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Rooks Su-39 - tanks will not pass

Analyzing the actions of combat aircraft in the last major military clashes and conflicts, it can be said with confidence that the tasks carried out by assault fighters were worked out with high accuracy and efficiency.

The Su-39 assault fighter is, in essence, a flying complex of a whole military arsenal for hitting enemy targets.

Rooks Su-39 - tanks will not pass

The main purpose of the aircraft can be divided into three tasks:
- destruction of armored ground equipment (tanks, Armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled guns) at any time of the day in various weather conditions.
- the destruction of surface ships of the enemy (destroyers, frigates, amphibious ships and rocket-artillery boats).
- destruction aviation enemy groups and aircraft in the sky and on the ground.

The Su-39 aircraft is a continuation of the development of the Su-25T project, and since before the 1996, the aircraft was called the Su-25TM, now you can find both names in the attack aircraft description.

Most recently, there were only two truly good attack aircraft in the sky, the Soviet Su-25 and the American A-10. But with the advent of the Russian Su-39 attack aircraft, the situation is changing, according to the tasks solved by the opponents, the attack aircraft simply do not have at this time, and surpass Western analogs in characteristics.

A unique feature of the attack aircraft is an increased combat survivability, which comes from equipped fire and armor protection of the engine compartments, fuel tank treatment with polyurethane foam and protection, and a cabin with titanium armor and a windscreen armored block. All these improvements minimize getting the pilot's defeats and damage to the main control systems of small-caliber shells, large-caliber bullets and missile fragments.

The attack aircraft can independently determine and identify targets, select the priority of the target and the type of weapons. Each wing contains 5 suspensions, on which are installed: 16 of Whirlwind missiles, 4 air-to-air missiles, air-to-air missiles, eight 160 unguided rockets, air bombs of any caliber, incendiary tanks mixture, four suspended guns. The weight of the lifted ammunition 6000 kilogram.

Extensive use of a multi-purpose attack aircraft in the Armed Forces will lead to a significant reduction in the fleet and support personnel and military spending - the attack aircraft will be able to replace the 2-3 narrow-focus aircraft.

The main features of the Su-39 attack aircraft:
- APK "Shkval" - sighting complex allows accurate aiming at a distance of 10 kilometers with an accuracy of 0.6 meter;
- ATVU "Whirlwind" - is able to destroy up to 14 modern tanks with armor up to 10 cm, and enemy helicopters;
- The Pastel airborne station provides accurate information about ground and airborne radar systems. This allows you to use X-58UE, X-31П missiles against them or destroy them with the help of X-25ML missiles or the Whirlwind missile;
- Radar PC "Spear" is designed to guide high-precision weapons at small mobile and stationary targets in any conditions and with the opposition of enemy air defenses;
- Television low-level system “Mercury” allows launching laser-guided missiles and bombarding enemy targets at night and in poor visibility;
- Ability to continue the flight on one engine.

It is the possession of the Vortex complex that builds the Su-39 attack aircraft into the category of multi-purpose aircraft. The highest accuracy of destruction, supersonic flight to the target, a sufficiently large range of action allow the use of the Whirlwind missiles on air, surface and ground armored objects.

The Su-39 attack plane can take off and land on an almost unprepared unpaved runway 1200 meters in length.
The aircraft can fly into the sky on diesel fuel of unlimited resource, does not need highly qualified technical specialists, is easy to learn and is available to pilots of different qualifications.

The first factory test flight on the Su-39 "Т8ТМ-1" prototype was made on February 4 of the year 1991. A total of about 3000 test flights and about 40 launches of combat missiles of the Whirlwind complex were completed. The configuration of the “Squall” - “Whirlwind” complexes has been fully completed, the linkage of the RLPK “Kopye” and missile complexes has been completed.

The cost of one Su-39 assault aircraft is 180 million rubles.

In the event of a military conflict, the main task of the defending side is the destruction of enemy aircraft, armored ground equipment, surface ships of the enemy. Multifunctional attack aircraft Su-39 solve these problems at a distance of 900 kilometers.

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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 21 October 2011 09: 18
    Gruntovaka, diz. fuel, unpretentiousness Our Kalashnikov.
    1. Boos24
      Boos24 21 October 2011 10: 00
      great comparison
    2. Ion coaelung
      Ion coaelung 21 October 2011 11: 15
      With a grenade launcher, bayonet knife, IR sights, laser, 70 rounds drum magazine :)
    3. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 21 October 2011 15: 35
      Even I'm talking about diz. fuel is not understood. The ignition system is different. And how is it diz. fuel of unlimited resource? Author, what are you smoking? It’s possible to pour aviation kerosene into tank diesel engines, and not vice versa!
      1. Jaguar
        Jaguar 21 October 2011 21: 34
        and also "ATGM" Whirlwind "- capable of destroying up to 14 modern tanks with armor up to 10 cm", in fact, it penetrates ten times more armor
        1. jamert
          jamert 22 October 2011 16: 40
          And which tank has armor 1 meter thick?
          1. Jaguar
            Jaguar 22 October 2011 21: 37
            frontal armor taking into account the dynamic protection of the T-90 is equivalent to 1150 mm
      2. asavchenko59
        asavchenko59 22 October 2011 05: 21
        Start of work on jet fuel and transition to diesel fuel. Elementary.
  2. itr
    itr 21 October 2011 09: 58
    And what is his speed?
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 21 October 2011 10: 34
      Tab-1: "Flight performance"

      Modification of the Su-39
      Wingspan, m 14.36
      Length of aircraft, m 15.06
      Aircraft height, m ​​5.20
      Wing area, m2 30.10
      Weight, kg
      empty 10600 aircraft
      normal takeoff 16950
      maximum take-off 21500
      Fuel, l 4890
      Engine type 2 turbojet engine R-195 (Ш)
      The draft is not forced, kgf 2 x 4500
      Maximum speed at the ground, km / h 950
      Ferry range, km 2500
      Combat range, km
      off the ground xnumx
      at height 1050
      Practical ceiling, m 12000
      Max. 6.5 operational overload
      Crew 1
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 21 October 2011 21: 06
        Listen Vadim! Now I don’t play, but two years ago they were cutting on the grid in the "IL-2 Sturmovik", the joystick is still cool on the table, I have changed four pieces, probably I haven't played for two years. And there is a toy on the Su-25 (Lock On Flaming Cliffs). So in IL-2 people were cut 10 to 10, and sometimes more, to be stunned. I played under the same nickname, well, it's very interesting, and time flew away week by week, in a swoop.
        1. Vadivak
          Vadivak 21 October 2011 22: 50
          I'm too old for IL-2, although the topic of aviation 2 MB is my favorite, I really like Polikarpov’s planes
  3. Dock
    Dock 21 October 2011 10: 09
    The idea is good. If there is good execution for it, yes financing, but enough volume, yes ... God grant!
  4. jamert
    jamert 21 October 2011 10: 49
    I don’t know, my (absolutely amateurish, of course) opinion is that the future attack aircraft should be unmanned.
    1. Santey77
      Santey77 21 October 2011 10: 59
      Handsome ... with impressive features! and if also unmanned :)
      1. PLO
        PLO 21 October 2011 16: 02
        until reliable communication channels or AI are invented, don’t even dream, because its cost will be too high to allow it to lose
        1. jamert
          jamert 21 October 2011 19: 21
          Well, actually a drone is several times cheaper than an airplane.
          1. PLO
            PLO 21 October 2011 21: 21
            I don’t quite understand your idea, I decided that you are offering something like a su-39 only unmanned)

            if you intend to use "assault" drones like the American predator as a complete replacement for attack aircraft, then this is shortsighted, because in the event of a serious war, when the glonass fails, communication will be actively interfered with, the combat value of such a drone will become zero , in addition, its size does not allow taking a serious combat load, armor, and the perception of the combat situation among the operators of remotely controlled UAVs is lower than that of the pilots.

            A UAV comparable in size to a Su-25/39 will have the same problems, the efficiency will increase significantly, but the disadvantages will remain, and the cost will increase (at the moment it will be much higher than the manned counterpart, although if we take into account the cost of training pilots, this can probably be argued)

            in the end: a similar concept will be effective if reliable communication channels or AI are invented

            ps By the way, from the wiki: the cost of su-39 $ 6 million. and norms. 2000t combat load (max 6000t), the cost of the MQ-1 Predator is $ 4,5 million (the mass of an empty UAV is 512 kg, and the maximum take-off is 1020 kg), the difference is only 1.5 Lyama
            1. Jaguar
              Jaguar 21 October 2011 21: 41
              The Yak-130 is a training aircraft and it costs $ 15 million. So the Su-39 for $ 6 million is a thing of bygone years or a fairy tale.
              1. PLO
                PLO 22 October 2011 14: 15
                15 lyamas for export deliveries, in addition, the Yak-130 combat trainer, and perhaps the main difference between it and the Su-25 is that it is not armored, in fact the Yak-130 can be used as a light attack aircraft, it is also worth considering that it has advanced for the Russian Federation electronics. In some article, I read that it was the Yak-130 that could serve as the basis for a serious unmanned attack aircraft, because it already has everything for automatic flight and landing, it remains to add a remote control.

                The cost of the Su-25 from the same wiki does not exceed $ 10 million (apparently it means the Su-25cm or cm2)

                So I dare say that in the worst case scenario, the cost of the Su-39 is now unlikely to exceed the same 10-15 lyam
                1. Jaguar
                  Jaguar 22 October 2011 15: 47
                  $ 10 million is the price in 2004, prices have risen since then
            2. Marat
              Marat 21 October 2011 21: 49
              I completely agree - I always support the idea that drones are not universal - they lack intelligence - with the invention of AI, of course, UAVs will become a truly formidable force - but for now, the master of the air is an aircraft with "natural" intelligence
        2. Raven1972
          Raven1972 25 July 2012 17: 17
          + You ... There is such a thing - electronic warfare is called, here its tasks include violation of control channels and / or interception .... I put in interference - and the UAV fell - what a bad luck .... laughing Or, in the second option (control interception) - he turned and attacked his own troops ....
    2. Astrey
      Astrey 6 January 2012 22: 37

      And without a pilot and without a specific application concept. An unexpected Russian "miracle-maybe".
  5. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 21 October 2011 11: 34
    ..... It seems to me better to make high-precision missiles ...... and to beat like amers without entering the affected area ... or drones. (The best way to fight for survivability) .... as well as purely my personal opinion. ... this is not the right approach ............
    But for now, of course, there is no other .. that’ll come down .. it’s a pity that it’s not being developed ... (smudging is still old)
  6. alebor
    alebor 21 October 2011 14: 04
    A recent conflict with Georgia showed that if the enemy has modern air defense systems, such a slow and low-flying aircraft as an attack aircraft is a very vulnerable target. It is good for fighting an enemy armed with machine guns and machine guns, but not MANPADS, not to mention the more serious means of air defense.
    1. Glenn witcher
      Glenn witcher 21 October 2011 15: 17
      EW and LTZ have not been canceled yet. Again, the Su-39 has a built-in (!) IR-jamming station "Sukhogruz", and under the keel there is a small 6 kW lamp.
  7. ubrus
    ubrus 21 October 2011 15: 08
    Great plane. There is no equal in chewing.
    1. Jaguar
      Jaguar 21 October 2011 21: 51
      good with survivability and abroad. "" Thunderbolt "was severely damaged (damaged one engine, failure of the hydraulic system, hundreds of holes in the wing, empennage and fuselage of the aircraft), but the pilot Captain Kim Campbell managed to successfully land the plane at the air base " А вот ПЗРК, самолет после этого отремонтировали
  8. Tatars
    Tatars 21 October 2011 17: 10
    What is superior to the Su-25SM or Su-39?
  9. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 21 October 2011 17: 22
    everyone argues that the survivability is high ............ look, the amers beat without entering the air defense zone ...... and even these Georgians knocked off their rudimentary air defense ...
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 21 October 2011 18: 15
      Georgians are "lamers" in life, they invite nonresident people to work in the air defense, in particular, there were Ukrainians, Russians, etc.
      1. jamert
        jamert 21 October 2011 19: 22
        Russians fought against Russia? Cool...
        1. Astrey
          Astrey 6 January 2012 23: 08
          And where to go? Russian Russians are not taken prisoner.
    2. stas52
      stas52 21 October 2011 19: 36
      EMI has not been canceled, after that your drones are just a bunch of iron
    3. sedoj
      sedoj 22 October 2011 11: 40
      Well, not quite from the rudimentary, but from the Buk M1 installation. Inside which the Ukrainians were sitting.
    4. lesnik
      lesnik 24 October 2011 12: 16
      I will not lie, but they showed a report that Ukrainian specialists "worked" in Georgia under a contract. And earlier, Ukraine put Buki there, and it was said that they were removed from combat duty, and ours, as always, did not know and did not expect such a trick
  10. nnz226
    nnz226 21 October 2011 18: 22
    Quote: "The plane can take off on diesel fuel" Never heard of a jet plane flying on it !? This is something new??? Tea is not a tank or an armored personnel carrier, so flutter on a solarium !!! Everything else pleases, especially the possibility of using unpaved airfields, otherwise all concrete ones have been known to the adversaries for a long time and with high quality, but oh, I don't want to repeat on June 22 ...
  11. Zorg
    Zorg 21 October 2011 18: 32
    I wonder how many of them Russia will put into service? One or two and what if tomorrow war! if you do not take into account nuclear weapons, the United States would simply spread Russia! without giving her any chance! the weapons that are now in service with Russia are even hard to call weapons! but Georgia, if it is still gaining strength, will simply knock out these unfortunate young soldiers from Ossetia! it is a pity that thieves are in power who put everything in their own pocket! I don’t even speak for the Russian fleet in the Crimea is a rare disgrace! Turkish flotilla, if desired, can take Crimea in a couple of hours! and the Far East! Russia is a very tasty country with so many minerals! and it’s not a pity, but soon they will tear it to pieces, and the first will start China!
    1. MichaelVl
      MichaelVl 21 October 2011 20: 52
      dreaming is not bad :)
  12. MichaelVl
    MichaelVl 21 October 2011 20: 59
    Thanks to the author for the article, I learned that we have not only SU-25. Such an unpretentious, reliable and sturdy machine will find its place in our army, as it found a place in its time SU-25, which is loved and respected by pilots. The main thing is to apply it correctly.
  13. linen
    linen 21 October 2011 22: 03
    But zorg does not dream. With busting, of course, but the way it is. You can beat yourself with a heel in the chest loudly, but unfortunately there is no army, a real combat-ready modern army. And it won’t happen with these goats. Delivery dates? I caught a glimpse, I don’t remember, but the numbers are terrible.
  14. ubrus
    ubrus 22 October 2011 00: 28
    Many saw with what damage the "rooks" sat down after the meeting with the Georgians. They were hit by "beeches", they were not bullets, as in the photograph.
    1. Jaguar
      Jaguar 22 October 2011 10: 47
      I gave a link earlier to A-10 damage from MANPADS
      After the Buk warhead weighing 70 kg (Stinger warhead 3 kg, and it was enough to shoot down the Su-25 in Afghanistan), do you think that the Su-25 will land?

      About bullets:
      "Although reliable protection in many cases rescued the pilot, anti-aircraft fire damaged engines, tanks, controls, disabled aircraft equipment. The Su-25, piloted by V.V. Bondarenko, returned to the airfield in October 1984, dragging a plume of kerosene from tattered by a burst of wings and stopped on a runway without a single drop of fuel. Under fire, the attack aircraft of Major A. Porublev lost an outboard tank from the wing holder, which was immediately strung by a diving aircraft onto a pylon. It was not possible to shake off the tank, and with this unusual suspension the Su-25 came to the base.On another time, 30 anti-aircraft guns were simultaneously beaten on the plane of Senior Lieutenant Kovalenko, according to eyewitnesses, “resembling a salute on Red Square.” During the first year of operation of the 378th OSHAP the pilots had to return to the airfield 12 times with one "knocked out" engine. And yet the attack aircraft suffered losses: there was a case when the Su-25 in July 1987 crashed Xia due to being hit by only one bullet that interrupted the oxygen hose; the pilot lost consciousness, and the uncontrolled car fell to the ground. On December 10, 1984, the Su-25 of Senior Lieutenant V.I.Zazdravnov was shot down over Panjshir, attacking the target with cannon fire. At the exit from the dive, the response burst damaged the controls, and the plane crashed into the rocks. The good maintainability and interchangeability of the units, which were prudently incorporated into the design of the Su-25, helped to return the damaged aircraft to service. On the spot, perforated tanks, flaps, rudders, broken landing gear struts were replaced, attack aircraft with completely new engine nacelles, nose and rear fuselage parts were encountered. The need to "mend" numerous bullet and shrapnel holes made me recall locksmithing and riveting, which had been forgotten in the combat units, and the industry arranged supplies of sets of the most damaged panels and hoods, which were brought to airfields in stacks. Due to the abundance of holes (a kind of record was 165 holes in one Su-25), many of them were patched clumsily, “on the knee”. Sometimes there was not even enough duralumin for repair, and in one of the squadrons, attack aircraft carried patches from flattened sleeves. Another problem was the shortage of spare parts, and from time to time one of the aircraft that could not be repaired turned into their source and went "to feed" its fellows who continued to work. "
      1. sedoj
        sedoj 22 October 2011 11: 52
        Jaguar, I do not understand - do you praise or criticize? About Afghanistan it was said in the video that the stingers shot down only the first SU-25. Then the modification passed. And in the second part you write about many wounded, but do not say the main thing to the Osama - the pilots are alive.
        1. Jaguar
          Jaguar 22 October 2011 15: 39
          I prove that the A-10 is a great car, which is quite a bit inferior to the Su-25
          Quote: sedoj
          And in the second part you write about many wounded, but do not say the main thing to the Osama - the pilots are alive.
          You are wrong, Zazdravnov and Halibut (whose oxygen hose was interrupted) died. In total 12 pilots died in various situations
          1. Raven1972
            Raven1972 25 July 2012 17: 29
            Please do not compare the conditions under which the Su-25 fought in Afghanistan and the A-10A in Iraq .... In Yugoslavia they didn’t fly very much - there were mountains, not a desert as flat as a table and completely suppressed air defense in Iraq .. .. + design flaw - during intensive firing, powder gases get into the engines precisely ...
      2. sealord
        sealord 27 October 2011 13: 26
        there was a case when the Su-25 crashed in July 1987 due to the hit of only one bullet that interrupted the oxygen hose; the pilot lost consciousness, and an uncontrolled car fell to the ground.
        This is after an uncontrollable fall, they calculated - it crashed due to the hit of just one bullet!
        NU - NU, the agony of the Soviets - did not give tales to embellish.
  15. Denis
    Denis 22 October 2011 05: 18
    the main task of the defending side is .... the destruction of enemy surface ships. Multifunctional Su-39 attack aircraft solve these problems at a distance of up to 900 kilometers
    it’s also going to do the deck, from the shore, go get it?
    1. Mahamont
      Mahamont 22 October 2011 07: 35
      Quote: Denis
      900 kilometer
      !! didn’t mix anything up? ..
  16. cohort
    cohort 22 October 2011 12: 17
    The Pindos developed their Thunderbolt to stop the "Soviet tank hordes", but we now need an attack aircraft (God forbid, of course) to stop the "Chinese tank hordes".
  17. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 22 October 2011 12: 26
    Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.
    .... we of course coped quickly, but with some problems
  18. rumpeljschtizhen
    rumpeljschtizhen 22 October 2011 17: 18
    Attention! You do not have permission to view hidden text.

    Do you think this is a good air defense system ?????
    a couple of installations ...
  19. kesa1111
    kesa1111 22 October 2011 18: 20
    tanks with armor up to 10 cm?
    Su-39s solve these problems at a distance of up to 900 kilometers. ?
    There may be typos.
    Jet engine on a solarium? If anyone in the know please give a link.
    Flying tank 2часть 3часть
    1. Jaguar
      Jaguar 22 October 2011 21: 44
      ancient Faustpatron pierced 14 cm of armor, obviously in this article zero was not added
    2. Sokerin
      Sokerin 23 October 2011 13: 10
      What are the "arguments" -
      Such are the comments ....

      The little article (on pearls) on April 1 would go well, ... under vodka ....
    3. slan
      slan 23 October 2011 13: 46
      Quote: kesa1111
      Ankov with armor up to 10 cm?
      Su-39s solve these problems at a distance of up to 900 kilometers. ?
      There may be typos.

      What's wrong?
      The numbers are just adequate, in my opinion.
      1. Jaguar
        Jaguar 23 October 2011 15: 40
        On the website of the KBP indicated armor penetration of 1000 mm
        1. slan
          slan 23 October 2011 16: 19
          Quote: Jaguar
          On the website of the KBP indicated armor penetration of 1000 mm

          Cumulative with tandem part ..
          So this is for uniform steel armor when perpendicular to hit. Nevertheless, it is a rocket, it strikes from the upper hemisphere, and the 10 cm figure of real modern (and not hypothetical) armor is real and sufficient. Although, of course, this was hardly meant in the article, it is more likely a typo indeed.
      2. kesa1111
        kesa1111 24 October 2011 01: 14
        What tasks does 39 solve up to 900 kilometers?
        1. slan
          slan 28 October 2011 19: 21
          What is the Jewish way of asking an idiotic question with a meaningful air in the hope that everyone will think and keep silent? The task is to fly over 900 km, release a signal flare and return back. Until *** you are still "available to pilots of different qualifications" if there is nothing more to shine with your own erudition.
  20. Mr. Truth
    Mr. Truth 23 October 2011 01: 41
    Guys, I consider it promising to control 3-4 unmanned versions of a rook from a Su-30 class aircraft or an analogue.
    And so the maneuverability of the earth is excellent, booking speed, weapons are competent.
  21. slan
    slan 23 October 2011 13: 52
    When reading the article, many had a break in the template))
    Turbojet engines can indeed run on diesel. Moreover, at first the first turbojet engines were launched on a solarium, they switched to kerosene in the process of fine-tuning.
    Jumo-004— (Jumo 109—004) the world's first large-scale turbojet aircraft engine
    Operating fuel J-2 (heavy kerosene) or K1 (diesel fuel). Starting fuel V-4 gasoline.
    1. Jaguar
      Jaguar 23 October 2011 16: 00
      An ancient single-circuit engine and a modern double-circuit one are two different things. This does not prove that the Su-39 with diesel fuel flies
      1. slan
        slan 23 October 2011 16: 20
        And what is there to prove? And the Su-25 flies, without sacrificing engine life. Google it.
  22. Jaguar
    Jaguar 23 October 2011 22: 27
    In emergency cases, it only flies on a diesel engine.
    1. slan
      slan 23 October 2011 23: 09
      War is an emergency?
      1. Jaguar
        Jaguar 24 October 2011 10: 05
        in case of emergency in war, when it is urgent to take off. Without prejudice to the engine's resource, diesel would be the main, and not the reserve, as now
        1. slan
          slan 28 October 2011 19: 23
          If grandmother had eggs ..
          And didn’t you think that power on kerosene is stupidly more? Not to mention the ecology, the frequency of service and more.
  23. oper66
    oper66 23 October 2011 23: 56
    the sunny circle, the sky around is the drawing of the boy he painted on a piece of paper ................ let there always be sunshine let there always be mom let there always be me guys war is good when you play soldiers they are tin alive die young and forever
    1. L. konstantin
      L. konstantin 24 October 2011 01: 25
      nicotine cigarettes. hits the lungs of the motor! Rasputin alcohol hits the nervous system! cigarette ganjubas. hits the genitals! I will die young!
  24. mechanic driver
    mechanic driver 22 March 2013 13: 28
    Quote: svvaulsh
    Even I'm talking about diz. fuel is not understood. The ignition system is different. And how is it diz. fuel of unlimited resource? Author, what are you smoking? It’s possible to pour aviation kerosene into tank diesel engines, and not vice versa!

    Back in the late 70s and early 80s, the Japanese at an auto show showed a jet engine so it worked on kerosene diesel fuel and coal dust