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SU-35 to KnAAZ

The development and production of the Su-35 fighter is one of the priority programs of the Sukhoi Company, which is part of the KLA.

Su-35 is a deeply modernized ultra-maneuverable multi-generation fighter 4 ++, which uses fifth-generation technologies that provide superiority over fighters of a similar class.

Produced at Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant. Yu.A. Gagarin (KnAAZ).

The distinctive features of the aircraft are the new avionics complex based on a digital information control system, an integrated on-board equipment system, a new radar station with a phased antenna array with a large range of airborne targets with an increased number of simultaneously followed and fired targets and swivel vector thrust.



Currently, state joint testing of the aircraft (GSI) is continuing. During the flight tests, the main specified flight performance of the aircraft, as well as the characteristics of super-maneuverability, the performance of the onboard equipment, the stability and controllability of the vehicle, the parameters of the power plant and the accuracy of the navigation system were confirmed.



All work related to the state testing of the new fighter is carried out in accordance with the approved plan. Combat use modes have been successfully tested, including with the real use of controlled and uncontrolled aviation means of destruction (ASP).




The results obtained during the tests of the aircraft allow us to conclude today that the Su-35 possesses significantly better flight performance compared to the vehicles equipped with analogues, and the installed on-board equipment allows you to solve a wide range of tasks defined by the tactical-technical assignment.



Realized and achieved on the aircraft characteristics significantly exceed the capabilities of tactical fighters of the 4 and 4 + type Rafale and Eurofighter 2000, upgraded F-15, F-16 and F-18 fighters, and can effectively counteract the F-35X aircraft.


The Su-35 aircraft used many advanced technologies that are widely used on the PAK-FA aircraft. It is a kind of platform for developing advanced technologies that are used on the fifth-generation aircraft, which are currently being tested.




First of all, this is a new on-board equipment complex, integrated on the basis of an information management system (ICS), built using the most advanced information technology solutions using redundant multiprocessor computing systems and high-speed information exchange channels, ensuring the integrated information processing function received from sight and sighting systems, and providing the pilot with intellectual support in solving complex combat missions.


Su-35 widely uses situational awareness technologies in a spherical information field and in real time by using the capabilities of a complex of communication facilities, radar, optical-electronic survey and reconnaissance systems of the CCD, as well as ground and air control systems of various levels.



18.In the plane installed new engines (similar to the engines PAK FA) with increased thrust and swivel vector, as well as built-in auxiliary power unit (VSU).


20. Su-35 has a wide range of long-range, medium-range and short-range guided aviation weapons (TSA), as well as uncontrolled TSA.

21. On July 16, the company “Sukhoi” handed over to the Russian Air Force a batch of Su-35С aircraft within the framework of the Unified Day of Military Acceptance. The transfer ceremony was held in the Komsomolsk-on-Amur branch - KnAAZ them. Yu.A. Gagarin.

22. The aircraft were made as part of government orders for the supply of military aircraft to the Russian Air Force, as stipulated by the State Armaments Program for 2011-2020. Their implementation will provide a deep modernization of the Air Force of the country and guarantee the company "Sukhoi" and related companies a high load for the long term.

23. Currently, the company "Sukhoi" fulfills the state contract for the supply of the Su-48S fighter jets to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Basic data of the Su-35

Length, m 21,9
Height, m ​​5,9
Wingspan, m 14,7

Take-off weight, kg:
normal (2 x RVB-AE + 2 x P-73E) - 25300
maximum - 34500

TRDD F engine 2 pcs, thrust, kg 14500

Maximum fuel capacity in internal tanks, kg 11500
Maximum combat load weight, kg 8000
Practical ceiling, km 18
Flight range with maximum refueling, km:
H = 0, M = 0,7 - 1580
Ncr, md - 3600

Ferrying range with 2 x PTB-2000, km - 4500
Acceleration time at the height of 1000 m with the remaining fuel 50% of normal refueling, s:
from 600 km / h to 1100 km / h - 13,8
from 1100 km / h to 1300 km / h - 8,0

Maximum rate of climb (H = 1000 m), m / s> 280
Maximum flight speed:
H = 200 m, km / h - 1400
H = 11000 m, the number M - 2,25

Maximum operating overload, g 9
Run length at normal take-off weight at full afterburner, m 400-450
The length of the run when landing on a concrete strip using a brake parachute and wheel brakes with a normal landing weight, m ​​650-700

25. The power plant of the Su-35 aircraft consists of two 117С two-circuit turbojet engines with units providing power supply for aircraft consumers. The work of the power plant is provided by control and monitoring systems, cooling, fire extinguishing, and air intake mechanization controls.

26. Thrust, kgf on full oversage mode - 14500, on maximum mode - 8 800.




30. Engine "117C" - the further development of the engine AL-31F Su-27. It has a modified low-pressure compressor design, a full-length controlled nozzle, a new digital engine and air intake control system.






36. Until the end of the year, another twelve Su-35С will be transferred to the Ministry of Defense, as well as five Su-30М2.

Here such beauty.

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  1. Igor39
    Igor39 25 July 2015 05: 51
    A cool plane, if only all the old dryers were changed to SU-35, and replaced with the regulations, podshamanit and sold or transferred to the EurAsEC allies, of course it would be nice to release 500 such pieces and then take on the T-50, dreams, dreams ..
      THANK YOU ALL 25 July 2015 12: 47
      Quote: Igor39
      A cool plane, if only all the old dryers were changed to SU-35, and replaced with the regulations, podshamanit and sold or transferred to the EurAsEC allies, of course it would be nice to release 500 such pieces and then take on the T-50, dreams, dreams ..

      Yes!!! IGOR !!!
      35 is a very cool plane!
      And it would be very cool super megaclaus if they were released 50 pcs!
      So I marked in the top!
      Igor put me a "+" because I wrote the same as you!
      Let this comment sound very stupid and trite to the point of disgust, but here, there are a lot of not very smart people who put "+" for such stupid and disgusting comments.
      And I love "+" and you seem to be the same with them very much, with very love! wink drinks
  2. Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 25 July 2015 09: 34
    In the photographs, not only the Su-35, but also the Su-30M2 and MK2, well, by the way, so that there are no idiotic questions like on the blog
    1. zyablik.olga
      zyablik.olga 25 July 2015 10: 42
      Quote: KnightRider
      Cool plane, that would be all the old dryers changed to SU-35

      Alas, if this happens, it will not be soon ... request In addition, it would not be very bad if, together with the planes, they themselves produced the element base for avionics.
  3. cerbuk6155
    cerbuk6155 25 July 2015 11: 00
    The number of aircraft ordered depends on the president, but in general we need at least 500 of these machines. I think the majority of Russians will vote for this, except of course its enemies. soldier
  4. afrikanez
    afrikanez 25 July 2015 11: 53
    Seem to be. that this is the final revision of the Su-27 to the ideal! good
    1. The point
      The point 25 July 2015 12: 41
      I repeat the obvious: this is a 4 ++ generation aircraft. Next comes the fifth generation, i.e. T-50.
  5. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 25 July 2015 19: 50
    I think that when they do 48 SU-35s they will start making T-50s.
  6. SPLV
    SPLV 25 July 2015 20: 40
    The plane is certainly beautiful, but where is the amount comparable to the US Air Force? With all the advantages, there is no mass. Where is the Mig?
    SVVAULSH 25 July 2015 21: 09
    On the part of the photo of the product with an air brake, it is clearly not the Su-35.
  8. dvg79
    dvg79 27 July 2015 06: 10
    Here are just the hard workers who collect them get a penny.