Wall Street's “Invaders” flooded the whole world

The Wall Street Conquest took a step beyond the borders of the United States. A wave of mass protests swept many countries in Europe, Latin America, Japan, Canada and Australia. In the list of outraged people there are more 850 cities in different parts of the world, and if somewhere else everything costs by peaceful rallies, then other places turn into an arena of real street battles.

The call to "Capture Wall Street" is gradually losing its relevance. He was replaced by another slogan - “Let's take together”. This phenomenon has gone beyond the local protest, becoming an indicator of an unstable situation in the world. Waves of protests spread with the scale of the current epidemic: 82 states, dozens of different cities, a huge number of protesting people with banners and screaming newspaper headlines.

The geography of the countries covered by the protests is constantly expanding. High organization and unprecedented mass street performances can not but surprise. The similarity between the protests is absolutely obvious: calls to fight against financial institutions and their activities are heard everywhere. This can only speak about one thing: the action is coordinated from a single center, it definitely has customers.

A participant in the protest actions Angelina Corse (Chile): “I am not satisfied with the inequality and arrogance of banks in the world and in the country. They have already achieved widespread poverty, but we are never spiritually impoverished. ” “People are not currency and not numbers that are subject to exchange and are subject to bargaining, we are living people, we are citizens of our countries, and we represent civil society, the basis of our states,” said Dani Gershenson, a participant in popular speeches in Argentina. “It’s time to bring the people and the world back to the people.” It is quite common words, fair always and everywhere, is not it? Why did they sound so loud and massive right now?

People are protesting on the recently troubled European continent. In Germany, protests took place simultaneously in several cities: in Hanover, Munich and Frankfurt. In the capital of Germany, the square in front of the Reichstag gathered several thousand demonstrators, to disperse which the police were forced to use tear gas.

London demonstrations became iconic thanks to the joining of the protesters, the founder of the notorious WikiLeaks site, Julian Assange. He made a speech in front of the demonstrators, in which he accused bankers and world politicians of total corruption. While Assange talked about the mechanisms of action of financial terrorism, the demonstrators carried out attempts to break through to the territory of the stock exchange. London police with great difficulty was able to repel the attack of an angry mob.

The protests in the capital of Italy have reached such a serious scale that the main streets of Rome have become a real fighting zone. The demonstrators set fire to the Carabinieri cars, threw Molotov cocktails into the windows of the administrative buildings of the capital. Stones and sticks flew into the representatives of law and order. In response, special tools were used by the carabineers: tear gas and water cannons. As a result of mass protests in Rome, more than 130 people suffered. Very many troublemakers were detained. This Italian capital has not seen for a long time.

Strange as it may seem, New York, from which the “Capture Wall Street” international relay started, was not subjected to destruction. However, on the eve of the city authorities have promised to dismantle the camp of the protesters, and the protesters decided not to provoke the police to fulfill this promise. Interestingly, the capital of the United States surprised the world by going to the streets of supporters of the financial policy of the authorities. They protested against the presidential plan for overcoming unemployment, previously rejected by the Senate. The result of this decision was the loss of his chance to earn thousands of ordinary Americans.

It is noteworthy that during the protest actions “Capture Wall Street Together” red flags began to appear and the tune of the Internationale was heard more clearly in the ranks of the protesters. It is quite natural that the main political consequence of the global economic crisis will inevitably be the enormous growth of red communist and socialist sentiment unprecedented in the last 90 years and the formation of neo-communist and anarchist organizations, including underground, perhaps even transnational, created in the image and likeness of masonic lodges or internationals . In contrast to such organizations, as has already happened in stories Europe, will inevitably create and strengthen neo-fascist associations that can further influence the political situation in their countries in the most serious way. Nothing new under the sun.

Due to the extraordinary growth of protest sentiments in the world, it will be very timely to appeal to some peripetias of the last Great World Depression, which broke out in 1929 and eventually got its relief in the events that started the Second World War. Some modern thinkers argue that America and the Great Depression, and now there is only one alternative: either continue the most dangerous game with wars, or gradually fall into the terrible abyss of economic crisis, which is likely to end with the destruction of the entire American economic system and fierce internal strife. Therefore, waging wars by the West is capable of restructuring the entire existing world order, more than once giving Western countries excellent chances for prosperity, one of which they took advantage of after World War II. Should humanity prepare for new wars?

We were lucky or catastrophically unlucky to live in a very interesting time. It is impossible to deny the fact that the events taking place on the planet, especially those related to socio-economic and political development (WikiLeaks, the “Arab Spring”, the current “seizures” of Wall Street), are unique in that they are uniquely organized by certain interested in circles and in their possible consequences are comparable to the events 1920-1930gg. God forbid that this was not so.
Pomytkin Pavel
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