
                Crimea is one of the main defense nodes of Russia from the south-west for more than a century. If by today's times, then from the west the main defensive areas: the Kola Peninsula, the Leningrad Region, Belarus, Crimea, the distant outpost - the Kaliningrad Region. True, in the line of defense, failures in the Labyusna and in Ukraine.
        2. Ramzaj99
          Ramzaj99 26 July 2015 10: 08
          So I went to the Crimea! Congratulate me))
          I wrote a great post, but the moderators wrapped it up with the wording “for the abundance of mistakes”. Actually, I’m not offended, I haven’t written so much since school))) I honestly remake everything in scrap, and so I wrote for almost two days)) ... Therefore, I decided to put everything in the first article I got about Crimea.
          Therefore, as Yuri Klemsky said: Listen to everything as it is.)

          Hello all.
          To begin with, it inspired me to write this post. In the light of the recent events around the Crimea, a lot of Internet myths have formed, and since my family and friends decided to relax in the Crimea, I will try to debunk or, on the contrary, confirm some of them. I promised WITH SAYERS to be as objective as possible, I will try to be so.
          Well, let's go ...
          I'll start with the tickets.
          We went there 10 people, 5 in 2 cars the rest by plane.
          I pondered for a long time how to go and as a result the choice fell in favor of the plane.
          The cheapest plane tickets to Crimea cost 4500 for one one way. But they are very difficult to purchase, at the box office it is almost impossible, you need to constantly monitor Internet sites for ticket sales, and immediately redeem them, they appear and are quickly taken apart, so you need to seize the moment. And so the average price at the time of my search was from 7500 to infinity)).
          By car, friends spent about 6500 on one-way gasoline from M.O. to Yalta + 1700 for an electronic ferry ticket (the price of a ferry can vary significantly depending on the weight of the car and the number of passengers).
          More ... I want to debunk the first myth of many daily traffic jams on the Kerch Strait. The first car crossed, ATTENTION! After 8 minutes upon arrival. The second after 2 hours, and then only by the fact that they arrived 4 hours before the appointed time. After wandering around the area and finding the NEEDED person, we agreed with him for a glass of cognac, and they were let in 2 hours earlier. They both stood back for about 2 hours on the ferry, and one got into a specific traffic jam in the Rostov region for 4 hours.
          Roads of Crimea.
          Separate topic. I had a chance to ride both at the wheel and the passenger quite a lot. Approximate route Feodosia-Alushta-Yalta-Sevastopol-Alushta. It just so happened that most of my time had to be spent in Alushta, although the plans were initially somewhat different (but that's another story)). So the roads, you can’t say that they are in terrible condition, they are patched up, the markings are everywhere, but the roads are in rather poor condition (signs along the roads seem to be new). By the way about cars, there is a rental of cars and scooters, I didn’t use it myself, but it is!). A scooter for a day costs about 1000-1500, plus 5 thousand collateral. Another Internet myth was seen on the network that motorists who disagree with joining Russia glued an embroidered shirt to their hood, thereby expressing their disagreement, and so I searched for such a car for a long time, but didn’t find it, and when I asked local about it they looked at me like an idiot. Local I noticed do not really like to talk about politics. A lot of cars with Ukrainian numbers, well, a lot. At first I thought it was local (too lazy, did not have time to re-register, etc.), however, going to the parking of the first-line hotels, I was surprised to find that almost every second Ukrainian car and talking to the staff was even more surprised to learn that all these vacationers are really with Ukraine.
          Another Ukrainian Internet myth is that the Crimean flag is prohibited in Crimea. So on those state. the institutions that I saw almost everywhere weigh 2 flags, the Crimean tricolor and the Russian. In general, there are a lot of Russian flags, we can only see this amount on holidays.
          We talked with local guys doing business with Ukraine, they say Ukrainian suppliers are increasingly "throwing", they take an advance payment but do not supply the goods, and every day they demand more and more money referring to huge problems.
          1. Ramzaj99
            Ramzaj99 26 July 2015 10: 10
            In general, the situation is very friendly everywhere, how many walks at night I have never seen a single fight, although there are a lot of drunk people, to the state of a vegetable). A lot of young people from Ukraine work, almost all work in the field of tourist entertainment.
            In general, I really liked it, although this is not the first time in the Crimea.
            For lovers of excursions, I can say that they are here dofiga). Prices vary from 800 to 2000 rubles. The average price for a good long excursion, even to the mountains, even to the sea, even to the sights, is 1500 rubles. per person.
            Prices in stores do not say that space, but higher than acceptable in the Moscow region. In general, prices were unpleasantly surprised; upon arrival, I specially walked around the market to compare prices and it turned out that even vegetables and fruits had higher prices there. Locals say that for some products, the rise in price is seasonal. For beer lovers there is quite a good local beer Crimea 40 rubles. bottle, 160rub-2 liters. In the coastal bar, the price for 0.5 draft is 80-130 rubles. The farther from the beach, the cheaper. Cosmic prices spouse called only prices for toilet paper, some kitchen chemicals and some specific products. A toilet paper roll standing with us 4 with a penny there costs 20 rubles)) these are the paradoxes).
            Living is not to say that it’s very expensive for 1000-1500 rubles for a couple a day, you can find very good and high-quality housing, the main thing is to miss the first ones you get, but better to search, not to rush, dial phones on the Internet and call people who offer housing and explain to them why for as much as you want, and I assure you they will pick up a worthy option.
            And of course a fly in the ointment in our barrel with honey)) how could it be without it.
            I have long noticed that our tourists absolutely do not know how to clean up trash. I can still understand when drunk men leave the bottles behind them, but when young girls get up and leave and leave behind a bunch of garbage from packages of bottles and napkins, and an urn is 15 meters away, it looks disgusting. But it looks even more nasty when they return in the morning and begin to vilify communal workers for the dirt on the waterfront. 80% of vacationers do not even try to tidy up the place where they were sitting before. In general, all this looks rather sad and very dirty.
            Special thanks I want to say to my native aeroflot.
            Burn you creatures in hell! After each flight, you have to throw out your suitcases, because you get the feeling that you were riding tanks on them! All metal guides are curved in an arc, the folding handles are simply broken, and the entire plastic body kit is demolished completely! Therefore, I hope that the whole Aeroflot service will have a visa-free way to the underworld! Frying pan you scum on hotter and pitchfork in the ass !!
            1. Ramzaj99
              Ramzaj99 26 July 2015 10: 11
              At the end of the trip, we met a guy of our age, an indigenous Crimean who is a distant relative of one of our company. They talked a lot with him on various political topics, and all his answers came down to the fact that there are no right-wingers, there are guilty ones. In general, the general point of view of Crimeans comes down to the following: that we want to live together with Russia, but we really do not want to quarrel with Kiev, since so far most of the business ties, and simply ties, are tied to Ukraine. One more thing is surprising, as the Crimeans do not like the Kiev government and the Ukrainian state and with what warmth they speak about Ukrainians in general. In general, they do not distinguish between Ukrainians and Russians as people, but with states the topic is different.
              On the way back, I was almost late for the airport. A tank flew off a serpentine from an automobile platform, and blocked the entire road. They poked around with him for quite some time, we almost nearly said goodbye to trying to fly away)) but nothing, lucky, had time.
              When traveling to Sevastopol, in front of them was a convoy from Artek 10 or 15 buses with children. I first saw what a serious approach to the safety of transporting children is. A DPS crew marched in front of the column and rather unceremoniously drove everyone to the side of the road who was driving at a slower speed than the column. An ambulance was at the tail of the column and the traffic police closed the column, which very tightly stopped any attempts to overtake the column, and even when the section of the road began to overtake, it rode along the dividing line, giving no chance to overtake or wedge into the column. Pretty entertaining sight, especially when you go after the column)).
              Well, I can still remember ...
              There are a lot of minor accidents, mainly the Moscow region, they are used to slowing down on the Moscow Ring Road and on the serpentine road they are slowing down, but there is no stopping it). Surprised by the huge number of BMWx-6 with Ukrainian numbers, so many x-6s and I have not seen in Moscow))). Everything is freshly painted everywhere, it is clear that they were preparing for the season. There is still an interesting point in a couple of bars on the walls I saw the flags of the DPR. There is another topic, for those arriving by car, homeowners require a passport as collateral, friends had this situation and after lengthy bickering they managed with a photocopy.
              When they were already leaving, in the middle of July, the people increased, very much increased, the beaches simply had nowhere to put their foot on. What is good, all the beaches are made public, with very few exceptions. Previously, when there were 2 city drivers and everything, the rest were either paid or someone else's. Well, that’s probably all that I could remember and that was brightly deposited in my head.
              1. Ramzaj99
                Ramzaj99 26 July 2015 10: 12
                That's it, I will complete my story, and try to summarize. The people in Crimea are overwhelmingly happy to join Russia, but they are not happy about the problems that came up with it, they are very foul of the tax system, even more are foul of officials who have already managed to relax on government grubs and high prices. Nobody wants to go to Ukraine, but everyone wants a good relationship and free travel without problem trade with it. As I said before, they talk very carefully on these topics, Crimeans have a permanent brain rupture, because
                there are both Russian and Ukrainian channels. They watch the news, they say it is white, they switch the channel, there is the same reportage, but they say it is black and they are just fucking awesome. They believe in some Ukrainian reports that Russia sends all refugees from the Donbas to explore Siberia. And they all fled from there to Ukraine in tears))) I explained to them that they were distributed throughout Russia and Siberia there as well, and not the main point, it seemed to convince)).
                On the one hand, I feel sorry for them that they were in such a situation, between a rock and a hard place. And on the other hand, take at least the landlord where we lived. A healthy man is sitting in front of me, sitting and complaining that in Ukraine it was both that and bread was cheaper and generally .... And at the very two-story house, specially built for tourists, he built two apartments and a house in which he lives with his wife while he rents everything else to tourists, there is a lancer under the window, and now he complains about the bread .......)) On the last day I talked with the smartest guy about the trip, he worked in the administration even in Ukraine and worked for a long time after joining. So he said such a thing. In order for Crimea to become self-sufficient, it is still worth investing in it. But all these are problems that can be solved with a serious approach. At the moment, there are three problems, not deciding which Crimea will remain subsidized.
                1. This is a good road-rail bridge. The problem is being solved and is already sort of being solved.
                2. The current dependence on Ukraine in electricity. It also seems to be solved and solved.
                3. This is the Crimean Canal. If it is not filled, then the desert will come to the fertile Crimean lands, as it was before its construction. All these wells that are filling him now: these are cat's tears. And this problem will have to be solved somehow.

                PS I want to note that I, by my post, do not in any way pretend to the truth of last resort.
                1. All that I wrote is purely MY objective and subjective sensations that I received during my trips and communication with some people.
                2. All events and prices are named at the beginning of June - mid-July. And when he left, he noticed that the price tags began to change a little upward. So if someone upon arrival in Crimea notices that the price tags have changed, it's not my fault)))
                3. I apologize if it was written somehow crookedly or messy, since I do not have any writing experience, I wrote for almost two days))) I hope my information will be interesting and useful.
                Sincerely. Novel.
                1. Ramzaj99
                  Ramzaj99 26 July 2015 10: 59
                  Oh yes .... I almost forgot ...
                  He fulfilled his childhood dream, went to Sevastopol, took off the boat and went to admire our naval fleet ..... an unforgettable sight, I am delighted)))
                  According to the locals, the fleet has had an unprecedented movement, constantly someone comes, someone leaves, yesterday we still stood today, we went camping. The fleet is developing and doing its job, which cannot but rejoice. We approached one ship too close, right away the motorboat got off from somewhere, the guys in bronics with Kalash, everything was serious))) The owner of the boat shook all the documents, and issued the last Chinese warning, we shouldn’t come closer than 100 meters, we just smiled and Tipo, they imperceptibly filmed on camera))) in general they dish))) all in an adult way.
                  1. lopvlad
                    lopvlad 26 July 2015 15: 41
                    I read and made sure again that Yanukovych fully reflected the mood of his people.
                    This is sitting on two chairs. It looks like a drug in blood of every resident of Ukraine, including a former resident.

                    Crimeans have a permanent brain rupture, because
                    there are both Russian and Ukrainian channels.

                    Ukrainian channels also go to mainland Russia, but only Mozahists or Ukrainians watch them.
                  2. Samaritan
                    Samaritan 26 July 2015 16: 47
                    It is so, all people are very friendly and sincere; I was in the Crimea 1 time, but really liked it!
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            2. The comment was deleted.
          2. The comment was deleted.
        3. The comment was deleted.
    2. evil partisan
      evil partisan 26 July 2015 07: 06
      Quote: andrei332809
      and happy holiday

      Happy Holidays, Colleague! drinks
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 26 July 2015 10: 25
      We will be glad for Russia. Crimea is Russian forever!
    4. chehywed
      chehywed 26 July 2015 16: 21
      Quote: Author Alexander Luzan
      The past 2014 year has become one of the most significant in the modern history of the Russian Federation - the successor of the Soviet Union - in connection with the return to its composition of the original Russian region - the Republic of Crimea and the hero city of Sevastopol.

      Quote: andrei332809
      rejoice over the Crimea fellow

      That's how it is if of course, but ... When will we be happy for the whole of Ukraine in connection with its return to Russia? drinks
    5. Su24
      Su24 26 July 2015 16: 31
      Quote: andrei332809
      rejoice over the Crimea fellow
      and happy holiday drinks

      And we will be saddened for the Donbass, remembering the devoted Russian Spring.
    6. Su24
      Su24 26 July 2015 16: 31
      Quote: andrei332809
      rejoice over the Crimea fellow
      and happy holiday drinks

      And we will be saddened for the Donbass, remembering the devoted Russian Spring.
    7. Army1
      Army1 26 July 2015 17: 11
      It’s clear that we have a lot of work with the Crimea and in general, but it’s stupid to think that in a conflict with NATO, without nuclear weapons, it will end in Russia's defeat, lol What does defeat mean, the housed NATO warriors in Moscow mean for the author? Everything may end in a compromise of interests or a draw with concessions from the sides, while we do not forget that for some reason all the armies of Europe + the US army are compared with one western district of Russia, and indeed Russia alone is against the alliance, the latter, by the way, is still afraid that we reach the English Channel in a week. wassat Anyone who talks about victory or defeat, or either an agent of the information war! Since a real conflict is planned, with all the consequences.
  2. Oman 47
    Oman 47 26 July 2015 05: 05
    Enemies will attack the Crimea, UNCEPTENTLY concentrating forces in the Black Sea ???!
  3. fomkin
    fomkin 26 July 2015 05: 07
    Perhaps I'll start with a joke. Greece billed the world for using democracy for 2500 years. Tsipras said that there are no complaints against Russia.
    "In the USSR, the word referendum did not know" Yes, we do not know this even now. But in the union one, but was, but he was scored. The article, in my opinion, is worthy of attention.
    1. goncharov.62
      goncharov.62 26 July 2015 12: 10
      And where are the results for Georgia, the Baltic states, etc.? It would be interesting to read!
  4. Name
    Name 26 July 2015 05: 09
    Greetings to all! So TWO RUSSIA unsinkable aircraft carriers should be: Crimea and the Kuril Islands.
    1. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 26 July 2015 05: 16
      Quote: name
      So TWO RUSSIA unsinkable aircraft carriers should be: Crimea and the Kuril Islands.

      Maybe Sakhalin will be stronger? what A Kuril type of airfield jump laughing
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. AleksUkr
        AleksUkr 26 July 2015 08: 11
        Quote: kuz363
        Soon the Kuril Islands, the great Pu will give the Japs.

        Are you happy to talk about this? Where did they come from? What flag are you flying under? Not among the horses? Do not spit on your own, you will have to wash with a solvent!
        Tipun to your tongue !!! Remember
        1. KaPToC
          KaPToC 26 July 2015 15: 58
          Quote: AleksUkr
          Are you happy to talk about this? Where did they come from?

          Apparently with the censor.
          1. taram taramych
            taram taramych 26 July 2015 18: 45
            "Medvedev also noted that he is positioning the islands as an important point for the protection of Russian borders, which was an icy shower for Japan. A source in the Japanese Foreign Ministry said that he did not understand whether Medvedev's statements were coordinated with Putin."

            Читать далее:
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    3. BOB48
      BOB48 26 July 2015 08: 39
      and New Earth, Kamchatka, Sakhalin?
      1. kingnothing
        kingnothing 26 July 2015 11: 04
        Dear you, you also forget about Kaliningrad.
        1. sabakina
          sabakina 26 July 2015 12: 05
          Do you guys argue? Has Russia ever let you flow? wink
  5. reut.sib
    reut.sib 26 July 2015 05: 23
    Quote: andrei332809
    Quote: Ruslan67
    Peter is ready for the holiday

    always ready soldier drinks

    And we were still ready yesterday! drinksAll health and good luck!
  6. The comment was deleted.
  7. blind
    blind 26 July 2015 06: 22
    The Lesson of Peace was issued token dedicated to the suppression of the destroyer Donald Cook by the Russian Air Force SU-24 bomber
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 26 July 2015 11: 43
      Guys who have such a coin, change to iron euro !!!
  8. maks197010
    maks197010 26 July 2015 06: 49
    Happy Russian Navy Day!soldier drinks
  9. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 26 July 2015 07: 02
    An article from the cycle "twenty-five again" and that is not the case with us and it is not so! The author offers, as noted in the comments, not quite a suitable formulation of what is happening in Crimea: firstly, who dares to direct aggression against Russia?; Secondly, all conclusions, in my opinion, are based on the conviction that there are only madmen in the United States and NATO; and thirdly, everything that could be done in a year is done! And there is no need to "sprinkle ashes on the head" and lament about the insufficient strengthening of the Crimea and all of Russia, we know that a lot has been done with GDP and will still be done. While Russia possesses a nuclear potential, none of the so-called. "friends" (for obvious reasons, they should not be called partners given their sexual orientation) will not dare to receive an answer in the form of a "poplar alley" which is unambiguously stated in our Military Doctrine!
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 26 July 2015 07: 11
    defense costs are always significantly less than the costs of damages.

    I completely agree with the author with a small addition - "compensation for damage" and restoration of the state's independence.
  11. rosarioagro
    rosarioagro 26 July 2015 07: 21
    "... the primordially Russian region - the Republic of Crimea"

    The author, why exactly this topic is being pedaled at you, but tell me the left bank of the Dnieper is like in a historical retrospective?
  12. Zomanus
    Zomanus 26 July 2015 07: 44
    Well, Crimea is more likely not to be regarded as an aircraft carrier, but as an observation tower. Because you can control a lot of things from it, from the sea to space. And if necessary, and not only control, yes.
  13. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 26 July 2015 07: 51
    We have a country-UNSUMPABLE CARRIER! If the Yellowstone explodes on the mattresses, then where should they go? If the Flood, then Siberia remains land, and all steel will drown. No one has such a country.
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 26 July 2015 11: 46
      Stop!!! I live on the Central Russian Plain ... Will I die too? belay
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. atalef
        atalef 26 July 2015 11: 49
        Quote: sabakina
        Stop!!! I live on the Central Russian Plain ... Will I die too?

        100% someday.
        It is only Lenin — always alive.
        1. sabakina
          sabakina 26 July 2015 12: 08
          100% only the Sun goes out ... in 5 years ... I still want to twitch ... wink
      3. morozik
        morozik 27 July 2015 17: 03
        Ark build))
    2. AUL
      AUL 26 July 2015 13: 04
      Just Siberia in the event of a flood (pah-pah-pah, God forbid) drown in the first place, there will be a hefty bay right up to Kazakhstan). But rumors of an impending flood are greatly exaggerated!
  14. kuz363
    kuz363 26 July 2015 07: 55
    It’s written in a tricky way. Apparently, for specialists
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 26 July 2015 08: 24
      Quote: kuz363
      It’s written in a tricky way. Apparently, for specialists

      It was necessary to study better at school. In general, the COUNCIL -
    2. Barakuda
      Barakuda 26 July 2015 08: 26
      For those who live there - a teacher in the 1st grade. Although he drove on the 10th. There was no political information every week, and they did not go to the shooting gallery, the physical instructor did not give a kick.? And I read them ... I compiled them from Pravda, Ivestia, Literary

      th Newspapers ", and what is most terrible -" Foreign Military Review "- there was such a magazine .. But the current for officers .. In my childhood I cut out all the pictures of colored American corbels ... I was getting ready.
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 26 July 2015 10: 22
        There was such a magazine and came in a tight, sealed envelope. I wrote it out at one time. Cognitive magazine.
  15. Barakuda
    Barakuda 26 July 2015 07: 58
    Who is in Crimea? hint at the PM..My have blamed everything ..Be secret FSB informants bully On camera, the beach of Sevastopol, shops of Semfiropol. Because here KOSHMAR - the French only ate shawarma, were half-eaten, they were afraid of the Ukrainian-Tatar movement, and they dumped Mercedes under the guns. wink
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. Old26
    Old26 26 July 2015 10: 08
    Quote: Barracuda
    "Foreign Military Review" - there was such a magazine ... But current for officers ..

    But only until 1971 EMNIP. Then in an open subscription
  18. akudr48
    akudr48 26 July 2015 11: 07
    Of course, Crimea is an unsinkable aircraft carrier.

    However, supply bases, timely fuel supply, maintenance, repair, crew changes, etc. are important for aircraft carriers.

    And with this, Crimea, joined by Perekop to a hostile Ukraine, has problems. Ukram only greed prevents the organization of a 100% land blockade of the peninsula. And in the case of clashes, without a land connection with the mainland, it will be difficult for an aircraft carrier.

    Therefore, one cannot avoid the need to provide a land corridor from the DPR / LPR to the Crimea through Kherson.

    The support of Transnistria, the expansion of the corridor to Odessa, also requires this.
  19. Dimy4
    Dimy4 26 July 2015 12: 02
    ... was one of the manifestations of voluntarism on the part of one of the leaders of the country ...

    Here on the next branch is the information which character Stalin himself gave this characterization. Maybe he wanted worse, but the status did not allow.
  20. lopvlad
    lopvlad 26 July 2015 12: 41
    It's a shitty article. Its author skillfully shredded the Russian military group in Crimea and extolled the army of the West. Like "here the West can wage wars of 5-6 generations and Russia is not yet" which is not true.

    Especially worship of the West is expressed in words
    "The Russian army is qualitatively not much different from its Soviet predecessor of the 1991 model. Therefore, in the event of an armed confrontation using only conventional weapons, success will most likely be on the side of the West."

    In general, another liberal scribble, the main goal of which is to carry through the text with a red line the thought "Russia is weak and the West is strong"
  21. X Y Z
    X Y Z 26 July 2015 13: 19
    Thus, the operation of the United States and other NATO countries against Yugoslavia and subsequent conflicts have allowed them to work out the characteristic features of military confrontations and military operations of a new type (wars of the new fifth and sixth generations, as they now call it) by now.

    This article causes me very big doubts. You can work out the generation wars even up to the tenth, but the West got the victory in the simplest and most primitive way - Serbia was simply deceived, not conquered! We are now reproached by everyone, including the journalists, that we are fighting in the old way, like in the Great Patriotic War. But it's not entirely clear to me whether the new network-centric bells and whistles are just a military fashion, elements necessary for colonial wars and police operations, which are carried out by our "partners" or really new and promising methods of warfare. I would also like to know what battles and wars were won by these methods and what the war will look like when the forces of the partners are equal and hitting the enemy while sitting at the monitor with chips and cola just won't work.
  22. Asadullah
    Asadullah 26 July 2015 17: 17
    Crimea is such a thing, as you don’t jump on it, everything turns out with your ass. From that historically, he tore soft spots to all the hoppers. Only for Crimea, Putin can be recorded in saints. And then they made Wojtylu a saint, for the collapse of the USSR, just like in a fairy tale - an honored saint, an honored great martyr, an honored pope ......
  23. atamankko
    atamankko 26 July 2015 18: 57
    No wonder all the western mongers took up arms in the Crimea.
    He interferes with them, but they can’t do anything.
    1. SOKOL777
      SOKOL777 26 July 2015 19: 38
      Quote: atamankko
      No wonder all the western mongers took up arms in the Crimea.
      He interferes with them, but they can’t do anything.

      Another year or two and everyone will calm down ...
      The transition of Crimea to Russia is a fait accompli and there is no turning back. good
  24. Oleko
    Oleko 27 July 2015 01: 38
    "the modern Russian army is qualitatively not much different from its Soviet predecessor"

    Where is the evidence?
  25. vnord
    vnord 27 July 2015 09: 54
    Quote: Old26
    But only until 1971 EMNIP. Then in an open subscription

    I confirm that I wrote for about 8 years before the collapse of the USSR, and then the magazine was blown away, and it was very informative.
  26. mamont5
    mamont5 27 July 2015 12: 48
    “The unforgettable Taras Shevchenko wrote back in the century before last:“ I’m going to die, so praise me for Vkrain… Come on, get up, tear up the kaidans and sprinkle the earth with evil blood of the enemy. ”Whose blood? are they called now? "

    I don’t remember something that T. Shevchenko called the Russian people, because He preferred to live in St. Petersburg and spoke (and wrote) mainly in Russian.

    "In the event of an armed confrontation using only conventional weapons, success will most likely be on the side of the West."

    And what is this "profound" conclusion based on? Where does the author of the article see the TU army of the West, which could victoriously fight Russia? I don't see that. Are not those NATO leftovers that still need to be collected into a shock fist, equipped and transferred to the theater of operations. In the West today there are no combat-ready armies for a big war.

    The only thing that is true from the article is that you cannot stop there and rest on your laurels. There is no defense enough. She must improve constantly.
  27. Crimson cloud
    Crimson cloud 28 July 2015 10: 56
    The article is curious, the view has the right to life, although it does not seem unambiguous.
    Establishing communication and coordination between the military branches has always been a key task of military organization; in modern conditions we are talking not only about communication, but also directly about management, and with the increasing complexity of technical parameters and increasing the level of electronic support, these tasks are becoming increasingly difficult. It is difficult for me to judge how much they have been realized in our army, and especially in foreign armies, but the fact that they need to be realized is quite obvious to me.
    I suspect that we will not receive up-to-date information on how and how successfully this is implemented due to its secrecy - in general, okay.

    And thanks to Ramzaj99 for such an exhaustive report! I myself was with my family in Crimea, specifically in Sevastopol, in early May, I can confirm the conclusions. Moreover, specifically in Sevastopol, there are almost no negative aspects associated with being completely drunk and with garbage (however, this is because it is not quite a resort - for this I love him).
  28. Sergey Sitnikov
    Sergey Sitnikov 28 July 2015 12: 54
    shit article (((((so much material, but the conclusion is stupid (((Crimea cannot be attacked stupidly because of the Bosphorus?
  29. RRR
    RRR 28 July 2015 23: 44
    You can stupidly attack IMHO will fly something is unlikely. Want is not harmful
    As rightly wrote at

    "Until an all-knowing, Internet-enlightened person tries to drag the boxes with shells for at least 10 minutes, he does not understand how much it weighs, how much volume it takes and what a hellish job it is.

    Especially 152mm. Or Grad recharge.

    The beautiful elves also believe that if there are a couple of guns with a rate of fire, for example, 6 rounds per minute, then it is possible, as in "tanks", to figure out on CD for days.
    Nobody is interested in heating, wear, and types of charges. The fact that even a trained person after several intense shooting with moving / reloading is a semi-stunned vegetable is also not understood. "