Americans firmly believe that their country is the largest, richest and most developed in the world.

Americans firmly believe that their country is the largest, richest and most developed in the world.The United States is considered to be one of the most patriotic countries. Where else can you find a country in which almost every citizen hangs a flag on any public holiday or decorates his car?

The overwhelming majority of Americans firmly believe that it is their country that is the largest, richest and most developed in the world. That in it live the kindest, religious and right people. Well, one cannot be taken away from the United States - the propaganda machine works just fine there, almost one hundred percent processing the minds of citizens from childhood. Where there is the propaganda of Germany 30-40's!

However, what is based on the confidence of an ordinary American in the exclusivity of his country and his people? And how justified is this confidence? This should be seriously considered and analyzed.

Myth number 1: US exclusive by themselves

Of course, a country cannot be exceptional because it is simply considered exceptional. Therefore, many ordinary Americans firmly believe that the most tolerant, tolerant, religious and friendly people live in their country. And the country itself is the richest and most willing to help the whole world.

Indeed, worthy character traits to be proud of. At first sight. And if you take a closer look at this a little more carefully, examining each line separately ???

What can be said about tolerance and tolerance? To begin with the fact that “tolerance” is a medical term, akin to AIDS. That is, the tolerance of the organism means that the latter, due to illness or depletion of drugs, cannot resist the pathogens without recognizing the threat in them. Of course, tolerance leads to the death of the organism. Therefore, a similar term in a positive sense is rather difficult to use.

What about tolerance? How correct can be considered tolerance for blacks and LBHT (lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender)? What does this lead to?

To the fact that many people from Africa (about 46 percent) prefer to live on unemployment benefits, guided by the simple slogan - why work if you are already fed? Of course, such freedom from duty creates a negative consequence - thirty-five percent of blacks in the United States are alcoholics or drug addicts. It is also important that, accounting for twelve percent of the population, blacks (not African Americans! Just blacks!) Commit about sixty percent of robberies, murders and rape. How correct is the fact that the owner of the house suffers from such tricks from the guest? But the United States was created precisely by white people for white people, which is implied by many expressions in the original constitution.

One should not even talk about tolerance towards representatives of LBHT - any healthy person understands how disgusting it is for God and nature.

Religious Americans are also not. Yes, almost every white American attends church regularly (usually once a week). However, he does this without understanding the reasons - he repeats patterned phrases, without understanding why he comes to church every Sunday.

Finally, it's hard to call friendly Americans. It is enough to read the impressions of our compatriots about the "friendship" in America, and it is better to be there and see for yourself. Here friendship is nothing more than a commodity. And the product is not too valuable. The system of denunciations here is debugged simply superb - by informing the relevant authorities that the neighbor is stealing cable television, a friendly American gets a reward, and after that he continues to smile sweetly at his neighbor - this is just money, nothing personal.

Myth number 2: the United States is ready to help the world

Many Americans believe that the contingent of the US Armed Forces is in many countries of the world in order to ensure the safety of the civilian population, to overthrow the bloodthirsty tyrants and despots, to bring democracy.

But someone asked this civilian population - is this democracy necessary?

Start at least with how this country was founded. As you know, thirteen states of America gained independence, becoming the core of the country, which symbolizes the thirteen bands on the flag. In 1846, four more states were seized by civilians in the country, which previously belonged to Mexico - California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. Of course, the population of these states was either destroyed, expelled, or left for the most rough work. The same can be said about the indigenous people of North America - the Indians. Then the United States was able to win and many other states that belonged to Britain.

But it was a long time ago, maybe the nature of Americans has changed? In 1899-1902, they unleashed the Philippine war. About 400 thousands of civilians died there. During the Second World War, they undoubtedly destroyed peaceful cities, knowing that there were no enemy armies there. About 300 thousands of Germans died in such bombings. In Japan, bombing killed 330 thousands. And this is only a known and precisely established number of civilians!

During the Vietnamese conflict, the valiant warriors of democracy threw about six million tons of bombs to Vietnam. Napalm was also dropped and sprayed defoliants, phosphorus and other substances that kill and cripple people. So killed about a million Vietnamese.

If we look at today, we will know that the nature of Americans has changed little. During operations in Asia, about 250 thousands of people from various countries died. Only in Iraq, about 100 killed thousands of people, among whom were a lot of civilians.

Myth number 3: the United States owes the prosperity of its genius

The average American believes that the greatness and prosperity of his country is ensured by the genius of the Americans. In fact, this is not entirely true. In many ways, it was the people from Europe — Russia, Germany, England, Italy, France, and many other countries — who were moving the US science. The prosperity of the United States is due to the fact that they are at a distance from Europe, which was followed by a terrible wave of two wars (of course, some European countries had even worse things!) , loans at impossible interest.

A huge number of discoveries, which are attributed to the American scientist, belong to the brilliant scientists of the Third Reich (yes, there were such).

So, we must honestly admit that the Americans just got lucky. And their genius has nothing to do with it. The modern genius can be called into question altogether - many US graduates do not have the knowledge that Russian schools take on in the middle classes.

So the myth of the American genius is nothing but a myth.

Myth number 4: USA improves the whole world

The propaganda machine has skillfully proved to the ordinary American that it is the United States that brings good to the whole world - prosperity, freedom and happiness. However, not everything is as smooth as it might seem.

Over the past hundred years, the United States has unleashed dozens of wars all over the planet. And in most cases, the actions were carried out by someone else's hands - mercenaries, instigators and provocateurs. History can be tracked from Panama to Libya.

Some experts like to mention the Bretton Woods Conference, which helped the whole world recover from the economic crisis that followed the Second World War. However, they forget to mention that after the breach of the commitments made during this conference, the United States had the opportunity to stamp out unsecured dollars without the slightest criticism from any side. This is the cause of the recent economic crisis. And, most likely, this crisis was only a harbinger of a real crisis - after all, money had ceased to be the equivalent of a commodity, becoming a commodity, which in itself leads to a crisis.

And today almost the only export product of the United States is dollars. In return, the country imports oil, cars, equipment, clothing, food and everything necessary.

Do not forget that today the United States diligently fine-tune the story for themselves. Many Americans believe that it was their country that had won the Second World War, saving the whole world and, above all, the USSR, from being enslaved by the Third Reich.

It can be mentioned that the USA, having on its territory five percent of the population of the planet, consumes about forty percent of all resources.

Can be reminded of the Kyoto agreement. It was concluded at the end of 1997 of the year and all countries that signed it committed themselves to minimize the amount of gas emissions to the atmosphere. The United States, being the country that produces the most gas, refused to sign this agreement.

Myth number 5: God is with the Americans!

Even on banknotes you can read the phrase known to the whole world - “In god we trust”! How proud it is, Americans believe in God!

This is supported by the statements of famous Americans. Reagan said that it was the United States that was created by God's providence to save the world. Bush supported him, adding that God had entrusted America with defending the freedoms of the world.

Well, already from the above, one can doubt whether they are defending the freedom of the whole world correctly? And from whom they protect it?

So what did the United States bring to the world? Many wars all over the world - Asia, Africa, Latin America. A consumer society - more and more people are trying to buy things that are not needed by him personally, but are simply necessary to maintain status. Of course, this is accompanied by the pursuit of earnings, when such words as conscience, family, duty are often forgotten.

Pop culture, almost replacing the really higher values.

So what can you say in general? Is it god with USA ???
Michael Ross
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