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Mykola Azarov. On the state of the banking system of Ukraine

I get a lot of questions about the state of the banking system of Ukraine. Over the years, I have always been very cautious about this, both in opposition and in government. First of all, because the savings of our people are stored mainly in banks. Public confidence in the banking system is the main capital of the country's financial system. The Kiev regime blames many of its miscalculations and abuses on me. Therefore, I have to give the facts. Over 2010-2013 population deposits increased by 224,7 billion UAH. or in 2 times and at the end of 2013 g. amounted to 442 billion UAH, of which 258 billion UAH. in national currency and 184 billion UAH. in foreign currency. And now let's see how the Ukrainian regime in 2014-2015 “hated” He did everything to undermine the credibility of the banking system, and people began to take their money from banks.
To begin with, the regime collapsed the national currency in 3 (!), Provoked rabid inflation, a rise in prices and tariffs. And so that depositors of banks especially “felt themselves good” followed a ban on withdrawing deposits, imposing a tax on passive income (20% on deposit income, etc.). And people, of course, began to take away all their money and money from banks. For example, hryvnia deposits decreased by 74,0 billion UAH. and today amounted to only 184,2 billion UAH. Currency deposits began to decline even faster. This led to the Fitch rating agency making a statement about the upcoming default of Privatbank and Oschadbank. With me, these banks absolutely did not threaten anything, and I myself keep and keep my savings in Oschadbank. As is well known, default is the inability of a bank to fulfill its obligations to customers, including bank depositors. So I had to think about the safety of my contribution.

During these 1,5, the share of problem loans exceeded all critical values, that is, it became more by 60%. No bank has the ability to form its reserves for such a volume of almost bad loans. And this means that the Kiev regime does not think about the safety of deposits of the population. And how can enterprises or individuals pay off loans if the economy stops? An attempt to attract deposits from the population at extremely high interest rates (28% and above) is a deception of people and the construction of a financial pyramid that is about to collapse. Even greater risks are borne by banks for the placement of a government loan, the total amount of which exceeds their regulatory capital. Bankrupt state, servicing, and redemption of bonds is impossible without issuing a national bank, that is, printing empty, unsecured money, which will lead to a further increase in prices and a fall in the national currency. I have already spoken about the problem of foreign currency loans provided at the time at the rate of 5, 8 UAH. for $ 1, and now forced to return at the current rate. Now they, as a rule, have lost the opportunity to receive foreign exchange earnings and are forced to buy currency on the exchange. Finally, a serious problem for banks is the return of their foreign currency loans.

Thus, the banking system of Ukraine in its current state is not capable of not only being a mechanism for accumulating and saving incomes of the population, or participating in economic development and growth, but also represents a serious threat to the national economy as a whole.
Unfortunately, I did not see or hear any more or less competent program to stabilize the banking system. Apparently, it is believed that all by itself "will resolve."

Naive and criminal approach to people.

In relation to the course. It is obvious that some stabilization of the exchange rate is now a temporary phenomenon, and it has been achieved, first of all, by cutting incomes of the population, reducing its purchasing power, limiting the liquidity of enterprises and tough administrative measures. All this leads to a decline in the economy, and as soon as one of these measures fails, the hryvnia will continue to fall, as there are no objective reasons for its strengthening.
In a word, sadly, but it is necessary to state the obvious - there is no way for the economy to fall, and the banking system to flourish. Now both industry and the banking system are generating losses. All the more strange that the business owned by the Kiev regime is flourishing. The legitimate question: “For the expense of whom?”.

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  1. Baikonur
    Baikonur 16 July 2015 14: 03
    No more
    banking system of Ukraine
    There are thieves-USkaly, which are the whole banking system of Ukraine - they’re poking around in their pockets!
  2. A-Sim
    A-Sim 16 July 2015 14: 07
    This example - the minister hid his head in the sand at the moment when it was necessary to use power by removing or isolating the "guarantor". And now he thinks, looking from the side. Jelly.
    1. jovanni
      jovanni 16 July 2015 17: 30
      Yeah. The analysis of the banking system had to be carried out when he was the prime minister, and to twist less with his nose from Russia. And now it’s left to take tests, and not to carry out. In the district clinic. You can in the banks ...
    2. lukke
      lukke 16 July 2015 18: 00
      This example - the minister hid his head in the sand at the moment when it was necessary to use power, removing or isolating the "guarantor".
      Azarov "left" at the end of January, Yanukovych - almost a month later. The question is: when did he have to "remove or isolate" the guarantor? and what would it look like? in what form? who would support him?
      They would have been swept away without any appearance of politeness a month earlier and that’s all. And then they would then blame each other for mistakes.
      1. A-Sim
        A-Sim 17 July 2015 10: 06
        In December, when herds went to Kiev, the "guarantor" pretended to be "all the way."
        "who would support him?" I would accept the post of Minister of the Interior and go ahead.
        "To lead the state - do not shake with muddies."
    3. The comment was deleted.
  3. Trailer
    Trailer 16 July 2015 14: 26
    Himself allowed the collapse of the country, he kissed the gums on Yats, he himself worked with a parasail in the government, he himself was one of those who did not prohibit the takeoff of law enforcement officers ... sit in Russia, and like a yanyk, be silent in a rag. Americans will ruin the country even without your Central Administration
  4. DobryAAH
    DobryAAH 16 July 2015 14: 35
    Bullshit ...
  5. Grbear
    Grbear 16 July 2015 15: 38
    Having removed the head, they do not cry through the hair.
    And the money you transferred to a secluded place even before the "first tire" am . Go to the gobach ... Two boots - a pair.
  6. antoXa
    antoXa 16 July 2015 16: 01
    Yes, he got scared and probably did the right thing, it seems to me that the option of an active forceful solution of the Maidan issue by Yanukovych and his team was provided for and perhaps even more suitable for that time, since then he would have been a bloody dictator who unleashed a civil war to please the Kremlin in Ukraine whether there would have been Yanukovych and co, and not powdered, Turchinov and Yatsenyuk ... and the latter would have come to power as folk heroes who won the civil war.
    I think Mr. Azarov understood this very well because they all fell down ...
    1. max702
      max702 16 July 2015 17: 21
      You are absolutely right, the inevitability of the Maidan was calculated by the special services in August July 2013, the coup men were firmly seated at all the important posts of power, financial, and media, and it was too late to oppose them, it’s for this reason that the GDP cannot stand this contempt when he remembers him every time, because instead of strengthening his power along with the strengthening of the country, the yanyk stupidly STEALED. And when it became clear that the days were numbered, it was recommended not to use force, otherwise there would be a Libyan scenario a la Gaddafi, there would be a bloody dictator and noble rebels who saved the country from him .. Yanyk had no chance of a forceful decision because for all the power resources he’s all shit .. Therefore, he complied with the recommendations of Moscow, which in turn tried to flood the fire with money (15 billion dollars), but this resource did not compete with the west of Moscow, and it turned out not so much though 3 billion debt is now very helpful.
      1. Tanais
        Tanais 16 July 2015 17: 31
        Quote: max702
        You are absolutely right, the inevitability of the Maidan was calculated by the special services in August July 2013

        Whose special services calculated this, and WHERE were others at that time and WHAT were they doing?

        They shrugged their hands blankly?
        1. max702
          max702 16 July 2015 17: 47
          Special services of Russia, yes yes they themselves .. and what they had to do? Directly crawling in, it won’t work out, there’s not enough resources for a very complicated operation and time was lost .. All the same, for 23 years there really didn’t do anything, unlike the geopolitical adversary who had been conducting an active policy there from the first days of the collapse of the USSR, and perhaps even worked before very tight.
    2. etti65
      etti65 16 July 2015 19: 12
      Speaking right!
  7. Egoza
    Egoza 16 July 2015 16: 35
    do not la la about Azarov. He is a PROFESSIONAL. And look, even Novorossia will invite him to the post of Minister of Finance or Economics, or even the Prime Minister. He - will pull out of ruin. And he will go with pleasure, because there will not need to learn the Ukrainian language.
    1. Fish supervision
      Fish supervision 16 July 2015 18: 34
      Elena, I completely agree with you, Professional Azarov with a capital letter is clear even from his many interviews, it’s a sin to say such things to people hi
    2. atalef
      atalef 17 July 2015 06: 15
      Quote: Egoza
      do not la la about Azarov. He is a PROFESSIONAL. And look, even Novorossia will invite him to the post of Minister of Finance or Economics, or even the Prime Minister. He - will pull out of ruin. And he will go with pleasure, because there will not need to learn the Ukrainian language.

      His whole problem was whether or not to study the Ukrainian language?
      he was the same thief in Janek’s government.
      And all the problems (of which the same was not a little before the Maidan) also lie on it.
      It seems that with him Ukraine simplicity flourished
      Another idle trick - pros ... l country with his patron and fled with the dough, and now he flaps his wings.
      How much dough did he have? Hundreds of lyamas, but it seems like he’ve been a government official all his life, and where did the money come from? With the salary accumulated?
  8. stapler 2
    stapler 2 16 July 2015 20: 11
    Quote: A-Sim
    This example-minister hid his head in the sand at the moment

    oh ... well, that in August 2008, Medvedev was at the helm and there were no obligations to the masons ..
    sorry Donbass, little by little we are profound, the most bitter thing in this is that they will surrender the Donbass, and remove the sanctions from the hell ...
  9. Zaval
    Zaval 16 July 2015 20: 53
    I apologize gentlemen, but I, Krymchanin, you are a former Ukrainian, who sometimes, more often out of habit, continues to follow what is happening in Ukraine, communicate with people coming from Ukraine, more often with and for goods, the very phrase "the banking system of Ukraine "causes laughter and a desire to lick.
  10. APASUS
    APASUS 16 July 2015 21: 15
    Things are not so simple with Azarov, on the one hand, he is a cool professional, on the other, he is a member of the Yanukovych team, which means that part of what is happening in the country is still on his shoulders.
    But by today's standards, he will give Yatsenyuhu 100 points in front, because the current government is a mixture of semi-literate patriots, with officials of the same government of Yanukovych !!!
    1. bannik
      bannik 17 July 2015 01: 34
      Sorry, I didn't understand what it means: "... 100 points in front will give, ..."?
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 17 July 2015 12: 01
        Quote: bannik
        Sorry, I didn't understand what it means: "... 100 points in front will give, ..."?

        Excessively surpassing anyone in anything.
        Only one master was capable of cheating, capable of giving any rogue a hundred points ahead (K. Sedykh. Dauria).