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Ships and aircraft of the Baltic Fleet completed anti-submarine missions at sea

In the Baltic landfills fleet (MP BF) corvette crews in cooperation with Ka-27 marine anti-submarine helicopters aviation the fleet worked out the tasks of finding, detecting and destroying a submarine of a conditional enemy.

For the operational solution of the assigned task, two anti-submarine Ka-27PL helicopters were raised from the corvettes and sent to the indicated square.

With the help of helicopters of hydroacoustic anti-submarine detection means, the submarine was found, and its coordinates were transferred to the crews of the corvettes of the Baltic Fleet


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  1. Pal2004
    Pal2004 17 July 2015 07: 19
    The picture shows a gorgeous ship! Corvette "Steadfast" ....
  2. V.ic
    V.ic 17 July 2015 09: 10
    The pinwheel is certainly good, but only the electronic filling is a bit old.
    1. ancient
      ancient 17 July 2015 09: 19
      Quote: V.ic
      The pinwheel is certainly good, but only the electronic filling is a bit old.

      Nothing, "Octopus" is still the same, +! drinks

      Although yesterday, in an article for Mistral ", another" urya-patriot "with a" group of minusaty-tovarZchey " fool claimed that ...

      Stas 86 SU Yesterday, 18:47 ↑
      K-27 is not a combat helicopter.
      ...... belay wassat fool
      1. Bongo
        Bongo 17 July 2015 14: 28
        Quote: ancient
        Nothing, "Octopus" is still the same, +!

        Only in working condition there are not many left. Really flying Ka-27PL anti-submariners no more than 20 pieces.
  3. Sling
    Sling 18 July 2015 14: 24
    Photos are good. And who knows what kind of grid is black on the take-off deck? Is it not for mounting a helicopter ?.