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Strategic rain


Hurricanes, heavy rains and fireballs can be not just a natural disaster, but part of a well-designed military plan. On the existence of meteorological weapons there are legends. This mystery was attempted to be solved by the authors of the documentary “The Strategic Rain”.

Summary News from the southeastern United States in September 2005, they reminded the military: "The Gulf Coast has been destroyed. Hundreds of houses have been destroyed, more than a thousand people have died."

At the same time, American meteorologists blamed the "Russian weather control machine" - a super secret weather weapon, allegedly developed in the USSR.

According to experts, weather weapons have already been used. According to them, the Americans were doing a drought in Cuba and rainfall in Vietnam. However, the US military is silent about this 35 for years. But, according to Soviet intelligence, in 1972, the rice fields and jungles in southern Vietnam, in fact, turned into impassable swamps in a few months.

The United States struck a strategic strike in areas where partisans were hiding not with missiles, but torrential rains. To provoke precipitation where it is needed, in the USA they learned as early as the 40s of the last century. At one time, "weather to order" was even a profitable business.

The director of the once secret research institute assures that the weather weapon, if it was once created, was never used for military purposes. Only experiments were conducted. Including - the dispersal of clouds during the holidays.

During the Olympiad-80, residents of neighboring Moscow regions were convinced of this. The Samara, Smolensk and Pskov regions of the 2 week were filled with rain, while the sun was shining over the capital. Today there are only three installations in the world that can influence the weather - in Norway, the USA and Russia.

There are legends about their possibilities. Powerful radiation that can turn off the radio, cause hurricanes, thunderstorms and droughts, and even blind the guidance system of nuclear missiles.

Hero of Russia, test pilot Anatoly Andronov more than once participated in secret weather experiments. But he still remembers with excitement how once his plane almost fell victim to a ball-sized lightning bolt from nowhere. If this had happened not during landing, but in flight, the plane would simply have fallen and crashed. Moreover, to create lightning in the atmosphere is no longer a problem.

However, according to scientists, the devastating weather wars are unlikely to begin - the Earth is round and any shot in such a war is just the same as suicide.
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