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At leisure, inquiring about the citation of my articles online, I stumbled upon Vugar Hasanov’s angry essay on the website Vesti.azwhere the author with fury attacked your humble servant, comparing it with the well-known TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, about whom he is also extremely low opinion. The reason was the old small article, once published on the portal "VO". Apparently, the word “client” that I applied to Azerbaijan, and a few other points, which I will touch on below, especially hooked on the author of the text. I regret that I discovered the attack only six months later and answer only now, but better late than never.

Not a customer?

First, of course, a pleasant comparison with Mr. Solovyov, although we are playing with him, let's say, in several different weight categories. The fact that we are with him on this issue adhere to a common civil position is not proof of the targeted persecution of Azerbaijan. It only shows that a certain opinion has already formed in Russian society regarding the southern neighbor, which did not arise yesterday. And it is Azerbaijani citizens who should think how to rectify the situation.

Secondly, the word “client” is not demeaning, it only reflects a certain position of the state in relation to great powers. For example, we, Russians, objectively understand that now our country is often the youngest partner of China, but this is a harsh geopolitical reality. With respect to Azerbaijan is still easier. And this is also an objective reality. Of course, humanly I deeply understand the desire of the citizens of Azerbaijan to see their country independent, building an equal policy with all the world forces. The trouble is that by no means can Baku lead an independent policy without looking at its main "partners."

For example, until recently, Azerbaijan was the main element of the not too successful TANAP project, as well as the obviously failed Nabucco project. From the point of view of Baku, this is a profitable diversification of supply routes, which is certainly good for him. For Russia, these projects mean embedding Azerbaijan into a frankly anti-Russian energy axis (at least fifty years, such pipelines simply do not build for a shorter service life), where the rules of the game will not be dictated by him. After that, you can broadcast as much as you like about Baku’s “independent” and “multi-vector” policy - this will in no way change reality. After the entry of the gas transmission corridor into service, the emergence of numerous “military advisers” in the Transcaucasian republic will become only a matter of time. After all, valuable property must somehow be protected! And there is no doubt that the gas pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe will be implemented in one form or another - the main political idea of ​​Turkey and the EU is aimed precisely at this outcome. The question is only in geography, timing and price of such a difficult plan.

In military terms, everything is also very difficult. Yes, the lion's share of Azerbaijani weapons comes from the Russian Federation, but a lot of Baku also buys from Israel, Turkey and the EU countries. It would be naive to believe that the purchase weapons the country does not bind the buyer to the supplier. The fact that Russia almost does not use this tool in its foreign policy does not mean that other countries will be just as noble. And we, Russians, are also obliged to take this into account. The presence of Armenia in the CSTO also forces all those involved in geopolitical strategies in Russia to consider Azerbaijan as a possible adversary. Hopefully, these calculations will remain just a theory.

Further, Mr. Hasanov announced that Azerbaijan deliberately abandoned the path of European integration. An interesting conclusion. Naturally, if you are not allowed somewhere, then it is even psychologically simpler to state that you didn’t really want to. Baku made it clear that he has no chance of European integration. They do not even have much closer and culturally and geographically to Europe countries. For example, in Russia. We will modestly keep silent about Turkey, which has been knocking on European doors for decades.

Also, the author of the article undertook to assert that Azerbaijan is almost in opposition to the United States, since the latter criticize its policies. It is not even funny. For information of Mr. Hasanov, the Americans criticize almost all even the closest allies. And Israel, and Japan, and Saudi Arabia, and Turkey for a variety of reasons. What for? Yes, so that they do not relax and remember that they also have a “big cudgel” in case they turn away from the true path. The political orientation of modern Baku quite suits the Americans, and if someone considers himself “proud and independent” and at the same time acts entirely in the interests of the United States, then why change something?

In order to become independent, Azerbaijan needs to be at least two to three times more territorially and in terms of population. The territory provides strategic depth and resources for the creation of an independent processing industry. Iran has created something like this. Being built into foreign (energy, and not only) projects, where other people's rules apply, the country really becomes a “client”.

Actually, from the understanding of this simple fact, there is a distrust of the “independent” Azerbaijani policy on the part of Russian observers of all levels, from Mr. Solovyov to Comrade Kabardin. For internal Azerbaijani audience stories about a proud and independent republic, maybe they are suitable, but from the outside world everything looks somewhat different.

And finally, Mr. Hasanov. Announcement by anyone of obvious aspects of reality is not a provocation. Resentment to this only confirms the validity of the charges. We, Russians, are ready to criticize our Motherland so that it becomes better and correct obvious shortcomings. Are Azerbaijani journalists ready to take an objective look at their country's place in the world, this is a big question ...

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  1. domokl
    domokl 27 July 2015 06: 15
    Igor, you know very well that in order to cause a flood of negativity it is enough to write, for example, Armenia is the best country! .. And you will get a wave of nasty things from Azerbaijanis. In the same way and vice versa.
    Well, a somewhat hypertrained desire to be independent and "leading". It happens.
    1. Kibalchish
      27 July 2015 06: 27
      I would also understand if there really was something against Azerbaijan. So no. They themselves came up with - they were indignant.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 27 July 2015 06: 51
        Quote: Kibalchish
        They invented themselves - they were indignant

        Then they themselves forgot that they invented and were indignant. The author is not an author without criticism.
        1. candy wrapper13
          candy wrapper13 27 July 2015 07: 23
          .An author without criticism is not an author.-Igor Kabardin- his opinion, life position always cause live response The more irreconcilable it is, the more unexpected the more intense passions. good yesI read it with interest laughing
      2. Nick
        Nick 27 July 2015 22: 00
        Quote: Kibalchish
        I would also understand if there really was something against Azerbaijan. So no. They themselves came up with - they were indignant.

        Painful pride happens.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 27 July 2015 06: 19
    Resentment for such a thing only confirms the justice of the charges.

    It is not necessary to react sharply to the comments of some members of the IGOR forum ... all the same, wisdom and patience are not the lot of many people, we must patiently and intelligibly explain our position to people of different nationalities of religion, political convictions (of course not hateful).

    I believe that the most difficult thing in communicating with people is to make the person from the enemy your ally .... and aerobatics when he becomes your true friend .... this is a difficult task even for geeks.
  3. Igor39
    Igor39 27 July 2015 06: 20
    Does Azerbaijan enter the world political arena?
    1. Throw
      Throw 27 July 2015 06: 58
      Long gone. Only not as a client, but as a staff.
      1. 416D
        416D 27 July 2015 14: 18
        "Out for a long time. Not as a client, but as a service staff."

        Oh well. Where did your sarcasm come from? That you actually were in the role of volunteer staff in the Gorbachev-Yeltsin era.
  4. ImPerts
    ImPerts 27 July 2015 06: 28
    This is an eternal problem.
    I also perfectly understand the Azerbaijanis, they have Nagorno-Karabakh at the forefront. Hence the biased attitude towards us. After all, Armenia is under the tutelage of Russia, and here are various treaties.
    But the author is right to be a small, but proud and independent country unrealistic in this sublunar world. To someone attracted. Or tear it to pieces.
  5. strelets
    strelets 27 July 2015 06: 28
    Everyone wants to feel powerful and independent. But you need to distinguish the desired from the real.
  6. RuslanNN
    RuslanNN 27 July 2015 06: 30
    Azerbaijan needs to stick to Russia. The sooner Azerbaijan realizes that Europe and the US use them in their policies, the better. Historically, Azerbaijan has been economically, culturally and politically closely linked with Russia, and to put it mildly unreasonably to break off these ties. Europe does not need Azerbaijan and there is no way for it there.
    1. domokl
      domokl 27 July 2015 06: 35
      Quote: RuslanNN
      Europe does not need Azerbaijan and there is no way for it there.

      Everything is written correctly. But if Georgia’s dreams of NATO and the EU come true? Then the question of Azerbaijan may arise ...
      1. ImPerts
        ImPerts 27 July 2015 06: 47
        I accept Georgia into NATO, it will be necessary to automatically recognize the territorial integrity of the state and the absence of conflict over South Ossetia and Abkhazia.
      2. 6 inches
        6 inches 27 July 2015 06: 48
        It is unlikely that Georgia will be accepted to the EU in the near future. Is it ahead of the Turks? C'mon .. compare the weight of Turkey and Georgia. If this happens then Turkey will be very unhappy .. which, in principle, will be good for us.
      3. inkass_98
        inkass_98 27 July 2015 07: 23
        Quote: domokl
        if Georgia’s dreams of NATO and the EU come true?

        I would like to see the mechanism of such a scenario. Both organizations will not accept a country with territorial problems, and in an acute phase. And further exacerbation of the confrontation with Russia, the EU is not very required, and the conflict will surely arise, do not go to Merkel. NATO, however, must completely freeze the remains of the brain and appoint a representative of the present master of the bloc on a permanent basis, which is somewhat contrary to the Charter of this organization. Poland, Romania, the Baltic states (it is useless to separate these, Siamese identical twins) will be delighted, of course, with such a powerful ally, but only the rest, "old" members of the bloc will not be very happy to get into a war with Russia for the sake of another premature Misha.
    2. ImPerts
      ImPerts 27 July 2015 06: 42
      Turkey is an example. They’ve been kept on a leash for so many years, but they aren’t allowed)))
    3. Yeraz
      Yeraz 27 July 2015 12: 24
      Quote: RuslanNN
      Azerbaijan needs to stick to Russia.

      It’s hard to hold on to someone who is arming for free or very, very cheap and protecting the enemy who has occupied your territory. Thanks to Ilham, there is no action against it, but Ilham is not eternal. And while he is in power, Russia has a unique opportunity to make Azerbaijan a reliable ally. But this is not seen.
  7. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 27 July 2015 07: 20
    tsunarefs have megalomania from raw materials in excess of 2000s income ... but this is already in the past, hence the hysterics in the style: "how dare you write such a thing about Great Azerbaijan ?? !!!"
    this is such a variant of Tsunaref Svidomo
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 27 July 2015 07: 23
    Azerbaijan consciously abandoned the path of European integration. An interesting conclusion.... But who is waiting for Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia .. as equal partners? I think no one .. The West needs these countries, ideally, as a springboard for an attack on Russia .. But it does not fit so far with the bridgeheads ... And so far, they have enough Arabs and blacks ...
  9. Oquz
    Oquz 27 July 2015 07: 42
    Not a customer! that's all
    1. Victorio
      Victorio 27 July 2015 11: 46
      Quote: Oquz
      Not a customer! that's all

      comrades persecuted as well brothers discredited so client most realistically reflects modern relationships
    2. kotvov
      kotvov 27 July 2015 12: 02
      Not a customer! that's all..
      OK, CHIEF, feel better?
      1. Evgen_Vasilich
        Evgen_Vasilich 27 July 2015 21: 39
        Nobility?))) (C)
  10. Skalpel
    Skalpel 27 July 2015 08: 40
    [quote = ImPertz] This is an eternal problem.
    I also perfectly understand the Azerbaijanis, they have Nagorno-Karabakh at the forefront. Hence the biased attitude towards us. After all, Armenia is under the tutelage of Russia, and here are various treaties.
    Looking at the tip of your nose - you will not see what is further than it. So it is with Azerbaijan - I want to be Big. Strong. Great. Independent. Yes, just one desire for this is not enough. Abandon the alliance with Russia in favor of Western slave owners - and the future path of this country, alas, is very predictable and sad ... Let them watch the news more often, remember the latest political history and think, think, think, well, if there is anything, of course ...
  11. fomkin
    fomkin 27 July 2015 08: 58
    I have long noticed that the smaller the nation, the more wounded pride it has. Inferiority complex? Or how. Probably the instinct of self-preservation. Although, on the other hand, he served in Belarus (he left in 2000) and did not even notice from them even hints of such complexes.
  12. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 27 July 2015 09: 20
    The smaller the country, the more complexes it has. Everywhere you can find and dig deeper into pain points. Someone is genocide, someone has Karabakh. There are small ones on the territory of the country, but their authority is often many times greater than their territory. Touchiness, these are problems of a teenage, transitional period.
  13. Ascetic
    Ascetic 27 July 2015 09: 20
    "client" (from Lat. cliens, pl. clientes) - in ancient Rome, a free citizen who surrendered himself under the patron's protection and was dependent on him.

    I can completely agree with Igor's conclusions, here, as they say, you can't add or subtract in essence. But I can also understand the resentment of the Azerbaijani "comrades" at such a definition of Azerbaijan's role in foreign policy. Still, if we compare it with Ukraine, which has become a classic "client" in the literal and figurative sense of the word, then Baku is clearly not a "client" here. Or take Armenia, a typical "client", for example. BUT for them support for Russia is a matter of life and death, without us they will simply be crushed by neighbors. Or the same Georgia, why not a regular "client"? Azerbaijan, at least officially, is not a member of any military-political unions (the stillborn GUAM does not count) and at the moment, the SAM is not officially seeking anywhere, trying to carry out a sovereign policy to the best of its ability.
    Therefore, in terms of terminology, I would not apply this definition. Moreover, in relation to Russia with respect to China, our liberal national traitors are happy to talk about it, silent about
    the fact that under their Yeltsin’s power, Russia was a typical US client with all the ensuing consequences in the form of colossal territorial, human and economic losses.
    So the resentment of Azerbaijanis is understandable and predictable.
  14. vnord
    vnord 27 July 2015 10: 16
    I wonder where more Azerbaijanis live in Azerbaijan or in Russia ????????
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 27 July 2015 10: 48
      Quote: vnord
      I wonder where more Azerbaijanis live in Azerbaijan or in Russia ????????

      The same question can be posed in relation to the Tajiks, Uzbeks, Armenians, Moldavians, Georgians, etc., and in the course of time soon to the Ukrainians. winked So Russia is a unique empire, where the outskirts lived richer and richer than the metropolis, and as soon as the empire broke up it seemed to live regardless of the oppression of the Russian invaders and rejoice. request
    2. Yeraz
      Yeraz 27 July 2015 12: 20
      Quote: vnord
      I wonder where more Azerbaijanis live in Azerbaijan or in Russia ????????

      And guess with 3 times ??
      In general, in Iran, the number of 15-30 million is the minimum and maximum data on the number, since accurate statistics are not carried out.
  15. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 27 July 2015 10: 52
    Quote: Ascetic
    Still, if we compare with Ukraine, which has become a classic "client" in the literal and figurative sense of the word, then Baku is clearly not a "client" here.

    Alas, there is nothing permanent in geopolitics. The 20th century is an example, and the beginning of the 21st is reminiscent of Aunt Sara’s sewing studio, where old clothes are redrawn and a new suit is sharpened.
    Let us look at what is happening on the other hand;
    An idea arose to create a common economic space from Europe to the Far East, and as a result, as expected, Washington became "concerned". loses the role of the first violin and what? ...... A buffer belt has emerged between Russia and Europe in the form of "irreconcilable" countries, the Baltic states, Poland and Ukraine, which excludes the possibility of free trade due to the whims of "buffer" (the map clearly shows ) And now the last puzzle in this combination (Ukraine) fails.
    A new global project is emerging - China, Russia, Iran, as a result of which Washington traditionally "worried", for it will again find itself on the sidelines. And what is typical, he has a solution to this problem too - to ignite the region through Azerbaijan and Armenia using the Karabakh problem.
    So Azerbaijan really fits the definition of "client".
    Not for nothing, the State Department is already "concerned" about the violation of human rights in these countries ... and do not hide their irritation with the decrease in protest activity in Armenia
    1. Ascetic
      Ascetic 27 July 2015 11: 31
      Quote: Nyrobsky
      And which is characteristic, he has a solution to this problem too - to burn the region through Azerbaijan and Armenia using the Karabakh problem.
      So Azerbaijan really fits the definition of "client".

      Well, if you talk like that, then in the global world order, all US customers, only with varying degrees of dependence. Here the question is not the ESSENCE of the phenomenon but the TERMINOLOGY. Once again

      "client" (from Lat. cliens, pl. clientes) - in Ancient Rome, a free citizen, surrendered under the patronage of the cartridge and being dependent on it.

      It seems that Azerbaijan has not surrendered to anyone in the literal sense of the word, that it is not the SUBJECT of foreign policy but its OBJECT about which you actually wrote like the author is pure truth and objective reality. Try to answer the question to whom Azerbaijan delegated its sovereignty? Turkey? USA? EU? To China? Iran or Russia at last?
      With regard to the Baltic countries, Porlsha Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova and others, the question is rhetorical and the answer is obvious. Here, everything is not so simple and understandable. So the "client" is not suitable in this case, but the subject of the geopolitical ambitions of global players and a candidate for the next client is quite. Judging by Aliyev's latest statements, Baku understands this and clearly does not want to be "clients".
      In Azerbaijan, in February 2014, the President of the Republic signed amendments to the law on NGOs, which tightens state control over the financing of non-governmental organizations. Earlier, in 2009, the Azerbaijani government already “tightened the screws” in relation to non-governmental organizations, especially those of foreign origin. Then a law was passed obliging the branches and representative offices of international NGOs to conclude a special agreement with the government of Azerbaijan before registration. The law introduced fairly stringent requirements, the non-compliance of which could lead (and led) to the denial of registration. In addition, the legislation, strengthened by the relevant government decree in 2011, requires registration not only of the NPOs themselves, but also of each grant they receive.

  16. Sagaidark
    Sagaidark 27 July 2015 12: 19
    Short-sightedness and unwillingness to perceive reality adequately - create all the world's problems.
  17. Proxor_P
    Proxor_P 27 July 2015 16: 42
    I agree with the author 100%. We should not rely on anyone, we must be "ourselves with a mustache", bend our line in international affairs, constantly checking our national interests. Remember that the allies come and go, but our country always remains ... This, of course, does not mean that we need to get together with our neighbors, not at all! But it's not worth lisping either. Many of our "colleagues" only understand the language of strength and imperial might. It is from this that we must proceed, and with the Azeri too. The strong is always right, what is really there ... So we live!
  18. andrewkor
    andrewkor 27 July 2015 18: 02
    they let Azerbaijan into UEFA well, okay.
  19. rus-5819
    rus-5819 27 July 2015 20: 05
    Quote: vnord
    I wonder where more Azerbaijanis live in Azerbaijan or in Russia ????????

    In Moscow.
    1. t1g3r
      t1g3r 27 July 2015 21: 06
      We Russians are ready to criticize our homeland so that it becomes better and corrects obvious flaws. But are Azerbaijani journalists ready to take an objective look at the place of their country in the world, this is a big question ...

      from this place he laughed strangling ... Mr. Kabardin, please speak on your own behalf and do not take the words of the Azerbaijani journalist as his personal opinion ... because no one has delegated the right to speak from the entire multinational people of Russia like the Azerbaijani junalist, someone did not delegate the rights of the people Azerbaijan, take too much on yourself ...

      ChSV at the patient obviously rolls over

      Azerbaijan buys a lot of weapons from the EU :) ??? in a previous article I read that Azerbaijan has support from the United States :))

      here I’m only interested in one thing. maybe local Russian journalists felts write a stream of nonsense and do not compare information with open sources in the military technical cooperation of almost all EU and US countries sanctions were imposed on Azerbaijan from the moment it appeared ...

      an attempt to purchase the T-155 Firtina is the most vivid example of this when MTU established sanctions for the supply of engines :)

      in this, as I understand the essence of the conflict is that you write your own fantasies and conjectures and do not compare them with reality ... as well as 90% of all "ANALYTICS" from preschoolers (however) to all sorts of satanic and nightingale ones))