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How to overcome world hunger

Already that year, food prices are inexorably growing, and with each passing day the number of hungry people all over the planet is increasing. Persons working on the problem of ensuring the population of our planet with food are concerned that, until humanity can come to a rational solution to the problem of increasing the volume of total food production. Such an increase would reduce the number of hungry people around the world.

One project that has been discussed recently with great enthusiasm is a project that involves stopping the growth of the desert area. This is the initial stage of a large project, which ultimately should lead to the use of land that used to be an ordinary desert for agricultural purposes. One of the supporters of the idea of ​​combating desertification as a tool for the future fight against hunger is the Russian economist Viktor Biryukov.

He emphasizes that the very idea of ​​combating desertification cannot be called new. Many world states tried to expand the area of ​​agricultural land by reducing the size of the deserts in them. A similar project was at one time in the USSR, when the country's leadership even tried to completely change the ecosystem of entire regions. According to this project, in the Central Asian Republics gardens were to bloom thanks to additional hydrological facilities.

Incidentally, Israel has fought rather successfully with the problem of desertification in order to improve the situation in agriculture. This state managed to win back its northern territories from the desert, and today quite active agriculture can be observed in these areas. However, the same Israel was powerless against another desert, the Negev, which continues to grow.

Viktor Biryukov, speaking about how to solve the situation with food shortages for the growing population of the planet, suggests waging a struggle with the grandest desert - the Sahara. It’s no joke to say, if it were possible to win at least 10-12% of its territory from the Sahara, mankind would receive about a million square kilometers of land for agricultural needs. And this is a territory that would be even larger than France and Italy combined. Mr. Biryukov sees this as a deep meaning, because if modern technologies allow such territory to be won back from the sand, this will be the impetus for the development of the whole of Africa. This continent emerges in the words of Biryukov is not accidental, because it is in Africa, according to the UN, that the largest number of hungry people officially registered in the world live.

According to Biryukov, if Africans have the opportunity to work in the territories “conquered” from the Sahara, this will lead not only to an increase in the number of jobs to several million units, but also to a decrease in the number of people who do not receive sufficient food per day. Today, there are about 1 billion people living on such planet on the planet.

At the same time, Viktor Biryukov argues the arguments of the Swedish scientist Magnus Larsson about how to “curb” the Sahara. To do this, it is proposed to create a special chain of dunes in the south of the desert. Dunes will be compacted with a special type of bacteria. If within a few years the Sahara cannot do anything against such a barrier, then it is possible to start planting forests along this strip, which will win back the cherished square kilometers.

But the problem of the Sahara at one time was already attempted by the Soviet scientists. According to their project over the Sahara, it would be necessary to create the circulation of air masses saturated with moisture using jet engines. This would lead to the formation of clouds and subsequent precipitation. However, the problem was where to get so many jet engines and how to build such a giant circulation system. And the question of its approximate cost was better not to ask, since the numbers in this project were with numerous zeros.

To feed the entire population of the planet is a good idea, but how to be in our country, where not everyone can afford to consume enough quality food. To this Mr. Biryukov replies that Russia can feed far not only its citizens, but also at least several tens of millions in need all over the world. For these needs, he said, it is necessary to make more rational use of land that has the status of agricultural land. Biryukov says that out of more than 130, millions of hectares of arable land in Russia is being used for its intended purpose at about 8. At the same time, almost 0,92 per hectare of agricultural land falls on every citizen of the country. Indeed, if every considered hectare “earned” in the right way, it would allow at least to meet the needs of the domestic market for both plant and animal products. For comparison, Biryukov cites US figures. There per person accounts for 40% of arable land less than ours. This advantage should be used. But at the legislative level, there is still complete calm, not foreshadowing positive changes in agriculture.

Today, despite the increase in the cost of food, many countries are switching to growing biofuels, which can be an alternative to hydrocarbons. So Russia here could become one of the leaders. However, while our country is tightly seated on an oil and gas needle, it purchases 70% of beef abroad, imports buckwheat and rice, and continues to take no action to prevent a reduction in the area of ​​agricultural land.

I don’t want to switch to stilted words, but Russia could become a real locomotive in terms of combating world hunger. And here you can even do without the "struggle" with the Sahara or the Gobi.
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  1. Neighbor
    Neighbor 22 October 2011 08: 30 New
    Our deputies and oligarchs do not need this. This is how many risks, strengths, labors and nerves. Time will not be left in a thrill to beat and health will be planted on a nervous basis. They showed us a restaurant for every crook, so they leave 4-5 thousand dollars in it for one meal - 150000 rubles. Dine Toko. What can I say - a full hungry one does not understand. They don’t care about us — their citizens, but here they ignite the negroes with care.
  2. Igor Vladimirovich
    Igor Vladimirovich 22 October 2011 09: 53 New
    And that is typical, on Earth the number of people suffering from obesity is several times more than those who suffer from hunger. In many developed countries, serious obesity programs. And all you need is a conscience and a desire to have for those who make the decision. As well as the fact that mankind would long ago "walk on other planets" if it were not for fratricide, but together it would solve all the problems. And borders are necessary for those who live by the principle - divide and conquer.
  3. lightforcer
    lightforcer 22 October 2011 10: 27 New
    There is nothing to eat in Africa and Asia, but in Europe only prices will rise.
    1. His
      His 22 October 2011 20: 21 New
      There, prices fall on products
      1. lightforcer
        lightforcer 22 October 2011 22: 00 New
        For many years now food prices have been growing inexorably
        1. His
          His 23 October 2011 12: 02 New
          I had prices in the West. In Germany, meat in euros is cheaper than ours. And the salaries there are higher
  4. NUT
    NUT 22 October 2011 11: 04 New
    my wife is precious on this subject, hands on her hips; "where to help ... um!?!?!? First, concrete the paths for yourself, but fix the fence ... horseradish helper!"
  5. lan76
    lan76 22 October 2011 11: 59 New
    The blacks have such a mentality, white people will help, we can’t do anything ourselves, we won’t and don’t want to, it’s better we will multiply more to compensate for mortality.
  6. Kyrgyz
    Kyrgyz 22 October 2011 19: 39 New
    Well, of course there is Africa’s problem, but the Russians there are few to blame for the deck, and there are still a lot of their worries, there is an option - the Eurasian Union - you proclaim Putin as your president and the desert begins to recede
    APASUS 22 October 2011 19: 51 New
    In general, the West is able to establish assistance and exchange of agricultural technologies with the poorest countries. But why? This is a global strategy !!! Fighting oil prices, the West is switching to bioethanol. Thereby, it raises prices for already expensive products. The capitalist world considers Africa, in terms of that she can give the world, not a turn!
  8. Ivan35
    Ivan35 22 October 2011 20: 08 New
    In fact, the "world government" and pendosy are to blame for the hunger and poverty of billions
    1. They created such a world order when their golden billion consumes tens of times more than it produces - they rob the world - they buy their population - hence the famine and war. Russia and the former USSR were not involved in this at all - on the contrary -

    2. Pendos spend so much on arms that it was possible to feed everyone already
    Than to bomb the Afghans and then support the cultivation of drugs - the same money would be put into them and the Afghan would no longer starve
    How to bomb Iraq and Libya would give the same money to fight hunger - and now in Iraq and Libya the hungry will only increase
  9. Professor
    Professor 22 October 2011 20: 21 New
    1. One clever man said: "Do not give them fish, give them fishing rods."
    2. Workers from Africans are really worthless. There is such a theory that the closer people live to the equator, the more lazy they are.
    3. Water is the main cause of famine in Africa. Sugar every year comes to fertile lands devouring millions of hectares.
    4. In the north of Israel there is no and there was no desert - there is a mountainous woodland. The Negev desert, on the other hand, has retreated and feeds millions of people. This is a known fact.
    1. URB
      URB 22 October 2011 20: 26 New
      2 punt is not justified and not proved ....
      3. at the expense of millions of hectares too much already ... and this is not the main reason!
      1. Professor
        Professor 22 October 2011 21: 32 New
        2. I do not want to develop racial theory, but I know from personal experience.
        No busting.
  10. Rashid
    Rashid 23 October 2011 15: 10 New
    Gaddafi has created a gigantic irrigation system in Libya, which supplies a huge area with water from underground sources. They are silent about this in the West, now it is not known what will happen to this system, they may be destroyed so that Africa does not have a lot of food, in any case, the "civilizers" do not need it.
  11. Denis
    Denis 23 October 2011 21: 24 New
    Russia could become a real locomotive in terms of combating world hunger. And here it is already possible to do without even a “struggle” with the Sahara or the Gobi.

    maybe enough? one plus of the collapse of the USSR-Siberian rivers in Asia did not have time to transfer, but you really wanted to!
  12. Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 25 October 2011 20: 16 New
    But why fight hunger? The land is overpopulated, it’s good that nigers die even from hunger and disease, otherwise they would breed, if our chocks were hungry to feed our hunger diet, otherwise they would spawn too
    1. Denis
      Denis 25 October 2011 21: 22 New
      ready for an alliance, as in WWII
      different, but the enemy is common
      ESCANDER 25 October 2011 21: 29 New
      - You know, our children do not eat up ...
      - Well, do not impose much, since they do not eat up!
      Sam's logic.