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Ukraine has invented a punitive machine


The Ukrainian technical genius revealed to the world quite a few outstanding examples of military engineering thought during the punitive operation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. We offer a story about the amazing armored vehicles of the security forces, created by individual craftsmen and whole groups of trucks, tractors, tanks with the help of a welding machine and a concrete mixer.


The head of the hit pair of Ukrainian battleships, without a doubt, "Tortilla", created by farmer Boris Tkach from an old crawler tractor manufactured in Kharkov and a cistern. As we remember from the “White Sun of the Desert”, metal tanks serve as good protection even against rifle bullets, not to mention modern automatic rifles.

As conceived by the inventor, the 11-ton car can transport 30 fighters, and take the return flight from the front line of the wounded. It is also possible to install weapons. In the Ukrainian television news they said that there are no analogues to Tortilla, but they were mistaken - in 1917, American Best presented a self-made tank of a much more advanced design. He even participated in the California National Guard maneuvers.

Secret weapon The Dnipro battalion, the Grand Jihad armored car, occupies the second line of our rating only by virtue of its big name - the fighting qualities of the vehicle do not stand up to scrutiny. The onboard KamAZ sheathed with roofing iron is struck from any rifle and, as a result, was captured near Ilovaisk.

Reinforced concrete

Above the trucks, Ukrainian specialists mocked from the heart - in the fields of the ATO, ZIL garbage trucks with metal blinds welded to the cab, KrAZ trucks and KamAZ trucks with scrap metal armor were seen on the fields. Special mention deserves the armored car "Vatruk", repulsed by militias from the battalion "Azov". His shell is made of thousands of metal bars. The welder who built this miracle must put a monument in the center of his native village. Also of the rods, of course.

And KrAZ, reinforced with concrete patches, handed over to the 79 th airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces a certain inventor from Nikolaev. The author did not take into account that to protect against bullets the concrete slab should be five times thicker than steel. The idea of ​​concrete armor was proposed in the 1905 year, but was rejected because of its futility. Nevertheless, in the UK 1940 was assembled a batch of Bison ersatz armored cars with protection from concrete. They had no success.

Mutations and variations

The mobile checkpoint Mykolaevets, produced by the Nikolaev Armor Plant, resembles a Tonar trailer for selling cakes, painted in camouflage and equipped with a turret with a large-caliber machine gun. The checkpoint is made from the BRDM-2 case, which is being repaired at this plant. Machine gun from the same place.

"Mykolaevets" allows you to fully protect military personnel who are in the "hot spot", - said the acting Plant Director Alexander Shvets. "From the wind," added the sarcastic experts, since a stationary lightly armored target is a grenade launcher's dream. The “checkpoint”, by the way, also has historical the prototype is the Schumann armored carriage, which was used without much success on the fields of the First World War.

In the same Nikolaev, but already at the diesel-repair plant, a patrol armored car for Ukrainian border guards was made of an onboard UAZ. The locomotive sheeting hung on the doors, windows and even wheels is not protected from anything, but there is a certificate of quality.

In the park of the battalion "Aydar" there are two amazing cars: an old Jeep Cherokee upholstered with sheet iron and a DAF delivery truck, the windshield of which is covered with a tin sieve protecting the crew from flies.

The KrAZ “Cougar” armored car is popularly called the “trough”. The innocent Toyota Land Cruiser 79 hung a two-toned armored box, negating the good off-road qualities of the prototype. Outside the asphalt, the Cougar does not travel, any pothole or bump becomes an insurmountable problem. Small armored glasses mist chronically, because instead of an air conditioner, the designers for some reason placed a refrigerator in the armored car. Finally, the arrow placed on the roof of a large-caliber machine gun has to stand on the box to reach the weapon.

By the way

The quality of the regular APU armored vehicles is also not so hot. At the end of June, the head of the Ukrainian General Staff, Nikolai Muzhenko, in a letter to the head of the Ukroboronprom state concern Roman Romanov, said that out of 45 armored personnel carriers received by the army, 27 were out of order in the first year of operation. Of the 102 repaired infantry fighting vehicles, 14 were found to be serviceable. tanks - 24.

Ukraine has invented a punitive machine
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  1. saniajan
    saniajan 18 July 2015 05: 43
    Perverse Technique in a Perverse State with a Perverse History
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 18 July 2015 06: 10
      Quote: sanyadzhan
      Perverse Technique in a Perverse State with a Perverse History

      It is a pity that not all of the listed Ukrainian miracle technology is presented in the photographs. I looked on my own - neighing from the heart.

      And so pulls to contribute his five cents to strengthen the defense of Ukraine.
      1. Bayonet
        Bayonet 18 July 2015 06: 14
        Quote: Zoldat_A
        And pulls to make their five cents in strengthening the defense of Ukraine

        A horse the size of an elephant! smile
        1. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 18 July 2015 17: 48
          Quote: Bayonet
          A horse the size of an elephant!

          Do not shoot the pianist - he plays as best he can. laughing Well, I didn’t write that I personally photographed - which horse fell under the arm, and that he smeared. Moreover - this is my five kopecks in the defense of Ukraine - so even though they have big horses! laughing By the way, it looks, in my opinion, more worthy than many real models of ukrobronetekhniki ...
      2. 78bor1973
        78bor1973 18 July 2015 08: 24
        They need to take an example from their historical mentors! Gazenvagen.
        1. Komisare
          Komisare 18 July 2015 10: 40

          But they take the example of drug cartels from South and Central America!
          1. The comment was deleted.
          2. cap54
            cap54 18 July 2015 20: 00
            is this by any chance exhibits from the movie "Mad Max"? And then something is very similar !!!
            1. Vyacheslavovich
              Vyacheslavovich 21 July 2015 12: 08
              I also thought about it))
          3. Bronis
            Bronis 20 July 2015 11: 43
            Or maybe in Mad Max they are looking for inspiration ...)) Mad Patro ....
      3. 6 inches
        6 inches 18 July 2015 10: 08
        Well, the toad is frank .. why poke cartoons here ...
      4. viktmell
        viktmell 18 July 2015 11: 52
        Yes, you are just jealous and envy! And of course we have governors (there will be vigorous bombs worse) - one is Georgian, the other is m about s ... And of course rulers - w and d You ... Look, even Banderaites, except for those overgrown with moss at the checkpoints, which have gotten moonshine, you will not meet in power ... Envy ... otherwise we will come to you.
        1. Orlenok ILLI4A
          Orlenok ILLI4A 19 July 2015 15: 40
          No, we somehow ourselves! :)
        2. Vyacheslavovich
          Vyacheslavovich 21 July 2015 12: 10
          And also the Gaidarikha now in Odessa))
      5. Aandrewsir
        Aandrewsir 18 July 2015 21: 13
        A great hohlobyby pulls ...
      6. Rroman
        Rroman 20 July 2015 14: 09
        The horse had to be placed behind.
    2. Observer2014
      Observer2014 18 July 2015 10: 25
      Looking at their "auto-works" you do not at ease come to the conclusion that they are clearly haunted by the laurels of "Mad Max" from the road of fury.
    3. igoryok1984
      igoryok1984 18 July 2015 16: 31
      And made by people with a perverted psyche
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 18 July 2015 05: 56
    everything to the foreign market! laughing
    1. viktmell
      viktmell 18 July 2015 13: 22
      Excuse me, dear, but this is where ??? ADDRESSES! COUNTRIES! APPEARANCE ... (well, or like roommates of room 6) ...
  3. Kos_kalinki9
    Kos_kalinki9 18 July 2015 06: 03
    Like small children, by God! Whatever the child would be amusing. This perseverance, but in a peaceful direction.
  4. Bayonet
    Bayonet 18 July 2015 06: 19
    From poverty all this ... What you can not imagine to "protect Europe from Russian aggressors"!
    1. just a native
      just a native 18 July 2015 12: 17
      Most likely this is due to weakness of mind and the inferiority of morality! Only the one who protects his house is right !!!
    2. BMP-2
      BMP-2 18 July 2015 14: 52
      Yes ... the inventor who is now illiterate in Ukraine has gone: they are registering their inventions in the wrong category!
      For example, in the photo with "Mariupol" it is "a self-propelled armored parish chest of drawers"! And in the photo above - "armored garbage trucks for transporting potential waste of meat production."
    3. enot73
      enot73 18 July 2015 22: 40
      Quote: Bayonet
      From poverty all this ... What you can not imagine to "protect Europe from Russian aggressors"!
      By the way, there are shots of a very similar Ukrop technique from the film "Mad Max" with Mel Gibson. The film shows a world degraded after a nuclear war, where everyone is against everyone. Apparently Ukraine is approaching the same state
      170 [/ img]
    4. Vyacheslavovich
      Vyacheslavovich 21 July 2015 12: 11
      Also from his anger ...
  5. Grbear
    Grbear 18 July 2015 06: 35
    These problems with "craftsmen" are easy to solve. The author is imprisoned in this pepelats and shot at the "manufacturer" of technical ideas (you can just use small arms).

    Although, the "creators" of such products - they are quiet and in normal life they make a normal perpetual motion machine for cleaning manure, but they laugh at them. And now, the country has gone down to their level and ...
    they applaud them. fellow
  6. itr
    itr 18 July 2015 06: 48
    And I don’t see anything funny! Apparently, this issue will never be resolved peacefully.
    If ordinary people are already making weapons against us
    1. kotvov
      kotvov 18 July 2015 10: 44
      And I don’t see anything funny! Apparently, this issue will never be resolved peacefully,
      and what do you suggest? pays off? give money? ship a million barrels of oil? provide nenka with gas for a thousand years?
      in fact, all this ,, thought on a wheeled-caterpillar track ,, must be immortalized, create a museum ,, an independent military equipment ,,
      relaxed, laughter prolongs life.
      1. itr
        itr 18 July 2015 18: 58
        I propose to finish Kotvov!
    2. viktmell
      viktmell 18 July 2015 11: 56
      Yes, just on the planet an average of 7% of imbitsil ... And in my sick country not 3-4 times more ... Well, if you taught to give birth while standing, over a stone. And as you know, babies climb out head first ...
    3. just a native
      just a native 18 July 2015 12: 21
      These "simple" people came to our house to kill us! Think about what melesh !!!
      1. itr
        itr 18 July 2015 19: 03
        I'm just sorry from the people, but I’m from Russia and it’s specifically written about Russians
        These brothers Slavs frankly got hold I think that the issue should be resolved by force
        The dill question cannot be solved with a booth
        The tarpaulin boot and the point!
        Read the story, my friend, there is only one solution to soak in the toilet so that they would be silent for 100 years
    4. Dali
      Dali 18 July 2015 18: 16
      Quote: itr
      And I don’t see anything funny! Apparently, this issue will never be resolved peacefully.
      If ordinary people are already making weapons against us

      Turn on the brain ...

      ... halabalamala (unfortunately does not miss the filter, although it’s completely normal words, and tired of perverting) ... and so on and so forth - there are many epithets. Such instances are always more visible, always striking.

      But this does not mean that everyone is completely alike - even despite the fact that Ukraine has now become several times more.

      Question to the Admins - how then to write Dostoevsky’s novel I_d_i_o_t? hi
      Well, don’t act like French parliamentarians who forbade the word race laughing
      1. itr
        itr 18 July 2015 19: 00
        Dali wrote crap on my comment and masturbate
        Where did you serve ??? When?
  7. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 18 July 2015 06: 51
    And for the levers of that traction that painfully reminds me of a rubber product that every prostitute has, the farmer-inventor himself will be imprisoned. And this innovator will drive to the Donbass for testing. I’d better plant my sunflowers. fool
  8. boroda64
    boroda64 18 July 2015 07: 03
    - film - "mad max fury road"
    - just resting .....
  9. estixnumx
    estixnumx 18 July 2015 07: 41
    Here is the development of the Armenian military-industrial complex made in 1998. Hike called booking for the 5th grade, made 2 pcs. Then they thought it was cheaper to buy, because Armenia, like Belarus, is buying weapons at Russian prices inside. In our army, the most running machine is the BRDM-2 (they did not fall under flank restrictions like the MT-12 Rapira, more than 100 mm fell under the restriction).
  10. morpogr
    morpogr 18 July 2015 07: 45
    Crazy heads haunt crazy hands. laughing
  11. Lyapis
    Lyapis 18 July 2015 07: 50
    My favorite... good
    1. flSergius
      flSergius 18 July 2015 09: 30
      Your favorite love with a dog on the background of rusty ugliness?!?!
      Just kidding, just kidding, could not resist)))))))
    2. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 18 July 2015 10: 41
      Quote: Lyapis
      My favorite...

      People just watched "Mad Max" and "Water World" a lot. smile
    3. itr
      itr 18 July 2015 19: 05
      So what. Ridiculous ??? Chel wants to live
      Trains in the Urals with a broker through glass and the song will be different
      1. Lyapis
        Lyapis 19 July 2015 02: 41
        Everyone wants to live, that's understandable. But how they try to ensure their safety raises big questions. In this particular case, such a "reservation" will not save you from anything at all (well, maybe only from some very small fragments). At the same time, the car itself only loses in mobility and speed (although in theory this is not very important, if you are not going to cut this pative in the thick of the battle. But then fuck you need such a deaf "reservation"). As a result, the armor on the door looks like no more reliable protection ...
    4. Vyacheslavovich
      Vyacheslavovich 21 July 2015 12: 16
      Fuck, this is a barn! There you can raise pigs and get fat for food vsu))
  12. gozmosZh
    gozmosZh 18 July 2015 08: 18
    all iron garbage cans were converted to armor.
    there is a container for stroy.musora you can immediately put on the UAZ and "turtles" would be obtained.
    1. Vyacheslavovich
      Vyacheslavovich 21 July 2015 12: 18
      And where will they throw their "servants of the people" if all the tanks were transferred to "armor"?)))
  13. ALEX26659
    ALEX26659 18 July 2015 08: 57
    blinds from the sun ...
  14. ALEX26659
    ALEX26659 18 July 2015 08: 58
    stuck together from what was
    1. Tanais
      Tanais 18 July 2015 10: 02
      Quote: ALEX26659
      stuck together from what was

      Fences from the cemeteries, are you going? belay belay belay
  15. afrikanez
    afrikanez 18 July 2015 09: 27
    What progress has come to, unprecedented miracles ... Ukrainians ignite in full laughing
  16. flSergius
    flSergius 18 July 2015 09: 35
    But I am struck by the carelessness and ugliness of execution. They’re not doing them in the trenches under fire, right? So if you draw on the flag of Austria-Hungary or the Khazar tmag, so why is it so crooked? Even if you do not know how to draw at all, you can draw in the program, print on a paper and cut out the stencil. In the transitions under Koltsevaya children spray cans and then better draw.
    1. 4thParasinok
      4thParasinok 18 July 2015 13: 15
      Quote: flSergius
      In the transitions under Koltsevaya children spray cans and then better draw.

      duck then under the roundabout, but do not confuse it with the Maidan.
    2. clidon
      clidon 18 July 2015 21: 09
      I understand that beauty is more needed for parades.
      1. flSergius
        flSergius 19 July 2015 00: 06
        I understand that beauty is more needed for parades.

        About how, with the Russian President they wear t-shirts, and they hang the Ukrainian bust on the hood laughing
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. bender8282
    bender8282 18 July 2015 09: 37
    here you are, the valiant Ukrainian army lol
    RUSIVAN 18 July 2015 10: 02
    What is our ARMATA, when the strongest army on the continent issues such developments, UNIQUE, everything ... we are no longer fighting with Ukraine.
  20. Gray 43
    Gray 43 18 July 2015 10: 22
    Like the classic "There are many miracles, friend Horatio, which our wise men did not dream about", but it will be more terrible if all the technical delusional metal waste, suddenly (well, you never know) will live up to mass production, then the punishers will be truly invincible, for all their opponents will die a terrible death, in pain, with laughter)))
  21. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 18 July 2015 10: 28
    Somalia really rests laughing
  22. fomkin
    fomkin 18 July 2015 10: 32
    To complete the collection. Tank Porosenko-1M.
  23. trifonowvalerij
    trifonowvalerij 18 July 2015 11: 14
    Do they see themselves from the outside? Like to be in the role of clowns, or what?
  24. Taoist
    Taoist 18 July 2015 11: 54
    They reconsidered "Mad Max" in childhood ... ;-) It remains for sawn-off shotguns and crossbows to go over so that the correspondence is absolute ...
  25. Leeder
    Leeder 18 July 2015 12: 00
    Quote: Lyapis
    My favorite ... good

    Your favorite ... a shed not on wheels? laughing
  26. Combitor
    Combitor 18 July 2015 12: 31
    For all the absurdity of these "masterpieces" of military-technical thought, it is depressing that entire civilian collectives at Ukrainian enterprises are working to create these and other killing machines. Instead of harvesters for harvesting grain, harvesters are invented for the destruction of people. And what is even more terrible, Russia contributed to this by supplying gas to Ukraine at discounts, which, among other things, went to ensure the life of these devilish factories.
  27. rubber duck
    rubber duck 18 July 2015 13: 53
    For complete happiness, they need a crazy max guitar player
  28. wow
    wow 18 July 2015 14: 09
    "Derzhava" poor and technical idea to match it!
  29. aszzz888
    aszzz888 18 July 2015 14: 18
    Sick country, sick people.
  30. Sedoy_greek
    Sedoy_greek 18 July 2015 14: 32
    Masterpiece gentlemen, masterpiece, "svidomye" gunsmiths are moving in the right direction !!! The dill have a complete understanding with the European mentors - this armor is quite a match for the British Saxons !!! Hurray, long live EURO INTEGRATION !!!
  31. sabakina
    sabakina 18 July 2015 15: 00
    I'm not surprised at anything ...
  32. sabakina
    sabakina 18 July 2015 15: 02
    Gentlemen are non-hostile, and we go to the country to such crib ...
    1. sabakina
      sabakina 18 July 2015 15: 04
      Well, on the little things, like the market ...
  33. Bongo
    Bongo 18 July 2015 16: 02
    In any sufficiently long military conflict such "masterpieces" inevitably appear.

    Neither the Soviet (Russian) army nor the American armed forces escaped this.

    It is not at all necessary that these machines go on the attack on the battlefield. But a number of such tasks as patrolling roads, guarding checkpoints or escorting convoys is quite within their power. There is even a name for them - "Gantraki".
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 20 July 2015 04: 40
      Nope, not comparable.
      In the top photo you can see the longing for peaceful labor of uncle from remrot.
      Someone forgot from them at the Ural base, from somewhere the fighters dragged an interesting contraption from the airfield, and they adjusted it. Okay, that’s remarkable. They could not know about the restrictions on the launch of these crap, because it was secret. But the correct general layout considerations, and the conditions arising from the requirements of safety and protection, they were taken into account.
      On the second photo, we observe a comic.
      They didn’t think of a normal BTR then, and so far.
      Since the beginning of the 90s, I have only heard that the Russians never cherished their soldiers, and that they only drowned everyone with their blood, and won. He studied according to the same bloody charters, but he had never seen machine gunners sticking out naked on the roof according to the charters. With the exception of the BRDM-1, which was hidden in the godforsaken SME as a traveling vehicle of a dumb battling battalion commander who survived from the rank and position, and Tatra dump trucks by the Czechoslovak motorized infantry on Shield-82. Then they were assigned to our T-72s and BMP-23s as reinforcing infantry, from which they were mutually fucked.
      From the outside of the buckets, sheets were welded to the vertical ribs. Above are the arcs on which the tarp is stretched. We never heard of such poverty, but in the most powerful army in pentosia, it is still :)

      Nothing they can do. The height of the side is at most three meters. The height of the roof of a seedy village house is five. I caught a naked gypsy - "You want some candy? Well, give your uncles a present!", Gave him a grenade in his hand, and threw it on the roof. And they have no chance, and you have no losses.
      Here is the solution to the problems.
      About the protection of cracks from dripping napalm will? And then he is also available from the partisans.
      1. zyablik.olga
        zyablik.olga 20 July 2015 05: 49
        Quote: Alien
        They didn’t think of a normal BTR then, and so far.

        The fact of the matter is that these vehicles were never used as classic armored personnel carriers. Americans in Iraq (as in Vietnam) were in dire need of inexpensive and easy-to-use vehicles with anti-bullet protection and machine-gun weapons capable of moving (accompanying) as part of transport convoys. The security of these units certainly leaves much to be desired, but they are much cheaper to operate and more maintainable compared to the BTR.
  34. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 18 July 2015 16: 10
    A poor, mediocre state can give birth only to freaks.
  35. doc67
    doc67 18 July 2015 18: 01
    Lord, Kin-dza-dza is somehow ... Is it really reached the handle, sick ...
    1. Belarus
      Belarus 18 July 2015 19: 45
      No, this is not Kin-dza-dza, there a man went for matches and here it’s completely different and no matter what.
      1. cth; fyn
        cth; fyn 19 July 2015 05: 55
        There many went for matches and got into the atom, so that kin kin for complete yes now with mad max in addition
  36. Belarus
    Belarus 18 July 2015 19: 44
    All these "masterpieces", especially performed by the Natsiks in the US, look somehow wild, stupid, mediocre, ridiculous. The feeling that the clowns got drunk or got worn and mixed up everything in the world began to perform black humor. Well, what do you want, well, like bloody clowns from usrainy so that even Africa would laugh from them.
  37. Valga
    Valga 18 July 2015 20: 00
    Almost all samples protect well from shots from hunting shotguns, for which they are intended ...
  38. dva diletanta
    dva diletanta 18 July 2015 20: 03
    Don't scoff at the poor. My commander, blessed memory of him, just painted his "six hundredth" in "number", so two "boxes" were draped from him in Snizhne. The question is not quantity, but quality.
  39. clidon
    clidon 18 July 2015 21: 02
    The question always remains open - such creations really have some kind of useful side, or is it better to travel on completely unarmored vehicles.
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 20 July 2015 05: 34
      Of course not. On this, all protection is bushes. I mean - that you were not noticed. If you notice and become interested - one speed and unpredictable maneuver, which requires a race car, not a clown hung with beds and pots.
      Further even sadder. A normal heavy bullet will simply flash a normal car, and fly away further. What is the probability that the crew will suffer from this? You can calculate it yourself - the projection area of ​​the machine from where the bullet flew into the area of ​​people’s silhouettes. The area of ​​unconditional defeat of an upright person to the front is 15% of the force. Seated - approximately 30%, also with conditions.
      One way or another, even stopping the car from the machine is problematic.
      If the bullets fall into something solid, such as mechanisms in the doors, amplification of the columns, otherwise, they will begin to tumble, and the likelihood of people falling in the force will increase. In this case, the nature of the injuries also change, for the worse for the purpose.
      Thus, broken armor leads to much more severe damage damage than lack of armor. And since the above misunderstandings in no way carry armor, which can be at least minimally opposed by penetration, they are an attempt to kill the entire crew at once. What will not happen if there is no canopy.
      By the way, for this reason we seized AK-90 of all modifications that were in service in the 74s at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The bullet is easier - it begins to tumble from any partition - do not stand in the city. In the army, he did not take root, and for other reasons.
      1. clidon
        clidon 20 July 2015 16: 04
        You can say the same thing about body armor, don’t you? The fighter becomes heavier, movements are constrained, bullets ricochet when pierced.
        Rather, it seems to me that it is a question of how much an ersatz-armored vehicle loses its mobility (well, a review, a resource). If it turns into a turtle, then yes, probably a sedentary lightly armored target is easy prey for an enemy armed with a large caliber and anti-aircraft equipment. If the loss is relatively insignificant (roughly speaking earlier than 100-110 km an hour, now 70-80), then such an alteration is justified.
        1. The stranger
          The stranger 20 July 2015 16: 46
          Of course. There, the very difficult problem to be solved with acronym defeat is also there, even if the plate is not broken.
          Yeah, that's right. This is the main problem of tank designers - the balance between fire, speed and armor.
  40. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 18 July 2015 23: 17
    Alas, I don’t remember Ostap’s words about the Wildebeest ....))))) something related to the sheaves ...)))
  41. aiden
    aiden 18 July 2015 23: 35
    In that tank filled with ukra from a bumblebee would plant
  42. dzeredzavkomimu
    dzeredzavkomimu 18 July 2015 23: 54
    you want to live, not so raskoryachishsya)))
    1. cth; fyn
      cth; fyn 19 July 2015 05: 57
      You want to live, think about it. That sounds more correct.
  43. DMB_95
    DMB_95 19 July 2015 21: 07
    On these hearse and from the anti-tank gun Degtyarev arr. 1941. Cheap and right through the hell ...
    1. The stranger
      The stranger 20 July 2015 05: 55
      Right through - it means no one was killed, nothing was broken.
      Did you learn anything in demobilization in the 95th? They seemed to know about the war ...
    SVAROZHICH 20 July 2015 13: 54
    Whatever a crest may have been around, if only he had not thought !!!
  45. Geological prospecting
    Geological prospecting 21 July 2015 03: 20
    Probably someone has seen enough of the "Team A" series, as a detachment of "democratizers" brought "happiness" to the oppressed and disadvantaged. There are similar crafts in almost every series. You don't even need to invent anything, just copy.
    Only here the movie is different from life, and in life you need to turn on the brain more often.
  46. Vyacheslavovich
    Vyacheslavovich 21 July 2015 12: 07
    Go to the 1917th! Uraaaaa!))
  47. Sirozh 81
    Sirozh 81 16 August 2015 16: 49
    This is no longer relevant, it is time to switch to horse traction)
  48. iouris
    iouris 1 September 2015 11: 19
    "The farm strikes a blow" - there was such a program. There are still not enough "gazvagens". If this "ukroekskriment" continues, we will see something else. It is high time to turn it down.