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Mao's dream is coming true. China grabbed a tidbit from Tajikistan


The deal became known on the founding day of the People’s Republic of China, that is, on October 1, although official documents were signed back in January. The site represents about one percent of Tajik territory and is 1 one thousand 158 square kilometers.

Actually, the still odious leader of the country, Mao Jie Dong, put forward claims to virtually all those who were neighbors of China, including the republics of the former Union. Then, by the way, Moscow came to help. The latter presented the document 1895 of the year, according to which the Eastern Pamirs was part of the Russian Empire. Beijing temporarily calmed down, but after the collapse of the “united and mighty”, he again began to claim weak southern neighbors. Then Russia intervened again, acting as a mediator in the negotiations. In 1992, Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and China created the 4 + 1 group. Moscow gave Dushanbe precise data on the Sarykol Range, where the border with China was located. But then a civil war broke out in Tajikistan, and the Middle Kingdom did not dare to negotiate with someone in such chaos. But later she took up the old again, emphasizing that relations between the neighboring countries depend on it.

Advocates of President Rakhmon, who signed the agreement, talk about ancient silk maps, according to which the whole of the Pamirs is the territory of the Chinese emperors. They say about the restored Great Silk Road, meaning the Kulma-Murgab-Kulyab highway, which gave impetus to the development of border areas. From this it follows that it was more profitable for Tajikistan to give up part of the territory than to spoil relations with a mighty power. The opposition nods to the fact that China will not stop at this, because this is already the third concession of Tajikistan in relation to China.

The first time it was about the transfer of land to Beijing around the river Markansu, area - 200 square kilometers. Then there was another agreement on the demarcation of the border in the Murgab region, with the result that China grew another 998 square kilometers. The opposition is confident that China, “pecking for bits”, will continue to express territorial claims, since Mao, who dreamed of expanding the territory of the PRC right up to Tashkent, has not forgotten about it. In addition, the transaction was made with constitutional violations, because such decisions are made based on the results of the referendum, which, of course, no one carried out.

The last deal is the transfer of Badakhshan to the highlands, which is considered the second highest after Tibet and absolutely not habitable. However, it turned out that geologists discovered large deposits of rare minerals, gold, uranium, nitrate, lead and others under the Union. The water in the local lakes contains salts of potassium, chloride and sodium sulphate, magnesium. The lake Sasyk-Kul contains uranium in an amount sufficient for industrial development, and it is more profitable than to extract it from ore. In addition, China opens the way for its own transit traffic.

Tajikistan is increasingly falling under the influence of a powerful neighbor: in this case, the country needs funds to complete work on the Rogun hydropower plant, with which, as Dushanbe believes, the republic will flourish.

Recall that at one time ex-president of Kyrgyzstan Askar Akayev was deprived of immunity for “transferring Kyrgyz territories to China and Kazakhstan”. Then China crossed the land area of ​​530 square kilometers. Negotiations are underway with Uzbekistan.

According to the migration service of Tajikistan, back in 2007, 30 thousands of workers from China worked here on the construction of electrical substations and roads. In June of this year, one and a half thousand farmers came here. And at the beginning of last year, the number of Chinese in Tajikistan has already reached 82 thousand people. Chinese dragon is coming!
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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 21 October 2011 08: 57 New
    So quietly, without an American pomp, air raids, and orange revolutions, Mao’s followers took up nearby territories, and under the USSR they had enough Damansky to calm down for a long time
    1. Superduck
      Superduck 21 October 2011 09: 26 New
      A young man, Damansky was given to China 4 years after the shooting died down on him.
      1. Vadivak
        Vadivak 21 October 2011 09: 33 New
        I’m not very young, under 50, and otherwise, in my opinion, you are not right about Damansky for a long time negotiations were held and finally he was leaked by Gorbachev

        [] On October 20, 1969, new negotiations between the heads of government of the USSR and the PRC took place, and an agreement was reached on the need to revise the Soviet-Chinese border. Then a number of negotiations were held in Beijing and Moscow. and in 1991 Damansky Island finally departed to China ..]
        1. Superduck
          Superduck 21 October 2011 09: 43 New
          And even then, in 2000, the GDP added to them a thousand square kilometers. As they say, “so that it doesn’t seem too much” So Tajiks are not pioneers here.
  2. Basilevs
    Basilevs 21 October 2011 09: 43 New
    But now they gave it away without a fight ...
  3. kesa1111
    kesa1111 21 October 2011 10: 24 New
    We would save our territory. They consistently change the channel of Ussuri in their favor. What is called quiet and not noticeable.
  4. Denis
    Denis 21 October 2011 11: 07 New
    However, it turned out that even under the Union, geologists discovered large deposits of rare minerals, gold, uranium, nitrate, lead and others here. The water in these lakes contains salts of potassium, sodium chloride and sodium sulfate, magnesium. Sasyk-Kul Lake contains uranium in an amount sufficient for industrial development, and this is more profitable than mining it from ore.
    they opened it, but even with the Union they didn’t start mining, it’s difficult and expensive
    and now to independent but impoverished Tajikistan ...
    they left the USSR ski resorts of Takob and Khozhda-obi-Garm with a well-functioning infrastructure, shouted that Courchevel, etc., had been shut up and what had become of them?
  5. Rashid
    Rashid 21 October 2011 11: 40 New
    The most interesting thing in the article is about the number of "yellow workers" in Tajikistan, whose residents themselves go to work in Russia. I won’t be surprised if in a year the Chinese become tens of times more there.
  6. Igor Vladimirovich
    Igor Vladimirovich 21 October 2011 11: 47 New
    And Catherine scolded for Alaska. What’s going on :(!? They’ll give the territory under their very nose. I would understand if they united. Otherwise, those who lived in those parts will be told if they haven’t said that you are now either Chinese citizens or, most likely, you are here You’re no longer living. ”As they say, Chinese pioneers on both sides of the border, your mother!
    1. Rashid
      Rashid 21 October 2011 11: 52 New
      And what does Alaska and Catherine have to do with it? This is the song they sing like that, but in reality they sold Alaska under Alexander the Second.
      1. Denis
        Denis 21 October 2011 12: 03 New
        Quote: Rashid
        And Catherine scolded for Alaska

        she did not give, but Tauris and much more
        for which they are called Catherine the Great, of course not only for territorial acquisitions
  7. itr
    itr 21 October 2011 12: 39 New
    and at this moment our greatest democratic leadership looks quietly and surrenders Russian territories to the same Chinese. Something is not written about this !!!!!!
  8. Sorry
    Sorry 21 October 2011 16: 07 New
    Everything is absolutely logical. A weak neighbor is my land. This formula has been working smoothly throughout the existence of mankind. China has woken up and has become a superpower, and it lacks territories and water areas for its development and improvement of the life of its people. The population does not have enough space. And there are territories nearby, which really the owner, just abandoned. The Russian Federation also gives its pieces. While these are the islands along the Amur, but the Chinese will not stop there. They already feel quite comfortable in the territory to the Urals. Our women give birth from the Chinese, the Far East go to China to rest. This is normal modern process. Look at Europe, because culture is dying from the Islamists. Well, everything will be headed by Chinese culture in the XNUMXst century and after, in all territories adjacent to China. Ura patriots have no bridgehead.
  9. KILLAvolt
    KILLAvolt 21 October 2011 16: 43 New
    Yes, nothing in the world has changed: whoever is stronger is right!
    It seems that soon we will turn to us with claims about the territories, but only at the same time they will not politely smile! You can’t weaken your army and listen to all sorts of NATO, etc. .. We are RUSSIA, and we must remember this, and let the rest adapt to us, and not become cancer as they want ... When our presidents understand this, premieres ?!
  10. zczczc
    zczczc 21 October 2011 16: 56 New
    Goats, what else to say. Selling land ...
  11. Sirius
    Sirius 21 October 2011 19: 05 New
    It would be clearer to place a map with the painted territories departed to China.
  12. Marat
    Marat 21 October 2011 21: 24 New
    This is what Russia and Kazakhstan expect if we do not unite. Constant pressure from the south and east - and constant concessions due to weakness and fragmentation
    1. Aleksey42
      Aleksey42 22 October 2011 00: 20 New
      Yes, Marat, you're right. Thank God, the integration of our countries is beginning to improve, by the way, Kyrgyzstan also announced its intention to join the Customs Union. It is up to Ukraine, and there, I think, Uzbekistan has something to think about. Ideally, of course, bring together all the Union Republics (so far except the Baltic states, of course). And clean up, stop talking.
      1. Ivan35
        Ivan35 22 October 2011 18: 05 New
        I support! Unfortunately, it’s impossible to “collect” all of them at once. except for the Balts, the "rodents" are also unsuitable - they are massively opened. There will be problems with Azerbaijan - for 20 years without Soviet rule, they are more looking at the Turks than at us - and the influence of the United States is greater there
        The Uzbeks and the Turkmens will not want to immediately enter to join the new Union - there it is necessary to establish military bases of the CSTO and simply strengthen our influence and propaganda - for now, they will be like transitional, friendly countries allies. Also, Tajikistan - it simply cannot be attached in this form - is still "too hot" - not all neighbors will be happy to be with him in the "same country"
        The best candidate to become the 4th republic of the Union is, of course, Ukraine - all, without exception, would be happy for them - it is up to her people and the authorities
        1. Aleksey42
          Aleksey42 23 October 2011 18: 58 New
          Well, right on the shelves laid out!
        2. SAVA555.IVANOV
          SAVA555.IVANOV 27 October 2011 20: 17 New
          Ivan35 And in Ukraine, many would be happy to create a new Union, but we do not have a clearly pro-Russian party and a presidential candidate, and Azerbaijan will be asked to join the Union if it raises market azeri in all republics, they only live because they have occupied our markets and sell Turkish and their fruits and vegetables, and our villages are dying out without work
  13. Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam 21 October 2011 22: 12 New
    That's it, we must think about continuing the development of the Far East and Siberia and counteracting China, solve real problems and not yapping at the USA
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 21 October 2011 23: 12 New
      Incidentally, the first who stood up for China in the conflict over Damanski were the United States
      1. Aleksey42
        Aleksey42 22 October 2011 00: 21 New
        It would be strange if they were silent when the Union (and now Russia) defend their interests, and even more so their integrity.
      2. Superduck
        Superduck 22 October 2011 00: 26 New
        It would be strange if they supported the USSR. Although their “voice of America” Brzezinski switched to scaring the people with China, he specializes in chichas McCain in Russia, but he is simply miserable against Brzezinski! I’m for that if now Russia starts gratering with China, it’s not clear who the United States will be for. Although he is ready to give a finger that will help both, now they have 2 bones in their throats. And in about 10 years there will be still India, 20-Brazil. In short, the Yankees once relaxed when there are so many more potentially totalitarian countries.
    2. Aleksey42
      Aleksey42 22 October 2011 00: 22 New
      I agree, it is necessary to develop. Zhirinovsky, for example, proposed abolishing taxes in Siberia and the Far East.
    3. Maksim
      Maksim 22 October 2011 23: 03 New
      (Uncle Sam), you and us must and should yelp.
      1. Maksim
        Maksim 22 October 2011 23: 28 New
        And if China arranges kipish for (Russia (God forbid), then Russia will be forced to set up a storm with a rank of Nuclear and Chemical missiles. And you should not forget to use a tornado against China. (My opinion).
    4. SAVA555.IVANOV
      SAVA555.IVANOV 27 October 2011 20: 26 New
      How to think about the development of the Far East and Siberia ?! When officials in every possible way discourage migrants and encourage cheap Chinese slave power, not understanding that they are killing their children. it is necessary to be such p ... mi !! ??
  14. spok
    spok 22 October 2011 00: 48 New
    March 2 and 15, 1969 on the island of Damansky on the Ussuri River as a result of a border conflict with China, 58 Soviet soldiers were killed, 94 were injured. For courage and heroism, 4 Soviet soldiers were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. At a critical moment, WITHOUT ORDER (I KNOW PERSONALLY PEOPLE), a secret weapon was used - the Grad installation division of the 135th MSD. The blow was struck to a depth of 20 kilometers in Chinese territory. Enemy forces advancing to Damansky were severely defeated. Its reserves, ammunition points, warehouses, etc. were destroyed. At the same time, 5 tanks, 12 armored personnel carriers, the 4th and 5th motorized rifle companies of the 2nd battalion of the Ulan-Uda regiment and one group of border guards moved in the attack: the Chinese were kicked out of Damansky ...
    Time has passed. Gradually, the channel separating Damansky Island from the Chinese coast became silted, and it merged with the Chinese coast, turning into a peninsula from the Chinese side. Now it is called Zhengbaodao. In 2004, by decision of the President of Russia V.V. Putin, the Chinese side was transferred part of the disputed islands.
    But will the Chinese be satisfied with this, will they forget their defeat in the late 1960s? No. Now the Chinese are using other weapons: a stream of illegal immigrants to the Far East. Now their weapons are corrupt “racian” officials and liberal Judas above, rattling about “Chinese immigration potential”, despite the “multicultural” catastrophe in France. If by chance you see another vile mug on the TV screen calling foreigners and, in particular, Chinese to Russia, remember the words of the Russian hero Vitaly Bubenin: “The Chinese are vindictive. A hundred years, a thousand years will pass, they will still remember. The territorial problem between our countries has not been resolved; it has only been extinguished. The Chinese have not refused territorial claims to Russia. ”
    And the most important thing for what, and in the name of what did these people die?
    Mendel and Shalom are killers of the Russian people, killers of the conquests and achievements of the Russians!
  15. maksim
    maksim 22 October 2011 01: 23 New
    generally it's time for everyone to learn Chinese
    1. MaxArt
      MaxArt 22 October 2011 01: 39 New
      ... to interrogate Chinese prisoners. This is a thought.
  16. datur
    datur 22 October 2011 02: 54 New
    appetite comes with eating wink and even the Chinese people, patient to wait, they know how they don’t need a pump (and they had lots of green Pendos papers) enough for all our corrupt mongrels.
  17. Sorry
    Sorry 22 October 2011 04: 36 New
    Learn Chinese, accumulate yuan and prepare daughters for the Chinese.
  18. asavchenko59
    asavchenko59 22 October 2011 05: 01 New
    But is it not time for Russia itself to present territorial claims against Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc. along the border.
  19. rise
    rise 28 October 2011 08: 51 New
    Many specialists in China, who was there at least once. Everyone is discussing when the Chinese chop off a piece of us from us, but never if only Rakhmonov’s life is not complete. China is built on the principle of an empire, there is the CCP emperor and there are serfs, these are separate substances, all their power is held on to the death penalty and that they got the opportunity to earn new pants and a shirt and so far happily follow Mao. But they will never die for millions. And what can they do to Russia and seize part of the uninhabited territory by a limited contingent, but what next. It is enough for us, as in Daman, to ditch part of this contingent to close this issue and recognize the government in Taiwan as legitimate.