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Jacob Baklanov. Cossack with a pood sword

Yakov Petrovich Baklanov (1809 – 1873), undoubtedly, is one of the most prominent warriors of the Don, combining unparalleled personal courage, strength and skill of a fighter with military leadership talent. He fought since childhood (for twelve years he was sent as a father-officer to the army), all his life. The sword of Baklanov, whom the Turks called Batman-Klych (“The Pood Sword”), knew the Caucasus, the Ottomans and the Poles. It was an iron man, moreover, honest and generous (being put to pacify the Polish rebellion, he refused to carry out the order of “Muravyov-hangers” about the deprivation of property of the rebels' children).

Jacob Baklanov. Cossack with a pood sword

Procession around the monument to General Balkanov in Volgodonsk

Yakov Petrovich was a deeply religious man. On the famous black badge of Baklanov is a white inscription: “I look for the resurrection of the dead and the life of the next century. Amen ", silver Adam's head and bones. This prapor with an Orthodox inscription and symbolism was donated by unknown or unknown persons (it is believed that it was sewed in the Starocherkassk monastery). There are words in which Baklanov concluded his personal strategy: "Belief in God, secrecy of movement, quickness, then a bold blow to the first heart impulse." God is in the first place in this stratagem. And not only the Cormorant was famous for his blow, but the fact that all his life he did not spare himself or his property for his comrades and subordinates: he bought uniforms for his Cossacks and weaponHe shared with them bread, heat, cold and the danger of service. Baklanov’s boldness, which even experienced fighters could not understand, considering the bogatyr Donetsa to be a conspirator, flowed from the same source. It was based on the simplicity and tranquility of a man who put his hopes on God, because it was impossible to survive with his own, even “Baklan”, forces in that perennial meat grinder of battles, skirmishes, shootouts and ambushes. Baklanov was not bewitched: he repeatedly received gunshot wounds and cold weapons, concussions; it happened to him and lie dying with a bullet in his chest ... The whole secret of it lay in the fact that, even wounded, he did not get out of the battle until its completion, did not show his pain. But God saved his servant on the ways of the war: Yakov Petrovich died by his death in St. Petersburg at the sixty-fourth year of his life. The man is poor, he was buried at the expense of the Don Cossacks. A modest monument was erected over the grave of the hero by the grateful countrymen ... Eternal memory to him!

General Yakov Petrovich Baklanov, Hero of the Caucasian War

This история occurred in the Caucasus. By that time, the cormorants had already become very well known - they were afraid and called “Dajal”, as if the "Antichrist" in Muslim. (To be fair, I must clarify that the well-known words of Imam Shamil: “If you were so afraid of Allah, like Baklanov, you would have become holy!” - it was not his murids who were addressed by the boundless patriots of the Fatherland, but simple aul mountaineers. Murids should they were afraid of the “conspiracy” Baklanov, then they feared Allah more and put their man’s honor higher. I think that any of them would personally be cut with Baklanov if there was a need. Another question is that not every one of them could come out of such a Sich alive. was their Muridian life. - note. m.)

Donskoy 17 Cossack Regiment

A mountain scout came to Baklanov (there were a lot of such people "at the lure" of the Russians at that time) and said that the shooter had come from the mountains to the village, who had sworn to Shamil on the Koran to kill Baklanov. “Who is that?” - “Tavlynets, the name Janem. He told the old men that he missed only once in his life. The old men said: Baklu did not miss once. He does not take a bullet or checker. Janem said: I fall fifty steps into a chicken egg. The old men said: Bucklu will fall into a fly fifty paces away. Janem cast silver bullets for you. Tomorrow he will wait in ambush when you go, as always, to watch the troops. Don't go and watch the troops tomorrow! ”The cormorants paid the scout and let him go.

In old age, in his brief memoirs with the simple name “My Combat Life”, the Cormorants confessed that they had spent a very nasty night. But to show the Highlanders, who knew that he was going out the same way every day, he could not be cowardly. Slava Baklanova was Russia's powerful weapon in the Caucasus; he had no right to blunt these weapons, although the choice, of course, remained with him. And Cormorants, having charged their best choke, early in the morning, as always, mounted the horse. This way he will later call the road to the frontal place, that is, to Calvary. (Such a comparison may seem immodest to the modern reader. However, Jacob Baklanov was a simple person; he learned to read from the ecclesiastical deacon, and church books were probably the “defining” books in his life. Where else would he have to make comparisons? sacrifice for our neighbors. Forgive this metaphor for him. - author's note.) He knew that Janem was waiting for him somewhere on the old battery - a good sniper position. Everything happened before the eyes of the Russian troops and the mountaineers, who had gathered to look at an unprecedented duel.

Cormorants drove up to the hill where the battery used to stand, and stood in front of it motionless, like a rock. (In fact, he simply did not know where Jane was hiding, and he wanted to call him to a shot to find out. There were no other chances.) The shooter rose from the grass and raised his gun. Either the immobile heroic figure of Baclu is on horseback, or the stories of superstitious old men affected Janemu’s nerves: he missed the second time in his life. Everything happened so quickly that Baklanov managed only to notice the rising silhouette and the flash. Janie sank to the ground, out of sight. Baklanov continued to stand still. He saw the hand of an arrow rising above the grass, hammering a new charge into the barrel. Here Janem climbed a second time. The second bullet penetrated Baklanov's short coat: the hands of the mountain sniper were already walking. Baklanov continued to stand. When Dzhanem, who was driven out of himself, reloaded and jumped a third time, Baklanov, as he recalls, threw his leg over the saddle, put his elbow on his knee and put him to death with one shot ahead of the mountaineer. They say that Caucasians-Moslems, who saw this, shouted: “Younger, Baklu!”. The winner approached the defeated enemy and examined the body of Janem. The shooter regretted spending money on silver and cast copper bullets: they were also believed to have power against Satan. But they did not save Janema. Cormorants modestly remarks in his memoirs that it was the bullets that could spoil the result of the shot - light copper in rarefied mountain air does not give such an accuracy of impact as lead.

So Jan was killed and conquered the Cormorants. He has a long life: he will raise children, become a general, will win and win, not sparing himself. It will still strike many, but it will save someone ... But he will not have to perform a greater feat as a fighter.

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  1. Kombrig
    Kombrig 16 July 2015 07: 15
    Thank you, more biographies of our warriors, very informative ... I recommend to score in the search engine "soldiers of the three emperors", the same interesting biography ...
    1. Russian
      Russian 16 July 2015 11: 27
      To be honest, I expected a more detailed description of the life of the hero. And so, it turns out only one story.
  2. V.ic
    V.ic 16 July 2015 07: 20
    “The whole history of Russia is made by Cossacks. No wonder we are called Europeans Cossacks. The people want to be Cossacks. ” Tolstoy L.N.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 16 July 2015 07: 29
    Thank you for the article.
    The Caucasian war is a very interesting period. Here in my forest I often see the remains of mountain fortifications and scattered stones with traces of processing - apparently the Russians swept the Adyghe houses.
    1. Pancho
      Pancho 16 July 2015 20: 45
      Quote: inkass_98
      The Caucasian war is a very interesting period.

      I will allow myself to recommend the five-volume "Caucasian War" by Potto VA - very entertaining literature and there is much more about Baklanov.
  4. Old soldier
    Old soldier 16 July 2015 07: 45
    Thanks to the author for the reminder of the outstanding warrior. And for Muravyov I put a minus, not for you to judge him. He fulfilled his duty decisively and firmly.
    1. Walking
      Walking 16 July 2015 12: 57
      Yes, Baklanov was generous, but perhaps his magnanimity in punishing the enemies of Russia was to the detriment of the country's interests?
    2. Kombrig
      Kombrig 16 July 2015 18: 45
      The nickname "hanger" stuck to Mr. Muravyov long before the birth of the author of the article, so this stone is not in his garden ..)))

      ..... And now we imagine. Nikolaev times with all honors, the darkest. Poland. Insurrection. Paskevich. Repression, where is it without them. And it is here that someone especially tactful publicly asks the governor of Grodna if he is related to the hanged Muravyov-Apostol. I startled, I guess. And so, blurted out. "I am not one of those Muravyovs who are hanged ...".
      And - stuck. Dead. Hanging ants. He also has such a face ... suitable. Bulldog Bulldog, classic chain dog mode.
      And when, after thirty years, he happened to crush the next uprising in Poland, he really hung up there .....
      1. Pancho
        Pancho 16 July 2015 20: 42
        Quote: Kombrig
        And when, after thirty years, he happened to crush the next uprising in Poland, he really hung up there .....

        And he did it right.
  5. kartalovkolya
    kartalovkolya 16 July 2015 07: 46
    This is one of the undeservedly forgotten heroes-patriots of Russia: Under Soviet rule, his relatives hid their kinship in every possible way, how could a tsarist general, a strangler of the proud "sons of the Caucasus" and heroes of the Polish uprising! But in fact, the most honest and loyal Cossack to the Motherland! Eternal Memory and Glory to him forever and ever, and it is not for nothing that the Order of Baklanov was adopted on the Don - the most honorable Cossack award of our time!
    1. avt
      avt 16 July 2015 09: 41
      Quote: kartalovkolya
      This is one of the undeservedly forgotten heroes-patriots of Russia

      Moreover, true patriots, unlike different skins and red ones, are a brilliant example of serving the Motherland and it is good that during his life the Hero was not forgotten and rose to the rank of general. A real Warrior.
  6. parusnik
    parusnik 16 July 2015 08: 02
    "The Ant-Hanger"... Come on .. hung .. the real robbers, not even ideological rebels .. The ideals were sent to Siberia ..
  7. Alexey-74
    Alexey-74 16 July 2015 09: 32
    It’s very informative, I myself am from Stavropol, we Russians living here in the Caucasus certainly know the heroes of the Caucasian war. But unfortunately in other regions they don’t really know about the Caucasian war about its heroes, but it’s a pity that Russian military corps showed a lot of heroism .A about people like Baklanov Y.P. children need to be told in history. To educate patriotism from many examples.
    1. Nikolaevich I
      Nikolaevich I 16 July 2015 10: 53
      I have a folder "Monument" on my computer, where I place such articles, so that I do not forget myself, and to tell young people on occasion.
  8. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 16 July 2015 10: 12
    Quote: Old soldier
    Thanks to the author for the reminder of the outstanding warrior. And for Muravyov I put a minus, not for you to judge him. He fulfilled his duty decisively and firmly.

    I did not find the author's condemnation Muravyov, deprived of costation.
    ALEA IACTA EST 16 July 2015 10: 28
    Thanks for the interesting article. good
  10. Nikita Gromov
    Nikita Gromov 16 July 2015 10: 36
    "Baklanov-hero walked across the Caucasus, he humbled the Chechens with an iron hand."
    Glory to the hero of Russia - Yakov Petrovich Baklanov!
  11. realist
    realist 16 July 2015 16: 41
    a serious guy, nerves of iron and a real warrior (who will not offend a child). in russia there were three types of troops 1 regular troops (peasants taken as soldiers, subject to strict discipline, well trained but just soldiers) 2 Cossacks (free people, not serfs, directly subordinate to the king, defending the borders from enemy raids, in their free time they could engage in fishing fishing or cattle breeding, in order to remain not tied to the land, to crops, must, by order, pack up and go on a campaign "I carry with me" weapons and uniforms were bought for their earned money, and are busy with combat training all their free time + Cossack freemen) and 3 militia (peasants and artisans going on a campaign - took up arms as needed, military skills at least). exactly on the basis of the peculiarities of the way of military and everyday training, the Cossacks had both military skills and the ability to improvise in battle. my grandfather was a Cossack (the village of Kopanovka, Astrakhan Region) I know the details from my grandmother who was born in 1898 and lived until 1989, the family was repressed in 1924. in his native land in 1948, his father in 1981 was not accepted into the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (noble origin), a certificate of clearing a criminal record from his grandfather was given in 1998. and how many feats are not yet known, forgotten, how to convey this to our children?
  12. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 16 July 2015 18: 22
    "Yes! There were people in our time!
    A mighty, dashing tribe!
    Bogatyrs, not you ...
    Bad they got a share,
    Not many have returned from the field ... "(c) M.Yu. Lermontov.
    The strength of such People is in the roots of the Russian Land. The Cossack and the peasant way of life meant hard physical labor from early childhood. Hence the Cossacks with a pood sword and the Russian infantry, which had no equal in the world in bayonet hand-to-hand. Since childhood, they used to work with a pitchfork for days on end. A bayonet is akin to a pitchfork. In winter: hunting fishermen. Cartridges are expensive and the merchant will not accept the spoiled skins, which means that a squirrel in the eye (so as not to spoil the skin) is also from childhood. This is the genetics of the Russians, especially east of the Urals. Donets-Kubans are also great! The description of Janem's character is especially characteristic. Has not changed to this day. Regardless of the "genetic military life" these guys hate situations that are not in control and go into hysterics. Jannem also went crazy. The feature is known and taken into account in certain situations. You can talk for a long time and give examples, but Shamil would not hand over a checker to just anyone. Fact! HONOR TO THE RUSSIAN COSSACKS!
  13. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 16 July 2015 19: 00
    I've always wondered how the Ancestors wielded a saber. My blade is not heavy - 2kg. yes, no. Imitation, but the exercise "cutting the vine" can be done, purely for understanding. Checker is not a sword. Its priority factor is speed. In aspen undergrowth, easily removes twigs. One time, two, three. After 15 minutes, the arm is generally stretched. Wielding a pood blade - centrifugal force will tear out the shoulder joint. And yet, all this "physical education" is not after a trip behind the wheel of a comfortable "SUV" but after many hours of horseback riding. Who knows, he will understand what it is about. Pudov to wave a couple of times and everything - limb sagged. Baklanovskaya saber is known, but not in weight but in line-up. It went down in history under this Name.