Vatican: humanity needs a world central bank and world government

The First and Second World Wars were started in order to build on the planet so-called. "New world order". For a number of reasons, especially in this, the role of Russia should be noted, then it did not happen.

But this does not mean that the bosses of the Western project will not try to repeat the implementation of their plan. The current global crisis only confirms this fact. The events that occur in the world, have the main goal to shake the foundations of the old world order and produce a "matrix overload". And as always, the construction of a new world goes through the crucible of world war.

In the 2001 year, the West began a war with a fragmented Islamic world, which from the stage of secular regimes, with a partly Social Democratic system, is thrown into the world of the non-Middle Ages. The countries are dividing, there is a consolidation of people along religious, national, territorial, tribal grounds. An example of the future of these countries before their eyes is Somalia, Iraq, now Libya.

After the “modernization” of the Islamic world, the turn of the post-Soviet republics will come, first of all the South Caucasus and Central Asia, then Ukraine and Belarus. At the same time, the impact will be on huge states-civilizations - Russia, India and China. All of them must be dismembered into fragments, which must survive new fragmentation, segmentation, and eventually merge into the New World Order.

We constantly see images of this order in Western films that program people to facilitate this process. This is true technofascism. The owners of this new world, who own TNK-TNB, will have access to the latest biotechnology technologies in private armies, becoming long-livers and demigods. Ordinary people will be limited in their rights, their numbers will decrease (perhaps radically). For most people, the education system will be drastically simplified (in the post-Soviet space and in the West, this process is already running). In many ways, this world will resemble society on the planet Tormans, which Ivan Antonovich Efremov described in his excellent socio-philosophical and science fiction novel The Hour of the Bull.

Some centers (central control points) of the Western world report this already in the open. So, Ватикан, the ancient enemy of Russia, called for the creation of the World Bank and the institutions of "world government".

The Holy See preoccupied with the problem of the development of the global financial and economic crisis and in order to avoid further crises in the global economy, proposed to reform the global monetary and financial system and create an analogue of the world central bank. According to the Vatican, national structures do not cope with the crisis.

This information was contained in a dedicated special document prepared by the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace. Catholic hierarchs believe that the world is facing the need to determine effective methods of coordination and control.

And do not think that this call has no power. The Vatican is one of the main centers of power in the Western world, and the oldest and most experienced. Possessing power and influence on more than 1,1 billion people. In addition, the "World Central Bank" will have enormous power over the world (this is actually a new Federal Reserve, only the world). It is not for nothing that the phrase attributed to Mayer Amschel Rothschild roams the net: “Let me release and manage the money of a nation, and I don’t care who creates its laws.” This phrase was put into circulation by Gertrude Margaret Coogan in the book Money Creators, published in the USA in 1935.

Financial management of the planet gives a huge power, there is already very close to the total control over people.

Moreover, in the opinion of the Vatican, the changes should have not only a financial and economic basis, but also, first of all, a political component. And it should consist in the creation of state institutions that guarantee the consistency and unity of jointly adopted decisions. There is already very close to the "world government."

In addition, the Council of Justice and Peace of the Catholic Church noted that cruel sentiments pose a danger to the countries of the world, which are growing and covering more and more people. The main reason for the numerous protests that have swept the world is financial and economic instability.

It should be noted that the Vatican is not alone in such appeals; more recently, the well-known financial speculator and billionaire George Soros called on the eurozone to create a single ministry of finance and a uniform tax policy. In his opinion, without this, the zone of the single currency (euro) simply cannot exist anymore. Soros also called for the establishment of a pan-European debt bond. And this will help in solving the debt problems of the European Union. Berlin and Paris reacted negatively to this idea, Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy considered that this step would lead to placing the entire debt burden of the monetary union on Germany and France (the strongest economies of the EU).
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