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Why Israelis consider themselves to be chosen people ("Haaretz", Israel)

Why Israelis consider themselves to be chosen people ("Haaretz", Israel)
On the Day of Judgment, the words of the prayer again sounded in all the synagogues “You chose us from all nations, loved us, and raised us above all tribes, and consecrated us with your commandments, and brought us closer, our lord ..." we are the chosen people, was again clothed with words. This happens not only on Yom Kippur, but also during any prayer. It is written in the Torah.

However, the idea that we are the chosen people sits in our heads much deeper than many of us think. Not only in the context of Jewish traditions, not only among those who observe religious precepts.

Modern, secular Israelis also sincerely, wholeheartedly, believe that they truly belong to the chosen people. Little remains of ancient Jewish ideas that have taken so deep and strong roots in modern Israeli existence, as the idea that the Jews are “chosen people,” whatever the interpretation of this concept may be.

Almost every Israeli is convinced that we are the best in the world: our “Jewish genius”, the Israeli army is the most moral in the world, no one has the right to teach us, we are the most presumptive.

It is not only about the arrogance devoid of any reason. This is a very dangerous idea that has allowed Israel to conduct itself as it has been doing for many decades, roughly ignoring the opinion of the rest of the world. This idea is also not deprived of gloomy nationalistic and racist components. There is nothing wrong with that people consider themselves successful. The Jewish people have enough reasons and many achievements to think about themselves in this way. This also applies to the State of Israel, whose existence and significant achievements can be considered a miracle. However, in all this there is no one important national quality - modesty. It is very difficult to suspect Israelis in modesty.

At the core of Israeli arrogance is the basic idea that we are, in fact, a “chosen people,” and possess special qualities that no other nation in the world has. A similar approach can be found in any Israeli tourist abroad. You will hear a similar opinion from any Israeli who has spoken with foreigners.

This idea is well traced in the international politics of the state of Israel. Americans - "limited types", Indians - "primitive", Germans - "robots", Chinese - "cranks", Scandinavians - "naive simpletons", Italians - "clowns". Arabs? Arabs are Arabs. You know who. Only we know what is good for us and what is bad for us. And not only for us, but for the whole world. Israeli intelligence has no equal. The Jewish head is unique. Jewish brains can invent anything, no one can compare with us. Because we are us.

Making sure that all of the above takes place is very simple. Here you have the latest example, which has no relation to religion. Last week we learned that another Israeli scientist won the Nobel Prize. There is no doubt - good news. Professor Dan Shechtman, of course, deserves this high award. However, the unbridled joy of all of Israel, which broke out on this occasion, looked absolutely inappropriate.

In a society that always blames individuals for all failures and failures, and not for itself, such a “nationalization” of individual achievements seems absurd. Well, of course, all of Israel participated in the revolutionary scientific experiment of Professor Shechtman in the American laboratory in the distant 1982 year. We were all there. Now we will all go to Stockholm together to receive "our" Nobel Prize.

The achievement of the individual is immediately transformed into the achievement of "all of us." Overall success immediately turns into another “unshakable” proof of Israeli supremacy. “The secret of our existence,” “national pride,” “Israeli heads” are just some of the headlines about the personal success of a Haifa scholar.

This is followed by familiar calculations: how many Nobel prizes "we" received, what is the ratio of the number of our Nobel laureates and the size of the population of Israel. Lists of all Nobel laureates of Jewish origin also go into action, as if they received a prestigious prize for their Jewry. All this, in turn, serves as evidence of our "genetic" superiority of the "chosen people." This is the other side of the coin.
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  1. Vadivak
    Vadivak 19 October 2011 11: 44 New
    We are used to the expression "Israel is the chosen people of God." But this expression has one shade and is unbiblical and simply unpleasant. An association immediately arises with the store: God looks at the nations represented before His face and chooses Jewish from among many people - He liked the Jews more than anything. For certain previous merits, are Jews now granted the privilege of being considered God's chosen people?

    But when you carefully read the Bible, the story is completely different: Israel is not God's chosen people, but divine. "I have formed this people for Myself "(Isa. 43,21). Israel did not have a history that would precede its entry into the covenant with God. Abraham, the ancestor of the Jewish people, had no children. God wished to enter into the covenant with the offspring of a childless the old man - and for this he gave him this offspring, moreover - so that Israel forever understands that it does not have a natural “right to life”, that its entire existence is God's gift, that it is held in existence by the thread of God's mercy, and not by facet of "natural law", Abraham is commanded to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. To sacrifice means to give up ownership, renounce property rights. The sacrifice is not mine. Isaac being sacrificed is a break in the natural succession from father to son Isaac is no longer so much the son of Abraham as the son of God, His "firstborn."

    This is a people created to hear, to respond to the Word of God. A people who owe their appearance to the Covenant. However, what he hears, he will have to tell the rest. Israel was created so that what it lives gradually could absorb the whole world, cleansing it of paganism.

    But it would be naive to expect that peoples who did not hear the direct voice of God would suddenly listen to the recently come from Jewish nomads. No, Israel is not called to mission. And he himself still does not quite understand who he is and why God is so demanding talking to him. He still does not know the future for which he was created, that future whose threads are woven with the hand of the Providence in the history of the Jewish patriarchs. "Firstborn" still needs to grow. And he himself is still not quite clear what exactly he should give to the world. So first, Israel should just survive.

    And in order to have less growth diseases, he is given a strict "uncle." The apostle Paul says that the Jewish Old Testament law is “a teacher to Christ” (Gal. 3,24). This strange word, which is not present in every dictionary of the Russian language, becomes clearer if we recall its Greek basis. In the Greek text of the Apostle Paul is the word pedagogon. But it would be a mistake to translate it with the modern Russian word "teacher." If in modern Russian the word “teacher” means “teacher”, then in the ancient world this was not quite so. A teacher was called a slave, whose ministry was to take the boy from home to the gymnasium, making sure that he was not naughty, wasted his energy and attention in vain. The teacher makes sure that the child reaches the class in such a state that he can listen to and hear the story of the teacher. The teacher himself is not a teacher. He is a guide, it’s the uncle who looks after the boy and falls silent when Mr. Teacher finally enters the classroom.

    Deacon Andrei Kuraev
    1. His
      His 19 October 2011 19: 52 New
      On this site, they just do what they say about Israel, I somehow do not need it. Better to listen about China or about Korea
    2. Volkhov
      Volkhov 20 October 2011 02: 13 New
      The god who created Israel also created the reserve parachute - the Aztecs in America in case Zionism loses to Christianity.
      The recipes are the same: treachery (they asked the neighbors for the leader’s daughter “to become a goddess,” they skinned her and then were banished), the ark (of the same size), attempts to conquer the neighbors.
      Just a reserve was not needed, and the project was closed.
      The problem is not in the Jews, but in their educators - they are not people, and we, including the Jews, do not need them - only a place, because their catastrophe deprived them.
  2. baluru72
    baluru72 19 October 2011 12: 16 New
    At one time, the Lord chose this people so that Jesus, the son of the Lord, would appear in it, but they would reject Him and crucify ,,, Note --- not the Romans wanted Jesus to die, namely the Jews ,,, That is, they themselves screwed up speaking in modern language ,,, and for 2000 years, do not recognize this, PRIDE is called, and she is a mortal sin ,,,
  3. zczczc
    zczczc 19 October 2011 12: 20 New
    Other statements by Kuraev on the same topic:

    The feeling of God's chosenness that their parents lay in their children creates a national drive that helps them more abruptly than Stalin’s propaganda helped our grandfathers. By the way, according to the laws of the Russian Federation, the very fact of the declaration of God's chosen people is the essence of extremism - an article of the Criminal Code.
  4. baluru72
    baluru72 19 October 2011 12: 24 New
    Not for how many years everyone has been pretending to do the same thing, they won’t calm down in any way, they get in the face and don’t help ,,,
  5. SVD
    SVD 19 October 2011 12: 42 New
    Any nation has the right to call itself God's chosen. Jews just shout the loudest about it, that's all. You won’t praise yourself - who else? True, after self-awareness of God's chosen people, sometimes not God-bearing ideas about the superiority of one nation over another follow. All nations are equal before God. And the one who decided that he is closer than the rest to God, then he is destined for the very heat in hell!
  6. Cvetluy
    Cvetluy 19 October 2011 14: 37 New
    We have already passed the sayings about the chosenness (the chosenness of the Aryan nation), and it smacks of fascism, the result is known for World War 2, and the Jews must remember the Nazi concentration camps and not repeat the mistakes of others am fellow
    CARTRIDGE 19 October 2011 15: 12 New
    Jews divide people on a biological basis — this is the first sign of nationalism and is contrary to religion. Russians do not separate people on either a biological or religious basis, but this is a consequence of morality, the more moral a person is, the closer he is to God.
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 19 October 2011 15: 35 New
      Sorry, but on a biological basis, how is it? By the presence / absence of the foreskin?
      1. CARTRIDGE
        CARTRIDGE 19 October 2011 15: 44 New
        Well, let's say there is skin color, an eye incision crying
        1. lightforcer
          lightforcer 19 October 2011 15: 54 New
          But a Jew is indistinguishable from an Arab or a European. And they are goy according to their concepts.
  8. ICV Stryker
    ICV Stryker 19 October 2011 15: 18 New
    Jews are genetically sentenced. This nation is prone to destruction.
    1. baluru72
      baluru72 19 October 2011 15: 44 New
      No, you’re wrong ,,, Khitrozh didn’t take them into account --- they have a surname by their father, and a nation by their mother ,,, They will survive, don’t even go to a grandmother ,,,
    VALENOK 19 October 2011 16: 15 New
    We read the bible carefully. Prohibition of squandering. Do not give to growth {that is, at interest} to your brother {that is, Jew} neither silver nor bread nor anything else that you can give to growth. Give the stranger to growth, and do not give your brother to growth, so that the Lord your God bless you in everything that is done by your hands, on the earth into which you go to possess it. And then the sons of the foreigners will build your walls {that is, work for the Jews} and their kings will serve you because in my anger I defeated you, but in my good will I will be merciful to you. And your gates will always be open, they will not be closed day or night, so that the wealth of the peoples will be brought to you and their kings be brought in. For the peoples of the kingdom who do not want to serve you will perish and such peoples will be completely destroyed. And you will give loans to many nations, but you will not take loans. Now think about who our bankers give at interest, who in many countries are the richest and where they send the money. And it's all written in the bible
    1. baluru72
      baluru72 19 October 2011 16: 25 New
      and the most interesting thing is that wherever they come to power, those countries fall apart (Khazar Khanate ,,, etc.) Because they don’t have a homeland, and they cannot appreciate it. Well, I don’t take Israel into account --- the wrong Jews live there, so I heard somewhere that all over the world other Jews believe,
    2. Vadivak
      Vadivak 19 October 2011 16: 51 New
      We read even more carefully

      Deuteronomy Synodal Translation

      Do not hurt a mercenary, poor and poor, from your brothers or from your alienswho are in your land, in your dwellings;
      15 On the same day, pay his fee so that the sun does not go down first, for he is poor, and her soul is waiting for her; lest he cry out to you to the Lord, and there be no sin on you.
      16 Fathers should not be punished by death for children, and children should not be punished by death for fathers; everyone must be punished by death for his crime.
      17 Do not judge the stranger, the orphan [and the widow], and from the widow do not take clothes as collateral;
      18 remember that you were also a slave in Egypt, and the Lord [your God] delivered you from there: therefore, I command you to do this.
      19 When you reap in your field, and forget the sheaf in the field, do not return to take it; may he remain an alien, [a beggar,] an orphan and a widow, that the Lord your God bless you in all the works of your hands.
      20 When you dwell on your olive tree, do not revise the branches after you: let it remain an alien an orphan and a widow. [And remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt: therefore I command you to do this.]
      21 When you take fruit in your vineyard, do not collect the remnants after you: let it remain an alien an orphan and a widow;
      22 and remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt: therefore, I command you to do this.

      There is a law, but is it executed by the people?
  10. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 19 October 2011 17: 09 New
    The point is in ideology.
    The ideologists of Nazi Germany, too, considered the German people God-chosen (God is with us, on the belt buckle of every soldier).
    It doesn’t matter what this ideology is based on, “Mine Kampf” or the Bible.
    The goal of such ideologies is to unite the people.
  11. kesa1111
    kesa1111 19 October 2011 17: 28 New
    They were elected, but in two ways: they gave Christ to the world, they are also the Antichrist. In general, it turns out that he was born, and is already better than others. And "good" in relation to the majority (not a Jew) is not necessary.
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 19 October 2011 18: 12 New
      And who was the Antichrist? He must come when the events of Revelation begin.
  12. bubla5
    bubla5 19 October 2011 18: 20 New
    The more I read comments about Jews, the more I want to create a black hundred .....
    1. Professor
      Professor 19 October 2011 18: 32 New
      The more I read comments about Jews, the more I want to create a black hundred .....

      So what is the problem? Was the Criminal Code scared?
      And you, darling, do not read stupid comments, but learn the materiel and form its opinion.
      1. Foamas
        Foamas 19 October 2011 19: 49 New
        Zionists must be destroyed (I am firmly convinced of this).
        Not to be confused with ordinary Jews (they are used in the dark).
        The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation is powerless here, we need an international tribunal (example-Nunberg).
        1. Professor
          Professor 19 October 2011 21: 35 New
          As you please, sir?
          The atomic bomb or gas chambers? Kids and women to Mengele as usual? Feel free to develop a thought.
          1. Foamas
            Foamas 20 October 2011 01: 21 New
            The idea is expressed very clearly.
            International Tribunal - the outcome of the process is similar to the results of Nunberg (do not grimace, you are a smart person and understand what is being discussed).
            1. Professor
              Professor 20 October 2011 11: 13 New
              International Tribunal - the outcome of the process is similar to the results of Nunberg

              Do you already know what the outcome of the process will be? Then fill in the lotto. The Turks also thought that they knew whom the independent investigation of the Peace Flotilla would stigmatize, but they did not agree with the findings of the investigation that the Gaza blockade was absolutely legal.
              1. Foamas
                Foamas 21 October 2011 03: 25 New
                The “Flotilla of Peace” is a trifle (like the Gaza Strip, and the whole existence of Israel since 1947), only a dozen pages in the voluminous book of the crimes of Zionism against humanity.
                The tribunal will be fair and the punishment of international retaliation is inevitable.
                The bloody harvest of ordinary Jews - WILL NOT BEbut ideologists and zealous adherents will go into the loop, and Zionism itself will be banned at a legislative level throughout the world (like Nazism).
                It will not be today or tomorrow, because now the control of the international legal framework is in their filthy hands, but it WILL, and in this I am also firmly convinced.
                1. Professor
                  Professor 21 October 2011 14: 30 New
                  Please announce the entire list.
                  1. Foamas
                    Foamas 21 October 2011 21: 26 New
                    Yes, you, I see a serf-servant unimpeded !!! (C) smile
                    Eh Professor, you have all the jokes, but the question is really serious.
                    To list, the whole list is long, but you are probably aware that there are thousands of gigabytes of information on the crimes of Zionism on the network.
                    I repeat The tribunal will be - the punishment of retaliation is inevitable angry .
                    1. Professor
                      Professor 22 October 2011 20: 24 New
                      I see you are an ordinary troll.
          2. oper66
            oper66 20 October 2011 22: 11 New
            okay, we heard all your zhiditsky claims, well, enough of the professor, it’s clear that you are that kind of trashy breed, but you’re a smart, smart person, are you with your little mind here in Russia or is it stupid or cunning A?
            1. Professor
              Professor 21 October 2011 14: 38 New
              Are you like a true Aryan? Has the skull been measured yet? Did you compare eye color?
              Punctuation marks in the Great and Mighty teach to arrange?

              Okay, we heard all your Zhidtsky claims. Enough, professor. It is clear that you are of that kind of velvet, but you are a competent, intelligent person. Well, are you and your little mind here in Russia? Or stupid? Or tricky? A?

              By the way, "literate" is written with one "m", it is correct to write "umishkom", and finally "Russia" is written with a capital letter. Contact if that.
  13. ATATA
    ATATA 19 October 2011 18: 29 New
    On the forum of the article on the showdown between Palestinians and Jews, I walked harmlessly about their God’s election, saying that all their (Jews) torment stemmed from their doctrine of God's chosen people.
    After that, I was banned on the tape.
    This is our pluralism.
  14. escobar
    escobar 19 October 2011 18: 37 New
    Well, whoever invented the fairy tale is the main character. All religions from their lands have gone. In essence, the old testament has a lot of cruelty and coercion to mass killings. God loves us all, I doubt it.
  15. Alexei
    Alexei 19 October 2011 19: 59 New
    Religion is a delicate matter. The Bible is rewritten every 100-200 years. Well, if someone finds and shows the Bible of at least the 14 century, I will take the words back. A few kilometers from Kabul there is the ruined city of Yoros and there is Galgof, and even according to the biblical description, this place is more suitable than Jerusalem. I doubt that the Jews gave Christ the world.
    Let them fool themselves, fools. As long as they are not dangerous, then you should not pay attention to them.
  16. lexalex
    lexalex 19 October 2011 21: 12 New
    God chose not Jews. There were no such people. He chose Abraham and told him that he would produce a people from him. Not Jews, but descendants of Abraham. Those 12 tribes that descended from Abraham and modern Jews have very little in common. Pedigrees are lost .. Entire knees (childbirth) are lost. Modern Jews are the descendants of people of different nationalities, united by the religion of the Pharisees. The Torah is practically irrelevant to them, the nationalist (Zionist) provisions invented by the Pharisees are much more important. This is the material part. And the descendants of Abraham were elected in order to carry faith in the almighty Creator to all peoples, and not for supremacy over them. All in short ...
  17. nickname bj
    nickname bj 19 October 2011 21: 18 New
    And it is right. Pindos consider themselves to be the navels of the earth, the British glance at the Pindos as their cousins ​​who came from the village. We should not talk about Polish ambition. The Germans are a little ashamed of their Nazi past ... Each nation has its own national pride, which the others do not share ...
  18. baluru72
    baluru72 19 October 2011 21: 30 New
    And the most interesting thing is that all of them infuriate that we are breathing the same air ,,,
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 20 October 2011 22: 01 New
      But the Jews have a bigger nose, so everything here is also unfair.
  19. dimarm74
    dimarm74 21 October 2011 15: 12 New
    An empty argument, dear .... Jews in their nationalism are the same as everyone else. Almost no different ... ordinary people .... no better and no worse than others. Each sandpiper praises its swamp.

    nickname bj right!
  20. Evnon
    Evnon 16 December 2011 02: 27 New
    I don’t understand what does the Russian ethnos have to do with Israeli mythology?
    Praise your own god, or be an atheist and study the sciences glorifying your homeland, you choose.