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Silence Ambassador Payette

Silence Ambassador PayetteAfter the shooting incident in Mukachevo, a new political situation began to emerge in Banderia: among nationalists there is a split in the assessment of the armed raid of the Right Sector Transcarpathian battalion on the office of a local businessman and people's deputy Mikhail Lanyo. The head of Pravosekov Dmitry Yarosh immediately raised the stakes and transferred the confrontation to the highest level, demanding the resignation of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, that is, he used this raid for a political attack on President Poroshenko. As a result, the Mukachevo incident turned into an all-Bandera problem: the confrontation between the Right Sector and presidential power began.

That's interesting: Yarosh himself thought of this before, or who prompted him? In connection with this development of events, the silence of US ambassador Jeffrey Payette, who previously in crisis situations always gave an assessment of what is happening, and everyone understood it as an order for execution, becomes crucial. Now he is silent, and therefore, the strife in the Bandera political is growing. For the first time, Bandera got a real Square - and this is the result!

At the same time, all Nazi-Bandera militants and radicals are aware of what is happening, and they are afraid not to shoot at each other, to the delight of the Donbas and Moscow.

Dmytro Yarosh Poroshenko reassures that his activists are holding only “peaceful political actions” in the country. But Poroshenko and his entourage understand that these are peaceful actions of militias of a paramilitary force that has units with combat experience that do not obey the supreme commander. Why do they behave so defiantly? Let's call this terrible secret that everyone suddenly forgotten: the neo-Nazi Right Sector was armed with the vanguard of the coup d'état, which Poroshenko gave power, and the right-handed consider it their debtor ...

The Nazis of all kinds and caliber really want to agree, but will they be able to? There are two contradictions that are apparently irreconcilable, about which Bandera Nazism will split. And this is not an assessment of Mukachevo raid.

The main contradiction is the attitude towards Minsk-2. The “Right Sector” demands from the president that the Minsk peace accords should be broken and that the war in the Donbas should resume. Poroshenko, under the formal pressure of Europe and Washington, also formally declares that Kiev has fulfilled all the provisions of Minsk.

It is clear that this is a lie, and Poroshenko can always find a reason to get out of the Minsk agreements, especially since they are in complete impasse. However, this impasse is interesting because there is a struggle for it: who will be responsible for the failure of the Minsk agreements?

Now the West lays the responsibility for non-compliance with the Minsk agreements on Russia, which “committed aggression in Ukraine”, but if Kiev breaks them? Then the responsibility falls on Kiev.

The second contradiction is personal and emotional: the hostility of Yarosh and Avakov, mixed with the blood of the most frostbitten Nazi-thriller and friend of Yarosh Sasha Muzychko killed by Avakov. This is already old история reminds that the blood between the Nazis of various kinds in fact has already been shed long before Mukachevo. Avakov, by the way, makes conciliatory steps towards Yarosh, says something about his fair fight, but they are not accepted, Yarosh’s position is not softened.

Nikolay Malomuzh, the former head of intelligence of Ukraine and close to Poroshenko, in an interview with the media made it clear that the president and his entourage are afraid of an armed insurgency from the Right Sector, since he has serious political support. Apparently, from the structures of Kolomoisky, and not only ...

Indeed, pravoseki really take control of "by peaceful means" not only streets and squares, but individual regions and cities. Lions have allegedly taken "under protection." The conflict in Mukachevo is from the same series, only in a “peaceful” way with weapons in the hands of pravoseks in Transcarpathia did not work, they ran into an armed rebuff of the police.

Gradually, the case in Bandera goes to the classical dual power, because Poroshenko does not oppose the creeping seizure of right-wing power in local places, streets and squares in the capital. His positions are deteriorating and will deteriorate further, because time does not work for presidential power. Rada has already split, and paralyzed the executive branch by creating a commission to investigate events in Mukachevo. The president cannot now make decisions on the Mukachevo case until this parliamentary commission completes its work. And it is not known what conclusions she will draw.

That is the result of Payette silence today. In fact, he plays on the side of Yarosh, which confirms the old suspicions: Yarosh is just a tool of US intelligence in Ukraine, as evidenced by the whole history of the creation of the Right Sector, and his long-standing friendship with Nalyvaychenko, the former head of the SBU-CIA. Therefore, Yarosh is so confidently attacking Poroshenko: Washington really “wrote off” him, that is, allowed him to be removed. What could be the scenario of the American ambassador and his leaders from the State Department?

From the history of the Third Reich it is known that the President of the Weimar Republic, Hindenburg, appointed Hitler as Chancellor, and this made him the legal ruler of Germany. Something like this may require Poroshenko: give a major government post Yarosh, which can become a springboard for seizing the highest power. And as proof of their political surrender, surrender the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Avakov, and transfer the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the control of the new old coup. And this will lose power support in the face of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

If Poroshenko will be stubborn, reject such a “peace plan” of resolving the conflict with the “Right Sector”, they can be blackmailed by armed insurrection. In general, this is a common US tactic in color revolutions according to the theory of "controlled chaos." To demand from heads of state “right decisions”, threatening with military force and applying it, as it happened in Yugoslavia with Milosevic. According to the same scheme, they even cracked down on Yanukovych, demanding concessions to the coup and blackmailing them with sanctions.

This is a tactic of strangling a political leader who has suddenly become objectionable by worsening his positions with each passing day. In a month, Poroshenko’s “peaceful protest actions” can be taken barehanded. If not earlier ... After all, a sudden default of the Bandera regime is possible ...

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  1. Magic archer
    Magic archer 16 July 2015 04: 56
    The fact that Yarosh acts according to a certain plan can be seen right away. Last year he announced on some television that if the authorities did not comply with the requirements of the right sector, they would easily sweep away that power. And to the Americans, in principle, by drum, who will be the ruin’s condom, the main thing is that was tame and executed the commands from Fashington. So the struggle for the throne has just begun, here most likely both Julia and Yaytsenyukh will join it, but on whose side time will show.
    1. meriem1
      meriem1 16 July 2015 05: 44
      It is not a fact that there is a specific tactical plan, scheduled in terms of time and actions !!! There is only one plan and it is strategic - to come to power and this is not news at all. Their game was watched from the very beginning. Yarosh is not at all simple, he closely monitors the situation and constantly reacts to threats against the SS. The environment changes and he makes adjustments accordingly. Mukachevo, this is a test of the "statehood" of Ukraine. If a harsh reaction does not follow, then the next skirmish will be larger. As we can see, the petunya has done it and does not know how to answer.
    2. candy wrapper13
      candy wrapper13 16 July 2015 07: 44
      * The fact that Yarosh acts according to a certain plan is immediately apparent. *- Remember, a year ago, the murder of Sashko Bily (Muzychko) - how Yarosh * whipped * - and how did it end? - merged into a quiet tongue and the owner already said a word-As stated by US State Department spokesman John Kirby, the conflict in the Transcarpathian region should be resolved peacefully.
      “Such cruelty is unacceptable, we want all differences to be resolved peacefully and legally”- said Kirby.
      He stressed that Washington has nothing to do with the "Right Sector".
      Also, the State Department gave “special instructions” to the Kiev authorities: immediately “restrain” volunteer armed groups and as soon as possible.
      Also, the State Department gave “special instructions” to the Kiev authorities: immediately “restrain” volunteer armed groups and as soon as possible.
      "The US does not train a single member of the" Right Sector "", - he declared.
      1. Vladimir73
        Vladimir73 16 July 2015 08: 22
        good It means that their words should be understood the other way around ... (If based on their previous statements on similar problems) We buy seeds, beer, ram and look ... drinks
    3. Alex
      Alex 16 July 2015 11: 38
      Quote: Magic Archer
      So the struggle for the throne has just begun, here most likely both Julia and Yaytsenyukh will be included in it, but on whose side time will show.

      Most likely on the side of Yarosh. Julia herself marks the presidential chair, and Yaytsenyukh is now with Petrushka on knives. Just if Yarosh wants to share this throne with them is a question. Something he is not very much like a collegiate.
    4. Kent0001
      Kent0001 16 July 2015 14: 10
      The Phasington regional committee has already written off the bucket. Only Putin will not take a pair of puffs out with a helicopter .... they’ll kill him with a disease and that’s all, but he will resume the massacre in the southeast and give him the go-ahead.
      1. The comment was deleted.
  2. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie 16 July 2015 05: 22
    The Walk-Pole show continues ..

    It seems to me that the "partners" are satisfied with the quantity and quality of destruction and chaos in Novorossiya, respectively, the next regions are next.

    I sincerely hope that I am wrong.

    Patriot bow
  3. mamont5
    mamont5 16 July 2015 05: 31
    "Peaceful actions of militants of a paramilitary formation with units with combat experience, not subordinate to the supreme commander."

    With what kind of "combat experience"? There is a maximum of punitive experience and that is in the blood of ukrov.
  4. oleq197429
    oleq197429 16 July 2015 05: 52
    In principle, in terms of their composition and distribution across the regions of Ukraine, PSs can do anything with the supervision of organized crime groups in each specific part of the country. Because essentially armed the organized crime groups of the 90s.
  5. arkady149
    arkady149 16 July 2015 06: 05
    Porashka was offered to lead a gay pride parade in Kiev, so no, shy, otherwise he would have had iron support of 4%, and in the Lviv region a lot more and the whole GEYROPA gave support to the old.
  6. tracer
    tracer 16 July 2015 07: 29
    I would like to say the words of the character Nikita Mikhalkov from the movie "Zhmurki" about the predictable resignation of Poroshenko
    - "Well, that's USYO! Karachun for you ...."
    The president, elected by the "people," did not manage to drag Russia into the conflict. Therefore, it will fly out like a cartridge case fired from the chamber. Earlier, this firmly propped "ammunition" was tightly hammered into the chamber, And instead of a shot "zilch". Here is Pichalka ... And the bolt has already been turned to the top, it remains only to pull back .. Well, the sleeve will fly into the mud, and there they will trample into the ground deeper in passing. The only pity is that the same hand will send a new cartridge into the chamber.
    1. RU-Officer
      RU-Officer 16 July 2015 12: 12
      "Well, here's USYO! Karachun for you ...."

      And then - a life-long etsih with nails ... wassat
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 16 July 2015 07: 31
    If Poroshenko stubbornly reject such a “peace plan” to resolve the conflict with the “Right Sector”.. Poroshenko will not be stubborn, will not .. The boys will rub the bazaar on the arrow, they will share the shares .. and calm down for a while .. until the interests again intersect ..
  8. Gray 43
    Gray 43 16 July 2015 07: 39
    I won’t be surprised if they put Yarosh instead of Yatsenyuk, then he will return Nalyvaychenko to his former place, not for nothing that the staff members sympathize with Beletsky and pretend to replace Poroshenko with him, then the remnants of Ukraine will become ultra-fascist
    1. Aksakal_07
      Aksakal_07 16 July 2015 07: 51
      More logical is the option in which Yarosh and his ilk will continue to play the role of a whip in the system of checks and balances within the puppet Kiev regime created by the Americans.
  9. fomkin
    fomkin 16 July 2015 07: 41
    I will comment on this article in a month. Who carefully read something understood me.
  10. Wolka
    Wolka 16 July 2015 07: 50
    the Yankees clearly have a nervous teak, and the shaking of the fingers to which the threads with clowns of the Ukrainian government are tied ...
  11. Baloo
    Baloo 16 July 2015 08: 07
    Or maybe the revolt of the right-wingers and not? Is it all about the gas pipe and drug trafficking? Porosenko is too soft for macaques, because he gravitates toward the Rothschilds, not the Rockefellers.
  12. Belousov
    Belousov 16 July 2015 10: 14
    When will this Santa Barbara in / on the remains of the Ruin end? By God, they are already tired ...
  13. GRIG
    GRIG 16 July 2015 12: 55
    It’s like in chess. If you want a certain arrangement of pieces on the board, a certain situation, then play for both white and black.
    All this "elite" ukrosushera is controlled from one place, by the same puppeteers.
    Need mayhem in the Donbass or the destruction of protest Odessa-pull the strings of law-abductors.
    What is needed is a political "legitimate" nonsense - a rope to Potroshenko.
    Senya was pulled to maximize the economy being sold for a penny.
    At the same time, all these dolls are allocated "quotas for benefits", to whom and what can be scooped up and fiddled with.
    True, without exact indications. Because personal Wishlist puppets sometimes conflict.

    In any case, the command from above, from the true masters of Ukraine, will act, to whom it is "possible" and to whom "sha"
  14. Scud
    Scud 16 July 2015 14: 12
    It is difficult to find a country like this in a world where such a filth controlled this oh. The deadly collapse of dill is inevitable.
  15. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 16 July 2015 19: 23
    Putin's agents recruited new Putin agents. Then there was a rally of Putin's agents against Putin's agents. Putin's agents in the Verkhovna Rada and the Banderiya government condemned the actions of Putin's agents and instructed Putin's agents in the SBU to find Putin's agents who staged a provocation of Putin's agents. Putin's agents have gone to the Carpathian mountains, where Putin's agents are looking for them. But Putin's agents are moving to the Polish border, where Putin's agents have prepared channels for them to go to Putin's agents in Poland. True patriots of Ukraine (also Putin's agents) prevent Putin's agents from crossing the border to Putin's agents in Poland. Negotiations are underway between Putin's agents and Putin's agents from time to time on the internet and by phone .... It's not me epnulso .... This is a "extract" of information from ukrosaytov! Yes, and Makaken about too, when he said that: "These de6ils can not be entrusted with anything" (c). Macaken
    1. Mordvin 3
      Mordvin 3 16 July 2015 21: 28
      There is a doubt that you didn’t get angry when visiting Ukrosayt. I also sometimes go there but not for long. hi Natural home of the insane. wassat
  16. The comment was deleted.
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. Smoke
    Smoke 16 July 2015 20: 29
    All events in Ukraine develop just like in a textbook. Spiders in the bank, for lack of the ability to fully deploy in the ATO zone, begin to pour out excess poison on each other.