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Germany has not learned the lessons of history?

They say: how many people, so many opinions. However, assessments of politicians close to non-public, insider information always deserve attention. Last Tuesday, two well-known people in the country, Mikhail Gorbachev and Vladimir Zhirinovsky, spoke on the same topic. The leader of the Liberal Democratic Party during the Open Tribune meeting in the State Duma suggested that in the next two years Germany, through Ukraine, would start a war with Russia. The ex-president of the USSR, at the presentation in Moscow of the book by the German politician Wilfried Sharnagol, attended to the deterioration of relations between Russia and Germany and called for restoring the previous level of trust between the countries.

Adequate minority policies

Mikhail Gorbachev at the presentation was not just. He wrote the preface to Willow's Scharnagl's book "The Catcher". Sharnagly 76 years. Close in age to Gorbachev, he is infinitely far from the Russian subject. In Germany, the author of the new essay is known as a journalist and politician specializing in domestic politics, mostly Bavaria. For a long time, V. Sharnagl was the chief editor of the newspaper of the conservative Bavarian Christian-Social Union (CSU) Bayernkurier. Now, in his old age, he showed himself in international journalism by publishing “political notes” (as the author defined the genre of the book), in which he critically assesses the Western approach to the Ukrainian crisis and proposes to stop the sanctions, recognize the current status of Crimea and conduct a federal reorganization of Ukraine.

In Germany, the book "The Catcher" was not taken seriously. There are several reasons for this. First of all, the author is not an expert on Russia, which, in the eyes of the local politician, reduces the value of his conclusions. Moreover, without knowing the Russian language, Sharnagl constantly refers to German sources, which to some extent is a repetition of facts already known in Germany. At the same time, one cannot say that the veteran of Bavarian journalism did not understand the nature of the conflict in Ukraine. However, his assessments, which radically differed from the view that dominated in German society about the Ukrainian events and the role of Russia in them, did not shake the prevailing opinion. Perhaps even now it is beyond the power of an authoritative expert; too few leading German politicians share the point of view of Wilfried Scharnagli today.

But they say a drop wears away a stone. Little by little, an adequate assessment of the Ukrainian events began to leak into the Western media. And not only in Germany. Recently, for example, journalist Bi-bi-si Gebriel Gatehouse interviewed the ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych. During the broadcast, the British correspondent in relation to Donbass used the term “civil war”. From the BBC such an assessment for sure no one was waiting. She persistently and consistently fulfills the Western version of the Ukrainian conflict. The editor of The Ecologist, Oliver Tykell, wrote: “Recently, the phrase“ Russian aggression ”has become a kind of“ meme ”on the BBC. The British corporation, constantly reminding of the “aggressiveness” of Moscow, sets up the people of Great Britain against Russia. ” And here is a passage.

A new assessment of Ukrainian events has angered, first of all, Kiev propagandists, who are accustomed to the continued support of the West for their Russophobic position. Thus, the journalist Alexander Severin not only challenged the use of the term "civil war", but also wrote a complaint to the TV channel. In his opinion, what is happening in the Donbass should be called "Russian aggression." The British Embassy in Ukraine demanded an explanation from the BBC.

It is difficult to say why the corporation did not apologize and make excuses. This can hardly be explained by the desire to objectively cover world events. The same Oliver Tickell in his article noted that the BBC strictly adhere to its ideological orientation and experts with a different point of view are given the word extremely rarely. Most likely, this was due to the inherent British confidence in their own infallibility and superiority.

Be that as it may, the BBC supported its journalist and insisted on the right to call the events in the Donbas a civil war. “There is no generally accepted definition of a phrase or when to use it. Nevertheless, the fighting of Ukrainians against Ukrainians for the future of their country is large enough to justify the use of this term "civil war", - such a conclusion of authorized lawyers is given in the responses of the corporation to employees of its embassy in Kiev, complaining to Ukrainians and other propagandists.

The Ukrainska Pravda, which joined in the disassembly, tried to keep up the heat of the discussion and recalled that the term “civil war” regarding events in the Donbas was not used in any of the international documents. But the BBC remained unconvinced and did not even give the Kyiv newspaper a personal response.

Useful collaboration crashed on Merkel

But back to Germany. Here, too, the people turned against Russia. It happened long before the Ukrainian events. The special relations of our countries, formed during the reign of Helmut Kohl and Gerhard Schroeder, with the coming to power of Angels Merkel underwent significant changes. As experts admit, the former mutually beneficial ties of the new German cabinet preferred to transform into their one-sided advantages by exporting industrial goods of high redistribution to Russia in exchange for gas, oil and raw materials.

Attempts by Russian leaders to achieve mutual investment penetration each time came across serious opposition from German partners. Perhaps the most striking example of this was the failure of the transaction on the purchase of Opel shares by the Russian Sberbank. Then the whole blame was placed on General Motors, who allegedly did not want to share technology with the Russians. Less attention was paid to the fact that the preparation of the transaction itself was accompanied by protests of Opel workers and group leaders who disagreed with it. It happened for a reason. That year, the German media have already begun work on the destruction of existing relations. The reason was the gas conflict in January 2009 of the year between Russia and Ukraine, in which Germany took a tough anti-Russian position.

Merkel realized that this is a serious lever of pressure on Russia. Then for the first time, contrary to logic, Germany blamed Gazprom and the Russian government for everything, disregarding Ukrainian debts and theft of transit gas. It is very similar to the current situation, when Kiev is not fulfilling the Minsk agreements, and reproaches from Berlin are pouring on Moscow. However, Marshal Zhukov noted that the Germans are not very innovative, and often rely on proven practices. So here it worked in 2009, it gives the result today.

Then all of Europe joined in the condemnation of Gazprom’s actions. Now exactly the same thing is happening, but in relation to the whole country. The first violin is played here by the German media. At the time of the gas conflict, they pretty frightened the Germans. So much so that even the workers of Opel were agitated, before whom the prospect of transition under the control of Russian business was drawn. The media did not calm down even after the failure of the deal. Their anti-Russian rhetoric has become a means of promoting the entire policy of the Chancellor Merkel’s cabinet.

Its result was recorded by the ARD-DeutschlandTrend survey conducted this year. As the agency indicates: "A comparison with archival data showed that the degree of distrust of the Germans towards Russia is comparable to that that existed during the Cold War."

“The loss of trust is a process that has been going on for several years now,” said Christian Wipperfurth, a Berlin-based political analyst at the German Society for Foreign Policy, who commented on the survey results. He noted that German sympathy for the Russians reached its peak in 2003, when, together with the government of Gerhard Schroeder, Russia opposed the war in Iraq. Under Merkel, this figure only decreased.

By the way, I note that Berlin’s anti-Russian policy fits in with its frank egocentrism. Having embarked on an aggressive promotion of their goods in Europe, the German cabinet contributed a great deal to the collapse of industry in the east of the continent. Ukraine has also come under the distribution, the association with which opened for the Germans a new serious market. Not by chance, the refusal of her became the verdict to the team of Yanukovich, blew up the situation in the country, led to a dramatic and bloody crisis. Germany used it as a new opportunity to pressure Russia, to weaken it.

What made the Bundeswehr sober

The sanctions imposed by Berlin against our country sharply reduced German exports to Russia. The head of the Eastern Committee of the German economy, Eckhard Cordes, predicts a reduction in the volume of goods from Germany by a quarter this year, or 9 billion euros. Last year, industrialists grumbled on emerging trade barriers. Today they have subsided. Of course, individual firms suffered losses due to sanctions and continue to suffer. But, in general, the German economy has adapted to the new conditions.

Recently, the Bundesbank raised its forecast for German GDP growth in 2015. Now the bank expects this figure within 1,7%. In the previous forecast, GDP growth was barely one percent. German exports will also increase, mainly due to non-EU countries. In this regard, it is not surprising that the German establishment began to jointly support the policy of Angela Merkel and pay little attention to those who disagree with her, such as the Bavarian political scientist Wilfried Charnagly.

The anti-Russian course of the German cabinet was also encouraged by the armed forces of the country - the Bundeswehr. The other day in the Ukrainian city of Yavorov, in Galicia, the Rapid Trident exercises began. The active participants in these maneuvers were the German military. The ships of the German Navy are preparing for the Sea Breeze exercises, which they will conduct together with the Ukrainians and their NATO partners.

Inspired by the Ukrainian events, the German military prepared for the implementation of nine defense projects at once, the costs of which are close to 60 billion euros. The range of projects - from assault rifles to high-tech missile systems Meads. Of course, the Germans did not forget about the new armored vehicles, modern aircraft, including helicopters and drones, artillery systems, fleet.

The Bundeswehr retrofit program is designed to 2020 year. Therefore, in a couple of years, as Vladimir Zhirinovsky predicts, he is unlikely to be ready to attack Russia. But splashing oil into the flames of civil conflict in Ukraine and engaging Germany’s forces in the disassembly of our country will be enough. The nature of aggressive volleys of the German media suggests that they are not going to reduce the intensity of the propaganda war. Germans want to finally quarrel with the Russians. Will these actions escalate into a hot war? The question to which today there is no definite answer.

... categorically "against" only история. In the last century, the Germans brought war to the world twice, and both times they lost with a bang. So much so that then decades went to rebuilding the country from the ruins. Looking at the present prosperous Germany, few people now remember that in the post-war period both times experienced a severe famine here. Germans must learn this tragic history lesson firmly ...

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  1. SSR
    SSR 23 July 2015 05: 36
    Hmm ... The Germans again have Anglo-Saxon ghouls, and given the appearance of cadres of zigzag crowned persons of England of the 30s, the role of England in shaping up Germany in World War II becomes more obvious.
    Komsomolets Shmerkel, grabbed by bells tightly through wiretapping.
    1. Sanain
      Sanain 23 July 2015 08: 19
      I agree, in all previous world ones, it was the Angles who were the instigators. In World War I, they pitted two brothers against each other (Germany and the Russian Federation), in World War II, they raised Nazism and Hitler inspired by European support and English nationalism (from which German nationalism actually originated) again went to Russia. And now the Germans are again trying to push their foreheads with Russia.

      Conclusion: we need to unite with Germany and break such economic and political **** into this "enlightened" Europe and, first of all, England, so that it will slide back into its dark ages and no longer climb out of there.
      1. Bekas1967
        Bekas1967 23 July 2015 09: 06
        Since when are the Germans brothers for the Slavs? "Rabbit nation" or "barbarians" they think! Read the works of Gebels and Hitler. The Slavs should be on them! They are the highest race !!! They found themselves brothers ??? They are and were enemies and they will! Europe we share with them, influence and sales markets ... no one played us off, at the first opportunity the Germans are trying to erase Russia as a state. now economically. They are enemies.
        1. Sergey Vl.
          Sergey Vl. 24 July 2015 03: 23
          It turns out that the rake is becoming a purely German brand.
      2. sssla
        sssla 23 July 2015 09: 15
        In the last century, the Germans twice brought war into the world and both times they lost miserably. So much so that decades later went into rebuilding the country from ruins.

        Nude nude, God loves the Trinity!
        Quote: sanain
        we need to unite with Germany

        We need to ourselves first, then after all the lyuli to give out, but then they will already be in line for friendship with us !!! The world is a struggle for survival, where you will give a hand when you stumbled only yours, and not pi-ry from behind a hill and a point. Though agree though not only this way.
      3. 23 July 2015 19: 51
        Germany of 1939 and Russia are not brothers. For the rest, I almost agree.
      4. ermolai
        ermolai 23 July 2015 20: 11
        Quote: sanain
        the instigators were the Angles

        and arrogant Saxons, then pawns, in those and other troubles of the world. the bony arm of the Rothschilds, Morgan, Rockefellers steers. and other mackerels, it is they who profit from tears and blood
    2. ermolai
      ermolai 23 July 2015 20: 06
      Quote: SSR
      Komsomolets Shmerkel, grabbed by bells tightly through wiretapping.

      and recently showed a "similar" to a shmerkel in a lesbian squeeze. so the old woman is completely in the anus of the banana.
  2. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 23 July 2015 05: 55
    Well, what to take from gansiks, one like children: until they spank, they will not calm down. And of course, the best, General Moroz Ivanitch on fingers will explain how to cut strawberries in Alaska to cut off gas supplies. At the same time, they will remember about Stalingrad ...
  3. domokl
    domokl 23 July 2015 06: 03
    Indeed, today it is clearly visible how Germany stepped up in the military sphere. But, I think, the Ukrainian fiasco will bury Merkel as a politician.
  4. blizart
    blizart 23 July 2015 06: 22
    Good word - cheered up. Everyone was cheered up: Germans, Anglo-Saxons, Russians. Like a good fight! Blood ran faster through saturating state organisms. The generals look with lust at the mobile reserve. Hooray! Little victorious war! Cut the Gordian knot of incomprehensible mutual claims. Solve simple, complex issues. Until the autumn leaf fall ... Everything has been forgotten and requires a reminder.
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 23 July 2015 06: 30
    Quote: domokl
    I think the Ukrainian fiasco will bury Merkel as a politician.

    If you consistently pump through the media the electorate, then maybe not. But he will definitely give odds to the left in the Bundestag. Scales are swinging, priorities are still changing. The course will change and the left will begin to crush the Reichstag, there the storm will calm down in the media.
    But these are the years.
  6. Igor39
    Igor39 23 July 2015 06: 30
    I think it’s unlikely that Europe and Germany in particular want to fight, in the modern world you can force only such morons as the IG or PS and OUN, the rest want to eat burgers with Coke under the TV set and go to clubs with women (well or not with women) smile ), endure deprivation and die for someone's idiotic interests and the Europeans will not fight with the Russians.
    1. ermolai
      ermolai 23 July 2015 20: 20
      Quote: Igor39
      Europeans will not fight with Russians.

      so they themselves do not even fight, for this they have a bunch of messengers from Africa, Asia, who can be charged and fired as an IGL, can you even imagine how many Muslims in the Russian Federation have a passport of the Russian Federation + Gaster? and if we motivate them correctly, it will be very sour to us. and these vrazhiny one way or another work out options, undermine the situation. THE ENEMY DOES NOT NAP!
  7. Ivan Slavyanin
    Ivan Slavyanin 23 July 2015 06: 43
    But how will the Germans remember the lessons of history if they rewrite and rewrite it in Germany in a decade ????? !!!!!!
  8. VNP1958PVN
    VNP1958PVN 23 July 2015 06: 56
    I read that a hunchback had a stroke. Already gathered to celebrate, two button accordions dragged ...
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 23 July 2015 08: 02
      Quote: VNP1958PVN
      I read that a hunchback had a stroke. Already gathered to celebrate, two button accordions dragged ...

      Do not scare! am
  9. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 July 2015 07: 06
    The Germans must learn this tragic lesson in history ...

    The older generation of Germans learned it well. But politicians and youth processed by the German media hardly even want to recall these history lessons. And therefore, until Germany once again feels the hardships and hardships (better not from a war that no one needs), there will be no sense.
    1. THE_SEAL
      THE_SEAL 23 July 2015 07: 37
      Try not to buy anything that has been done in Germany. After all, there are many alternatives from South Korea and China of the same. I personally now bypass German and Baltic goods.
    2. kunstkammer
      kunstkammer 23 July 2015 11: 59
      The older generation of Germans learned it well. But politicians and youth processed by the German media hardly even want to recall these history lessons. And therefore, until Germany once again feels the hardships and hardships (better not from a war that no one needs), there will be no sense.

      I agree. But however, the younger generation is not very willing to fight. The Ukrainian syndrome acts here: they wanted European panties - they got the defeat of the country and the civil war. And it seems that the Ukrainian actor was not going to fight without lace panties.
      Constantly hearing the attacks on Russia, German youth are taught to think: these Russians must be stopped, taught a lesson, etc. etc.
      Is it dangerous!
      However, what can a young man hear on the other hand? Almost very few.
      In Germany, various press are usually delivered free of charge to the mailbox. And there on the first page, very often news about "insidious Russians" ...
      This thought gets stuck in people's heads. As a "dear, familiar" trade mark. If you have heard about this many times - you already know her, as it were, and this cannot be untrue.
      In order to try to influence an ordinary person in Germany, the same (minimum) opposition is needed.
      And smart people in Germany do not read smart articles in capital newspapers and political books in Germany.
      1. Sigurd
        Sigurd 23 July 2015 13: 38
        In Germany, various press are usually delivered free of charge to the mailbox. And there on the first page, very often news about "insidious Russians" ...
        Free ads will be thrown into your mailbox or a local newspaper that almost never reflects politics. And yet, where did you find articles about "insidious Russians", tell me.
        1. Andrey Draganov
          Andrey Draganov 23 July 2015 16: 00
          With the same questions to you, where have you not found them? Or in Germany, at all corners, they hear that there is an unconstitutional coup in Hohland and ask sanctions against the Ukrainians? Or maybe they are opposed by the whole world against the American intervention in Khokhlobyl-Dylostan?
      2. Platon Viktorovich
        Platon Viktorovich 23 July 2015 13: 48
        Quote: kunstkammer
        And smart people in Germany do not read smart articles in capital newspapers and political books in Germany.

        smart :) how is it? to be honest, in Dresden, for example, yes and not only people work in it and politics is of last interest to them!
        1. kunstkammer
          kunstkammer 23 July 2015 18: 31
          smart :) how is it? to be honest, in Dresden, for example, yes and not only people work in it and politics is of last interest to them!

          smart are truly objective publications. And not from the series "Stop Putin".
          You confirmed that ordinary people read little of the official capital press. But on the first page of almost any advertising newspaper there is always a small propaganda article. Either about Merkel "concerned" about the situation in Ukraine, or about endless self-shelling of the rebels. Gradually, the opinion of the official elite is being imposed on people.
          And here it doesn’t matter that you are not interested in politics. Politics is interested in you!
  10. fomkin
    fomkin 23 July 2015 07: 08
    This article stands out from the general line with the assessment of Germany. Traditionally, there was a different life motive. G. Granovsky, in my opinion, compares favorably with other authors in the absence of verbosity with a claim to academics and reasoned specificity.
    1. 97110
      97110 23 July 2015 08: 37
      Quote: fomkin
      life motive
      Thinking hard after reading. Poindexil. Here's what I managed to learn from Yandex.
      1. This is not a phrase, but a word. 2. Written together 3. Not "leib", but "leit" 4. The word "leitmotiv" in literature means a leading theme.
  11. parusnik
    parusnik 23 July 2015 07: 37
    Germany has not learned the lessons of history?... Nobody teaches history, history teaches nothing ...
  12. V.ic
    V.ic 23 July 2015 08: 09
    "Let the enemies remember this
    We are not threatening, but we are talking
    We passed, passed with you half the world
    If necessary, we will repeat "...
    Combat song.
  13. Wolka
    Wolka 23 July 2015 08: 09
    mathematics is a good thing, it’s a pity, nobody perceives statistics properly, it is also an exact science and categorically does not endure categorical, let alone historical, and here everyone is trying to pass off his truth ...
    1. 97110
      97110 23 July 2015 08: 52
      Quote: Volka
      nobody perceives statistics properly, it is also an exact science and

      He was the head of the statistics department ... The phrase about the three types of lies seems to me more realistic. I’ve already talked about cases here. teleportation vessels of the "Sormovsky" type, the "Big Volga" type, which I found in the statistical reports.
  14. shurup
    shurup 23 July 2015 08: 42
    Germany, occupied by the Americans, cannot conduct its policy. Until it destroys collaboration within itself, Russia should not be afraid of some sort of attack from specifically Germany.
    In fact, the colonies of one empire do not fight each other, and no one expressly declares their rights to Russia, but looking around you can see the conquistadors in business suits who skillfully disguise themselves as patriots.
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 23 July 2015 10: 34
      Yes comrade, there is some truth in your words. But Germany is simply a performer of someone else's will, that they will say it and will do it. The author did not in vain cite Kohl and Schroeder as an example. They somehow tried to behave on their own.
  15. anip
    anip 23 July 2015 08: 48
    According to experts, the former German cabinet preferred to transform the former mutually beneficial ties into its one-sided advantages by exporting to Russia industrial goods of high redistribution in exchange for gas, oil and raw materials.

    Relations between an industrial country and a "banana republic" are quite normal. And what prevents the production of high value-added goods in Russia? Or is the current government only capable of finishing off the little that remains of the USSR?

    Attempts by Russian leaders to achieve mutual investment penetration each time came across serious opposition from German partners. Perhaps the most striking example of this was the failure of the transaction to purchase Opel shares by the Russian Sberbank.

    And why, why is it necessary for the Germans? A commodity country should only supply resources. All.
    Well, duck, but "glory".

    So much so that even Opel workers became agitated, before whom the prospect of transferring under the control of Russian business appeared.

    And it is right. But in Russland they sell everything to anyone.

    But, in general, the German economy has adapted to new conditions.

    That's right, because there is not a commodity economy, unlike the Russian Federation.

    In the last century, the Germans twice brought war into the world and both times they lost miserably.

    In the last century, a coalition of developed countries fought against the Germans. In this century, those same countries will be on the side of Germany.
  16. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 23 July 2015 10: 38
    The task of Germany, and of other neighbors, is to have a weak Russia, from which you can cheaply pump out everything you need, sell your goods here and which you don’t need to keep at the same time.
  17. Aleksander
    Aleksander 23 July 2015 10: 55
    Germany did not learn history lessons ?,

    The lessons of history were not learned, first of all, we ourselves. If, despite the terrible losses from a united Germany in the last century, they again allowed it to unite and again become that terrible industrial and military machine that could again harm us ...
  18. alovrov
    alovrov 23 July 2015 11: 38
    The Germans are the most naive and ingenuous people of Europe. For centuries, the Anglo-Saxons bred them to war with Russia, and for centuries, the Germans and Russians suffer from this. Apparently the fate of the Germans is this.
  19. Igarr
    Igarr 23 July 2015 12: 14
    You read the article and you directly imagine the next ss-mana, Power-through-Joy, bared teeth of idiots.
    So, guys, there is no such thing in Germany. The day before yesterday only from there.
    "Bared teeth of idiots" - this is to Yarosh, please. To the lie-us Okrajny.
    What is there in Germany? There is pumping, of course, but of course. Only respectable Bundases read and read this pumping, and draw their own conclusions. They, of course, condemn "Rossii's aggression" (allegedly aggression), but they will not take a step towards harming something .... Russia, but themselves, first of all.
    They live too well and so as to still seek some kind of strange justice there.
    I say about the overwhelming mass of burghers.
    They NOW on the spirit do not tolerate any activist, seeking, organizing. That’s why the leftists in their Bundestag are not welcomed, Sarah Wagenknecht, by any politicians who are contrary to the government.
    For it is fraught with some shocks for them.
    And all that fall out of the mainstream, the main prosperous stream, right, left, green, blue, black, color - do not find any support.
    What for they will be distracted by nonsense? So you have to steal your own affairs and interests? No, democrats, only tea ....
    Politicians work out their debt. His compromising evidence.
    The press is blowing politicians. Otherwise, it will not be blowing at all.
    Psycho - psycho.
    And people just go with the flow. Sometimes horrified by press material. Which they, in general, do not give a damn.
    And - WAR - they remember very well! Swat even mentioned this at the wedding. They remember very well.
    Therefore, they do not want repetition.
    Once again I will express my long-standing thought - the union of Germany and Russia - a terrible dream of the arrogant Saxons.
    They categorically will not allow it.
    So, we draw conclusions.
    1. Andrey Draganov
      Andrey Draganov 23 July 2015 16: 09
      Well, with your words, you should drink honey, and they vowed to arm themselves with the Japanese that they would not and did not want to participate in military conflicts. They didn’t change slowly and they weren’t so blue.
  20. scorerik
    scorerik 23 July 2015 15: 45
    Fascism from Europe did not go anywhere, but only mimicked. The Germans have not changed at all, and if history gives them a new chance to attack Russia, then they will. The 21st century is no exception.
  21. scorerik
    scorerik 23 July 2015 15: 51
    All the complacency of the German burghers will quickly evaporate when another major economic crisis begins in Germany. And the crisis under capitalism is inevitable and cyclical. The giant accumulated external debt of the EU and the USA has only one way out - war. It has always been so and it will be so now. To whom will Western elites direct national anger? Clearly to Russia.
  22. parafoiler
    parafoiler 23 July 2015 18: 17
    Long ago, our Russian land did not fertilize with German corpses ...
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 23 July 2015 19: 16
      Quote: parafoiler
      Long ago, our Russian land did not fertilize with German corpses ...

      Not only Germany fought against the USSR, all of Europe fought. There were enough lovers to conquer Russia at all times and in all countries of Europe.
  23. Aleks.mesh2010
    Aleks.mesh2010 23 July 2015 19: 28
    I don’t understand tenh who defies himself by the Germans. This is a pro-urban nation and they are doing what is beneficial to them. Profitable to make a profit at our expense will be. And why on earth should I trust them, I don’t need their trust, on the drum. I remember myself and tell my grandchildren how their great-great-grandfather fought with the Nazis twice, was captured. How their great-grandfather held the defense according to Peter, got a head wound and disability. After each war, they climbed at someone’s expense. And only Russia is forced to do everything herself, without any friends. Where are they when we feel bad? At the first opportunity betray and race for Western gifts. Let history give away to everyone what they deserve. I’m only afraid that some helpers will be imposed again.
  24. Alexzora
    Alexzora 23 July 2015 20: 51
    All Germans understand, but like dogs they don’t want to do anything, and they learned the lessons very well, they know very well that the Russians will come and save them from their own moronic power. As always, on someone else's hump they want to paradise.