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Why Mukachevo? Gas Background of the Right Sector Attack

Why Mukachevo? Gas Background of the Right Sector Attack

What a difficult, unclean force suffered on Saturday 11 July looking armed to the teeth (with machine guns, grenade launchers, etc.) special forces of the Right Sector from the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps (DUK) in Mukachevo? What could they not share there in some local cafe with armed guards of the local people's deputy of Ukraine, Mikhail Lanyo, who was formerly in the Party of Regions, and after the February rumble of 2014, who joined the Opposition Bloc? And then another - and with Mukachevo police? More than a dozen victims of the shootout, including civilians, a massive transfer of National Guard forces to the Transcarpathian region ... What actually happens?

Among the “Pravoseks” themselves, information is spreading that their fighters entered into a firefight with smugglers, who were “protected” by Lanyo, who intended using these criminal elements to proclaim the “Transcarpathian People's Republic”. “Checkpoints” on Ukrainian roads, protest actions in almost all major cities that recognize Kiev’s power, threats to bring battalions to government buildings, demands for Avakov’s resignation from Dmitry Yarosh’s entourage, who called on his “comrades-in-arms” not to surrender - and demands for the dissolution of the Supreme Happy with the new early elections from the ranks of the opposition. By all indications, "United Ukraine" is experiencing an acute political crisis these days.

But why - Transcarpathia? And why - right now?

We will try to dot the "e".

Residents of the Transcarpathian region with a center in Uzhgorod are, for the most part, not Ukrainians, as follows from the official data of the national census 2010 of the year (over a million people, or about 80% of the population), but the Rusins ​​(whom Ukrainian statistics counted as much as ten thousand, 0,8%). But, according to the activists of the Ruthenian movement, the Ruthenians did not disappear anywhere in the region, there are still more than 800 thousand people, and they have nothing in common with the Galicians and other Ukrainians, but they don’t want to have it.

In the region, the Republic of Subcarpathian Rus was formally proclaimed a long time ago, since 2008, the World Ruthenian Congresses are held regularly (by the way, precisely in Mukachevo), contacts with the Hungarian minority (more than 150 thousand people) have been established, so that in relations with Kiev Rusyns and Hungarians stand "united front." Note that the Republic of Subcarpathian Rus, which the Ruthenians really proclaimed, and the Transcarpathian People’s Republic, which official Kiev and the “single Ukrainian” society of Pravoseki now frighten, are not the same thing. But the political moments of the conflict should still be considered secondary, although for the Kiev authorities, supporters of sovereign Transcarpathia, whatever they call themselves, are the same “separatists” like the residents of Donbass. Even worse. And that's why.

If Donbass was the “industrial heart” of Ukraine, then Transcarpathia is its “transit heart.” The “Square” export “pipe” of oil and gas pipelines, which starts from the Russian border, ends precisely in this area, which borders simultaneously with Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

To understand the situation with the transit, for example, of the same gas, one can say that 2009 million cubic meters of gas passed through GIS Uzhgorod in June 41,2 per day, 30,7 million through GIS Beregovo, 2,6 million through GIS Tekovo (Vinogradovsky district) GIS Drozdovichi (Starosamborsky district, Lviv region) - 2,1 million. As they say, feel the difference. At the same time, Mukachevo is located right between the two largest gas transit points from Russia to Europe: from it to Uzhgorod along the highway is slightly more than 40 kilometers, and to Beregovo - 31 kilometers.

And if the pravoseki create their base in this city, they de facto get the opportunity to control the two largest gas measuring stations. Technology worked. GIS staff will be blackmailed and bribed. That is, the Americans behind the Right Sector get their hands on the most powerful instrument of pressure on Gazprom and on its shareholders.

Neither a hypothetical drug traffic, nor much more real smuggling of consumer goods, nor any other business - any degree of criminality - through the territory of Transcarpathia on its scale is fundamentally incomparable with the flow of hydrocarbons flowing from Russia to Europe. According to experts, only “gray” gas schemes can bring their beneficiaries up to 10 billion dollars annually.

Of course, a variant is not excluded (and even quite likely), in which the “pravoseki” Yarosh acted only as a “seed”, and the conflict with their participation would be used as an excuse to saturate the Transcarpathian region with Kiev power structures with the transfer of control over GIS from henchmen "Gazprom" to the appointees of the "Washington Regional Committee". And the fate of the leading personalities of the current Kiev authorities will depend on the success of this operation, of which they, undoubtedly, must be informed by their curators from the US Embassy. If everything goes as it should, they will receive credit tranches and will be able to sit in their chairs for some time, if not ...

Therefore, the passions that flared up in Ukraine around a seemingly insignificant incident in one of the Mukachevo cafes, and the scope of forces suddenly set in motion on this issue, should not be surprised at all.

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  1. Denis
    Denis 14 July 2015 05: 51
    And I have a mental parallel pravoseki ISIS. We fed, used, and now do not know what to do
    Gin out of the bottle
    1. shibi
      shibi 14 July 2015 07: 47
      The parsley gut is thin with a hard hand to restore order.
      All merge in a quiet.
      1. dobryak19
        dobryak19 14 July 2015 09: 01
        Current Ukraine is spiders in the bank
        1. CALL.
          CALL. 14 July 2015 09: 18
          What is actually happening?

          Crippled the phone. The head of the Russian state, grimacing, picked up the phone and grimaced at hearing a well-known voice in it:
          - Vladimir, kill your agents! - the chancellor blurted out instead of a greeting
          Germany Frau Merkel. - It's just unbearable, you have crossed all borders ...
          “Angela, calm down, please,” Putin asked politely. - Let's take it in order - which agents and where should I calm down? In the Donbass?
          - No, in Mukachevo!
          - And this, excuse me, where?
          - What are you pretending to be! In Transcarpathia, of course, at the very border with Slovakia!
          “And what are my agents there?” Don't you think this is somehow too far from our borders?
          - It does not seem! - Chancellor cut off Germany. - You first
          created, and then bribed the "Right Sector", and now sent these thugs to shoot at the border with the EU. It will not work for you in vain, if you do not immediately stop these provocations, we will impose such sanctions against Russia and you that you gasp ...
          - Which ones specifically? - Putin asked.
          - We ... we .., that is, I ... I will never come to Moscow again to celebrate 9 in May! - And with these words, Merkel hung up.
          The President of Russia for some time looked at the phone in bewilderment, then he shrugged his shoulders and again plunged into reading papers. Another lesson interrupted his occupation.
          - Vladimir, kill your agents! - This time the same demand as the German Chancellor was voiced by French President Francois Hollande.
          - In Mukachevo? - Just in case, Putin specified.
          “Where else?” Your agents in the SBU, the National Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs are sent there to arrange a massacre and exterminate the true patriots of Ukraine. I warn you right away - if this happens, we will impose such sanctions ...
          “That I am gasping,” Putin kindly finished the sentence. - Is it possible to specify which ones?
          “We ... we .., that is, I ... I will never give you the Mistral,” and with these words Hollande hung up.
          The President of Russia decided that today is clearly not a good day to continue to deal with documents and was about to leave the office, as the phone again hysterically bequeathed. Without even picking up the phone, Putin realized that US President Barack Obama had called.
          - Vladimir, kill your agents!
          - The right sector or the Ministry of Internal Affairs, SBU and the National Guard?
          - And where are all these organizations? Do not pretend! Poroshenko calm down, he completely unbelted, we can no longer tolerate his antics!
          - Excuse me, this is your agent!
          “You turned it over!” - in a voice that leaves no doubt,
          summed up the president of the United States. - And if you don’t immediately take it away, then we will introduce such sanctions ...
          “Already starting to gasp,” Putin said with difficulty restraining laughter. - Barack, and in Ukraine there is at least someone who is not my agent? (from the Internet)
          1. vladimirw
            vladimirw 14 July 2015 12: 45
            funny, but it’s likely to be so
          2. avdkrd
            avdkrd 14 July 2015 14: 25
            enchantingly !!!!!
  2. svp67
    svp67 14 July 2015 05: 52
    Why Mukachevo?
    Yes, because "where it is thin, there it breaks." Transcarpathia, the same "unstable region", there are very strong integration with Hungary moods. Remember where else so openly opposed the mobilization. There. So, the "pravoseki" simply "chose the wrong place." And what they get away with in other regions has not passed there.
    Well, now it remains just to watch how this "show" will develop.
    I can assume that the result of this will be the strengthening of Poroshenko's power, who has now received a unique opportunity to "press to the nail" and the separatist sentiments in Transcarpathia to crush ...
    But here is another interesting thing, and whose "ears" stick out, behind such active actions of the PS. If these are the "ears" of Kolomoisky and Nalyvaichenko, then Poroshenko will not be very sweet. But more "not sweet" will fall on the people of Ukraine. But, sho zdobli, then zdobli ...
  3. Garyn
    Garyn 14 July 2015 05: 55
    I agree with the author, the First World War began with one shot.
    1. Denis
      Denis 14 July 2015 07: 24
      Quote: Garyn
      The First World War began with one shot.

      A shot is an excuse (if summing up, then Bell's incident), everything turned out that way and there it’s not that a shot, spitting would be enough
  4. forester
    forester 14 July 2015 05: 56
    Typical redistribution of spheres of influence between the so-called "elites" of Ukrostan
  5. stayer
    stayer 14 July 2015 06: 02
    In my opinion, the conclusions about the pipe and GIS are not entirely correct. What prevents pipe and flow control now? Or does the author think that Kiev does not currently own the pipe? And besides, when the pipe is empty, then at least be controlled.
    It seems to me that initially there really was a banal criminal showdown with the desire to squeeze someone else's piece. But got the teeth. And since they (PS) are bursting with a sense of self-worth and the fact that they all owe them a raise is boiling around the country.
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 14 July 2015 08: 43
      I also think that the author simply decided to show off with originality of thinking. The United States controls Kiev, starting with Petit, why should they connect the PS yet ?!) And then the scale of the PS is not the same, there are several thousand of them all over the country - they will crush them anyway. But everything is clear with smuggling, the incomes on the scale of specific people are huge, the economy is falling, and there are fewer sources of income. PS also need to be fed somehow, but on the smuggling of the same cigarettes, you can go for decades. Benny used to throw up, but now they have removed him. And for gas, here the level is different, no one will turn a blind eye.
    2. coolvoldik
      coolvoldik 14 July 2015 13: 28
      I agree. With the same success, you can write an article - "Lunar background of the attack of the right sector." Like they wanted to stake out a place on the moon so that our spaceships had nowhere to land. No need to suck sensations out of your finger!
    3. avdkrd
      avdkrd 14 July 2015 14: 30
      Quote: stayer
      Or does the author think that Kiev does not currently own the pipe?

      Two big differences: Owning a pipe and doing whatever you want with it. The control of law enforcement officers over the pipe makes it possible to implement the most ridiculous ideas of Yarosh (State Department). At the same time, the same Poresenko will shrug his shoulders and nod at the right sector - it’s not my fault, he himself .... Europeans will act as terpils, and chapter 404 will blame everything on this situation.
  6. Mihail177
    Mihail177 14 July 2015 06: 11
    Ukrainians, as always, are purely European, very democratically solve problems. Using AKM and RPG. Grad really lacking-the main Svidomo arguments.
  7. N-SKiy
    N-SKiy 14 July 2015 06: 14
    Quote: stayer
    there was a banal criminal showdown with the desire to squeeze someone else's piece.

    Very abstruse graphomaniac. About the author of the article.
  8. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 July 2015 06: 54
    There are no strategists in the dill. There the psychology "what we don't eat, then I bite" rules. I do not believe in such deep and long-term plans of the Pravosek people. I believe in smuggling leftist cigarettes. Europe wants to smoke. Cigarettes in Europe are very expensive. Good, loyal business. And gas is global, it's just not their level. The most that the PS can think of is to blackmail the authorities by blowing up pipes. IMHO, this is in line with their mentality. The author is a minus.
    1. Stirbjorn
      Stirbjorn 14 July 2015 08: 45
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      The most that PSs can think of is blackmailing power by blowing up pipes. IMHO, this corresponds to their mentality.
      Last spring they tried - immediately Bily shot himself
  9. Ignatius
    Ignatius 14 July 2015 08: 33
    There are several valid reasons:
    1. Yarosh is afraid of repeating the night of long knives, and therefore takes preventive measures to declare the law-breakers not as waste material / militants, but as a real political force, which can be tackled by the change of power in Kiev (making it clear to American friends that It’s too early to write off the PS).
    2. The current authorities of the Outskirts are afraid of a war on two fronts like fire, therefore, they are actively seeking to smooth out the conflict and reconcile its parties.
    3. In Transcarpathia, everything is organizationally ready for separation from the Outskirts, however, for the time being, consensus with Poroshenko remained, as the Kiev authorities turned a blind eye to geshefta of local business and government in exchange for maintaining political unity. Now the situation may change dramatically if pravoseki do not calm down, but continue to climb on the rampage.
    We will follow the development of events.
    Finally, an old joke that perfectly demonstrates the national character of Rusyns:
    A journalist of a local newspaper found an old-timer in a mountain village in Transcarpathia - her grandfather was over 100 years old, and let's interview him:
    - Grandfather, how did you live with the Austro-Hungarian Empire?
    - Great, daughter. They grazed cattle, made wine, rafted the forest, a little smuggled out money. It was a good time.
    - And then, when did the Czechoslovak Republic live?
    - Fine, nothing has changed, even smuggling has become easier to deal with. And the Czechs gave us autonomy.
    - Well, under Hitler, I guess it was bad.
    - No, daughter. Hitler immediately went through the passes with all the equipment and floated further east. And I didn’t see a single Fritz in our village during the whole war. So they lived like before, without changes. Good, friendly, full.
    - Grandfather, what about life under the Soviet Union?
    - Also good, daughter. Only for a very long time. "

    I will add to the conclusion that according to my feelings, as part of the Outskirts of Transcarpathia, it has already been a bit delayed)))
  10. aviator1913
    aviator1913 14 July 2015 08: 34
    The article is sucked from the finger. What gas, what pipes. All gas transport in Ukraine is controlled by one holding, just the bandits shot each other and that's it, some bandits from the PS, others from the police. They just have more weapons than usual. There is no sense in building conspiracy theories here. This happens all over the world every day, it’s just that the bandits have a strong vertical, which, in which case, immediately begins to go on strike and put ultimatums to the authorities.
  11. boomerang.
    boomerang. 14 July 2015 09: 52
    Transcarpathia has long wanted to secede. Right-wingers robbed the Donbass that they could, now the DPR army is there and they can no longer rob it, so they came to Transcarpathia to rob the locals.
    Law-breakers need money, but Transcarpathia does not want to share.
    1. aviator1913
      aviator1913 14 July 2015 10: 52
      PS initially in all regions had its branches, in the Donbass, in Transcarpathia, in Kiev. This is a strong organized crime group, it robs and kills throughout the territory to which they influence, and does not make raids in the style of the Mongols or nomadic tribes. They sit tight on the ground.
  12. Arkan
    Arkan 14 July 2015 11: 41
    Ukraine begins to slowly spread, like wet pipifax.
  13. Kunar
    Kunar 14 July 2015 20: 46
    And another is pinning me! Sluggish shooting in Mukachevo and mountains photo, video !!!
    One and a half years of the Russian invasion and-nichrome ...... laughing laughing laughing
  14. Oleko
    Oleko 15 July 2015 23: 43
    To the author - minus. Petya will drink a little, hangover and disperse the PS-shoblu. They worked their way. There are many examples in history. Suffice it to recall Nestor. I needed it red, we worked together, it was no longer needed - The first horse was chopped into cabbage.