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Dalia Polikarpovna Grybauskaite: Betrayal, Rise and Failure of a Political Equilibrist

Dalia Polikarpovna Grybauskaite: Betrayal, Rise and Failure of a Political EquilibristThe biography of the current head of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite is history both exciting and instructive. This is a dizzying somersault of a person who began his career as an orthodox communist, a representative of the CPSU elite, and who ends it as a principled Russophobe and anti-Soviet. Grybauskaite life gives a good idea of ​​the unprincipledness of many people who refused to leave the soft commanding chairs after the collapse of the USSR - and for this, they easily sacrificed their convictions, if any, were and are.

"Glory to the CPSU!"

Ms. Grybauskaite is a typical representative of the clan of former Soviet functionaries who retained power after the collapse of the Red Colossus. The irony of fate is simply murderous - with the consequences of the “Soviet occupation”, which in the Baltic States are the height of universal evil, the very same people who, under the “occupying” authorities, held a high position, were in fact themselves the authority, that is, the “occupiers”. The absurdity of the situation can be described in the words of the writer Victor Pelevin: it’s enough to submit “Germany forty-six, where Dr. Goebbels screams hysterically on the abyss into which fascism is fascinated, the former Auschwitz commandant heads the commission for capturing Nazi criminals, the SS generals simply talk about liberal values, and finally the Gauleiter of East Prussia heads the whole shop.

This is exactly what happened in the Baltic States, where the former instructor of the industrial department and head of the organizing department of the Tartu District Committee of the Communist Party of the Estonian SSR Andrus Ansip, during which a student demonstration was dispersed in 1988, taking over the post of prime minister of independent Estonia, ordered the demolition of the Bronze Soldier in Tallinn Or the former party secretary of the Communist Party cell at the University of Latvia, Inese Vajdere, becoming a member of the European Parliament in recent times, hysterically demands to recognize the thesis about the identity of Nazism and communism and to ban symbolism in the form of a sickle and hammer. In general, there are a lot of such examples - you can bring more and more new ones.

True, more recently, the past of Dali Grybauskaite was tried to be made a secret behind seven seals. But the explosive and unsuspecting nature of Mrs. President did his job - she had a lot of ill-wishers who tried to remove the veil from her life. In particular, the journalist Ruta Yanutene conducted an investigation and, based on the results of archival searches, wrote the book “Red Dahl” (for which she was persecuted in her homeland). Other people who knew the future president in her youth made their contribution. Thanks to the cumulative efforts, the “oil painting”, as they say, began to play.

The father of the President of Lithuania was the participant of the war, Polikarpas Vladovich Grybauskas (died in 2008). Although Dalia Polikarpovna herself always insisted that her dad worked as a modest firefighter, and then as a driver on a wholesale trading base, in public access you can find documents suggesting that he served in the NKVD. If this was indeed the case, then the presence of an influential relative “from the organs” could determine the fact that Dalia Polikarpov had made a good career on the party line. After graduating from school, she entered the prestigious Vilnius University, and then got a job as an inspector of the personnel department of the State Philharmonic of the Lithuanian SSR. Already this appointment is suspicious, because, according to the memoirs of those years, in Soviet times, "personnel officers" worked closely with the KGB. In the summer of 1976, Dalia, 20, went to Leningrad and entered the evening department of the Faculty of Economics of Leningrad State University. At the same time, she began working as a laboratory assistant at the Rot-Front fur factory in Leningrad, the party organization of which, after several years, accepted her as a candidate member of the CPSU. In the summer of 1983, the city of Grybauskaite along with a diploma in political economy received a party membership card.

Returning to Vilnius in the same year, the piercing person immediately joined the scientific secretary of the Knowledge Society at the Academy of Sciences of the Lithuanian SSR, and a few months later became the head of the cabinet of agriculture of the Vilnius Higher Party School. In 1985, Grybauskaite becomes a lecturer in the department of political economy and is enrolled in the correspondence postgraduate school of the Academy of Social Sciences under the Central Committee of the CPSU, which was the highest party institution in status. That is, she joined the ranks of the highest state elite. “It is known that a very limited number of people defended a thesis in the AON under the Central Committee of the CPSU from Lithuania. How Grybauskaite was among them is unknown. She defended her thesis on the topic “The relationship between public and personal property in the functioning of personal subsidiary farming” in 1988. The scientific level of this thesis is expressed by the following phrase: “Even the lack of such equipment as a shovel is not that little is produced, but the fact that their lifespan is short ”(p. 118). A phrase worthy of perpetuating Zadornov or Zhvanetsky, ”the former deputy of the Supreme Council of Lithuania Vladislav Swede says ironically.

"Recoding" in the US

In December, the Communist Party of Lithuania 1989 split into two parts, and the Vilnius Higher Party School was soon eliminated. However, Dalia Polikarpovna did not remain without work, becoming the scientific secretary of the Institute of Economics of the Academy of Sciences of Lithuania. Then she headed the European Affairs Department of the Ministry of International Economic Relations and, while on this post, attracted the attention of the then head of the republic, Vytautas Landsbergis (who, by the way, was also suspected of having links with the KGB). The latter contributed to the fact that Grybauskaite was sent to the United States, where she had an internship at the Georgetown University Institute for International Economic Relations (Washington).

It should be noted that the United States at that time was actively engaged in the "recoding" of the former communist elite of the post-Soviet states. The past of these people was not embarrassed by the Americans; on the contrary, the presence of “shameful” points in the biography of new realities made it possible to more reliably keep the puppets on the hook. Grybauskaite herself, while the memories of her party activities were still fresh, trying to otmazatsya, writing naive tales. About how she allegedly participated in 1989 in the “Baltic Way” (living chain, built over several hundred kilometers by supporters of the exit of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia from the USSR), how she led “her own war with Soviet paratroopers”, etc. In the party school. As long as the years flowed, they tried to mention less and less about the past of the “red Dali”. And when, almost twenty years later, Ruta Yanutena undertook her investigation, she faced various obstacles.

The fact that Gribayskauta managed to repaint so successfully, should not be surprising. As already mentioned, she is not the only one. It's funny that in the Baltic States, where they have ritually cursed "the horrors of the Soviet occupation" for a quarter of a century, there was a kind of vow of silence about how many Lithuanians, Latvians and Estonians lived in those years. Because if you bring the concept of "occupation" to its logical conclusion, it turns out that a large part of the population of these republics were ordinary collaborators. For example, in the same Lithuania from 3 million 700 thousand people of the republic's population over 700 thousand were members of the Communist Party and the Komsomol. Until now, the highest power posts in the Baltic states have been occupied by many persons who were not the last people in the Soviet party hierarchy. Now they love to shout about “the heroic struggle against the Soviet power” ...

Nevertheless, in the biography of Grybauskaite there are still “dark spots”. In 1996 — 1999 She was the Plenipotentiary Minister of the Lithuanian Embassy in the USA. However, then the American authorities for some offenses brought Dalia Polikarpovna in the list of persona non grata. What exactly happened is unknown, since the reasons for the discontent of the American authorities are still carefully hidden. However, this did not prevent Grybauskaite from taking new steps along the career ladder. In subsequent years, she held the position of deputy finance minister, led Lithuania’s negotiations with the IMF, worked as deputy foreign minister, then headed the Ministry of Finance. After Lithuania joined the EU in 2004, Grybauskaite became Commissioner for Budget and Financial Planning of the European Commission. The high point of its take-off was, of course, victory in the first round of the presidential elections in Lithuania in May 2009, and five years later she was re-elected (though not so convincing as before, with the support of the electorate) for a second term.

At the point of attack

At first, ordinary Lithuanians met her coming to a higher power with enthusiasm. “I must admit that D. Grybauskaite caused a large part of the population to deceive that she would come down from the European Commissioner’s position and rescue Lithuania, as she said, from oligarchs, from corruption. She had verified slogans. And at first she acted more or less well: there were some personnel changes, especially among the siloviki. But then, very quickly, she slipped to the traditional position for our presidents, which is very close to the conservatives' position: that is, whipping up Russophobia, anti-Sovietism, hurray-patriotism. D. Grybauskaite is generally an interesting phenomenon: she became the European Commissioner from Lithuania in 2004 from the party of the Social Democrats, who were then in power. And then in the 2009 elections, she was already away from the Conservative Party, ”said opposition politician Algirdas Paleckis.

It should be noted that at the very beginning of his reign, Grybauskaite made a major negligence, a second time provoking the wrath of the all-powerful Americans. Then she worked for the image of a strong and independent president and promised to investigate the history of the CIA prisons that had arisen in the state several years before. Paleckis recalls: “Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite in one of her interviews dropped the phrase:“ The question is not whether there were CIA prisons in Lithuania, but how quickly we will establish when and how it looked. ” However, after this phrase, she never raised this topic. Many independent analysts also believe that this was a turning point in her career. After that, she, as a politician, has changed a lot. Apparently, there were some consequences of this interview. She fully adopted the line of conservatives: an almost cold war with the eastern neighbors and the full support of US policy in the world. ” Ruta Yanutene is ironic: "The term of office began with a search for the American CIA prison in Antavilay, and ended with friendly flights of American aircraft over Vilnius."

It must be assumed that “where it is necessary,” the impudent Presidential quickly recalled that they possessed a complete set of compromising evidence on it and, if necessary, would use it. And what compromising material on Grybauskaite can be found, apart from the shameful details of its cooperation with the Soviet authorities? In any case, it is difficult to call the “red Dal” a convinced Russophobic - rather, it is an example of a typical unprincipled politician who always obeys those who currently have both power and power in their hands. A person who stays afloat in all modes. One way or another, Lithuania precisely under Grybauskaite was on the edge of the anti-Russian policy of the countries of the West. Dalia Polikarpovna generally called Russia a “terrorist state”, with which it is necessary to treat it accordingly.

The epic with Ukraine overlapped all this. In November, 2013, when, as expected, this country entered into an association agreement with the European Union, it was Lithuania that chaired the EU Council. Accordingly, the historical document was being prepared to be signed in Vilnius during the next summit of the Eastern Partnership. However, President Viktor Yanukovych was not ready to sign the conditions imposed on him this very second, causing disappointment and fury, in the first place, of the Lithuanian authorities. As a result, Lithuania rendered the liveliest support to the euromaidan - and with unambiguous statements of its politicians, and youth groups sent to Kiev to “support the participants of opposition rallies for the European integration of Ukraine”.

Lithuanian authorities bombarded official Kiev with notes of concern about the “excessive use of force against demonstrators”, demanded a “peaceful dialogue”, threatened V. Yanukovych with “international isolation”. Then, when Yanukovych fled, Vilnius provided the new junta with all the support. Well, and insults to Russia have passed any permissible standards of decency. The President of Lithuania has never been shy in expressions before, but lately, she literally fell off the chain. “Russia is a terrorist state,” Grybauskaite said on the national broadcasting company LRT. Later, the warlike president stressed: “I don’t give up my words,” apparently, especially for those who still hoped to somehow hush up the scandal that had flared up. “If Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, then aggression can spread throughout Europe,” said Dalia Polikarpovna, calling for military support to the Kiev authorities. Before that, Grybauskaite compared Russia with the “Islamic State”, and Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. As a result, even some Lithuanians suspected a clear falsehood, a deliberate and provocative exacerbation of the situation with false and unacceptable statements.

Complex offended

The Lithuanian President owns the words: “We are on the front line, the first stage of confrontation is under way, I mean the information war, propaganda and cyber attack. So, we have already been attacked. Will it escalate into conventional confrontation? Nobody knows. But now we must defend ourselves against this aggressive behavior. ” Later, Grybauskaite said: "We are facing the Russian aggression in Ukraine, we are facing the Russian aggression on European soil, and that is a fact." The Lithuanian President constantly calls for increased pressure on the Russian Federation, to provide armed assistance to the Kiev authorities and to increase the NATO contingent in the Baltic States. It can be said that it has become the main herald of setting the states of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance against Russia. For example, the decision of the United States to deploy heavy weapons and rapid response teams in Eastern Europe was greeted with enthusiasm. “This means that we are not talking in vain about the reality of the threat - NATO responds accordingly! At the summit of the alliance in Wales last September, we planned that up to five thousand soldiers would enter the rapid reaction force. As you can see, now the decision about forty thousand has appeared. This means that the NATO countries understand and appreciate what we are saying, ”said Dalia Polikarpovna on television.

It is only natural that Grybauskaite’s efforts did not go unnoticed by Kiev, which awarded the “sister of reason” the “Man of the Year” award “for the consistent support of Ukraine’s European choice.” In Lithuania itself, the efforts of Grybauskaite established a heavy, suffocating atmosphere of espionage. The search for “agents of Moscow” is ongoing, the “unreliable” are harassed by criminal cases, searches, harassment in the media. Here, for example, is one of the latest news from the front of the fight against "dark forces": representatives of the Lithuanian special services saw the upcoming "Russian aggression" in the ... activity of airsoft clubs! They say that the insidious enemy trains his fighters in the paintball clubs of Lithuania, who at “hour X” will challenge the forces of law and order and the army. It sounds like delirium, but these are the modern realities of life in Lithuania. Darius Jauniskis, director of the State Security Department, is sounding the alarm: “We are faced with ever more intense attempts to recruit our citizens. Especially often the targets are people who leave for Russia or Belarus - abroad, roughly speaking, there have even been cases of terrorism. Cybernetic espionage has become much more intense. ” In Lithuania, the call that was canceled in 2008 was reinstated, but what about it, because in the twisted reality of local politicians, Russia may be about to attack.

What is the reason for such defiant behavior Grybauskaite? Many seek to explain this for purely psychological reasons. They say that the "adamant Dahl" still complex because of its communist past, and therefore seeks to be "holier than the Pope." There is a reason. It is no secret that the United States, despite all expressions of loyalty, is practicing in the satellite countries a gradual replacement of the native elite, grown in the depths of the CPSU, by henchmen who had been trained in schools under American patronage from the very beginning. Grybauskaite, on whose account there are “sins” before the hegemon, is now forced to pray for them earnestly.

Others believe that Dalia Grybauskaite cannot forgive Russia for the unsuccessful Lithuanian presidency of the EU Council in the second half of 2013. Say, the President of Lithuania hoped to immortalize her name with outstanding success - a new stage in the victorious expansion of the European Union to the east. However, the bloodless absorption of Ukraine did not work - and had to go on a heavy, dirty, bloody coup, which turned into a civil war. It is no secret that the ambitious Grybauskaite was counting on taking the post of head of the European Commission. However, it "flew" past the cherished chair, and, according to some experts, this is directly related to the failed summit. “Vilnius only had to finish the job, which is already ninety percent complete, and failed to do so. But Vilnius was entrusted in a beautiful situation of the presidency of the European Union to bring everything to the honorable final. That did not work out, ”notes German political scientist Dmitry Stratievsky.

Incidentally, in Brussels, they are well aware of the price of their “chain dogs”, which he uses to direct the island to Russia. A year ago, the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Miguel-Angel Martinez-Martinez, spoke very hard to the zealous Baltic “bortsuny” with the “Soviet totalitarianism”: “Where did you write your dissertations? Did you write them in East Berlin? You defended your dissertations at Moscow University, in the period that you declare the most terrible in history. And were you not part of the terrible regime that kept society in such conditions? ”Well, Martinez, who managed to sit in prison under the Franco regime, knows a lot about, I suppose, where the real fighters, dissidents, underground fighters are, and - posturers and opportunists ...
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  1. VadimSt
    VadimSt 4 July 2015 05: 50
    This is a dizzying somersault of a person who began his career as an Orthodox Communist
    The system itself, reigning at that time, is to blame! Promotion, not to mention the appointment of the head and many other personnel and even social issues, began with a question from the city committee or executive committee: - "Is he (a) a member of the CPSU?"
    Even a business trip to Moscow, to the 80 Olympics, was carried out exclusively at the expense of the members, or was urgently accepted as a candidate! So the system brought up the leaders, which led to the collapse of the Union, and in the future to what we have.
    1. USSR 1971
      USSR 1971 4 July 2015 08: 11
      Komsomol member, athlete, activist, excellent student, political prostitute .....
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Aleksander
        Aleksander 4 July 2015 10: 35
        Quote: USSR 1971
        Komsomol member, athlete, activist, excellent student, political prostitute .....

        Interestingly, if the US can crush it with incriminating evidence, then why Russia does not do this — it probably has more incriminating evidence against it in its archives?
        1. 222222
          222222 4 July 2015 10: 39
          It’s not a matter of paying attention .... to a trifle ....

          ..This is already interesting "Russia may impose new sanctions against Finland and stop timber trade with this country," Interfax reports with reference to the head of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.

          He called the ban on entry into Finland to the speaker of the Russian State Duma Sergei Naryshkin the reason for possible restrictions.

          “Naryshkin was not given a visa to enter Finland. You know that many favorable conditions have been created for them, including in the timber trade. Can we introduce restrictions? We can, ”he emphasized.

          At the same time, Patrushev made a reservation that the opinion expressed by him did not mean the actual imposition of sanctions, but noted that in the event of such a development of events in Finland “serious economic damage” would be inflicted.

          Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry called the refusal of the Finnish authorities to enter the country for a group of Russian parliamentarians headed by Naryshkin "openly unfriendly" and damaging bilateral relations step. "
        2. Bugor
          Bugor 4 July 2015 13: 03
          Because compromising evidence is also stored on our "figures".
          It is worth blathering - and he is in shit head over heels .....
          1. Throw
            Throw 4 July 2015 16: 30
            So here he is a compromising person, in the first comments. It turns out not only "political", but quite working b-d:
      3. bastard
        bastard 4 July 2015 11: 50
        Quote: USSR 1971
        Komsomol member, athlete, activist, excellent student, political prostitute .....

        It seems to me that it’s not only a political and not only a prostitute. The correct word cannot be written according to the rules of the site.
        1. Lukich
          Lukich 4 July 2015 13: 08
          Quote: villain
          The correct word cannot be written according to the rules of the site.

          and it’s not necessary to write. and so it is clear
      4. NordUral
        NordUral 4 July 2015 12: 03
        A political prostitute is not a profession, but a state of mind. It was because of such prostitutes of both sexes in all republics, not excluding the RSFSR, that the Union collapsed.
        1. Vasya_kuvalesov
          Vasya_kuvalesov 5 July 2015 16: 19
          and is it better now? post positions are not according to one’s abilities — well, like, don't like
        2. TVM - 75
          TVM - 75 6 July 2015 09: 26
          Nothing special - just a "cross-country aunt".
      5. Captain45
        Captain45 4 July 2015 13: 20
        Quote: USSR 1971
        Komsomol member, athlete, activist, excellent student, political prostitute .....

        Or as Comrade Tgotsky-permanent revolutionaries characterized them, according to G. Klimov-Dahl a typical witch suffering from a complex of power. Such people will seek power under any power and are ready for anything for this.
      6. APASUS
        APASUS 4 July 2015 14: 04
        Quote: USSR 1971
        Komsomol member, athlete, activist, excellent student, political prostitute .....

        Information appeared on the network, it really earned extra money by this matter, while it was a universal and in a strange way always got out of trouble.
    2. Sirocco
      Sirocco 4 July 2015 12: 13
      Quote: VadimSt
      The system itself, prevailing at that time, is to blame!

      Quote: VadimSt
      So the system brought up leaders, which led to the collapse of the Union, and in the future to what we have.

      And now, isn't that the way it is? All the same, only a little bit differently, instead of membership in the CPSU, membership in clanism, nepotism and the like. The office is heard from the Tajik Railway, so there is the head of the Pope, Deputy Son, in the frames Mom, and other relatives. Nothing new, everything is old.
    3. Rostislav
      Rostislav 4 July 2015 17: 33
      What is the fault of the system? What confronted people with a moral choice?
      In fact, you are justifying those who, for the sake of the chair, were ready to give up their views.
      Then what is the difference between you and the heroine of this article?
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich 4 July 2015 05: 52
    Dalia Grybauskaite: The path from a prostitute to the President .... http: //
    1. Tanais
      Tanais 4 July 2015 06: 40
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      Dalia Grybauskaite: The path from a prostitute to the President .... http: //


      Yes, there is something to "hold" for, Western partners-curators ...
    2. Proud.
      Proud. 4 July 2015 08: 17
      Quote: Andrey Yurievich
      Dalia Grybauskaite: The path from a prostitute to the President .... http: //

      I followed the link.Prochel.I liked this line there: "(quoting Lenin) We are not utopians. We know that any laborer and any cook are not able to take over the government right now ... . BAD, BUT MAYBE ... ".
  3. apro
    apro 4 July 2015 06: 26
    I would not blame everything on amers or other otherworldly forces in promoting such cadres, the CPSU of the late USSR turned from the vanguard of the Soviet people into its burial ground. Party members began to think about how to cash out their influence in the country on more attractive assets, and for this we need unprincipled careerists type of this character.
    1. larand
      larand 4 July 2015 07: 30
      Quote: apro
      I would not blame everything on Amers or other otherworldly forces in promoting such cadres; the CPSU of the late USSR turned from the vanguard of the Soviet people into its burial ground. and for this, unprincipled careerists like this character are needed.

      Yes, we have our own characters before and more. Someone would write a similar essay about them. One Eltsman is worth something - at the age of 60 he changed his worldview to the opposite. And how many traitors were sold out in the "upper echelons" of the USSR? And it is naive to think that this is in the past.
      1. Altona
        Altona 4 July 2015 12: 35
        Quote: larand
        Yes, we have our own characters before and more. Someone would write a similar essay about them. One Eltsman is worth something - at the age of 60 he changed his worldview to the opposite. And how many traitors were sold out in the "upper echelons" of the USSR? And it is naive to think that this is in the past.

        The bosses of those years relied on activists-athletes, Komsomol members, social activists of all kinds who could organize an event so that the "grandfathers" liked it ... At the same time, they replaced the very public work with its violent imitation ... Then the "activists" began to squeeze out professionals from all spheres of management, to take possession of huge material assets that they wanted to take possession ... They were docked with criminals, in the process of trading in stocks of trade union and other property ... In general, in all directions there was an erosion of society, now it has reached its climax .. Even surprisingly, and not only in some kind of Lithuania, but also in our country, many "free-market liberals" suddenly joined the ranks of patriots, hanging "crosses and letting go of their beards" ...
  4. mamont5
    mamont5 4 July 2015 06: 32
    "Dalia Polikarpovna Grybauskaite: Betrayal, Rise and Failure of a Political Balancer"

    I think that instead of "equalist" here another word asks - simple ... ka.
  5. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 4 July 2015 06: 52
    Yes, such as Dahl, throughout the former Union, every second, not counting every first in power. All of them are corrupt creatures, change their beliefs according to the current moment. As they said in the KGB, hesitation is required, together with the party’s line. So, nothing new ...
    1. Sidel45
      Sidel45 4 July 2015 09: 24
      Quite right! It is enough only to recall the late first deputy chief of the Main Directorate of the SA and Navy, General Volkogonov. All my life I STUDIED the works of Lenin and considered the author a genius, and after 91 I LISTED these same works (his own words) and immediately came to the conclusion that there is nothing scientific in them - so, compilations from Kant, Hegel, Marx and Engels. And the rest of our rulers are all entirely from the CPSU, with which they tirelessly "fought" in Soviet times.
  6. fomkin
    fomkin 4 July 2015 07: 24
    On top of a career. Apparently happy with my situation.
    1. Tanais
      Tanais 4 July 2015 07: 33
      Quote: fomkin
      On top of a career. Apparently happy with my situation.

      Male, American, is not enough.
  7. valokordin
    valokordin 4 July 2015 08: 40
    On the face is a sympathetic blonde from the Livagi, but actually a sister to the Komsomol member Merkel. From here, and everything that was done by it, otherwise Stalin, Stalin repressed the innocent. Joseph Vissarionovich did not finish, his kingdom is heaven, shit in our stables. Their descendants are now in power and are doing what they are programmed for.
    1. Djozz
      Djozz 4 July 2015 09: 43
      She can be called pretty with great interference, in her manner of dressing and hairstyles, she resembles the head of a department of a deli in the USSR, and of rudeness as well.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Arkan
    Arkan 4 July 2015 09: 01
    Dalia Polikarpovna Grybauskaite: Betrayal, Rise and Failure of a Political Equilibrist

    Good article. Grybauskaite is a common changeling out of which the invaders recruit punishers to their service.
  9. Retvizan 8
    Retvizan 8 4 July 2015 09: 03
    Like "if you want to live, be able to twirl!"
  10. ava09
    ava09 4 July 2015 09: 24
    Quote: VadimSt
    The system itself, reigning at that time, is to blame! Promotion, not to mention the appointment of the head and many other personnel and even social issues, began with a question from the city committee or executive committee: - "Is he (a) a member of the CPSU?"

    How naive you have to be to say that. Sistema is never to blame for anything, and if it is accused of something, it means that the traces of the real perpetrators are covered up. Only SPECIFIC PERSONS can be guilty. Why, under Stalin and Khrushchev, one and the same CPSU was completely different in essence and goals of an organization with the same kind of facade? Yes, because Stalin was building Russia, and Khrushch began to break it ...
  11. Historian
    Historian 4 July 2015 09: 40
    Quote: USSR 1971
    Komsomol member, athlete, activist, excellent student, political prostitute .....

    I read that it’s not only political ...
  12. Leader
    Leader 4 July 2015 09: 43
    Ours are exactly the same political prostitutes.
    Do not make me laugh with this "revelatory" article. It is better to walk through the Russian "elite" - either from the "party" or a thief.
  13. vfqjh
    vfqjh 4 July 2015 10: 17
    A prostitute, as she doesn’t, she remains a prostitute! This is a vocation!
  14. provincial
    provincial 4 July 2015 10: 56
    And there’s a lot of good new things, briefly, Kravchuk, Kuchma, Shavernadze, Voronin, and so everyone can fill up my list by walking around the countries of the former socialist camp. Otherwise, we vote for them in the elections.
  15. Straight
    Straight 4 July 2015 12: 08
    Why take offense at the Americans, that they have recruited everyone - people work. And what are our special services doing?
  16. Sibguest
    Sibguest 4 July 2015 14: 51
    Excuse me - is this site discussing the behavior and psychology of whores or is it still a serious problem?
    Such as this MushroomShukaite in the post-Soviet space - the ocean + small sea.
    There are especially many of them in the "offended" republics and former friends in the Warsaw Pact.

    Whores they are whores. What to discuss?
  17. cap54
    cap54 5 July 2015 15: 46
    In biology there is such a thing as - MIMICRY ...
    imitation, disguise - an expression introduced into biology originally by Bates to refer to some special cases of extreme external similarity, adaptation between different species of animals belonging to different genera and even families and orders.
    It seems that the functionaries of that time were actively taught this mimicry ... And Dali has a gold medal in this subject !!!
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. Raider
    Raider 5 July 2015 22: 53
    Information for thought bully
  21. Crimson cloud
    Crimson cloud 6 July 2015 12: 33
    Yes, unlike a number of other issues, everything is completely unambiguous here. Where there is money and power, there are such people. And, alas, it is hardly possible to fix it. Only public control, if it is still possible without payment and order.