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"And look at the questions broader ..."

"And look at the questions broader ..."It is unlikely that the bully Fedya from the film thought that his phrase could be applied to the international politics of the beginning of the 21st century. The United States missile defense theme has already reached the point where it will finally get tired of everything. And conversations on it, it seems, will not end soon: Russia, as before, demands guarantees that this system is not directed against it, and the United States, in turn, is in no hurry to give guarantees. Even more, the new US ambassador to Russia, M. McFaul, speaking in the US Senate, said directly that in words Washington would promise not to affect its missile defense, but would not give legal guarantees.

And what about Russia? First of all, everyone remembered the promise of our President D. Medvedev to deploy tactical missiles near Kaliningrad. At the same time, it was rather a hint to Eastern European countries to which the States offered to participate in Euro-Atlantic missile defense. In other words, Medvedev hinted: agree to take American missiles - let's aim at you. I do not like?

And here is a new twist on missile defense. This week, Kommersant published an article that talked about an alternative to the US-European missile defense system, and this alternative is literally a shirsh. According to Kommersant, the top of the Russian state apparatus is currently discussing the so-called. "Strategic Earth Defense." Yes, it is the Earth. The newspaper ascribes the authorship of the idea to the representative of the Russian Federation to NATO, D. Rogozin. Kommersant also cites the resolution of President Medvedev, imposed on the concept: "Interesting." And, interestingly, despite the lack of official confirmation or refutation, information about Rogozin looks plausible: Dmitry Olegovich is known for his bold ideas and statements.

The program "Strategic Earth Defense" implies the creation of a world-wide system of protection not only against missile threats, but also against "surprises" from space: asteroids, meteorites, etc. For this, according to a certain source in the diplomatic corps, it is necessary to unite the air defense, missile defense and anti-missile defense systems of the whole world into a single whole, as well as to create monitoring systems for near-earth space and more remote areas. The program, if it reaches this stage, will be implemented by the USA, NATO and Russia, but participation of other countries is not excluded. In general, it is too early to talk about the work on the program - there is not even official confirmation of its existence yet.

Cosmic defense must be obeyed directly by the UN. And this is understandable - Russia has the right of veto and, most likely, if necessary, it will not give up the possibility of imposing it. In addition to this, the Russian Federation, as a permanent member of the Security Council, will be able to control all stages of the creation of the system, if it comes to it.

And the implementation of the "Strategic Defense of the Earth" still does not look real. The main reason is the peculiarities of international relations. It is unlikely that leading countries will cooperate in several strategic sectors at once. And if the cooperation does not come out, even the development of the project is in doubt.

And yet, is it possible to create such a system? Perhaps, but it will cost an astronomically large amount. So while “Strategic Earth Defense” looks better as an interesting, asymmetrical and unexpected pin to Washington, who adores all global projects.

But let us try to imagine how it is possible to “close” the Earth from cosmic threats on the basis of modern technologies. First they need to be detected. For this we need radar with the appropriate range of the review. For example, the radar "Don-2N" from the Moscow anti-missile defense system can control the sector with a height of "only" in 40 thousand km. For cosmic velocities this is not enough. Therefore, the defense of the planet requires more powerful stations. Destruction of the detected target is most appropriate in the trans-atmospheric space - the object will be split into small pieces that will quickly burn in the atmosphere and will not reach the surface of the planet. However, such an attack requires a rocket with the appropriate data. The record for height of defeat now belongs to the American anti-missile RIM-161 SM-3 - 200-250 km. But this is not enough - the fragments simply do not have time to burn and / or move away from the Earth. You can, of course, "finish off" pieces in the atmosphere with the help of an air defense missile system like the C-400, but this is too complicated and unreliable scheme. So, for the time being, our planet remains defenseless from outside threats, and creating protection will require huge investments in finances and efforts.

PS In August of this year, the State Rocket Center. V.P. Makeeva announced the completion of a preliminary design of the system to protect the Earth from asteroids.

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  1. vitvit123
    vitvit123 23 October 2011 09: 16
    Myself needs a good missile defense to do, and then think about all ...
  2. Sorry
    Sorry 23 October 2011 10: 17
    On Earth, people made a garbage dump and cannot agree with each other on thousands of life-affirming issues. Living creatures, neither in the forest, nor in the desert, nor in the river and sea-ocean, have peace from people. Let something fall and the end immediately to all this mess.
  3. Sergh
    Sergh 23 October 2011 10: 19
    Well, a duck is not a duck, and mericosas on desi are also avid, they can also swallow.
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 23 October 2011 14: 13
      Pindos know that if something happens, Bruce Willis will arrive with a team of drillers who will blow up an asteroid or comet, while undermining the ISS during refueling (the Union is gone) ...
    2. Foamas
      Foamas 23 October 2011 22: 36
      The Americans themselves proposed a similar idea back in the 90s .., Russia refused (to see, Rogozin was recruited while he was in Brussels).
      Then this (Russia's position) was observable by the fact that the creation of such a system would undermine the strategic balance, because It implies the placement of weapons in outer space, because the system must be multi-angle and with a minimum reaction time, given the speed of objects and the necessary distance to intercept its location on Earth is impossible.
      That is, under a specious pretext, a precedent is created.
      1. Volkhov
        Volkhov 25 October 2011 21: 41
        There wasn’t so much money in the 90s, but now it’s too late. Rogozin does not understand that to shoot down comets / asteroids, a fundamentally different rocket is needed, the NATO Council is more fun with it ...
        And the ground system was, in Russia, but ancient. Matryoshka - head layout - extremely beautiful design. Then the Russians also defended Egypt, everything on the frescoes and statues is there - detection, knocking down, deactivation.
        1. Foamas
          Foamas 25 October 2011 23: 12
          The old system (if any) was probably based on other physical principles. Now it is impossible. In the version of the Zionists of the 90s, the main element should have been medium-orbit platforms with kinetic damaging blocks (molybdenum / tungsten), such as the presence of nuclear charges was not provided, but xs?
          In the development there was a variant of using it on the Earth’s surface (why?), Such that with a certain mass of pigs (~ 20t.) + Giving additional acceleration (up to ~ 17km / s), the blocks can reach the surface while maintaining the power of kinetic energy, comparable with energy release at undermining the 15-25ct special ammunition, but also xs?
          1. Volkhov
            Volkhov 26 October 2011 00: 54
            The principles are different, but the laws of physics have not changed, ancient technologies are cheaper. There are a lot of medium-orbital systems (about 60), taking into account the replacement only with them and work ... Ancient systems connected the energy of the Earth itself to the destruction of a comet, organizing an ionospheric discharge, and were built according to the object principle - if there were few opportunities, they managed with passive means like a hill covered with chalk (the pyramids of China and the hill of Merlin), if there was production, then they made arresters (stupas) or anti-aircraft missiles with a "matryoshka", if the industry was powerful, then the "vimans" could switch to distant interception.
            The topic is interesting - you study nature, history, but it turns out a rocket with a bomb ...
  4. lightforcer
    lightforcer 23 October 2011 10: 41
    The bear guesses something, once the space forces did (space marines?). But the promised nanotechnology and innovation will come to our planet.
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 23 October 2011 10: 43
      The military space forces were created under Yeltsin in 92g.
  5. balabas
    balabas 23 October 2011 12: 13
    It is funny and sad to watch the pathetic attempts of the Kremlin man. They gave a turn from the gate to his ideas of a "partner" all-European missile defense system, so he did not calm down. Climbs, wriggles, by any means wants to squeeze under the western wing. It's time to understand that the Americans will certainly create their own missile defense, whether we like it or not. Therefore, we must spit and take up our nuclear shield, if not build up, then at least not reduce it.
    1. erik777
      erik777 23 October 2011 20: 51
      Right. Sometimes I think that we are all, an order of magnitude smarter and wiser than our president with you ...
    APASUS 23 October 2011 13: 05
    The Earth’s Strategic Defense program implies the creation of a worldwide system of protection not only against missile threats, but also from “surprises” from space: asteroids, meteorites, etc.

    Normally, the Americans are bent! Now, when creating this system, you can control all missile launches in the world. I think that after the creation of this system, the United Nations will quickly transfer control directly to the United States and still have to ask Pindos for permission to launch! !
  7. Rashid
    Rashid 23 October 2011 15: 28
    So this is our "Kremlin dreamers" invented? Well done, money is nowhere to go. You might think that asteroids fall to the earth every month, I will not save from them, and only this idea will save us all.
    1. APASUS
      APASUS 23 October 2011 15: 44
      Quote: Rashid
      You might think asteroids fall to the earth every month,

      It’s precisely the asteroids that fall not every day, therefore this system is geared to control missile launches around the world! The USA could not avoid the spread of nuclear and missile technologies. So why not control all launches under the idea of ​​an asteroid threat?
  8. Sorry
    Sorry 23 October 2011 17: 55
    This article was launched to show once again the dependence on the great powers. A nuclear strike on the territory of a likely enemy will be justified, and then they will dump everything on comets and asteroids that seem to have shot at them. Sorry, the guilty are punished.
  9. Nick
    Nick 23 October 2011 19: 26
    The idea is interesting. Remember the American SOI. They didn’t create, but how she advanced science, technology, technology. Moreover, both super powers. In the long term, I suppose, the costs of its development have paid off due to the development of fundamental and applied science, the development of new technologies, the development of technicals. thoughts, the application of new knowledge and skills in other industries.
  10. Kochetkov.serzh
    Kochetkov.serzh 23 October 2011 22: 42
    but it seems to me that the main asteroid and meteorite at the moment is the United States and you need to fight with it, you need to come up with missile defense, air defense, etc.

    but it seems to me that the main asteroid and meteorite at the moment is the United States and you need to fight with it, you need to come up with missile defense, air defense, etc.
  11. Shqvarqi
    Shqvarqi 24 October 2011 12: 54
    The idea is in the wrong place at the wrong time ..