Russian helicopters for India


Indian Air Force in 2016 intend to continue to buy Russian helicopters. We are talking about buying 48 multipurpose military transport helicopters Mi-17В-5. The fact that such a deal is planned for the Russian news agency said the press secretary of the Indian Air Force Simranpal Singh Birdi. The cost of the contract has not yet been disclosed. But earlier the deal was valued at 1,1 billion dollars.

Mi-8MTV-5 helicopters, with the export designation Mi-17V-5, can be used both for transporting personnel and for transporting goods. In service with the car: anti-tank guided missiles "Attack", unguided aviation S-8 missiles, as well as the possibility of installing machine guns and grenade launchers. Cars have proven themselves when flying in harsh climates and use in remote mountainous areas. Helicopters of the Mi-17 type (export version of the Mi-8 family of helicopters) are most in demand among foreign customers.

Thus, according to the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, last year the total volume of identified contracts for Russian helicopter technology through military-technical cooperation amounted to about 133 machines, of which 107 are Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-171 helicopters. The largest importers of the year 2014 were Afghanistan (30 Mi-17В-5), China (24 Mi-171 and Ka-32), India (19 Mi-17В-5) and Iraq (19 Mi-XNXX Helicopters and Iraq (MiNXX Mi-XNXX Helicopters) and Iraq (17 Mi-XNXX Helicopters) and Iraq (5 Mi-XNXX Helicopters and Iraq (35 Mi-XNXX Helicopters) and Iraq (28 Mi-XNXX Helicopters) and Iraq (XNUMX Mi-XNXX Helicopters) and Iraq (XNUMX Mi-XNXX Helicopters) and Iraq (XNUMX Mi-XNXX Helicopters) XNUMX, Mi-XNUMX and Mi-XNUMXHE).

More 300 Mi-8 and Mi-17 are now used in India. In general, according to experts, more than 70% of Indian weapons belong to Soviet and Russian production.
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    July 26 2015
    That's nice, just buy on, it means trust, but it is worth a lot.
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    July 26 2015
    Sell ​​what you want and where you want, but the most important thing is to have enough ... I think so ... hi
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    2. gjv
      July 27 2015
      Quote: VadimLives
      Sell ​​what you want and wherever you want, but most importantly, we would have enough ...

      In the last month, photos of five new-built Mi-8 family helicopters launched at the Ulan-Uda Aviation Plant in the interests of the Federal Security Service appeared on the leading Russian aviation photography portal
      Four of them are Mi-8AMTSh of various configuration options. Unlike the previously delivered cars, they all have a nose of the "dolphin nose" type and an auxiliary power unit Safir 5 instead of the AI-9, but are not equipped with searchlights of the round-the-clock search and search system and ramp cargo doors. It is worth noting that the requirements for staffing helicopters with the Ultra Force 350HD search and search system were excluded from the state contract in April 2015 due to the impossibility of their delivery (probably due to the sanctions policy).
      The configuration features are probably related to the specifics of the FSB aviation squad service in various regions of the country. Three helicopters were captured in Novosibirsk during the drive from UAZ to their base in the European part of the country.
      The helicopter with the number RF-23176, seen in Vorkuta, is the most “simple” version.

      The RF-23197 and RF-28505 vehicles seen in Novosibirsk and Vladivostok are equipped with external outboard fuel tanks, crew’s armored plates, and devices for ejecting false thermal targets.

      The Mi-8AMTSh RF-23184, also noted in Novosibirsk, unlike the previous two, does not have external outboard fuel tanks, but is equipped with trusses for arms suspension.

      The fifth helicopter from the “salons” category, in addition to all other elements traditionally inherent in VIP cars, has L-band satellite communication stations operating in the Rainbow-M system, previously installed only on Mi-8AMT-1 and Mi-8AMTS-1 machines for the minister of defense.
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    July 26 2015
    The most reliable car, like AKM.

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