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Anti-sabotage boats of the Black Sea Fleet of the series "Rook" received the names

The official representative of the Black Sea fleet1st-Class Captain Vyacheslav Trukhachev announced that a ceremony was held at the Novorossiysk Naval Base during which the anti-sabotage boats of the Grachok series were given the names Kadet, Suvorovets and Kursant Kirovets.

Anti-sabotage boats of the Black Sea Fleet of the series "Rook" received the names

“The decision on naming was taken on the basis of a petition of the St. Petersburg Union of Suvorov, Nakhimov and Cadet in order to perpetuate the memory of the cadets of the Great Patriotic War,” he said. TASS.

The captain noted that in the near future, the Novorossiysk base will establish patronage relations between the crews of new boats and educational institutions that are part of the St. Petersburg Union of Suvorov, Nakhimov and Cadet.
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  1. Wolka
    Wolka 16 July 2015 08: 48
    Bon voyage
    1. akribos
      akribos 16 July 2015 08: 52
      Perhaps you wanted to write a rook?
    2. Duke
      Duke 16 July 2015 08: 57
      Anti-sabotage boats “Rook” of the 21980 project designed to protect the water areas of the naval bases of the Navy of the Russian Federation. Developer - Design Bureau "Vympel", shipbuilder - Zelenodolsk Shipyard named after A.M. Gorky. Modern equipment and high seaworthiness allow boats to solve a wide range of problems, characteristic of ships of much larger displacement.
      • The first boat was laid on the slipway of the 18 plant on February 2008, launched on April 25, 2009, and was tested both in the Volga River and in the Baltic Sea. The boat became part of the Baltic Fleet in May 2010. Currently, two more boats of this type are under construction.
      Main performance characteristics:
      standard displacement - 138 t
      length - 31 m
      width - 7,4 m
      draft - 1,85 m
      powerplant - 2 diesel
      full speed - 23 knots
      autonomy - 5 days
      crew - 8 people
      - MANPADS "Igla"
      - 14,5 mm machine gun
      - 55-mm anti-sabotage grenade launchers DP-65A and DP-64
      - there is diving equipment.
      • The anti-sabotage boat "Rook" is equipped with modern electronic weapons, which allows you to detect and examine underwater objects. A special component of this system is the Kalmar hydroacoustic search and survey complex (POC), developed by the engineers of Tetis Pro OJSC.
  2. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 16 July 2015 09: 41
    "cadet Kirovets" what is it?
  3. clerk theophan
    clerk theophan 16 July 2015 09: 58
    Quote: Russian Uzbek
    "cadet Kirovets" what is it?

    The cadets of the Kirov Leningrad Infantry School as part of the Luga Task Force participated in the defense of Leningrad for a month - from July to August 1941. To hold a position during this not too long time in peacetime for young, 18-year-old soldiers was an almost impossible task.
  4. Aragorn
    Aragorn 16 July 2015 10: 22
    Probably cadets of any school named after. CM. Kirov by right can be called "Kirovtsy cadets". I studied at the Kiev VZRIU them. CM. Kirov, so there was even a school song, one of the lines "... Kirovtsy cadets are bolder in battle, we will overcome any barrier ...".
  5. Dikson
    Dikson 16 July 2015 13: 45
    if only instead of a machine gun a tower from "Kurganets" could be thrust into an uninhabited one ...
  6. Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 16 July 2015 19: 41
    Handsome men! The Mosquito Fleet is being updated, which is also important