Clan demands retribution

Clan demands retributionRelatives of Muammar Gaddafi believe that NATO pilots committed a deliberately planned war crime by shooting the motorcade of the leader of the Jamahiriya near Sirt. To prove his case, the family of the colonel killed under unclear circumstances is ready at the Hague Tribunal, a lawsuit to be filed soon.

Relatives of the murdered Muammar Gaddafi filed a lawsuit in the International Criminal Court in The Hague on the fact of a war crime, which from their point of view is the murder of the former Libyan leader.

“They will file a lawsuit on the fact of a war crime, because they know the circumstances of the death of Gaddafi. NATO helicopters opened fire on the motorcade in which he was traveling. This tuple did not pose any threat to the civilian population. It was an operation to liquidate the Libyan leader, planned by the North Atlantic Alliance, ”RIA reports.News»A statement by the lawyer of the Gaddafi family, Marcel Sessaldi.

As the newspaper VIEW has already reported, Gaddafi was captured on October 20 while trying to leave Sirte captured by the forces of the Transitional National Council. Some time later, the colonel died from a bullet wound in the head.

The new authorities of the country could not explain under what circumstances the colonel died. According to the official version, voiced by PNS representative Mahmoud Djibril, the motorcade, on which Gaddafi tried to escape, came under attack from NATO aircraft. The environment of the colonel tried to hide him in the sewer pipe, where he was soon discovered by the PNS militants. “When they began to take him out of the fire, a bullet hit him in his right hand. Then Gaddafi was put on a jeep, and at that time he had no other injuries, ”he told the details of what happened.

The fact that Gaddafi fell into the hands of the rebels alive was also confirmed by the footage spread by world broadcasters: they can see that the face of the ousted 69-year-old country's leader is stained with blood and he is weak, although he is trying to resist the people who have seized him. Also on the amateur footage captured as someone beats the colonel with a pistol on the head.

Subsequently, the commander of one of the detachments, Omran Oveib, admitted that his subordinates tried to kill Gaddafi on the spot, but he allegedly did not allow arbitrariness.

However, after a short time, the leader of the Jamahiriya was dead. According to the official authorities, when the colonel tried to take him to a safe place, the car landed in a crossfire, as a result of which Gaddafi was fatally wounded in the head. Then the body of the colonel for several days was put on public display in one of the market refrigerators in Misrata, and on Tuesday buried somewhere in the desert.

The medical examiners did not manage to find out from whose bullet - their supporters or opponents - the colonel died.

The murder of the colonel caused concern in the UN. “An investigation is needed, additional information is needed to find out if he was killed during the battle or executed after being caught. It is disturbing that Gaddafi was alive on one video shown on TV channels and dead on the other, ”spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Rupert Colville, commented on the situation.

However, the concern of the West is caused not only by the circumstances of the death of Gaddafi.

The message coming from Libya that from now on the country will live according to Islamic laws are perceived with no less concern. In particular, the PNS has already allowed polygamy in the country.

“The statement by Libyan leader Mustafa Abdeldjalil about sharia as a source of law, as well as reports about the discovery of Qaddafi’s 53 bodies in Sirte, are causing concern in the European Parliament. A free Libya must fully respect human rights, including women's rights. And in the Sharia there are interpretations that clearly contradict human rights and discriminate women, ”said Anna Gomez of the European Parliament’s Libya rapporteur on the eve.

She also called on the new Libyan authorities to investigate the circumstances of the massacre of Gaddafi’s supporters in Sirte, which had been previously announced by human rights activists.

The requirement to respect the rights of prisoners and to stop acts of revenge against former opponents was voiced in the UN. “All armed groups in Libya must ensure that prisoners under their control are treated in accordance with international standards. All acts of oppression and retaliation against Libyans and foreigners should be stopped, and all allegations of violation of prisoners' rights should be considered, ”said the head of the UN commission to investigate human rights violations Philippe Kirsch.
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