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Subtleties of military credit

Large-scale modernization of the 102-th Russian military base (RVB) is underway in Armenia. Since the beginning of last year, around 20 service facilities have been repaired on the territory of the Gyumri and Yerevan military garrisons. The next step is a major overhaul of the canteen for military personnel on the territory of the “Big Fortress” military camp in Gyumri. In a month, they will be able to eat at the same time up to 600 servicemen using the “buffet” system.

The 102nd RBD is the guarantor of the republic’s security, and also ensures the security of the border areas of the countries participating in the Collective Security Treaty Organization. In August 2010, Russia and Armenia extended until 2044 the term of the agreement on the deployment of the base with the expansion of its geographical and strategic responsibility. The total number of personnel of the base is about 4 thousand military personnel. Motorized rifle, tank, artillery units and support units have BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, T-72B tanks, Smerch multiple launch rocket systems, Gvozdika self-propelled artillery systems, S-300, Buk M1-2 and anti-aircraft missile systems Arrow-10 ", and also there is a squadron of MiG-29 fighters deployed.

At the same time, Russia continues to arm Armenia. It is noteworthy that immediately after the start of the protests in Yerevan, which journalists called the electric Maidan, the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation, co-chairman of the Armenian-Russian intergovernmental commission, Maxim Sokolov flew to the capital of Armenia. Following the meeting, it was announced that Armenia would receive a loan in the amount of 200 million dollars for the purchase of the latest types of Russian weapons.

At an extraordinary meeting of 2 in July, the National Assembly of Armenia ratified an intergovernmental agreement on the provision of a state export credit to the republic. As reported by the Armenian news agency ARKA, 98 deputies voted for ratification with one vote against. According to the Armenian news agency, Zaruhi Postanjyan from the Heritage party’s parliamentary faction voted against. At the same time, nothing is known about the participation of 32 parliamentarians in the voting.

Presenting the agreement, Deputy Minister of Defense Ara Nazaryan noted that the money will be used to purchase Russian-made military products during 2015 – 2017: “It is planned to buy a new type of weapons, which was not previously used by the Armed Forces of Armenia, to preserve the balance of armaments in the region. ” However, the Vice-Speaker of the National Assembly of Armenia, Hermine Naghdalyan, has other information about the nomenclature of supplies. “Someone says that Russia delivers the same types of weapons to Azerbaijan,” said Naghdalyan, pointing out at the same time a significant difference in terms of payment. “Yes, it supplies, but on conditions that are very, very far from those on which Armenia is supplied,” the international news agency quotes the vice-speakerNews - Armenia. According to Naghdalyan, now Armenia also buys Russian weapons on preferential terms, but still has to pay for it immediately. “From now on, even from a low price, we will pay 10%, after which we pay only interest for three years, and only then, for 10 years, the principal amount of the soft loan,” the vice-speaker specified.

Earlier, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev announced that Azerbaijan had bought weapons and military equipment worth $ 4 from Russia.

The arms loan negotiations and the rapid ratification of the agreement took place against the background of mass unrest in Yerevan and Serzh Sargsyan’s statements that the government “will take all the burden of raising the tariff” before completing the audit of the Electric Networks of Armenia distribution company. According to him, the funds to cover the increase in the cost of electricity will be allocated at the expense of resources intended to strengthen security.

It is not surprising that MPs wondered what 200 million dollars would actually be spent in. In particular, the head of the Armenian National Congress faction Levon Zurabyan recalled that, according to media reports, part of the loan will be used to compensate for the increase in electricity tariffs. In response, Ara Nazaryan said that not a single luma (kopeks. - “NVO”) could be spent on purpose: “In presenting the agreement, I emphasized in my speech that, according to the first paragraph of the agreement, these credit funds are directed to finance the supply of products Russian-made military in accordance with the list of weapons listed in the first annex to the document. That is, only military products that are on the list can be acquired ... I will say more, not only from the funds of the agreement, but in general, not even a single budget can be used for the purposes you specified. Be sure of that. ”

The excitement of the deputies is understandable, because earlier experts had suggested that Azerbaijan was preparing a blow to the fortifications in Nagorno-Karabakh. However, in Armenia, many believe that this is contrary to Russian interests in the Caucasus, therefore, Russia will supply effective defensive weapons to Armenia.

Larisa Alaverdyan, executive director of the public organization “Against lawlessness”, also believes that Azerbaijan will not start large-scale military operations in the Karabakh conflict zone, since this contradicts the interests of British Petroleum, a British oil and gas company that would like to conduct its business in Azerbaijan in peaceful and comfortable conditions. "It sounds strange, but British Petroleum performs a deterrent function in this situation," Alaverdyan said at a press conference.

The nomenclature of armaments that Yerevan will receive is not disclosed, but according to information leaked to the Russian media, it is a question of anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons.

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  1. Decathlon
    Decathlon 13 July 2015 14: 34
    "on the system" buffet ".
    I will turn around, in an old-fashioned way: we do not bend the stick ?! Soon a fighter with a knife can’t open a can of stew, so the hungry will rush about in search of a can opener ...
    1. shans2
      shans2 13 July 2015 15: 02
      in peacetime, the buffet is only beneficial, and when conducting military operations as in Ossetia, it is technically impossible.
      1. sap
        sap 13 July 2015 15: 20
        I remember my school in Mamonovo in May 1969. Dining room. Dinner. Chief of the company .- "We did not have time to finish the meal" Cadets- "Comrade Chief," Sergeant Ivantsov- "Who did not have time to be late! Bachkov to clean up! The company to get up and go out to build!" We leave the line whining- "we are not full, hungry!" Ivantsov- "Militant will start gnawing stones!"
    2. sap
      sap 13 July 2015 15: 10
      Now on the Internet on YouTube there are videos on how to open a jar without all at all, just by hand, so if you have a smartphone, you won’t be hungry laughing
    3. ALABAY45
      ALABAY45 13 July 2015 17: 46
      The main thing is that the fighter does not start rushing about, during the hostilities, in search of the "buffet" soldier Enemy, at the gate ... and, not the time to cutlery to sort it out!
    4. sub307
      sub307 13 July 2015 22: 49
      "Neanderthal's opinion" - nowadays: what "canteen" ?, what knives ?, what cans? I didn't have time to build a stone ax before dusk, catch up with the mammoth and get the fire, and you still "rush around hungry" in search of a digging stick, so that at least "the worm" could be killed, the "homo sapiens" were completely pampered as a result of progress and development. Ha-ha, can you imagine !?
      I agree that "going too far" is not worth it, but living constantly in a state of survival or war is also not worth it, otherwise why survive and fight. And to develop and consolidate the necessary skills, there are all kinds of courses (programs) for survival in various conditions and all kinds of teachings.
    5. The comment was deleted.
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 13 July 2015 14: 54
    The purchase of our weapons by Armenia on credit is a form of support for the country - the buyer, and the amount is not too large. And all the same, distracting a little from the topic - the mattress did not manage to promote "Electromaydan"! But how they wanted! Fantasy failed, they wanted to play according to the old templates.
    1. Mik13
      Mik13 13 July 2015 16: 02
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      The purchase of our weapons by Armenia on credit is a form of support for the country - the buyer, and the amount is not too large. And all the same, distracting a little from the topic - the mattress did not manage to promote "Electromaydan"! But how they wanted! Fantasy failed, they wanted to play according to the old templates.

      KVM, there was no old template. Independence Square is a coup d'etat amid riots. In addition to the crowd, people in power structures who are ready to go for a coup and groups of militants are also needed.

      There were no conditions for Maidan in Armenia.

      But if Azerbaijan were to start resolving the issue with Karabakh amid mass riots, this would be VERY unpleasant for the Russian Federation.
      1. In any case, the Russian Federation has to intervene. (Because in any case one would have to choose one of the parties to the conflict - and the tactic of non-action is the support of Azerbaijan)
      2. This intervention makes relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey extremely difficult. Most likely, after that one could forget not only about the Turkish Stream, but also about the construction of the Rosatom nuclear power plant. Perhaps Turkey would have denounced the Montreux Convention - it has long been like a bone in the throat to our geopolitical rivals.
      3. Regardless of the actions of the Russian Federation, the region and so on is a tangle of contradictions. In any case, any conflict there affects not only the Russian Federation, but also Iran. EMNIP, China has some interests there - the Silk Road, it seems ...

      In general, it would be SO unpleasant for all regional states that the conflict was settled at the stage of origin.

      KMK, according to the results, will receive on the budget both the company - the owner of the power grids, and the American owners of hydroelectric power stations. For special merits. A procedure in the Russian Federation worked out for a long time ...
  3. VadimSt
    VadimSt 13 July 2015 16: 17
    When weapons were supplied by the Union to both North and South Yemen at the same time, it was "far, cunning and safe." When weapons are being supplied to both Azerbaijan and Armenia at the same time, it is already close, not smart, and unsafe.
    1. Dawn
      Dawn 13 July 2015 19: 39
      We will not sell - others will sell. And so - denyuzhka to the budget.
    2. Nicola Bari
      Nicola Bari 13 July 2015 21: 23
      A holy place ... It will not be supplied by the Russian Federation - it will be sold by the USA or brought from the EU, which is even worse, in my opinion.
  4. chunga-changa
    chunga-changa 13 July 2015 17: 06
    Lavrov’s friends saw the loot and nothing more, Lavrov will leave, the base will be closed. This base of Russia is not needed by any side, in general, it does not affect anything, does not protect it from anything (remember the war with Georgia, did it help a lot?), And then we won’t know how to save it. And in the appendage there is still a whole country, on content, whose brotherly people would later spit in their faces with pleasure and will demand compensation for the occupation.
    1. Walk
      Walk 13 July 2015 19: 20
      You from the United States, of course know better. Keep track of your senators. You do not have a cut, because. this is called lobbying and legalized in the most non-polite country.
      1. chunga-changa
        chunga-changa 13 July 2015 21: 04
        Our United States is located in Khimki.)
        I understand that if I change the flag to the same as yours, then you essentially have nothing to say?
        Well, for example - the base is needed in order to ... if ... does .... it’s right that we are strengthening because .... it’s not enough for .... it’s not a pity that money is because ... and also. .., and if the Armenians say get out, then we have guarantees from ..., and if you still have to get the base, then we have an agreement with ... about this in advance, and they will return all the equipment to us because ... And during 080808, the base was not used, not because the Armenian government banned, but because ...