"Orange Revolution" of the Communist Party

"Orange Revolution" of the Communist Party

The global financial crisis is expanding day by day, gaining more and more momentum. The leaders of many countries, financial institutions and banks are not simply constrained by the fear of an impending economic collapse, but are no longer able to work out a single general idea for overcoming the crisis. US Treasury Secretary T. Geithner warns of defaults, panic withdrawals of funds from banks, which will immediately lead to a chain reaction of financial institutions falling and impoverishment of the population. The catastrophic risks of stockholders on the stock exchanges will force them to transfer assets into cash, which will further spur inflation and accelerate the flight of investors from financial transactions. World Bank President R. Zellik warns that the European and American financial systems are in such danger that they may soon sink to the bottom, dragging the entire global economy.

Advisor to the International Monetary Fund R.Shapiro warns:

If the authorities are not able to tackle the issue in a credible way, I think it is possible that within two or three weeks we will have a collapse ... of the entire European banking system. We are not only talking about a small Belgian bank, we are talking about the world's largest banks, the largest in Germany, in France; the process will spread, it will spread to the United States, to the United Kingdom ... it will spread everywhere, because the global financial system is very interconnected.
The largest French banks BNP Paribas, Credit Agricole, Societe Generale have more capitalization than the top three US banks JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Citigroup, but the difficulty for Europe and the United States is that they are actually twins friend With the fall of one, other banks will immediately fall, but such is the picture throughout the world, Russia is no exception, and the situation in our country is much worse than in other countries. Our Central Bank is owned by the US Federal Reserve, and its assets may disappear one day without a trace, leaving all of Russia without means of livelihood. So why did such a leap up with elections to the State Duma and the President of the Russian Federation come up when two people played a comedy with the transfer of power to each other? Did they not understand that the harsh times are coming when it is necessary to “plow like a slave on galleys,” according to the apt saying of Vladimir Putin?
In his article Cheer Up, little Dima (Do not be sad, little Dima) of the Foreign Policy publication belonging to the Council on Foreign Relations, S. Sestanovich, writes:
The open secret of this long drama about the transfer of power is that a significant part of the Russian political elite, even Putin’s immediate subordinates, did not want Putin to return to the presidency.
The former US Assistant Secretary of State is disingenuous, asserting that the political elite of Russia does not want Vladimir Putin to return to the presidency, he did not leave the post of commander-in-chief of the entire vertical of power. First of all, the White House does not want to do this. He has placed Dmitry Medvedev at the highest Russian post of his protégé, shaking this notorious vertical all four years of his rule, which weakens the sovereignty of the state. It was he who was to carry out the American plan of a coup d'état in Russia — to replace by referendum the presidential method of government with the parliamentary one, which would signify complete subordination of the Russian establishment to the US Department of State. But “friend” Vladimir Putin took revenge, having pulled power out of the hands of President Dmitry Medvedev, who is not capable of “fighting” actions. In the 2008 year, according to the plans of European political consultants, S. Ivanov was supposed to take the presidency, and that was what V. Putin’s famous Munich speech was directed to, which actually threatened the interests of the United States.
Here is how S. Sestanovich writes about it:
Four years ago, when Putin’s best friend, KGB serviceman Sergei Ivanov, didn’t become a presidential candidate, he, according to rumors, threw an ashtray at the television. But he did not publicly condemn the higher authorities, did not refuse to serve Medvedev ...
Of course, the personnel intelligence officer cannot publicly express his feelings, but the offense remained not only with S. B. Ivanov and V. Putin, but also with their European partners. First of all, G. Schroeder.
Bernard Gati, a Liberation columnist writes:
Perhaps Dmitry Medvedev did not find the courage necessary for this struggle. Perhaps he was blackmailed because in Russia it is impossible to go into the ruling circles for so long without compromising your involvement in their abuse. All hypotheses are permissible, but the coup d'état carried out by Vladimir Putin, who can now calmly add two more 6-year terms to himself, puts an end to hopes of Russia's democratization. Uncertainty reappeared over Moscow’s relations with Western capitals, and Medvedev’s exit from the struggle creates a dangerous vacuum.
It is unlikely that a political observer and his customers are so worried about the democratic changes in Russia, most likely, no, but for the French elite, who want to play the first violin in Europe by creating a supranational federal government of the entire eurozone, this orientation of Vladimir Putin to the German elite, very dangerous. This, of course, is not about reconstructing the Fourth Reich - the situation is not the same, but the focus of the German elite and G. Schroeder on the possession of Russia and the creation of the United States of Europe with its center in Berlin is very relevant. When everything falls around, and the economic situation continues to deteriorate, even critical, to rely on Russia, and through it, and on Asia, many financial elites, who no longer look like one, are striving. The fragmentation of international elites into competing parts can and will necessarily lead to a world war for the possession of Russia, China and India - vast territories and endless consumption markets.
The President of the European Central Bank, Jean - Claude Trichet, is in favor of changing the Lisbon Treaty and the creation of supranational European institutions - a federal bank and a federal structure, led by one person - the President of Europe. In short, France and Germany are striving to create the USE and dream of leading this new European device. Moreover, German journalists are currently filming a documentary about Vladimir Putin, which will be shown in March 2012, apparently as a gift to the newly elected president. At the same time, Ukraine, as focused on the German elite and their political system, decided to enter the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, having made this decision, of course, at the direction of “German friends”.
This is a very bold step, especially considering how much money the United States invested in the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and in the ruling elite, headed by V.Yushchenko and Yu.V.Timoshenko. The protege of the German elite, VF Yanukovych, carried out an operation to de-Americanize the political system in Ukraine, completing this process with a criminal case against Yu.V. Tymoshenko. This suggests parallels with MB Khodorkovsky, an agent of influence of D. Rothschild, who was also the final episode of the dismantling of American influence in Russia. However, Vladimir Putin failed to complete this process, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation remained in the hands of the Fed, and A. B. Chubais and A. L. Kudrin were the main influential forces of the US Department of State, still in Russia.
It became possible to get out of this influence of the USA on the Russian political life only in view of the growing crisis. Putin put his stakes on Germany and G. Schroeder, his long-time partner in the oil and gas business, for which the Nord Stream gas pipeline was installed in a short time, through which 55 billion m3 gas can be pumped annually. As in a children's riddle about a pipe: “And it fell, B was lost, who was left on the pipe?” And - V.V.Putin and G.Shreder remained on the pipe.
By such actions, Vladimir Putin entered the thin ice of world geopolitics, putting Russia as a bargaining chip of his security and his financial success. France and the United States will not forgive this treacherous decision, they have already prepared their response to the rash actions of Vladimir Putin. From reliable sources it became known that in Russia after the elections, the United States plans to conduct an “orange revolution”, putting the conspiracy of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and GA Zyuganov at the head. Everything is ready for this coup d'état: the US ambassador to Russia, M. McFaul, who is the senior adviser to the National Democratic Institute and the Center for International Security and Cooperation, has been appointed. Needless to say, all these social research centers, as well as the Eurasia Foundation, are the institutions of the CIA and the US State Department, and this means that M. McFaul came to coordinate the conduct of the Orange Revolution. Moreover, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation decided not to conclude an agreement on fair elections with the United Russia party, thus suggesting its participation in protest demonstrations about election fraud.
G.A. Zyuganov is ready to fight the ruling party not only in words but in deeds, behind him is the powerful apparatus of the power elite of the USA, dreaming not only to take revenge for the humiliating failure of D.A.Medvedev, but also to become the sole owner of the “keys to the whole world "- Russia. Finance is not a pity for such a thing, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation said that he organized an army of election observers - 500 thousand people, therefore, there will be plenty of reasons to protest the election results of G.A. Zyuganov and bring people to despair on the streets and squares cities, it will be very simple, especially given the dissatisfaction with the government and the decadent mood of the people.
The leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is a very interesting person, it is enough to recall his two trips to the USA, in the 1994 year and in the 1997 year. These trips were organized by the Council on Foreign Relations. G.A. Zyuganov met with prominent politicians, visited the Carnegie Foundation, Harvard and the Russian them. Kennan. What is most curious is that the Council on Foreign Relations is behind these trips - the world backstage organization designed to establish the New World Order - the supranational world government, the world bank and the armed forces necessary to implement the decisions of the world court. The Council on Foreign Relations was created by the famous four bankers: D. Morgan, P. Warburg, J. Schiff and D. Rockefeller. The US Federal Reserve and the New York Stock Exchange, as well as the multinational corporations: General Motors, Boeing, General Electric, Shell, IBM, Texaco, Chevron, McDonnell Douglas, Kodak, Lockheed and many others, are under the absolute control of the SMO. Academic and research personnel, as well as future politicians, are trained by universities such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford and California, under the supervision of the Council on Foreign Relations. The leaders of The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Knight Newspaper, NBC, CBS, Time, Life, Fortune, Business Week, US News, World Report are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Thus, the powerful supranational financial and political elite of the United States not only has enormous finances, media and corporations in its hands, including producing any, even nuclear weapons, but is also ready to use its influence to force the democratization of the countries leading their course. This is what the new US ambassador to Russia, an employee of Stanford University, spoke about in the Senate Committee on International Affairs:
Restarting bilateral Russian-American relations from the point of view of the United States has always been a way of upholding American national interests.
Vladimir Putin, contrary to the US plan to change presidential rule in Russia to parliamentary, decided to usurp power in his hands, cooperating with G. Schroeder and the German financial elite, thereby causing painful damage to American national interests in Russia. Such actions are not forgiven, which is why we are prepared for the “Orange Revolution” scenario, which will be headed by Zyuganov and his party comrades. The return of the communist system? Of course, no, much has changed in Russia, there will be no return to the past in the form of copying the USSR and the Communist Party.
In his book “The Geography of Victory. The Foundations of Russian Geopolitics ”G.A. Zyuganov gives four ideas that, in his opinion, can claim to be nationwide:
The first is a sovereign idea. Our people have always sought to have a strong state. He kind of sensed that Russia should be a power, i.e. a country that keeps the world from slipping into chaos and catastrophes. Serious scientists and politicians have long come to understand the unique role of Russia in maintaining global balance.

The second idea, especially actively gaining strength in recent years, is a national idea. For Russia - countries where more than 80 percent are ethnic Russians, this is primarily the idea of ​​saving original Russian civilization and reviving the Russian people as a backbone of Russian statehood.

The third actual idea is the idea of ​​social justice. Our nation’s truth and justice is well known. It is especially acute now, when, as a result of irresponsible political games, the property stratification of society has reached unprecedented proportions.
The fourth idea is democratic. We must finally understand: democracy in Russia is serious and for a long time. It is ridiculous to deny that the ideals of civil and personal freedoms in the shortest possible time have found in us a salutary ground and a mass of ardent supporters.
With these ideas, which, it should be noted, do not have a clear plan for their implementation, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation may well win the parliamentary and presidential elections. But Vladimir Putin and his vertical of power will not allow Mr. Zyuganov to do this, the United Russia party will include all levers of bribing and pressure on election commissions to get, if not a winning combination of votes, then at least the same, plus one vote. Does Mr. Zyuganov and the Council on Foreign Relations understand this? They are sure to understand that this is why the “Orange Revolution” scenario was developed, a sample of which was tested in Ukraine at the end of 2004. No one can prevent the implementation of this plan; all structures of the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Defense have long ceased to fully carry out their functions, falling into the abyss of corruption and betrayal of the interests of Russia and the Russian people. The unlimited finances of the US Federal Reserve and the economic crisis guarantee the Council on Foreign Relations the flawless fulfillment of their plan, and G.A. Zyuganov is an excellent tribune and the charismatic leader of the Communist Party, having personal security guarantees from the US Department of State, without hesitation to go to barricades and meetings.
In this fatal scenario, the world elite of Russia and the Russian people play the role of a sacrificial calf, slave to slaughter for sacrifice to world Zionism. Vladimir Putin’s plans to integrate Russia into the German political system are no better than the “orange revolution” by G. Zyuganov, and in that, and in another case, Russia will lose its independence, its integrity. Financial oligarchs, losing their profits as a result of the very neglected crisis, are eager for control over Russia - a bridge to Asia. Each of the political players pursues only their goals of world domination, choosing in their path traitors and agents of influence from the ruling elite of the country being destroyed. The same thing is happening this time, V.V. Putin and G.A. Zyuganov - each plays his own card to achieve political weight and the huge profits derived from his betrayal. The CPRF is no better than United Russia, since it pursues the same goals - building the ruling elite from party functionaries. Not a single party in our country cares about the interests of the Russian people - the most robbed and exterminated people in Russia, while Russia was built precisely by the Russian people.
But what about France and its desire to establish a supranational government and a bank, did they decide to stand aside and see how the fight would end? Not at all, the French elites turned out to be the most intelligent and prudent in this fight, they will wait for the “orange revolution” of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the United States so that, when the communist leader weakens, he can seize the initiative from his inept hands. In fact, does G.A. Zyuganov really know what to do in the country, what reforms, and most importantly, with what forces and means to carry them out? Of course not, he is afraid of such responsibility, afraid of making fateful decisions that can change the whole country and the people. That is why for the plate of "lentil soup" he gave the presidency to B.N. Yeltsin in 1996 year. So it will be this time. It is this course of events that awaits France and this is the most correct scenario for a change in the ruling elite in Russia. None of the contenders for the presidency of Russia knows, and most importantly, does not understand what to do in Russia, when there is no finance, there is no industry, there is no unity of the Russian people, and the terms are “treason and cowardice, and deception”.
None of them is able to say: “I am the first servant of my people” and roll up their sleeves in order to work for the good of Russia and the Russian people, taking care only of the revival of our state and the spirituality of our people. No one wants to despise his well-being and members of his family, for the sake of the well-being of the entire Russian people, for the sake of building a great Power that has united many nations and nationalities. To do this, you must first of all, love your Motherland, your people, do not regret your life for the lives of millions of our fellow citizens, work selflessly and call others to work, not for fear, but for conscience. Such a leader will surely believe the Russian people and follow him, ready to move any mountains just by his word alone.
Are there such leaders among numerous political parties in Russia? No, and it cannot be, because all the parties exist on the money of the oligarchs who, through functionaries, conduct a policy acceptable to them only.
Then on whom does France bet, whom is it ready to support in the difficult period of the Orange Revolution of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation? Question of questions!
Wait and see.
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