The grave of victims of the Volyn massacre?

The grave of victims of the Volyn massacre?

In Vladimir-Volynsky, under the walls of an old prison, a giant grave of those shot during the Second World War was found.
All killed out of German identity weapons - "Walter" or "Parabellum". About one in five is a child. In the tomb length 14 meters a lot of female skeletons. The pre-war Polish-made household items found in the dead show that the victims were either Polish or Polish Jews. Before the war, a huge Polish community lived in Volyn, most of which was destroyed by Bandera during the ethnic cleansing of the year 1943 (the so-called Volyn Massacre). More research is needed to establish the exact year in which these people died. But now we can definitely say that the shot women and children are victims of either the occupying German authorities, or Western Ukrainian policemen who were in the service of the Nazis, and then dissolved after the retreat of the German army in the ranks of the UPA.

The Soviet administration, which controlled Volyn in 1939 — 1941, was hardly involved in the burial found. Firstly, the NKVD did not have expensive imported German pistols - in the office of fellow countryman Saakashvilli, Lavrentiy Beria was shot with ordinary guns, valued for reliability. And, secondly, the then USSR was pursuing a different policy regarding Polish citizens. Too cruel, but far from Nazi atrocities. The “class-alien” elements of pre-war Polish society (bureaucrats, businessmen, just well-to-do people and their family members) and ordinary Polish peasants (so-called “osadnik”) were sent from Volhynia and Galicia to the East - most often to Siberia and Kazakhstan. An example of such a fate is the world-famous director Jerzy Hoffman, a child expelled from his homeland by the Soviet authorities, but later even graduated from the Moscow State Institute of Cinematography. And the Nazis and Bandera did not resort to expulsion. The former loved to shoot Polish hostages for contacting the Home Army, and the latter - to kill the Poles simply because they were Poles.
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