Multipurpose Corvette "savvy" was put into operation the Baltic Fleet

Multipurpose Corvette "savvy" was put into operation the Baltic Fleet

Replenishment in the Navy: in the 13.00 14.10.2011 of the Year, the naval flag of Russia for the first time hoisted on the multipurpose corvette "Soobrazitelny". SK "Severnaya Verf" transferred the ship, laid back in May 2003, to the Baltic Fleet. He took the ship himself commander of the Baltic Fleet. When signing the ship acceptance certificate, the General Director of IC "Severnaya Verf" made a statement that today there are no analogues in the world to this multipurpose corvette. The surface ship is capable of solving any assigned tasks, the scope of activities is not only naval combat operations, but also the protection of sea groups and naval bases from air attacks, opposition to enemy submarines, and the provision of comprehensive assistance to ground forces conducting combat operations on the sea coast.

SK "Severnaya Verf" currently has guarantees from the government of the Russian Federation and is the only company manufacturing modernized ships of the 20381 project. According to the contract with the military department, Severnaya Verf IC will construct four multi-purpose corvettes. The need for the Navy in the ships of the near sea zone - 20 units.

The main characteristics practically do not differ from the ships of the 20380 project, in addition to changing the underwater base, this made it possible to install a newer and more powerful, but at the same time light, GEM, which also reduced the ship's displacement by 15%:
- Width 13 meters;
- length 104.5 meter;
- draft 3.7 meter;
- autonomous swimming for half a month;
- 4 range of thousands of miles;
- speed of 27 nodes;
- team ship 99 people.

Modernization significantly affected the electronic equipment and weapons of the ship.

Nowadays, the latest information and observation systems are one of the decisive factors that allow to solve the tasks, with maximum efficiency ahead of the capabilities of the enemy. The radar station “Furke-2” is responsible for the air situation on the corvette, the detection range of enemy aircraft is more than 100 km. The sea surface is monitored by the Monument-A radar with a maximum range of detection of enemy surface targets up to 100 km, and detection of enemy operating radars up to 500 km. The Zarya-2 hydroacoustic station with a detection range of up to 20 km, the Vignette-M hydroacoustic system with a detection range of up to 60 km, the search GAS Anapa-M and search buoys of an anti-submarine helicopter based on a corvette .

Another indispensable system of the Savvyatnyi spacecraft is the SCC based on the Sigma-20830 ACS, which sorts, selects, and issues all available information from external and own tracking devices and information gathering. The DKP makes an accurate assessment of the situation and issues decisions at the beginning of one or other combat actions to the corvette or a group of surface ships performing a common task.

After modernization, the multipurpose corvette strike complex turned out to be very powerful:
- missile system for fighting surface targets - "Uranus", the firing range reaches 260 kilometers, ammunition 8 missiles;
- Kortik-M air defense missile system with the possibility of using missiles at a distance of 8 kilometers, 64 rocket ammunition, 12000 anti-aircraft rounds;
- anti-aircraft installation caliber 30 mm "AK-630M", 4 defeat distance of a kilometer, 6-12 ammunition of thousands of shots;
- artillery installation caliber 100 mm "A-190", the range of damage more than 20 kilometers, ammunition 80 shots;
- torpedo tubes caliber 324 mm, ammunition 8 torpedoes;
- anti-submarine helicopter KA-27PL.

The radar suppression system is represented by the TK-25-2 complex for generating active interference, the PC-10 complex, which has 4 launchers and an ammunition in 90 shots.

In the development of the project "savvy" modern stealth stealth technology was applied. The detection of the ship was reduced due to the use of fiberglass made with radio-absorbing properties and the placement of antennas in radio boxes.

The multipurpose corvette successfully combines a powerful strike complex and a lighter hull, tests have shown that this did not affect the propulsion and combat characteristics of the ship.

In mid-March 2011, the Severnaya Verf insurance company announced the conclusion of a new contract with the Russian military. The contract provides for the creation of an 11 multipurpose corvettes project 20385. The approximate cost of the corvette 10 billion rubles. Six upgraded 20385 corvettes are scheduled to be launched before the 2020 year.

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