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Captain of the 1 rank Valentin Rykov, who commanded the submarine K-1958 in 1962-52, died

Captain 90 of the rank Valentin Rykov, Hero of Socialist Labor (1), former commander of the nuclear submarine K-1984 (52-1958), died in St. Petersburg in 1962. Valentin Pavlovich at one time held the post of Senior Commissioner of the Baltic Group of the State Acceptance of the ships of the Navy of the USSR.

Captain of the 1 rank Valentin Rykov, who commanded the submarine K-1958 in 1962-52, died

Valentin Rykov was born in 1926 in Kashira near Moscow. He studied at the Leningrad Naval Preparatory School. In 1949 he graduated from the Higher Naval School. M.V. Frunze. Service in the North navy He began as the commander of the steering group of the navigational БЧ-1 submarine B-5. In 1950, he was appointed commander of this submarine.

Under his command, the cruising nuclear submarine K-52 in April 1961 made the legendary transition under pack ice in the archipelagoes of Franz Josef Land and Svalbard. The trek reached the north latitude in 84 degrees.

In 1962, a steam generator crashed on K-52, and the crew in the sixth compartment received serious radiation doses. However, coordinated actions of the command and crew prevented a more serious accident. As a result, the boat was able to return to the naval base.

For his service in the navy and work in veteran organizations, Valentin Rykov was awarded numerous orders and medals, including the Order of Courage, the Order of Lenin, the Order of the Red Banner of Labor, and the Order of the Red Star.

An important moment: Captain 1 rank Valentin Rykov, commander of a nuclear submarine, was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor for accepting new ships to the fleet. Such a title, except for Valentin Rykov, was not assigned to any of the commanders of nuclear submarines for similar work.

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  1. Vladimir57
    Vladimir57 23 July 2015 08: 52
    Bright memory! Man was a man.
    1. jjj
      jjj 23 July 2015 08: 55
      The Lord measured a long life. Of the first nuclear commanders, almost no one was left
      1. pavel_SPB
        pavel_SPB 23 July 2015 11: 50
        Eternal bright memory! Rest in peace!
  2. fzr1000
    fzr1000 23 July 2015 08: 57
    May God grant every good man to live up to such years. And also the common "specialists" said that our boats of those years were dangerous for the crews.
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 23 July 2015 09: 23
      Pioneers are always harder. Eternal glory.
  3. BOB044
    BOB044 23 July 2015 09: 13
    Good memory to the hero.
  4. ssp27
    ssp27 23 July 2015 09: 24
    Earth rest in peace and the kingdom of heaven.
  5. tyras85
    tyras85 23 July 2015 10: 12
    The old Guard leaves, merchants remain ... Eternal memory! May the earth be the sea, uv.Valentin Pavlovich! Eternal Glory to the Heroes!
  6. vladimirw
    vladimirw 23 July 2015 10: 48
    There were people, there was a fleet with them!
  7. interceptor58
    interceptor58 23 July 2015 10: 55
    Everlasting memory. These are vivid examples for education and worthy of imitation.
  8. f.laurens
    f.laurens 23 July 2015 10: 59
    Kingdom of heaven courageous man was
  9. veksha50
    veksha50 23 July 2015 11: 06
    For some reason, such people are remembered when they pass away ... But today's youth need to be taught by examples of such people ... And not only youth ...

    Valentin Pavlovich earned his good and long human memory with his deeds ... Peace be upon him ...
  10. Resistance
    Resistance 23 July 2015 11: 16
    A.V. Olkhovikov and V.P. Rykov
  11. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 23 July 2015 11: 44
    Eternal and bright memory! Kingdom of heaven!
  12. Kovlad
    Kovlad 23 July 2015 16: 25
    Everlasting memory! And the journalists who published this article sincerely THANKS!
  13. Don Cesar
    Don Cesar 23 July 2015 21: 05
    real man!!!! family sincere regrets, mourn with you ...