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Samara motorized infantrymen worked at the Totsky training ground ambush actions

The units of the Samara Combined-Arms Army completed, during the exercise in Orenburg region, the tasks of maneuvering defense combined with ambush actions, reports Interfax-AVN message cvo.

Samara motorized infantrymen worked at the Totsky training ground ambush actions
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“According to the design of the exercises, the battalion tactical group, which included motorized rifle, artillery, tank and other units, was raised by alarm, made a march to the Totsky training ground, where she began to conduct maneuvering defense combined with ambush actions, ”the district said in a release.

At the final stage of the maneuvers, the fighters conducted a counterattack in terms of the use by the "adversary" of means of radio suppression.

“During the exercise, actions on the ground were successfully worked out in a dynamic tactical environment, and control tasks were carried out in field conditions. The commanders secured the skills of action to manage the units of radiation, chemical and biological protection, snipers, sappers, as well as logistics, medical and other types of support, ”the report says.

About 500 military personnel and more than 100 units of equipment were involved in the field output.

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  1. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 21 July 2015 15: 16
    Well and goodies. Not all airborne troops and special forces frolic)) motorized rifles also need to stretch their bones.
    1. Asadullah
      Asadullah 21 July 2015 15: 26
      Duc and ambush are different. Have a long history. For example, the actions of our MMG for Panj. Classic. The special forces even have the prospect of withdrawing, and these guys have only one thing, to develop the offensive. This is the vanguard. And perhaps a possible heavy loss.
      1. Sonata17
        Sonata17 21 July 2015 19: 31
        MSV ambushes are different from those in SPNs. I don’t know about MMG, not a border guard.
    2. Linkor9s21
      Linkor9s21 21 July 2015 19: 56
      Motorized riflemen are the most dangerous type of troops, until you reach the destination point a hundred times you will be ambushed.
      So it seems to me that they should be the first to issue warriors (this is my opinion)
  2. mojohed2012
    mojohed2012 21 July 2015 15: 20
    More often in fields and forests - to improve skills for those who already know how. Those who while learning the basics - good luck in school and in service.
  3. bubalik
    bubalik 21 July 2015 15: 41
    Units of the Samara Combined Arms Army

    ,,,interesting recourse

    ,,, but the phrase "Samara army" is at least not very correct. We have one army - Russian. When Samara becomes a separate state, it is possible. recourse wink
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 21 July 2015 18: 25
      Everything is certainly correct, but look: during the Second World War, Soviet people were informed that the troops of such and such Soviet generals dealt another blow to the enemy, and no one thought that it was their personal armies that were delivering attacks. secrecy and special honor for the commander and the soldiers and officers entrusted to him. Samara will never become a separate state. She is flesh from flesh is Russia! Believe me, this is not a bit of a bloated small town and hidden separatism ... Only pride for their fellow countrymen.
      Supreme Commander
      Marshal of the Soviet Union Konev

      The troops of the 2nd UKRAINIAN Front, continuing their rapid offensive, crossed the Dniester River on a 175-kilometer stretch several days ago, took control of the city and the important BELZY railway junction, and, developing the offensive, reached our state border - the Prut River - at a 85-kilometer front. .

      In the battles for forcing the Dniester, taking possession of the city and the Beltsy railway junction and for reaching the state border, the troops of Lieutenant General KOROTEEV, Lieutenant General TROFIMENKO, Lieutenant General ZhMACHENKO, Lieutenant General MANAGAROV, Lieutenant General GALANIANTANI, BOGDANOV troops, Marshal of the armored forces ROTMISTROV, lieutenant general of the tank forces KRAVCHENKO, gunners general lieutenant of the artillery FOMINA, pilots of Colonel General Aviation Goryunova and sappers Colonel GLEZER, Colonel PONIMASH, Colonel MALOV.

      In commemoration of the victory won, the formations and units that distinguished themselves most during the forcing of the Dniester, the capture of BELTSA and the exit to the STATE BORDER should be submitted for the assignment of the name "Dniester" and awarding with orders
  4. Vladimir
    Vladimir 21 July 2015 15: 48
    Any such kind of event is an army plus, as they say, sweat saves blood.
  5. Belousov
    Belousov 21 July 2015 15: 52
    Well done! I live not far from the unit, regularly drive past the place where they are loaded onto platforms. Often come / go. And it is right.
    1. Barakuda
      Barakuda 21 July 2015 16: 29
      Well, come on, let’s rejoice!
    2. Xergey
      Xergey 21 July 2015 21: 31
      I drive from Novokuybyshevsk from work, almost every day the APCs are driven in the direction of Chernihiv in columns, so I confirm.
  6. JonnyT
    JonnyT 21 July 2015 16: 07
    Is this a peacekeeping brigade or something?
  7. Barakuda
    Barakuda 21 July 2015 16: 22
    500 troops and over 100 pieces of equipment.

    Good statistics. good who has nothing to do, let them add adds ..
  8. moskowit
    moskowit 21 July 2015 17: 26
    Those interested in the capabilities of battalion tactical groups can familiarize themselves with the material of the author Yevgeny Alekseev exhibited in the "Military Archive" 21.05.14/XNUMX/XNUMX

    "Questions of optimization of the organizational and staff structure of combined arms units"
    1. Sonata17
      Sonata17 21 July 2015 19: 34
      As I hear "optimization", it's scary to read
    2. Sonata17
      Sonata17 21 July 2015 19: 51
      Forgive me patriots, but it’s ridiculous to read. The battalion group, maybe cool) Previously, news of the type especially didn’t touch anyone - the 20th Guards Army was alerted, all of the assigned tasks were completed. Did you feel the difference?) And right there the alarm was raised on the 5th, then 3rd, then 8th ... And even the drones were. And so in a circle. Borders there was no time to paint) GSVG was and remains an ideal.
  9. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 21 July 2015 18: 34