ZVR first team completely transferred to the "Iskander"

ZVR first team completely transferred to the "Iskander"

On Wednesday, tactical exercises of the missile formation of the Western Military District (ZVO) began at the test site in the Leningrad region, which was the first in the Russian Armed Forces to be fully equipped with the latest Iskander tactical missile systems, said Col. Bobrun.

“During the exercise, rocket men will march to a given area as part of full-time units across rough terrain, overcome natural and artificial obstacles, while fulfilling a number of temporary standards for moving units as part of military convoys. In the future, the calculations of OTRK "Iskander" will immediately take combat positions, as well as comply with standards for bringing complexes in readiness for action. At all stages of the exercise, the units will have to act under the influence of subversive groups of the conditional enemy, ”the head of the press service said.

He said that the ZVO rocket compound came to the exercise as part of full-time units that had returned from the Kapustin Yar test site the day before, where they took part in the Center-2011 exercise, during which they performed combat launches for an excellent assessment.

“The exercise is a planned event for the training of missile forces and artillery formations of the Western Military District, and the final assessment of the compound for the 2011 academic year depends on the knowledge and skills that the missilemen will show, in many respects,” said Bobrun.

The colonel said that the latest models of equipment and weapons continue to flow into the formations and military units of ZVO.

"Already today, the newest aircraft and helicopters, small weapon and armored vehicles. One of the clearest examples of the re-equipment of the Armed Forces of Russia is the delivery of the Iskander operational tactical missile system to the district troops. In the course of time, he should replace the tactical missile system “Tochka” in the armed forces, which was put into service in the 70s, ”said Bobrun.

Compared to its predecessor, the Iskander has advantages in all respects, such as range and firing accuracy, weight of the warhead, amount of ammunition, speed of movement of the complex both on asphalt roads and rough terrain. One of the main combat capabilities of the Iskander complex is the ability to overcome existing and future missile defense systems of foreign states.

The Iskander mobile missile system is designed to destroy ground-based high-precision missiles, such as command posts, large groups of troops, fire weapons, air defense and anti-missile defense objects, airplanes and helicopters at airfields.

OTRK "Iskander" can be delivered by all modes of transport, including air. The complex has high tactical maneuverability due to the high maneuverability of combat vehicles. In addition, Iskander has a wide temperature range of application from –50 to + 50 degrees Celsius.

In addition, all Iskander OTRK systems are designed for long service life and operation, and their reliability has been repeatedly confirmed during numerous exercises of missile forces and artillery formations of the Western Military District, the spokesman for the ZVO said, Interfax reports.
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