"Alexander Nevsky" began testing

"Alexander Nevsky" began testing

The first tens of miles left astern a new underwater bomber "Alexander Nevsky" - last weekend he went to the White Sea to conduct sea trials. This fact was officially notified to the press service of Severodvinsk, where the ship was built.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, by the middle of the day on Monday, the crew of the nuclear submarine under the command of Captain 1 of the rank of Vasily Tankovid and the factory delivery team led by Alexander Reznikov were at sea and were carrying out the program. The press service of Sevmash does not comment on the tests and what news comes from the ship, referring to the new installations of the management of the United Shipbuilding Corporation and the command of the Navy.

We only know that the Alexander Nevsky is intended to become the first serial ship of the Borey 955 project - it follows the lead in this series, Yury Dolgoruky, which is to complete the development of the new Bulava missile system this year.

According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the first ships of the 955 "Borey" project, after they are accepted into the combat strength of the Russian Navy, will serve in the Pacific Fleet. It was there that the crew of the Alexander Nevsky was formed. He had been trained in advance at the naval training center in Obninsk and trained at the Yuri Dolgoruky head submarine. In December, 2010, when Alexander Nevsky left the berth of Sevmash, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin visited the submarine and congratulated the crew on the start of mooring trials.

Now the ship holds the exam at sea. During the first exit, all ship systems, including life support systems, are tested, and the submarine’s driving characteristics are checked. The atomic strategic submarine "Alexander Nevsky" belongs to the fourth-generation submarine project. It was laid in the 2004 year and is due in December of the 2011 year. The cost of its construction is still the subject of complex negotiations between the USC and the Ministry of Defense. Earlier, the responsible ship deliverer Alexander Reznikov told reporters that the cost of the submarine could be 23 billion rubles.

In accordance with the state armaments program, in Russia before 2020, they intended to build eight “Boreevs”. Now, in the slipway shop of Sevmash, work is underway on the next building of the "grand-ducal" line. The third (and second serial) ship already has a name - "Vladimir Monomakh". Like its predecessors, it was designed in the St. Petersburg Central Design Bureau of Rubin marine technology. According to data from open sources, during the construction of the "Boreyev", the latest achievements in creating shipboard radio-electronic means and reducing noise are applied.

They will be armed with the new Bulava missile system. Each nuclear-powered vessel will be able to carry intercontinental ballistic solid-fuel missiles from 12 with a warhead capable of being divided into 10 warheads. Submarines are equipped with a rescue pop-up camera, designed for the entire crew. Borei-type submarine length is 170 m, width is 13,5 m, depth is 450 m, crew is 107 man.
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