The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation summed up the competition for the best anti-extremist and anti-terrorism videos

July 15 regional departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (UMVD) summed up the competition for the best anti-extremist and anti-terrorist videos, the official broker Office of the Ministry of Interior of Russia in the Vladimir region.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation summed up the competition for the best anti-extremist and anti-terrorism videos

The competition has been held since April of this year among authors' teams, journalists, students, public associations, as well as the press services of regional UMVD. In total, more than 300 works were presented, 200 of them passed to the first stage according to the results of preliminary selection.

“The level of work, both in terms of content, creative ideas, and technique of execution was quite high. The competition commission faced a difficult task, and the result of the jury’s work was a playlist from 11 of the best videos - finalists and contenders for victory in the competition, ”the article notes.

Three best videos determined by a vote on the Internet.

1 was replaced by an employee of the Ministry of Youth Affairs of the Republic of Dagestan, M. Gaidarbekov, with the roller of his own eyes, who gained a voice from 541.

2 was given to D. Kostryukov, employee of the OIiOS Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Penza Region, with the video “Changing Together” (217 votes).

3 place - employee of OIiOS of the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Novgorod region D. Semenov with the video “Be Vigilant” (125 votes).

And the most creative, in the opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was the video of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Vladimir Region “Extremism will not pass!”, Designed as a well-known computer game of the 1983 model of the year.

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  1. +2
    17 July 2015 11: 26
    Agitation and propaganda in action. without it, in our fun time.
    1. +3
      17 July 2015 11: 34
      The first two clips take a lot of soul. More such agitation is needed, and not all nonsense on TV to twist. You look and terrorism will come to naught if there is no indifference on the part of people.
    2. +2
      17 July 2015 12: 15
      Quote: oleg-gr
      Agitation and propaganda in action. without it, in our fun time.
      At the moment this is at least some kind of propaganda option, but for now only: Zhmurki, Bro, Cops, Forester, Oblique, Blind, here you will go into captivity in captivity
  2. +2
    17 July 2015 11: 27
    Very useful thing.
  3. +3
    17 July 2015 11: 35
    The most intelligible videos on these topics ISIS shoots! Very clearly and convincingly show what extremism and terror are!
  4. +3
    17 July 2015 11: 35
    Nightmare is good! With humor laughing
  5. +3
    17 July 2015 11: 58
    Well, we, normal people, watch videos and perceive everything correctly. Only without these videos is everything clear to us. But the terrorists, firstly, they won’t watch them, and secondly, even if they see them, they don’t give a damn, their brains are twisted. For children, you need to shoot more, they love watching cartoons and are receptive. To have been vaccinated since childhood. smile
  6. +2
    17 July 2015 13: 18
    The overwhelming percentage of advertising materials on the streets and in the subway should be socially oriented.
    The liberal model of general consumerism is actually comparable to terrorism. Since in the near future we will get overproduction, a replacement of the value system, environmental problems, etc.
  7. 0
    17 July 2015 14: 33
    The first video reminded the other one, when the father at the wheel did not miss the ambulance, which, as it turned out, was in a hurry to his daughter, but did not have time ...
  8. +1
    17 July 2015 16: 12
    As comrade. Stalin- "No, we are doing the right thing to punish nationalists of all stripes and colors so severely. They are the best assistants of our enemies and the worst enemies of their own peoples. After all, the cherished dream of nationalists is to split the Soviet Union into separate" national "states, and then it will become easy The peoples inhabiting the Soviet Union, for the most part, will be physically exterminated, the rest will turn into dumb and pitiful slaves of the conquerors. German intelligence to incite hatred of Russians among Ukrainians, who are the same Russians, and to seek the separation of Ukraine from the Soviet Union. All the same old song of ancient times from the period of the Roman Empire: divide and rule. Particularly successful in inciting ethnic hatred and inciting some peoples to other Englishmen. Thanks to such tactics, Buying miserable and corrupt leaders of different nations, the capitalist island England - the first factory in the world, negligible in size, managed to seize vast territories, enslave and rob many peoples of the world, create the "Great" British Empire, in which, as the British boastfully declare, never the sun does not set. With us this number, while we are alive, will not pass. So it is in vain that Hitler's fools call the Soviet Union a "house of cards", which supposedly will collapse at the first serious test, rely on the fragility of the friendship of the peoples inhabiting our country today, hope to embroil them with each other. In the event of an attack by Germany on the Soviet Union, people of different nationalities inhabiting our country will defend it, not sparing their lives, as their beloved Motherland. However, nationalists should not be underestimated. If allowed to act with impunity, they will bring a lot of trouble. That is why they must be kept in an iron bridle, not allowed to undermine the unity of the Soviet Union. "Golden words, comrades!
  9. 0
    17 July 2015 20: 06
    What is shown nonsense !!!
  10. 0
    17 July 2015 20: 43
    They did the garbage again. (I suppose they plundered half the money - they spent the second half on such garbage. Why the heck do you need such a contest instead of catching the real criminals ?!

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