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The company "Inmed" has developed a new hemostatic agent

NPK Inmed, at a roundtable discussion at the Army-2015 forum, presented a means to stop bleeding based on chitosan nanofibers, designed specifically for the armed forces, reports MIC with reference to the press service of the enterprise.

The company "Inmed" has developed a new hemostatic agent

“Bleeding when injured, accompanied by significant blood loss, is one of the main causes of death during military conflicts, as well as in the event of natural, man-made disasters. The timely effective stopping of bleeding at the prehospital stage is one of the main issues of emergency medicine. Pressing dressings in case of damage to large veins and arteries are ineffective, imposition of a hemostat is not always possible (for example, when injuring adjacent areas of the body or in the neck). Inmed's specialists have developed Hemoflex Combat, a hemostatic agent made from polymer nanofibers, which is intended to stop all types of bleeding when injured. ”, Says the release.

It is noted that the new tool “stops arterial, venous and capillary bleeding”, in its composition “chitosan is used - a natural, biocompatible polymer”.

The company continues to improve Gemoflex Kombat with the active participation of military medics and scientists.

“The main cause of death for the wounded on the battlefield is continued external bleeding. Stopping him quickly and effectively before a person receives medical care is the first task, and it is often the injured person who solves it. We have already conducted all the necessary tests that showed the effectiveness of Hemoflex Combat when used in emergency situations. We are currently working to improve the efficiency of Gemoflex Kombat without increasing its cost, which should contribute to the speedy introduction of the product to the market. ”- said the executive director of the company, Alexander Vnuchkin.
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  1. supertiger21
    supertiger21 25 June 2015 16: 45 New
    I hope this will be very useful for our armed forces! good
    1. demon1978
      demon1978 25 June 2015 16: 48 New
      Quote: supertiger21
      I hope this will be useful for our armed forces!

      I think GOOD dressing material, for reasonable money, will not hurt anyone !!! yes And on the battlefield ... soldier
      (он просто клеится на рану "срастаясь" с ней???!!! what fellow chitosan is used - a natural, biocompatible polymer good

      на основе нановолокон хитозана-Никак Чубайс серьёзно "поцарапался" belay So we got rid of it !!! laughing laughing (a joke, probably request )
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 25 June 2015 16: 59 New
        About a year has passed since the presentation of the concept of the hemostatic dressing for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. And now there is a full-fledged medical device.
        Very well, it is necessary to put this kit into the civilian sphere for resuscitation specialists. This thing will save many lives.
      2. yushch
        yushch 25 June 2015 17: 05 New
        We are significantly behind Western and Israeli development of hemostatic agents. Our security forces independently order them through intermediaries in NATO countries and Israel, they get it because six months before the expiration date, their military sells these drugs to anyone who wants and buy new ones.
        The fact that we are successfully developing in Russia in this direction is very good news. Many lives will be saved.
      3. Manul
        Manul 26 June 2015 10: 42 New
        Quote: demon1978
        (он просто клеится на рану "срастаясь" с ней???!!! используется хитозан – природный, биосовместимый полимер

        I have been using chitosan gel for many years.

        It perfectly heals wounds, relieves inflammation, irritation - anything. Creates a thin protective pleasant (not like BF) film. Really a panacea.
        But ..
        Chitosan is an amino sugar, a derivative of a linear polysaccharide, macromolecules consist of randomly linked β- (1-4) D-glucosamine units and N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. One of the sources of chitosan is shells of crustaceans.
        - maybe it's stupidly ground snails.
        As soon as you hear
        , you begin to twitch. God grant that something truly breakthrough is created, and really advanced in technology, and not noodles to the ears of the consumer
        has no analogues

        News is definitely a plus.
    2. Andrei from Chelyabinsk
      Andrei from Chelyabinsk 25 June 2015 16: 57 New
      So this is not only for the armed forces! I would, in Chesslovo, carry such a tool in a first-aid kit with pleasure.
      1. supertiger21
        supertiger21 25 June 2015 17: 00 New
        Quote: Andrey from Chelyabinsk
        So this is not only for the armed forces! I would, in Chesslovo, carry such a tool in a first-aid kit with pleasure.

        I agree! Such a useful device does not hurt in ordinary life. wink
      2. Telakh
        Telakh 25 June 2015 17: 01 New
        Купите Celox - тоже самое, тот же хитозан. "Разработали" конечно звучит громко, но это уже давно и повсеместно внедрено.
    3. DrVintorez
      DrVintorez 25 June 2015 17: 08 New
      I really hope that this will NOT become useful for our aircraft, emergency situations etc. let it be better without war.

      много вопросов есть по этому средству: как его удалять? насколько по времени обеспечивается гемостаз? ведь если мы "закупориваем" данным средством магистральный сосуд - то после доставки пострадавшего на этап специализированной помощи, необходимо будет восстанавливать кровоснабжение поврежденного участка. были уже подобные разработки и на основе коллоидов, по типу силика-геля, и клеевые, по типу супер-клея. особо не прижились. будему надеятся, что данная разработка это действительно работающая и нужная вещь. такую штуку в аптечку автомобилиста положить - милое дело!
    4. Trofimbel
      Trofimbel 26 June 2015 08: 31 New
      Better if not when it comes in handy ....
  2. Baloo
    Baloo 25 June 2015 16: 46 New
    Respect to the creators, add an antiseptic and local anesthetic fellow hi hi hi hi hi good drinks .
    1. supertiger21
      supertiger21 25 June 2015 16: 49 New
      Quote: Balu
      Respect to the creators, add an antiseptic and local anesthetic fellow hi hi hi hi hi good drinks .

      wink wink wink soldier drinks
    2. Raphael_83
      Raphael_83 25 June 2015 17: 48 New
      Quote: Balu
      add an antiseptic and local anesthetic

      Это уже целый кровеостанавливающе-обеззараживающе-регенеративный комплекс получится по типу "панацелина" из НФ вселенной "Mass Effect". fellow hi
    3. ksv1973
      ksv1973 25 June 2015 17: 58 New
      Quote: Balu
      Respect to the creators, add an antiseptic and local anesthetic fellow hi hi hi hi hi good drinks .

      Antiseptic, and it is also an analgesic has long been developed. Mendeleev, I remember, was very interested in him. wink
  3. Mama_Cholli
    Mama_Cholli 25 June 2015 16: 48 New
    A good development, but only it needs to be used for civilians. For example, in first-aid kits, you must oblige to have this.
    1. Baloo
      Baloo 25 June 2015 16: 50 New
      in first-aid kits oblige to have such
      Better in the form of a patch bandage. Not even a physician knows how to bandage.
    2. ksv1973
      ksv1973 25 June 2015 18: 02 New
      If the cost of this miracle is not sky-high, there is every chance that in any pharmacy it will be easy to purchase it for any person. God grant ...
    3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Simon
    Simon 25 June 2015 16: 48 New
    A good thing! It can be useful not only in the army, but also in everyday life.
  5. inkass_98
    inkass_98 25 June 2015 16: 50 New
    They are chasing after the Americans, there, such hemostatic drugs last year or the year before last went to the troops. It is already good that their own, if only in sufficient quantities, were released, and not an installation advertising party.
    1. Andrea
      Andrea 25 June 2015 17: 07 New
      I read something like this about 20 years ago, as they say: the new is the well-forgotten old. Then the truth about nanotechnology was out of the question. Maybe this time they will not be forgotten.
  6. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 25 June 2015 16: 51 New
    Finally, the developments of our scientists remain in Russia, and not over the hill. I would like to hope that this trend remains.
  7. Andrew Black
    Andrew Black 25 June 2015 16: 53 New
    It is not written ... This tool can then be deleted or how ??? after all, the essence of further hospitalization at the stages of evacuation is PHC - the primary surgical treatment of a wound ... I hope this remedy can be easily removed from the wound and treated ...
    1. Telakh
      Telakh 25 June 2015 17: 07 New
      Read about Celox and Quicklot.
      1. code54
        code54 25 June 2015 22: 15 New
        Давным-давно с немецкой машиной при покупке, попалась полная аптечка такая здоровенная, там была упаковка с такими пластырями похожими на губку толщиной пару мм с каким то гелем прозрачным размером 5х10см прим., каждая в вакуум. упаковке. При корявом переводом там и значилось "кровеостанавливающая-обеззараживающая прокладка для открытых ран. под бинт" ( точно уж не помню перевод) куча примеров и размеров и видов ран описание с картинками было.
        So in the first-aid kits there was such a pity, not with us .... but the first-aid kit with the car was gone, there was no opportunity and time to try the remedy. And thank God! )))
  8. A-Sim
    A-Sim 25 June 2015 16: 54 New
    If only they set up production. But not everything remains at the development stage.
  9. Denis
    Denis 25 June 2015 17: 00 New
    Quote: Balu
    Not even a physician knows how to bandage

    Do they also have the exam? am
    Then kirdyk
    1. dauria
      dauria 25 June 2015 17: 11 New
      Do they also have the exam? am
      Then kirdyk

      ЕГЭ, ЕГЭ... А Вам что, аппендикс не вырезали при советской власти? Мне -нет. Вот сижу и думаю про "кирдык"... belay
      1. Baloo
        Baloo 25 June 2015 17: 31 New
        Do not worry about appendicitis, now, if it is not complicated, it is done endoscopically. wink
      2. Denis
        Denis 25 June 2015 17: 35 New
        Quote: dauria
        Didn’t you cut out the appendix during the Soviet era?

        They didn’t cut it out. Now it's scary, suddenly the appendix will be mixed up with something similar recourse
        It’s time to learn from
        Surgeon Leonid Rogozov cut out appendicitis on his own
        It was hard to believe such a miracle. But Rogozov withstood the one and a half hour procedure, sometimes even smiled at his inexperienced assistants and cheered. The Soviet people surprised the world for the second time in a year. On April 12, Yuri Gagarin went into space, literally a month later, on April 30, Rogozov operated on himself.
      3. Manul
        Manul 26 June 2015 10: 48 New
        Quote: dauria
        ЕГЭ, ЕГЭ... А Вам что, аппендикс не вырезали при советской власти? Мне -нет. Вот сижу и думаю про "кирдык"...

        laughing good Now I will be nervous wassat
    2. DrVintorez
      DrVintorez 25 June 2015 17: 13 New
      idiots who don’t know the basics of their profession are full of everywhere. and among doctors too. as the doctor say.
    3. Baloo
      Baloo 25 June 2015 17: 30 New
      Those who do it every day are able to. So Denis is not all lost.
      But to impose a tourniquet, everyone should know and be able to competently. A typical mistake: they knotted a knot and are surprised that the blood does not stop. If you put a tourniquet from a hand-held rope, a belt, put in a stick, screwdriver any lever and twist until the bleeding stops. It is advisable to put a towel under the tourniquet so as not to damage the soft tissues. Be sure on a piece of paper at what time. The second mistake is to impose a tourniquet on the lower leg or forearm - there the bones on will completely compress all the arteries and their collaterals. If there is nothing, at least press down with a fist and hold until they are taken to the hospital.
      We don’t have any kind of social advertising, but how to put a tourniquet on what to do with a burn, a tick bite, a dog, fainting, drowning, respiratory arrest and cardiac activity, no. Why?
      1. Denis
        Denis 25 June 2015 17: 40 New
        Quote: Balu
        everyone should know and be able to impose a tourniquet competently

        And a note with the time of overdubbing. There were NVP lessons without any, even social advertising.
        Quote: Balu

        So there are only friends around am
        1. Baloo
          Baloo 26 June 2015 07: 50 New
          A healthy young father of three children was brought on duty on duty, which theoretically could have been saved if the people around had correctly put on a tourniquet or at least someone would have guessed that the femoral artery was damaged and simply pressed with a fist.
          In fact, clinical death at the gates of the hospital, critical blood loss, did not have time to do anything.
          That's how much time has passed, I can’t forget. hi
  10. taram taramych
    taram taramych 25 June 2015 17: 05 New
    At the first stages of domestic development, in the field of hemostatics, a similar product stopped bleeding, but often caused a burn. I wonder if this flaw has been fixed? Such means of salvation are needed as air, and not only in the sun!
    1. Telakh
      Telakh 25 June 2015 17: 24 New
      Chitosan-based products are the second generation. They do not burn.
  11. kolkulon
    kolkulon 25 June 2015 17: 16 New
    John Rambo's method is no longer relevant?)
  12. navara399
    navara399 25 June 2015 17: 18 New
    I want myself in the first-aid kit.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 25 June 2015 17: 52 New
      Campaign such a thing will cost 700-800 rubles.
  13. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 25 June 2015 17: 19 New
    Любой коагулянт крови создаёт сгустки, читай эмболы. При обширных кровотечениях на крупных сосудах действие не мнговенно. Стенозы ниже места кровотечения вероятны в любых местах, вплоть до "кристаллизации" венозной системы с "залётом" искусственных бляшек свёрнутой крови до сердца. "Чудо средство" не заменит грамотной первой помощи. В условиях госпиталя хирург будет сшивать сосуды (основные хотя бы) и шибко "рад" будет, если сосуды забиты коагулянтом и свернувшейся кровью. И наверное уже помочь ничем не сможет, кроме как отрезать некроз. С точки зрения военно-полевой хирургии, если разорвано что-то жизненно важное, то "клеем" не замазать, только навредить. На капилярных кровотечениях может и сработает, но больше "заклеит" того, чего не следует. А ещё магнитные накладочки бывают на бензопровод, говорят, что на 30% расход топлива снижают! А Нобелевский комитет-то и не знает! И "изобретатели" за лямом зелени тоже не спешат- всё ж для людей и за бесплатно! А говорят,что безсеребренники вымерли!
  14. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 25 June 2015 17: 26 New
    Хорошо бы не только, чтобы это средство пошло в армию, но и чтобы военнослужащих нормально обучали хотя бы базовым методам оказания первой помощи и самопомощи. Ув. Денис Мокрушин недавно проводил опрос на эту тему - большинство служивших в недавнее время такой подготовки не получало. Подготовка - на уровне "with bleeding from the head - apply a tourniquet to the neck" (и дублировать голосом лай караульной собаки). smile

    And then, after all, Celox is a good thing, but if used incorrectly, it is very dangerous. As, however, and all means: even a simple tourniquet without a note on the application time is a possible way to necrosis.
  15. Svetovod
    Svetovod 25 June 2015 18: 59 New
    For self-rescue or rescue of one who is unconscious is a good idea. But there is a moment - any bleeding must take place, blood must flow out, and it is better if it happens naturally, but for warriors who already have something to do besides wounds, you need a complex 1) disinfection + 2) adhesion of the wound.
  16. Zlovred
    Zlovred 25 June 2015 19: 35 New
    It is necessary to put out the CIVIL analogue for sale - for tourists, bicycle riders, hunters, fishermen. Introduce at school the lessons of GO or OBZH MANDATORY credit for first aid !!! The more educated OUR CHILDREN are, the brighter OUR FUTURE !!!
  17. Sealek
    Sealek 25 June 2015 22: 11 New
    Geostatic plates are good (checked by myself)
  18. ma_shlomha
    ma_shlomha 25 June 2015 23: 47 New
    Today, the American hemostatic agent is part of individual first-aid kits for all members of special forces and combat clashes that respect themselves and their lives (performing special tasks related to life-threatening conditions). The Ukrainian Armed Forces have an excellent Ukrainian hemostatic agent, Sich-Turnstile. Glory to Gd and in Russia appeared own hemostatic agents.