Dr. Goebbels would tell Wikipedors sehr gut

Dr. Goebbels would tell Wikipedors sehr gutFor the fact that these same wikipedors, the authors of the e-encyclopedia Wikipedia, slander the feat of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War. Wikipedors deliberately and arrogantly humiliate people's memory of the heroes of the Red Army and Navy, the public defenders who defended the freedom, honor and independence of our Motherland in terrible battles. To understand this sad fact, it is enough to open the Wikipedia file dedicated to the Hero of the Soviet Union, a sailor - North Sea man Nikolai Lunin. And to see how Wikipedians mocked from the bottom of their hearts, in the manner of Hitler's propaganda, talking about Luninsky combat biography.

Well, firstly, Wikipedia deliberately reduce Lunin’s combat score, defining it with all sorts of rotten reservations in 17 of sunken enemy ships. And they add that after the war only three victories were confirmed, and one over an unarmed Norwegian motobot. Thus, Wikipeds speak only of two real victories of Lunin and his crew. And this is a blatant lie. And this lie was originally planned by the creators of Wikipedia, for the authorities for it are not Soviet sailors, but fascist sources. Wikipedors do not want to listen to the memories of Rear Admiral V. Uzharovsky, who was standing next to Lunin during the famous torpedo attack on the battleship Tirpitz. I don’t want to turn to the opinion of the famous naval historian V. Pikul, who fought on the ships of the Northern Fleet during the war years. And the opinion of the combat admirals of the Soviet Navy does not interest them. Authoritative for the Wikipedians point of view of the fascist command, and its confirmation of the success of the torpedo, mine and artillery attacks of the Soviet submarine fleet. Well, what Hitler's sources will confirm is clear without further ado. And to pray for them, relying on the objectivity of the enemy is a clinical case.

Secondly, Wikipeds deliberately distorted the fact of the destruction of the Norwegian motoboats by a submarine under the command of Lunin in April 43. On the pages of Wikipedia, they were not ashamed to present the well-known submarine commander with some kind of sadist, who shot out fishermen from lowland spiritual motives - the Norwegians from personal weapons - revolver "revolver". Like the fact that Soviet sailors surfaced and from nothing to do began to kill innocent people, because, presumably from the author's thought, they are bloody beasts in their liking. Here, too, Dr. Goebbels could envy how shamelessly hunt and defame Soviet weapons. For the fact of this very massacre, painted in tears by Wikipedians, is not confirmed in any serious document of the epoch. It is written about him only in the Murmansk rag of a dubious character, specializing in the compromise of the Soviet Northern Fleet. In addition, there were no peaceful Norwegian “fishermen” in the theater of military operations in the Arctic. Everything that came out of the Norwegian ports seized by the Nazis was carefully filtered by the Gestapo and the Wehrmacht and was directed against the Soviet Union and its allies, up to and including the fishing boat. And yet, about the "revolves". The submarine K-21 was armed with two large-caliber ship guns, two semi-automatic guns and two machine guns, so that in addition to personal weapons there was something to shoot in the surface position. Moreover, this weapon is constructively intended for shooting from a deck swinging on the waves. The Soviet boob is a great weapon, and it is still in service with the weapons of all systems, despite the pre-war issue. But to shoot from it, or from the PPSH, “from the hand”, in a sea turret a distance of hundreds of meters with the hope of success could only Hollywood pepper, and only in computer graphics. There is no doubt that this very "shooting" of Norwegian fishermen from personal weapons was decorated by Wikipedians with the aim of demonizing Lunin and his comrades, denigrating Soviet sailors.

Thirdly, the Wikipedia authors did not set the objective of objectively evaluating not only the combat, but also the political results of the Lunin torpedo attacks on this webpage. As it was in stories with the release of the Allied convoy PQ - 17 of the German battleship "Tirpitz". In the most difficult days of the summer of 42 for our country, when the fate of the world was decided in the bloody battles of Stalingrad, the Anglo-American allies not only refused to supply us with weapons by the Arctic convoys. They also threw this very 17 convoy, which was carrying 430 tanks, 210 airplanes and 3350 cars to the USSR, to be torn apart by Hitler’s submarines and torpedo bombers. They justified these actions by cutting the convoy out of the Norwegian fjord into the world’s largest Hitlerite battleship Tirpitz. The British and American battleships, cruisers and aircraft carriers with destroyers turned back, leaving to the mercy of fate the caravan of transporters entrusted to them, which was almost completely destroyed by the enemy. And "Tirpitz" did not reach the open sea, because it was stopped by a torpedo attack by the Luninsky K - 21. And this fact does not allow now to live in peace to Wikipedors as well as in the past Goebbels with descendants. The authors of Wikipedia seriously assure that K-21 under the command of Lunin could not even get into Tirpitz, and that only the British, the real sailors-heroes, were able to drown him with their super-powerful bombs. They tirelessly refer to authors such as M. Morozov, who claimed that the successful attack of Lunin was impossible due to “the absence of Commander K-21 (like any other commander of the Soviet submarine fleet) of the experience of attacking fast-moving targets with strong security” and “ Lunin’s ignorance of the true capabilities of the German sonar equipment and anti-submarine weapons. What a! And this is despite the fact that during the years of the Great Patriotic War the Soviet Northern Fleet destroyed more than two hundred combat and four hundred enemy transport ships with a total displacement of about a million tons. Who sent the enemy ships to the bottom, if the Soviet officers "did not know - did not know how"? As for me, I’m sure Mr. M. Morozov didn’t put a hand on this, if only because he “carries” his military service at the Institute of Military History of the Russian Ministry of Defense, rewrites his glorious past to a new, vile way. In this “new recipe,” both from Goebbels, haters of the USSR, and from former allies in the anti-Hitler coalition, which cannot forgive Lunin for how the true allied credo of Churchill and Roosevelt so clearly and openly manifested in the story of the ill-fated convoy. As for the Luninsky blunder, which is intensely exaggerated by Wikipedors, the instantaneous return of Tirpitz to Altenfjord, after the attack of K - 21, was not a simple evasion of hostilities, for that the battleship commander would have been shot. The Tirpitz was devoid of combat effectiveness and did not reach the rout of the 17 convoy due to the success of the Lunin attack. Well, in the fall of Hitler's 44, in the fall, the British already had their massive air attacks.

And finally, in the fourth. Wikipedors quite purposefully do not want to talk about the real personal qualities of the Hero of the Soviet Union Nikolai Lunin, his courage, audacity and commanding skills in the harsh Arctic latitudes. They are silent about the K-21 attack under the Luninsky leadership of the German base Vogen in February 43 of the year. Then our submarine with the lights turned on quietly entered the guarded enemy port and point-blank, torpedoed four enemy ships and smashed into pieces the pier and the port facilities of the enemy. They keep silent about Wikipeds and how this submarine under the command of Luninsky rescued the sailors in distress - the comrades from the dying U submarine U - 402. And about many other things Wikipedia keeps silence, for already known reasons. But what she says - she writes, is more than enough to give a high mark to Goebbels. Because Wikipedor fabrications thoroughly repeat Hitler's propaganda, defame the great victory of the Soviet Union, corrupt the minds of people, sow disrespect for heroes — saviors: grandfathers, uncles, fathers. That's why Dr. Goebbels would have told Wikipedors - sehr gut.
Sergey Kryuchkov
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