From now on, American soldiers will receive additional weapons: unmanned aircraft in army shoulder backpacks

From now on, American soldiers will receive additional weapons: unmanned aircraft in army shoulder backpacks

The US military, especially those who perform special operations away from fire support forces, will soon receive a new weaponwith which you can do without artillery preparation or preventive air strikes.

A portable unmanned aerial vehicle that fits in a special knapsack on the back of a soldier will help to calculate the enemy’s positions and intentions, as well as attack him before the battle begins.

AeroVironment has already signed a contract with the Pentagon to manufacture the first batch of Switchblade drones worth 4,9 million. Manufacturers hope that the reconnaissance and percussion mini-pilots of the battlefield will give new significant advantages to the US military during the fighting.

How does the new device work? Without waiting for artillery preparation, the US Army division, which has Switchblade at its disposal, will be able to launch a drone from any place with a special trigger in the form of a pipe. The flight of the device is controlled from the ground using a portable computing module. However, the drone is able to perform flight tasks and in automatic mode, without human intervention.

All data on the combat situation and the position of the enemy is also transmitted to the control module in real time. When detecting enemy units on command from the ground, the drone carrying the warhead is sent to the target.

However, the option to quickly cancel a defeat command is included in the Switchblade program options. It allows you to thus avoid the death of civilians if they suddenly find themselves in the attack zone of the drone.

For greater efficiency, the creators of the apparatus supplied the drone with a noiseless electric motor, which would allow it to secretly approach the enemy’s positions. Having approached the minimum distance to the target, the device can completely turn off the engines and go into the airframe mode.
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