US plot or attempt to set up a world against Iran

Americans publicly declare the disclosure of the conspiracy, the purpose of which was the explosion of the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States. It is assumed that the special operations unit of the Iranian army was to implement the plan.

The Obama administration announced to the world about the disclosed plans of the Islamic Republic to kill the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States. These accusations are nothing more than an attempt to set up the rest of the countries against Iran. Vice President Joe Biden said the extreme importance of uniting the world in taking measures to isolate the Iranians. The administration of the US president is also agitating for the introduction of new international sanctions against Iran, as well as for toughening the sanctions of individual countries against this state.

The State Department prepared the dispatch, which was sent to all US embassies and consulates in the world. The secret dispatch reviewed the evidence provided by federal prosecutors; in addition, the document instructs all diplomats to ask states to consider appropriate countermeasures against Iran, with no specific measures indicated.

The vice president also says that the US’s response may be more serious than the sanctions framework suggests, but no decision has been made yet. He also said that the matter is not just about ordinary murder, in this case the level of relations between countries is involved. At the same time, Biden makes no assumptions that the plot was approved by representatives of the Iranian government.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sees in the conspiracy signs of Iran’s support for terrorism and believes that Iran should be held accountable for these, crossing all borders. Together with the president, they want to involve other countries in joint actions against the threat from Iran.

The British government is ready to support the United States and other countries in the matter of new sanctions that could bring Iran to justice. China does not support the introduction of new sanctions, but trade relations with Saudi Arabia, successfully developing in recent years, may change its attitude to the current situation.

American officials continue to reiterate that Iran is the main sponsor of world terrorism, and the alleged conspiracy is further proof of this. In addition, Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons, hiding behind civilian nuclear energy programs, although he denies this.

The alleged conspiracy was uncovered through the actions of the FBI in conjunction with the Drug Enforcement Administration (UBN), the plotters planned the assassination of the Saudi ambassador in the US, as well as the explosion of this country's embassy in Washington, later on it was also said about undermining Saudi and Israeli embassies in buenos aires.

At the center of the planned conspiracy is the figure of Mansor Arbabsiar, an 56-year-old man with citizenship in Iran and America, as well as his Iranian aide, Golam Shakuri, who is assumed to be a member of the Quds forces of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.
One of the UBN agents portrayed an important person among members of the Mexican drug cartel. It was with him that Arbabsiar met several times, who mentioned during the talks that he was subordinate to high-ranking officials of the Iranian government, and also said that through his familiar government representatives he could get “tons of opium” for the Mexican cartel, perhaps they were talking about Afghan ties. Arbabsiar discussed a number of violent operations with an UBN agent, including undermining one of the most popular Washington restaurants where the Saudi Ambassador is. Arbabsiar was arrested on September 29, the Ministry of Justice claims he gave a confession. His accomplice - Shakuri, continues to be free.

President Obama made the call to Al-Jubeir, ambassador of Saidov Arabia, who was planned for the assassination, and expressed the idea that the United States cares about the safety of diplomats of other states on its territory and declared the averted plot a "flagrant" violation of not only the laws of America, but also international laws.

The speaker of the Iranian parliament, Ali Laringjani, was followed by a statement that all US actions are just a stupid game, and America only hides its own problems with its cheap media statements. The speaker called normal relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, stressing that there are no reasons for this stupid conspiracy. Head of the Iranian representative office in the UN, Alireza Mirusefi, expressed his indignation at the unfair accusations.

The US Department of State, in turn, warned Americans about possible terrorist acts organized by Iran, including in the United States. Clinton warned that Iran will deny everything, but the charges are supported by facts.

Let’s try to figure out what could have caused the alleged conspiracy and whether Iran’s interest was really in the assassination of the ambassador. Saudi Arabia is the main Sunni Muslim center of power in the Middle East, the state has close allied ties with the United States - the longtime enemy of Iran. In turn, Iran is the most powerful and influential Muslim Shiite state. Not surprisingly, Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting for power and influence in the region. Earlier, Iran was accused of trying to cause differences in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and some other countries during the democratic movements in the region.

The ambassador’s assassination could be beneficial to Iran, since it would fuel anti-American sentiment in Saudi Arabia and in other countries. However, it turned out that involvement in the killing of Iran, retaliation would be inevitable, and the Iranian army is completely unprepared for an answer.

The result of the "uncovered" conspiracy was the flow of formidable statements by American officials who pervert any information. The Pentagon is stepping up surveillance of Quds forces and Iranian operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf. Washington is going to impose additional sanctions against Iran and transfer the case to the UN Security Council. What can we expect next? Bombers of Iran by NATO troops to protect all diplomats of Saudi Arabia, while Iran does not change the political regime?

Ali Akbar Javanfekr, a representative of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, said that everything that happens is a fabricated scenario of the United States, of which there were already very many. The goal of the US government is to make the public forget about internal problems, turning their eyes outside the country. So far, Iran has not even confirmed that the participants in the conspiracy are in fact Iranian citizens.

The Iranian government should completely forget about the logical approach to diplomacy, which has always been proud to allow such counterproductive actions against the high-ranking foreign policy advisor, King Abdullah in the United States. As for the statements that Iran is interfering in all fights in the Middle East, this is pure propaganda of Saudi Arabia. In fact, it is precisely the Saudi house that destroys any possibility of an “Arab spring” in the Persian Gulf, invading Bahrain, conducting repressions there, as well as suppressing protests in its own eastern provinces, whose local population is predominantly Shia.

All this talk about the "open conspiracy" appears as an excuse for war. Yes, and the moment that was chosen for the announcement of the disclosure of the conspiracy is very suspicious. Thomas E. Donilon, who is the national security adviser to the White House, told King Abdullah about the plot more than two weeks before the start of loud statements by the American government.

What is the reason that the information about the conspiracy appeared in the media right now? It is possible that this is due to another scandal in which Holder was implicated. We are talking about Operation Fast and Furious, through this federal operation a large number of American weapons were in the hands of the very same Mexican drug cartels.

Trying to forget about Operation Fast and Furious, about ten years of war in Afghanistan, about the economic chaos that captured the United States and the increasingly confident movement Occupy Wall Street, and was the "disclosure of the conspiracy" in the United States, organized by the famous enemy - Iran.
Valery Boval
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