Why I do not like Dagestanis

Why I do not like DagestanisIt seems to many that I do not like my countrymen, the Dagestanis. And this, to some extent, is true. Dislike extends not at all, but the vast majority, and there are reasons for this that can be combined into three global features of the national mentality:

Excessive clannishness and the obligatory need to have "connections."
Predisposition to cheap Ponte. I do not think that this is genetic, rather arising from the first, burdened with two decades of lawlessness - firstly the thieves, and now the Cop.

The desire and love for bribery and "sloping" everything and everything, if not in monetary terms, then in any other "agreements", bypassing the law, conscience and honor.

Regarding the first paragraph, everything is clear. If some shit makes it to the top, then it begins to pull its relatives along with it, all of them indiscriminately. It does not matter whether they are smart or stupid like traffic jams (in most cases), whether they will steal or not, it’s not even so important whether they are betrayed to their patron. The same clan is manifested in the unshakable confidence that everyone owes you something, i.e. you dubari, have to drag and help. For the majority of Dagestanis, the herd crowdedness is the norm of behavior and the presence of "connections" determines success. For example, if a crime is suddenly committed and police intervention is required, a rare Dagestanian will pick up 02 - on the contrary, he will start looking for relatives who have relatives who work in the bodies or know someone who works there to contact him directly. necessary "man. The same thing, if you need to go to the hospital - 03 or the clinic is unsportsmanlike - you need to find "your" and go to him. And that is true, rarely which doctor / cop / prosecutor / judge, etc. move the little finger of his left foot, if the case does not touch a) of his own, or b) this "stirring" will not be properly rewarded (see paragraph 3).

Ponty is a separate topic on which you can write a thesis. This is almost the main motivating factor - to be told about you, how well done you are / handsome / athlete / superman. A Dagestanian, for the most part, at the time of making some decisions evaluates them from the position that "the boys will say for him."

Much time and effort is given to the "shell". A person may be a complete nonentity, but will give himself the appearance of a “solid-looking boy. "Guys" can spend hours discussing some kind of rag, or shoes or sunglasses. I personally know a few unemployed (due to their natural laziness) jigits who, with the last money or borrowed from relatives / friends (see 1), bought the most expensive phone, usually Nokio, and could not replenish their account, but simply walked with him around the city and adorned without a penny on the bill. Guys often carry a special cloth (the so-called “brand”) with which they rub their shoes to shine several times a day, i.e. walk along the street, and then lift up their hoof to the nearest curb, take out a "little bottle" and with a view of the emperor on the hunt, clean their jackboots. Such citizens can spend whole evenings in stupid, meaningless "swag" about anything or discussing some goats. Usually telling fables about who, how many times and under what sauce "flunked" this or that "chick".

Dagestan girls is a song. How do I enrage stupid chickens - Dagestani women who go to classes to school or institute on heels, in skirts with cuts to the ass and with a ton of evening makeup on their faces, with a small bag in which a notebook with a handle can hardly fit. And this is not a joke - such 99%, i.e. the girl will not wear practical clothes or will not put her textbooks and notebooks in her backpack, because studying her fuck did not give up - the main purpose of visiting the institute - to get married. "Marry" is a separate история, for the majority (not for all), Daghestani “getting married” is a religion, this is how to achieve nirvana - the ultimate goal of their existence. They systematically prepare for this, starting from the lower grades, it does not matter for whom and how, the main thing is faster. The day of transition to a new quality for them is the most important day of life, and according to their religious cult, they celebrate it with the utmost pomp, which they are capable of, and if they are not capable, they will collect life-long debts or help relatives for whom it is also holy duty (see paragraph 1).

To understand what I'm talking about, here are some facts about Dagestan weddings. A wedding on a 300 person is a sooooo small wedding - usually 800-1000 guests. To rent a wedding dress for one day for rent costs from one hundred thousand rubles, to buy from two hundred. For comparison, the other day in the local network at work came across an ad - the girl sells a wedding dress by a famous London fashion designer, never dressed (as I understand, the wedding was upset) for £ 1500 (these are 70 thousand rubles). A relative married last summer, so in order to save money, they rented a dress in Derbent (it seems for 70 thousands), they were completely crazy. Banquet halls (of which there are at least a hundred throughout Dagestan, and several dozens in Makhachkala) must be booked strongly in advance, at least six months in advance, and they cost from a hundred thousand rubles in one day. And what the orgy is going on at weddings - it's terrible. The "stars", "stars" and "little stars" of the Dagestan variety show shake with their cries the whole banquet hall and surroundings. Guests pour in centners of firewater, and devour like brutal. The master of ceremonies, holding a stoparik of vodka in his hand, wants the young "so that Allah will give them more children" (words are not enough to characterize these bastards). And all this orgy lasts at least 2 of the day.

Ponty manifests itself in everything - the need to draw is the cornerstone of Dagestan society. The more titles, the more honorable. Surprisingly, in fact, for most young people, the ultimate dream is to have a minor bureaucratic position in which to steal (see paragraph 3.). Mothers almost burst with pride when they marry their daughters for a "good guy in public work." The number of fake candidates of science (as the degree opens the way to various ministries) just rolls over. Now it is a matter of generic honor, to be thrown off (see paragraph 3.) With all the "tukhum" (see paragraph 1) a) for the institute, b) for graduate school, and c) for a good position. ALL (!) Government (and not only) positions are sold (see paragraph 3.). The most interesting thing is that animals that have thus finished the institute and “defended” the candidate’s are simply bursting at the seams from a sense of self-worth. They really see themselves as candidates of science, and not an empty place, which they really are.

Bribery in Dagestan has recently become a cult. Extortion of bribes at the household level is the same norm of life as the sunrise in the east. If you trace the bribery trail of a separate Dagestani, then you need to start from the maternity hospital, and no, from the antenatal clinic — where his mother is registered. The doctor must be "greased", this is so important - but it usually costs in small amounts - up to 1000 rubles, or boxes of chocolates and other trifles. Next, the maternity hospital - it is necessary to give everyone (!), A nurse in the emergency room, a nurse, a nurse and a cleaner. If you do not give, then you will be regarded as an empty space. It’s just not possible to go to the maternity hospital without “smearing” anyone or not having connections (see paragraph 1). I myself saw a girl in the waiting room, from which the water was diverted, and she called her husband and asked to bring five thousand rubles to be accepted. It is necessary to negotiate with the childbirth doctor in advance. He / she will tell whom and how much to give, will determine his dachshund. Those. really give birth without an agreement is almost impossible. Childbirth, perhaps, will receive something, but no one will receive more than the absolutely necessary minimum any shots or accompanying care and support. Even the cleaning lady will not rub under the bed in the ward of the woman if she does not give a hundred rubles. During discharge, everyone should be given money, in particular, it was a shock for me that there was a special “pelenalschitsa”, which should be given two hundred rubles so that she swaddled the baby beautifully, like for a photo. Then weekdays begin, the doctor comes to the house to see the child - you have to give money (it’s not necessary, but many give). If a child is sick and it is necessary to take tests in the clinic - you have to pay money, otherwise "the device does not work." For 200 rubles, the "device" miraculously begins to work. Laboratory assistants should be given to do an analysis and not write it "from the ceiling."

It's time to go to kindergarten - there are no places, for a certain bribe a place immediately appears. According to the latest data, this is 50 000 rubles for Kaspiisk and much more expensive for Makhachkala. Because in the 30 group and more children, and the teacher is one and sometimes a couple of nannies, they all need to be “given” on a regular basis so that your child can be followed. You will not give, will go with a dirty ass or unfed. It's time to go to school - you must give the director. Without this, either they do not take it, or they are thrust into the “leveling” class. Well, who wants his son to study among the "morons", we must give. School is a bottomless hole for requisitions - to paint walls, to buy school desks, to a physical education teacher for a gift, you need to add a classroom so that you don’t put twos, you have to change the anniversary curtain, the curtains are full of holes, you have to pay, etc., etc. and no one asks the question, but where do the budget money go, allocated just for these purposes, well, with the exception of a fizruk and head teacher.

Young and frisky Dagestani, accustomed to giving and buying one and all, finishes 11 classes. Because the system of vocational education is destroyed in complete shit, absolutely everyone (!) just needs to have a higher education. Despite all these unclean USEs (hi Fursenke), which are easy to buy, manage only to give money, to go to an institution without money in Dagestan is almost impossible. I lie, still, probably, on the specialty of soil science or the ornithology of the DSU, to which 1 people go to 10 places, and they are not closed in order to continue to steal budget money. 99.9% of students in Dagestan receive a bribe.

I feel that 30% is really studying somewhere, the rest continue to buy each test and exam. If they cannot buy a “teacher,” they buy the dean or the rector right away. Having graduated from the institute, the Dagestanian either goes to the army (because he is going to advance through the power departments), or "enters" into graduate school, or stays at home and is stupid. Few begin to move and look for a job that smart guys (remember those 30%?) Can still find, because blockheads. hired by a relative (see paragraph 1.) do not cope with their work and they need a contractor to whom they will pay crumbs from stolen money. Usually, if there are no obstacles, such guys leave Dagestan. After graduating from the army / postgraduate school, a young man who is pumped up with ponts (see paragraph 2) buys with the help of relatives / connections (see paragraph 1.) With a bureaucrat or a position of a policeman (yes, any position, even a brake light is sold and bought) and begins to either extort bribes or cut the budget. It’s time for the bridegroom (see point 2) on some chicken (see point 2.). And so in a circle, the second generation is already growing and being brought up in this corruption scheme. Everyone is happy and happy.

Why should I love Dagestan and Dagestanis, with whose consent this all happens? Dagestanis have forgotten what honor, conscience, and pride are. Every shit and cattle crawled out from all sides, and with its bestial mass crushes the remnants of the intelligentsia. Why should I love sheep, who are satisfied with the current corrupt ass and happy, to cook in it and beyond. So I do not like and oppose. I call corruption scum (all Dagestan authorities) by their own names - read by shit. I do not consider stupid chickens without a goal in life to be women, and I do not consider nasty pontoshlep in slippers from “gucci” to be people. At least honestly. I have not been proud for a long time now that I am a Dagestani.
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